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-49 X
-2 TS

97% | 1658 X | 1613 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

88% | 1491 X | 1492 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

87% | 1525 X | 1437 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

75% | 1374 X | 1407 TS

-58 X
-2 TS

57% | 1214 X | 1367 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

98% | 1761 X | 1617 TS

+64 X
+2 TS

86% | 1444 X | 1514 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

84% | 1417 X | 1496 TS

+41 X
+2 TS

82% | 1479 X | 1395 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

52% | 1224 X | 1290 TS

Chat log

00:00:00PinaryB [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 57 seconds.
00:00:18Vangelis ban
00:00:20Vangelis ban meepo
00:00:20infect spec ck weaver there
00:00:20Vangelis now
00:00:20Idx nonon
00:00:20Vangelis yew is vert good with it
00:00:20Vangelis his usualy nickname is gevomancer
00:00:20Vangelis geomancer
00:00:20yeW- Ye, lots'a shit.
00:00:20Vangelis he has owned many games with geo
00:00:20jakkihirki meepo 8D'
00:00:20infect leave all of them
00:00:20N2xy and failed many games actually also :D
00:00:20infect get 2 of them ?
00:00:20atte spectre
00:00:23jakkihirki anyone want
00:00:24jakkihirki veno?
00:00:24PinaryB get ck?
00:00:26yeW- wp vangelis :d
00:00:29Vangelis no geo for you gevomancer
00:00:39atte want?
00:00:43yeW- get ck
00:00:43Soulyah i want
00:00:44yeW- for uself
00:00:46yeW- blue
00:00:46Soulyah not ck
00:00:47yeW- go ck
00:00:49Soulyah thoughhh
00:00:50yeW- go effin ck
00:00:52yeW- -clear
00:00:57Vangelis get
00:00:59Vangelis ck
00:01:00Vangelis ck
00:01:01Vangelis ck
00:01:01Vangelis ck
00:01:02Vangelis ck
00:01:02Vangelis ck
00:01:03Vangelis ck
00:01:03Vangelis ck
00:01:04Vangelis ck
00:01:05Vangelis ck
00:01:07Vangelis chaos knight
00:01:10infect diffu veno
00:01:11infect then
00:01:13Vangelis omg ck so imba!
00:01:20yeW- zzz
00:01:23infect we r so so outpicked
00:01:24infect :D:D
00:01:29atte tue
00:01:31atte true
00:01:32Vangelis nbow venge and viper
00:01:34Vangelis and it is gg
00:01:37N2xy -swap 4
00:01:40N2xy -swap 4
00:01:41Idx -swap 3
00:01:44atte heroes look nice
00:01:48infect and no hero
00:01:49infect to me
00:01:50infect :D
00:01:56yeW- get vipe
00:01:57yeW- viper
00:01:57infect got to leave being chicken
00:02:10atte 0 stun we have
00:02:13yeW- u need a fast vanguard tho
00:02:14atte well picked
00:02:14yeW- -clear
00:02:17Soulyah stun is overrated
00:02:28yeW- atte mid?
00:02:30yeW- or me?
00:02:35atte me
00:02:36atte and
00:02:39atte ;DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:02:43yeW- ^^?
00:02:44yeW- -lear
00:02:44atte look at our heros
00:02:46yeW- -clear
00:02:46yeW- ye
00:02:50yeW- tol u to get ck
00:02:52yeW- tbh
00:02:53atte dont expect much gangs
00:03:00infect diffu atte
00:03:01atte yeah like i wanna play ck
00:03:03infect i try also
00:03:07Vangelis top rune
00:03:09yeW- whats wrong wid it :
00:03:11N2xy nope
00:03:11Vangelis what
00:03:12yeW- harras hard pls
00:03:12Vangelis was it
00:03:15Vangelis ok care top
