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Chat log

00:00:15WANKmaster any suggestions?
00:00:18pWny- -hhn
00:00:18kAlleMustDie pick solo for your self
00:00:18pWny- -di
00:00:18pWny- -don
00:00:18pWny- -ii
00:00:18WANKmaster im noob
00:00:18-ToKe- <-aa :)
00:00:18WANKmaster liquid meetko meepo?
00:00:18WANKmaster :D
00:00:18-ToKe- or cm
00:00:18Solisluu naa
00:00:18Solisluu i havent played it in a long time
00:00:18-ToKe- or venge :D
00:00:18WANKmaster mm
00:00:18Fxx. pick me lion , or cm
00:00:18pWny- theres lyca
00:00:18Fxx. for suport
00:00:18WANKmaster -weaver
00:00:18curdi brood
00:00:19ESA_93 take
00:00:20ESA_93 aa
00:00:20ESA_93 an
00:00:21Solisluu ck
00:00:21ESA_93 ck
00:00:21WANKmaster lyca
00:00:21Solisluu for me
00:00:22kAlleMustDie lyca?
00:00:22pWny- u give em lyca?
00:00:22Solisluu ck
00:00:22WANKmaster any1?
00:00:23Solisluu ck
00:00:24Fxx. venge , lion , cm (for suport) pick me
00:00:24Solisluu for me
00:00:24WANKmaster luca?
00:00:25curdi i can pick u cm
00:00:26WANKmaster lyca
00:00:26-ToKe- ck imba hero
00:00:26WANKmaster there
00:00:27WANKmaster :D:D
00:00:28ESA_93 i can lyca
00:00:37ESA_93 if no one elses
00:00:39ESA_93 pick
00:00:41ESA_93 ck aa
00:00:44WANKmaster y
00:00:44WANKmaster ck
00:00:45WANKmaster aa
00:00:46WANKmaster go
00:00:46-ToKe- y
00:00:47Fxx. why no ban lycan ?
00:00:47ESA_93 one of the best combos
00:00:50WANKmaster y
00:00:52WANKmaster ck aa
00:00:57ESA_93 aa
00:00:58ESA_93 and
00:00:58curdi because i cant bad every hero i want
00:00:58WANKmaster ck aa
00:00:58ESA_93 ck
00:01:00kAlleMustDie i can swap ck
00:01:01curdi ban*
00:01:01WANKmaster give
00:01:03WANKmaster ck
00:01:05kAlleMustDie jakiro
00:01:05WANKmaster to liquid
00:01:06Solisluu -swap 3
00:01:06WANKmaster plz
00:01:09ESA_93 wank
00:01:10WANKmaster hes good with it
00:01:11kAlleMustDie i cant play aa
00:01:11Solisluu you just
00:01:11creeeeeee r u kidding me?
00:01:12ESA_93 whatcha want
00:01:14Solisluu ninjaed it
00:01:17Solisluu you can swap
00:01:17WANKmaster give me
00:01:17Solisluu with last
00:01:19WANKmaster venghe
00:01:20creeeeeee you banned brood instead of lyca?
00:01:20WANKmaster venge
00:01:20Solisluu the one who wanted this
00:01:21ESA_93 sure
00:01:21WANKmaster if u can
00:01:23kAlleMustDie take me ogre or jakiro
00:01:23Solisluu take jakiro for this
00:01:24curdi yes
00:01:25Solisluu jakrio
00:01:25Fxx. lycan > brood , or weaver
00:01:28kAlleMustDie -swap 2
00:01:29Solisluu for this
00:01:33-ToKe- well i can be aa solo mid :=
00:01:36kAlleMustDie swap to ogre or jakiro
00:01:36-ToKe- )
00:01:40ESA_93 -swap 1
00:01:42WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:44-ToKe- what i pick?
00:01:44kAlleMustDie ogre or jakiro
00:01:46Soulyah wow at their heros
00:01:47Fxx. hero for u , pink ?
00:01:48kAlleMustDie ogre or jakiro
00:01:49Soulyah just wow
00:01:50kAlleMustDie i swap
00:01:54kAlleMustDie -swap 5
00:01:54pWny- !ff
00:01:57-ToKe- -swap 3
00:02:00kAlleMustDie chick
00:02:02-ToKe- so where am i?
