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-55 X
-6 TS
53% | 1169 X | 1360 TS

-37 X
-19 TS

49% | 1160 X | 1317 TS

-2 X
-13 TS

34% | 1122 X | 1222 TS

-17 X
-6 TS

29% | 1060 X | 1237 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

21% | 955 X | 1270 TS

+11 X
+3 TS

87% | 1553 X | 1424 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

60% | 1224 X | 1374 TS

+26 X
+52 TS

NEW | 1042 X | 1202 TS

+37 X
+7 TS

4% | 830 X | 1134 TS

+60 X
+99 TS

NEW | 974 X | 967 TS

Chat log Wtf is this? :D
00:00:12TrustNoGoblin dont ban phenic
00:00:16TrustNoGoblin iwanna play it
00:00:19Lafrenzz hahahah
00:00:19Lafrenzz u cap dude
00:00:19Banana ban peonix .D
00:00:19Lafrenzz come mid to me so what do i ban?
00:00:19Lafrenzz and i rave your asshole U nigger :D
00:00:19zonskass :DDDD mmm k u play phoenix then?
00:00:19TrustNoGoblin y
00:00:19b00 would it be cool if we rmk this sec
00:00:19b00 after picks
00:00:20TrustNoGoblin pick me pls mmm Es
00:00:21moods lol no
00:00:21Lafrenzz es ? y
00:00:21moods u have first picl
00:00:21Lafrenzz who u ban es
00:00:21moods take es
00:00:21b00 can we rmk this after picks? Shit. :D
00:00:21Lafrenzz nvm i ban Es mm k ull go mid with it also
00:00:32TrustNoGoblin what u want
00:00:34TrustNoGoblin sure lets see mm
00:00:40Lafrenzz < mid
00:00:46Lafrenzz get str and support now umm
00:00:50Lafrenzz get ogre
00:00:51Lafrenzz ! inos what u pick?
00:00:57b00 yah orge would be sexy
00:00:58Shiningstone May I Dazz?
00:00:59TrustNoGoblin what u want
00:01:01Lafrenzz ogre lion pick me ck
00:01:02b00 go for it fuck it
00:01:05b00 -clear
00:01:06b00 nah wanted ogre magi though
00:01:09b00 orge, dazz, puck Why RMK?
00:01:11TrustNoGoblin -swap 1
00:01:12b00 would be pefect -swap 3
00:01:20b00 i need to open my hotkeys
00:01:23Shiningstone Daz is best played So u open them in mid game
00:01:29TrustNoGoblin dont care
00:01:32b00 nah i dont use that This sadly isnt reason for rmking
00:01:37b00 eh
00:01:40b00 i wanna stream this
00:01:44b00 but i gotta reopen w3
00:01:47b00 my friend wants to watch
00:01:50Shiningstone I can buy cick Aint the reason to RMK Sorry.
00:01:54zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:55b00 ok
00:01:56zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:01TrustNoGoblin download warkeys++
00:02:05zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:06b00 nah i got hotkeys
00:02:08TrustNoGoblin u canopen in game
00:02:11zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Bounty Hunter [t,w,r,y]
00:02:11b00 yah
00:02:11b00 did
00:02:13TrustNoGoblin workperfect NoGoblin i truly hope u can play. :)
00:02:20TrustNoGoblin dontworry
00:02:23b00 ill go bot lion lemme farm. :)
00:02:39In0S sure LaFrenzz did u even add me back as friends?
00:02:41TrustNoGoblin phenix is my imba hero no games together lol. :P
00:02:48Lafrenzz will do :p :p
00:03:19Lafrenzz let me if possible try to gang mid with invis or smth
00:03:24b00 u got and pull 1st. :)
00:03:25zonskass go top then y ty
00:03:28Lafrenzz no
00:03:29Lafrenzz gonna win mid
00:03:30zonskass come
00:03:35TrustNoGoblin i gank on 6
00:03:35zonskass lox
00:04:07b00 omg
00:04:09b00 pop up
00:04:11b00 so sry
00:04:15b00 zzz pop up