00:03:18Vangelis maybe invis
00:03:22N2xy destoyed it
00:03:23infect gonna farm hard as well
00:03:23N2xy :D
00:03:24yeW- pull
00:03:26Vangelis ah
00:03:27Vangelis rege
00:03:29yeW- no u will not
00:03:36infect yes i will :D
00:03:55yeW- tt?
00:03:58yeW- ah k
00:04:34infect ?
00:04:50yeW- ss
00:04:50yeW- 2
00:05:06yeW- jesus
00:05:10infect ty for help
00:05:12infect jesus idiot
00:05:15yeW- watch the map
00:05:16yeW- cunt
00:05:22infect watch what
00:05:26Soulyah map
00:05:26infect how you farm bot?
00:05:31yeW- HOW
00:05:33yeW- they leave lane
00:05:41PinaryB i gank mid
00:05:48yeW- ss
00:05:48yeW- 2
00:05:49yeW- mid
00:06:04yeW- ss venge
00:06:05yeW- mi
00:06:15atte y
00:06:23yeW- how is top
00:06:24yeW- strom
00:06:33Soulyah lost 100%
00:06:36Soulyah ck has vang
00:06:42Strom normal imo
00:06:45yeW- ^^
00:06:48Strom we're controling lane
00:07:01Soulyah sa bannisid maria w:D
00:07:06Strom ye
00:07:08Soulyah xD
00:07:11infect mille eest
00:07:19Vangelis regen
00:07:19Vangelis who
00:07:20Vangelis needs
00:07:20jakkihirki take
00:07:55Soulyah ml jooksis juhe kokku
00:07:56Soulyah :D
00:08:09Strom vähemalt me ei surnud
00:08:35PinaryB ill try gank mid agian
00:08:41yeW- OI
00:08:42yeW- WTF U DOIN
00:09:08PinaryB veno rune
00:09:09PinaryB care top
00:09:11jakkihirki jep
00:09:13yeW- ss
00:09:13yeW- 2
00:09:23yeW- to me
00:09:37atte hahaha
00:09:49atte en tajuu miks enää pelataa
00:09:53yeW- go drop
00:09:55yeW- infect
00:09:56yeW- -clear
00:09:56atte vihul kunno lineup
00:09:59infect go yourself
00:10:00atte meil 0 stunnerii
00:10:29yeW- ss
00:10:30yeW- 2
00:11:21Vangelis aba
00:11:22Vangelis you make
00:11:23Vangelis vladi
00:11:25Vangelis eventually
00:11:26Vangelis ?
00:11:44infect ss ns
00:12:05infect and venge
00:12:55atte mitenhä sitä kuluttais
00:12:59atte 15min
00:13:01Vangelis shield
00:13:32Strom norm
00:13:39Soulyah ml cds
00:13:39Soulyah tele
00:13:45N2xy oioi
00:13:48Vangelis 10 min
00:13:50N2xy oled ns õpetusvideosi vaadanud?
00:13:50Vangelis 10 - 0 0
00:13:54Vangelis eip
00:13:55Vangelis infect
00:13:56Vangelis feedis
00:13:57Vangelis lanel
00:13:58Vangelis :D
00:14:00N2xy xD
00:14:18yeW- u leave mid
00:14:20yeW- to go woods?
00:14:27atte the game is lost
00:14:30yeW- jesus
00:14:34atte if you didnt see
00:14:37atte at picks
00:14:50Vangelis i really
00:14:51Vangelis hate
00:14:52Vangelis to play
00:14:54Vangelis ns vs luna
00:14:54Vangelis :D
00:14:55yeW- u cant handle wl mid?
00:14:56yeW- mon
00:14:57yeW- cmon
00:15:00atte :DD
00:15:11jakkihirki aba goes meka?
00:15:14atte you think this is dota?
00:15:14N2xy yup
00:15:16atte we having here?
00:15:24jakkihirki then i go book
00:15:27atte i can tell you
00:15:28Vangelis or
00:15:28atte no
00:15:29Vangelis agha
00:15:30Vangelis ?
00:15:30atte this aint dota
00:15:31infect yeah
00:15:33jakkihirki nope
00:15:35Vangelis plz
00:15:35infect it's says
00:15:35yeW- shup infect
00:15:36Vangelis agha
00:15:37Vangelis is most
00:15:37Vangelis imba
00:15:45Vangelis you
00:15:46Vangelis sold
00:15:48Vangelis phase book
00:15:48Vangelis ?
00:15:50infect it says defence of the Ancients 6.73b