00:02:02curdi gimme viper
00:02:06Fxx. storm ?
00:02:07WANKmaster ck aa bot
00:02:10Solisluu hmm
00:02:10WANKmaster im mid
00:02:12Solisluu lyca is forest
00:02:13Solisluu 18!!
00:02:15curdi -swap 5
00:02:17Fxx. -swap 1
00:02:18WANKmaster oh y
00:02:19WANKmaster :D
00:02:22Solisluu aa ogre top
00:02:23Fxx. storm was better
00:02:24ESA_93 y
00:02:24Solisluu i can solo
00:02:26pWny- -hhn
00:02:27ESA_93 or
00:02:27pWny- -di
00:02:29pWny- -ii
00:02:31curdi thanks for your opinion
00:02:33ESA_93 aa roa
00:02:34Solisluu no buts
00:02:35Solisluu aa top
00:02:38curdi i'll be sure to remember it
00:02:39ESA_93 aa roam?
00:02:39pWny- help me
00:02:41Solisluu no!
00:02:44Solisluu aa stays
00:02:44ESA_93 ROAM
00:02:44pWny- tc
00:02:45-ToKe- thats bether
00:02:45ESA_93 AA?
00:02:46Solisluu he needs level
00:02:47ESA_93 XDDDDD
00:03:02-ToKe- ok ill farm at my lane?
00:03:13Fxx. why not ward on spot , lion ?
00:03:18pWny- why?
00:03:26-ToKe- then can ogre roam :D
00:03:33pWny- no creepspawn
00:03:45Fxx. so come to me
00:03:59pWny- why?
00:04:05Fxx. another wards
00:04:14pWny- kill
00:04:17pWny- go
00:04:19pWny- gopgogo
00:04:19Fxx. aura !
00:04:25pWny- lol
00:04:45Fxx. u have got wards
00:04:46Fxx. use it
00:04:50pWny- k
00:05:02-ToKe- ogre u can roam
00:05:03Fxx. on spot
00:05:06pWny- its ok
00:05:07kAlleMustDie i need boots
00:05:07WANKmaster cm
00:05:08Fxx. rune
00:05:09WANKmaster coming
00:05:10WANKmaster top
00:05:14pWny- i need lvl 2
00:06:05pWny- venge is invi now
00:06:06pWny- b
00:06:08pWny- b
00:06:31creeeeeee could of killed
00:06:46kAlleMustDie ss meego
00:06:57-ToKe- u did got boots
00:07:07kAlleMustDie omw
00:07:21Soulyah ss
00:07:32curdi i see
00:07:35Fxx. sry
00:07:37pWny- was very late
00:07:51curdi vs going bot
00:08:03Fxx. lion
00:08:03Fxx. !
00:08:09pWny- jo
00:08:11pWny- wasup
00:08:16pWny- we see
00:08:24Fxx. another wards chick
00:08:29WANKmaster 'koill
00:08:30WANKmaster go
00:08:30pWny- TC use mana???
00:08:31WANKmaster go
00:08:32pWny- we got aura
00:08:39pWny- harass ck
00:08:41pWny- plz
00:08:57Fxx. viper
00:09:00Fxx. check minimap
00:09:07kAlleMustDie mana boots ready
00:09:07Fxx. u culdd go up
00:09:11Fxx. for double/tripple
00:09:29Fxx. lion
00:09:31WANKmaster come
00:09:31WANKmaster mid
00:09:32pWny- ya?
00:09:33Fxx. chick with wards incoming
00:09:35kAlleMustDie omw
00:09:40Solisluu miss bot
00:09:44creeeeeee easy kill ck
00:09:44creeeeeee bot
00:09:45pWny- -.-
00:09:49Fxx. guys
00:09:51pWny- k
00:09:51Fxx. we spam wards
00:09:52pWny- lets go
00:09:55Fxx. i spwam aura
00:09:55kAlleMustDie i come top
00:09:59Fxx. so why we loosing ?
00:10:05curdi su
00:10:17pWny- k
00:10:37-ToKe- go?