00:04:32b00 ill salve u
00:04:38zonskass k
00:04:43b00 fucking pop up
00:04:44b00 i was like
00:04:46b00 WTTGFF too early
00:04:53b00 nooo
00:04:55b00 omg
00:05:19In0S ..
00:05:21In0S sry stun was bit too early np lol
00:05:28Shiningstone brb
00:05:35JasonStatham ahahahahaha
00:05:36JasonStatham omfg
00:05:52TrustNoGoblin share
00:05:55moods ss bot
00:06:04b00 sec pause Dude
00:06:12b00 like 30 sec max
00:06:12zonskass lete him Sure we will
00:06:12TrustNoGoblin neveron mid low Eesti?
00:06:12Banana tulen siis midi
00:06:12JasonStatham j
00:06:12zonskass i want bring me watter
00:06:12zonskass :/ nussige lihtsalt teda räigelt. mul all suht värd lane ka
00:06:12JasonStatham keda farmida ei anna üldse
00:06:12b00 done nende 1mest teised täielikud taunid aniway
00:06:12zonskass 3 1
00:07:11Lafrenzz ss
00:07:11b00 tango chik upg pls
00:07:41JasonStatham heal
00:08:37Banana miss mine midi tagasi. :P
00:09:06JasonStatham t2iesti munnis vend on mul yleval
00:09:12JasonStatham mingid noobid omavad
00:09:14Banana mida sa ajad?
00:09:21JasonStatham no sa heali v6tad ve irw nahhui ?
00:09:30Banana idikas oled v?
00:09:31Lafrenzz share chick
00:09:31moods ss bot
00:09:32b00 lettin u farm
00:09:33TrustNoGoblin ss
00:09:34TrustNoGoblin mid esimestel lvlitel hiil?
00:09:35Lafrenzz nvm
00:09:52JasonStatham hahah epic
00:09:57moods -clear
00:10:00zonskass mana
00:10:03b00 cd
00:10:04Banana tra sa pickid carrysid kui m2ngida ei oska?
00:10:15zonskass b failid üleval ja tuled mu farmi rikkuma?
00:10:47TrustNoGoblin ss tõmba nahhui KAO NAHHUI SIIT
00:11:05JasonStatham kohe lion new wards pls
00:12:11TrustNoGoblin need sentry
00:12:43b00 urn
00:13:27b00 get mana boots
00:13:29b00 so we can roam
00:13:30b00 for eer
00:13:32b00 ever* Seriously fucking bullshit
00:13:51moods y
00:13:53moods sry
00:13:55moods massive luck :D
00:14:02Shiningstone sadfasdf
00:14:04JasonStatham NIVE Fuck the luck part I first get 1 of the worse combos on my lane to play against ever
00:14:22b00 urn
00:14:52b00 i gotta b
00:14:55b00 oom
00:15:07TrustNoGoblin CLODU RIKI
00:15:09TrustNoGoblin CLOUD
00:15:11TrustNoGoblin FFS
00:15:37TrustNoGoblin i owned never
00:15:40TrustNoGoblin but we lose
00:16:43moods me jango + meka? täiestu putsis
00:16:57zonskass would be nice
00:17:01b00 would be sexy
00:17:04moods kk
00:17:10zonskass and we know it
00:17:23JasonStatham tegelt no see on see riki pick vittu kõik magusad herod jätate neile
00:17:48TrustNoGoblin banana....
00:18:18b00 double mana boot
00:18:20b00 is so nice
00:18:40b00 if u use your ulti
00:18:43b00 we can kill
00:18:54Lafrenzz omw
00:18:56moods care gondar ward on ph
00:19:15b00 fuck kuidas saab üks mäng
00:19:18b00 just hit my inv niiiii vittu minna
00:19:21b00 fucked up
00:20:26Lafrenzz lets kill lion
00:21:16b00 onng
00:21:17b00 omg
00:21:21Lafrenzz go
00:21:22b00 i got a small delay up
00:21:28b00 i cant do what i want türa te 2 nerdi fiidisite gondari niimoodi ära?
00:22:53Shiningstone what item you want
00:22:57moods pipe
00:22:59Shiningstone Agha or Hex?
00:23:05Shiningstone Me pipe/
00:23:10Shiningstone ?
00:23:14moods me jango + meka
00:23:24moods so youre the pipe ;)
00:23:28Shiningstone kk
00:24:04zonskass fail
00:24:06b00 yah