00:15:50Vangelis phase boots?
00:15:54jakkihirki yap :D
00:15:55PinaryB cahrggene
00:16:03Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
00:16:11jakkihirki agha is pretty imba
00:16:16jakkihirki to ns
00:16:23Vangelis no i hate it
00:16:23Vangelis :D
00:17:27N2xy just famr to night?
00:17:38Soulyah iol
00:17:41Soulyah we aint got a chance
00:17:44Soulyah in teamfight
00:17:45infect :D:D
00:17:55atte pick more rightclick heros
00:17:55yeW- we got infect
00:17:57Strom I don't know
00:18:00N2xy jsut farm imo
00:18:00Strom veno + luna
00:18:01N2xy to night
00:18:02Strom good aoe
00:18:06jakkihirki yap
00:18:09infect my pick isnt what ruined our game
00:18:18yeW- nope
00:18:19yeW- indeed
00:18:20yeW- u being hee
00:18:21yeW- did
00:18:26yeW- here*
00:18:33infect hey, that's not sportsman like
00:18:37infect watch your manners
00:18:43yeW- what did i say
00:18:44yeW- oO
00:19:20Soulyah 1 killed one
00:19:21Soulyah YESS!
00:19:45Vangelis b
00:20:56Vangelis 30
00:20:57Vangelis s
00:20:59Vangelis to night
00:21:17Vangelis 10
00:22:10yeW- xd bara
00:22:16Soulyah :D
00:22:35infect makin us lose less x
00:22:36infect :D
00:22:42N2xy all top or bot?
00:22:46Vangelis yes
00:22:53atte stacfk
00:23:28Vangelis -ms
00:23:43yeW- bah
00:23:48yeW- tp
00:23:49Soulyah fucking
00:23:49yeW- out
00:23:53Soulyah hell
00:23:53yeW- tp
00:23:56Soulyah why u stay there
00:23:57Vangelis wave
00:24:06atte ??
00:24:11atte wanted to block someone
00:24:12atte :DD
00:24:16atte why else rofl
00:24:20Soulyah im telling
00:24:21Soulyah luna
00:24:25atte aa
00:24:28N2xy i def mid?
00:24:31N2xy 1
00:24:33yeW- i saw wl comin
00:24:33jakkihirki no need
00:24:38yeW- so i came back
00:24:44yeW- but then 2 other came
00:24:45yeW- x
00:25:00yeW- TO ME
00:25:08yeW- LMAO
00:25:12yeW- what an idiot
00:25:32Vangelis need
00:25:33Vangelis mana boots
00:25:35Vangelis in team
00:25:36Soulyah HI YTYEAM
00:25:37Soulyah WHATSUP
00:25:44Soulyah fucking
00:25:47Soulyah faring on lane
00:25:51Soulyah when they push raxxes
00:26:00jakkihirki b
00:26:08atte gg focus abba
00:26:11Soulyah imba gj
00:26:17Vangelis take
00:26:17Vangelis rosh
00:26:18Vangelis ?
00:26:20jakkihirki ye
00:26:25yeW- doh
00:26:28yeW- ur one to talk
00:26:28jakkihirki venge
00:26:33yeW- leavin ur mid to go woods
00:26:38atte you know
00:26:39atte this game
00:26:41atte lost
00:26:41atte ??
00:26:46atte from beginning
00:26:46yeW- then go gtfo
00:26:47Vangelis aba
00:26:48Vangelis go vlad
00:26:49Vangelis ?
00:26:50yeW- why do u keep playin
00:26:51N2xy done
00:27:05infect ff time soon
00:27:08infect only 1 min to go
00:27:11jakkihirki dont have ulti
00:27:13atte yeah the other team would like to own and everyone leaving after 5min
00:27:26jakkihirki 30s
00:27:47infect who le tthe dogs out
00:28:15yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:16Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:22infect I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:24Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:27atte I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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