00:10:41WANKmaster meepo
00:10:44curdi vs ss
00:10:55Fxx. ...
00:11:09Fxx. ff
00:11:13Fxx. lycan not banned
00:11:16Soulyah sholda banned aa even
00:11:16Fxx. lost game
00:11:20WANKmaster GG
00:11:27kAlleMustDie tuu vkel
00:11:29kAlleMustDie viel
00:11:37WANKmaster y
00:11:37curdi 0-1 lyca
00:11:39curdi gamebreaking
00:11:48Fxx. cause we and lion do all vs lycan
00:11:51Fxx. but they own us
00:11:51pWny- b
00:11:59creeeeeee cant combo
00:12:09Fxx. hh
00:12:14-ToKe- thay are raped :D
00:12:17Fxx. venge stun - 3/4 hp
00:12:18Fxx. .-)
00:12:22pWny- ya lvl 4 stun
00:12:24pWny- is hard
00:12:38Fxx. i have got 0:4
00:12:40Fxx. 0:3
00:12:43Fxx. no money
00:12:44Fxx. no lvl
00:12:50Fxx. only cause i do all vs lycan
00:13:00-ToKe- viper here -.-
00:13:09WANKmaster i swap
00:13:13Fxx. 4 miss up
00:13:14creeeeeee gogo top
00:13:15creeeeeee bait
00:13:36-ToKe- 3 up
00:14:10-ToKe- 4 was up
00:14:29ESA_93 wards up
00:14:30Fxx. tc come
00:14:31creeeeeee kill
00:14:40creeeeeee sec i get skroll
00:14:47creeeeeee go kill mid
00:14:47pWny- 0 - 3 meepo??
00:14:54Fxx. y
00:14:56Soulyah yes and?
00:14:57Fxx. we had hard side
00:14:58Soulyah AA ogre lane
00:15:03pWny- i dont care
00:15:04Fxx. + venge perma gang
00:15:05pWny- 0 -3 suck
00:15:06WANKmaster get some wards
00:15:15WANKmaster cm
00:15:16WANKmaster invis
00:15:20pWny- go
00:15:33kAlleMustDie sry
00:15:35kAlleMustDie i was late
00:15:45pWny- mid
00:15:54Fxx. lycan free farm now ?
00:16:01creeeeeee seems so
00:16:04curdi so obsessed about him
00:16:05pWny- got wardsa llready
00:16:15creeeeeee well ck also freefarming
00:16:21creeeeeee that is as bad as lyca
00:16:54Soulyah fucking few buttons and im down to 20% hp
00:17:06Fxx. hh
00:17:07Fxx. ...
00:17:10pWny- cm you should stun him
00:17:10WANKmaster gj
00:17:11WANKmaster esa :d
00:17:11ESA_93 wolfs KILL
00:17:18creeeeeee come kill bot
00:17:20pWny- he cant cast while frostbite
00:17:25Fxx. i had no mana
00:17:27pWny- coming
00:17:34ESA_93 not good at all
00:17:36ESA_93 im playin bad
00:18:06curdi b
00:18:09creeeeeee oom
00:18:43creeeeeee bot
00:18:44creeeeeee ck
00:18:44pWny- omfg viper
00:18:45creeeeeee come kill
00:18:46pWny- bad equipment
00:18:47pWny- ftw
00:18:59pWny- you need phase boots btw
00:19:07pWny- coming for AA
00:19:09curdi maybe i go arcanes
00:19:13WANKmaster ck
00:19:16pWny- or i kill lyca again
00:19:47kAlleMustDie that bitch is invis all the time
00:20:18pWny- lol
00:20:22Fxx. :-)
00:20:40creeeeeee top kill
00:20:42creeeeeee need more
00:20:43Soulyah y
00:20:44pWny- mom
00:21:25pWny- we have to kill ck
00:21:28pWny- and everything is fine
00:21:30pWny- lyca is nothing till now
00:21:37-ToKe- in up
00:21:38creeeeeee +1 top
00:21:41creeeeeee and he dies
00:21:42pWny- i iport
00:21:49creeeeeee tule soulyah
00:21:53pWny- k
00:21:54pWny- go
00:21:58pWny- i sheep
00:21:59pWny- and stun
00:22:17Fxx. they coming up
00:22:18Fxx. care!