00:24:08b00 =/
00:24:13zonskass :///* no mul farm hakkas tiba liikuma aga vittus seis ikka top care
00:25:38moods lion gem :S let me mid farm pls
00:25:44zonskass :///
00:25:45JasonStatham neil 3 free killi
00:26:01b00 makes me lol
00:26:35Shiningstone bad
00:26:43b00 didnt have a dps guy
00:26:47moods sf
00:27:00JasonStatham gjh
00:27:03TrustNoGoblin u2
00:27:04TrustNoGoblin sry gj all neil gondar ju
00:28:02In0S gg track...
00:28:03Lafrenzz push
00:28:08TrustNoGoblin we lost ge
00:28:09TrustNoGoblin m
00:28:14TrustNoGoblin coz doctor is noob
00:28:20TrustNoGoblin wtfu doing man
00:28:23TrustNoGoblin with half hp
00:28:43TrustNoGoblin WTF
00:28:45TrustNoGoblin LeAVE
00:28:47Lafrenzz i toåp
00:29:21In0S !ff
00:30:09b00 hmm
00:30:10b00 what next tra miks ma enda vaistu ei usalada teadsin et see munn seal
00:30:18zonskass guiineso shiva võinuks dustida
00:30:24b00 i mean for sf mul kunagi varsti battlefury nii vittus algus
00:30:42Shiningstone got pipe
00:30:48TrustNoGoblin wd ur useles
00:30:52TrustNoGoblin take sentry at least
00:30:54TrustNoGoblin itake3x
00:31:10Lafrenzz wards
00:31:12TrustNoGoblin nessay why bf
00:31:15TrustNoGoblin uneed atack speed
00:31:16TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:31:21TrustNoGoblin here everyone noobs in middle of 3 mine
00:31:23In0S !ff
00:31:25In0S I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] and i need as? lmao
00:31:57JasonStatham nojah gondar on imba
00:32:14JasonStatham ff
00:32:20JasonStatham its pointless
00:32:23TrustNoGoblin fucking noob tea
00:32:24TrustNoGoblin m
00:32:30TrustNoGoblin and blus ask me can i paly
00:32:33TrustNoGoblin rofl
00:32:35TrustNoGoblin ... irw said midis hakkama ja oled kohe tegija? situ verd koer oled kuangi mänginud üldse dazzle + ogre magi lanel?
00:33:19JasonStatham tra lion
00:33:27JasonStatham i surrender!
00:33:38zonskass shop
00:33:39Lafrenzz omw
00:33:40zonskass me
00:33:42JasonStatham gg ju tra ära picki siis rikit Tra ega see mingine actioni muuvi pole
00:34:06JasonStatham k6ik feilisid tra
00:34:07JasonStatham :D
00:34:10JasonStatham mida sa kohe seletad sina eelkõige oma pickiga oleks võinud ju suppordi võtta
00:34:31Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:37zonskass gem
00:34:56In0S riki
00:34:59In0S you imba suck
00:35:04JasonStatham so do u
00:35:37Banana pange ff U did it finally. ;) I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:48Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:13JasonStatham i surrender!
00:36:14TrustNoGoblin so sad rikki
00:36:14In0S wp tard
00:36:20JasonStatham yep so sad phoenix
00:36:24TrustNoGoblin sure
00:36:30TrustNoGoblin what a patetic kid
00:36:34JasonStatham haha okay
00:36:36JasonStatham ret
00:36:39TrustNoGoblin sure Lafrenzz
00:36:44TrustNoGoblin uargue and u suck
00:36:46TrustNoGoblin i pwned Stop X-ing Finish it
00:36:53TrustNoGoblin killed never 2 tiein early
00:36:54TrustNoGoblin ganked
00:36:58TrustNoGoblin hadallnice
00:37:00TrustNoGoblin ufail tard
00:37:01TrustNoGoblin carry riki keppis pela ära me teame seda rahunege maha nüüd
00:37:38Shiningstone gg
00:37:41moods gg
00:37:43moods gg
00:37:44moods wp
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