00:22:20pWny- b
00:22:57Fxx. aa ulty
00:23:29Fxx. swap
00:23:37pWny- why not go???
00:23:44Soulyah we 2
00:23:47Soulyah vs so many
00:23:47pWny- you are meepo
00:23:48Soulyah ..
00:23:49pWny- with imba aAOE
00:23:50Fxx. WHAT?
00:23:52Soulyah doesnt matter
00:23:54Fxx. how u see me ?
00:23:55Soulyah they have so much disable
00:24:01Solisluu by being near enough
00:24:01WANKmaster haveõ
00:24:02WANKmaster dus
00:24:02Fxx. ward at clif ? dont belive !
00:24:03WANKmaster t
00:24:03pWny- COME ROSH
00:24:04pWny- plz
00:24:34Fxx. no ban lycan - free win
00:24:37Fxx. totaly fail captain
00:24:38Fxx. ff
00:24:41WANKmaster GG
00:24:45ESA_93 wp team
00:24:47Soulyah mida sa ggtad:D
00:24:56pWny- b
00:24:58WANKmaster come
00:24:59WANKmaster top
00:25:00WANKmaster some
00:25:00WANKmaster 1
00:25:01kAlleMustDie omw
00:25:03kAlleMustDie wait
00:25:10pWny- kill
00:25:13pWny- come
00:25:16Fxx. we cant win this
00:25:17Fxx. ff it
00:25:18Fxx. please
00:25:26Fxx. waste of time
00:25:29Fxx. play game vs lycan
00:25:58pWny- our creep attacked ogre?
00:26:03pWny- buy ghost scepter versus ylca
00:26:12Fxx. captain fail ban
00:26:15Fxx. and now 0 item
00:26:34Fxx. ...
00:26:39ESA_93 through
00:26:40creeeeeee dont even know how this kind of guy is fp
00:26:48curdi creee
00:26:52curdi you're admin right
00:27:07Fxx. end it please
00:27:25curdi better fix ts and x if you dont want "guy like this" to be fp
00:27:27Fxx. what THE RANGE !
00:27:28WANKmaster gg
00:27:28curdi quite simple
00:27:29WANKmaster venge
00:27:35pWny- ^^
00:27:46pWny- gg lion
00:28:04Fxx. captain lost this , he purpose - points
00:28:11Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:14pWny- Fxx can u stop talking?
00:28:19curdi weren't u the one feeding like no tomorrow
00:28:20Fxx. mb next time other captain , who ban lycan
00:28:21pWny- u got 0 - 6
00:28:37curdi also i dont think i asked to be cap
00:28:38curdi really
00:28:42Fxx. srly lion
00:28:47Fxx. i havnt got your ulty on lasthits
00:28:58pWny- got 4 assists
00:28:58creeeeeee ffs you should be banning lyca anyways
00:28:59Soulyah ppl are so mad
00:29:00Soulyah :DDD
00:29:01pWny- you got 0 - 6 - 2
00:29:10ESA_93 buha
00:29:15pWny- u know what i mean? ^^
00:29:27pWny- dont go for super hard support and forgot some items for surviviability
00:29:43Soulyah c00l
00:30:01pWny- !ff
00:30:02Fxx. FINISH this booring game please
00:30:05WANKmaster GG
00:30:06ESA_93 NEVER
00:30:07Solisluu its ff
00:30:08Fxx. we cant stop u
00:30:11WANKmaster GIGIIII
00:30:15pWny- tschi tschi
00:30:22Fxx. icefrog on drugs , do this OP lycan
00:30:30WANKmaster naah
00:30:32Fxx. its unplayable vs this
00:30:34WANKmaster just skilkl
00:30:36WANKmaster recuired
00:30:38WANKmaster to kill him
00:30:54Fxx. go captain
00:30:58Fxx. farm , u can win this
00:30:59curdi i am
00:31:19Fxx. wp tc
00:31:24Fxx. but 1vs5 imposible
00:31:28curdi wp cm :D
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