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26% | 1010 X | 1273 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03KiG -ii
00:00:06b00 -water 0 0 0
00:00:07b00 -ii
00:00:09Banana AP v?
00:00:09b00 -hhn
00:00:12b00 -xd?
00:00:13Shiningstone -ap
00:00:13b00 oh
00:00:13In0S -ap
00:00:13Banana -ap
00:00:13LaSiCa -ap
00:00:14Shiningstone same picks
00:00:25b00 can i mid?
00:00:46Banana go mid
00:00:46b00 orange
00:00:49b00 pick silencer
00:00:55b00 that was your dude
00:01:00KiG cant find
00:01:02DotaSaban lanes?
00:01:04moods omg
00:01:04In0S kig what was your pick?
00:01:05b00 sent
00:01:07b00 intell
00:01:08moods silence
00:01:10moods r
00:01:19KiG where?
00:01:22b00 in sentinal
00:01:25Banana what hero?
00:01:28b00 intellengennce 1
00:01:28TrustNoGoblin not rly
00:01:31KiG ah
00:01:32b00 get chick
00:01:35b00 orange has to get chick
00:01:41moods orange buy chicken and share
00:02:00moods tiny sure mid?
00:02:01KiG chill, im new to this
00:02:03b00 nice we got nice disables
00:02:07b00 yah im find
00:02:09moods kk
00:02:17moods well need a pipe
00:02:20moods a meka
00:02:27b00 u mek
00:02:35b00 after blink and bottle ill pipe
00:02:43KiG and i do?
00:02:47moods u meka
00:02:48moods me jango
00:03:32Banana pull
00:03:36LaSiCa k
00:04:01LaSiCa eye
00:04:06LaSiCa ;[
00:04:09Banana (
00:04:16DotaSaban how do i take off this stupid mana bars?
00:04:32moods at repel
00:05:11Banana stop autoattacking and let me farm
00:05:29LaSiCa ;[
00:05:49LaSiCa cant belive
00:06:20b00 get rune
00:06:25LaSiCa k
00:06:29b00 u to late
00:06:30Shiningstone w8
00:06:39LaSiCa ;[
00:06:56-_BenneT_- ss
00:07:03b00 upgrade
00:07:12-_BenneT_- re
00:08:08b00 ss mid
00:08:16Shiningstone brb
00:08:31Shiningstone care sven
00:08:36Shiningstone a lot miss
00:08:37LaSiCa ss
00:08:41b00 gank?
00:08:46LaSiCa ss
00:08:57-_BenneT_- go mid
00:09:01-_BenneT_- rune top
00:09:01b00 ganking
00:09:11In0S CARE MISS UP
00:09:11In0S CARE MISS UP
00:09:11In0S CARE MISS UP
00:09:12Banana miss 2
00:09:18DotaSaban ss
00:09:40b00 care
00:10:16LaSiCa my bad
00:10:19LaSiCa sry
00:10:37-_BenneT_- omw mid
00:10:54-_BenneT_- got sleep?
00:10:59DotaSaban y
00:11:48LaSiCa oom
00:11:52b00 no use
00:11:53b00 they got wards
00:12:01b00 and he prob dead
00:12:23DotaSaban b
00:12:31b00 help
00:12:34DotaSaban b
00:12:36-_BenneT_- i get bot
00:13:07DotaSaban yy
00:13:08Shiningstone 3 - 4 bot
00:13:14Shiningstone def?
00:13:40Banana GG FF
00:13:41Banana ff
00:13:54b00 !ff
00:13:57DotaSaban wp
00:14:00-_BenneT_- u2
00:14:15In0S CARE MISS MID
00:14:16In0S CARE MISS MID
00:14:16In0S CARE MISS MID
00:14:28-_BenneT_- go mid
00:14:43LaSiCa silence
00:16:24-_BenneT_- zeus buy arcane boots pls
00:16:46DotaSaban no ulti
00:16:53-_BenneT_- low mana..
00:16:56DotaSaban dont think we can def
00:17:10-_BenneT_- care ward
00:17:11Banana b
00:17:41LaSiCa go ffs
00:18:04-_BenneT_- me b..
00:18:31DotaSaban shit
00:18:33moods at leaast..
00:18:53Shiningstone ops
00:18:57b00 we can bring this back
00:19:03DotaSaban pretty nice dota in this site
00:19:10b00 we all should get a clock
00:19:12b00 cloak*
00:19:29b00 -ms
00:20:03-_BenneT_- why zeus
00:20:04-_BenneT_- -.-
00:20:09-_BenneT_- why use ult for that
00:20:16Shiningstone fun
00:20:25-_BenneT_- no..
00:20:26moods gang sylla
00:20:26LaSiCa b
00:21:27Banana b
00:21:34Banana gather
00:21:41Banana k
00:21:41b00 getting a tp
00:21:43Banana go
00:21:49Banana b
00:21:50Banana bb
00:21:56moods radi bear...
00:22:04b00 aww
00:22:10b00 zz
00:22:21-_BenneT_- tower
00:22:49-_BenneT_- nedd arcane boots on u guys..
00:22:56-_BenneT_- way 2 low mana
00:23:00In0S i am full mana
00:23:04DotaSaban zeus u get ?
00:23:04In0S why?
00:23:34LaSiCa syla must die 1st
00:23:36moods all
00:23:39-_BenneT_- come mid silly
00:23:41-_BenneT_- tower
00:23:51TrustNoGoblin sec
00:23:51moods let em come
00:24:55moods b
00:25:10LaSiCa use silence some time
00:25:17KiG was on cd
00:25:19DotaSaban get rosh?
00:25:20LaSiCa ;[
00:25:22Shiningstone dd
00:25:35Shiningstone i go base
00:26:01KiG ...
00:26:23KiG w8 me?
00:26:25b00 ??
00:26:57DotaSaban go rosh?
00:27:00-_BenneT_- sure
00:27:04DotaSaban bear
00:27:09LaSiCa b
00:27:10LaSiCa b
00:27:10LaSiCa b
00:27:18-_BenneT_- SILLA
00:27:24Banana b
00:27:35DotaSaban dont push
00:27:46DotaSaban def sides
00:27:47Banana b
00:27:48moods lol
00:27:49moods wasted ulti
00:28:02LaSiCa ;[
00:28:02Banana idiot
00:28:26b00 !ff
00:28:28Banana thats why we cant win
00:28:29b00 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:39b00 they have rlly good teamplay
00:28:50Banana no its not good
00:28:53b00 well
00:28:58b00 i mean they back eachother up
00:29:01b00 better then us
00:29:06b00 and inicate better
00:29:09moods dude
00:29:11TrustNoGoblin me take
00:29:14-_BenneT_- yy
00:29:15b00 not hero wise
00:29:18moods we got puck ult tiny combo my ward and silencer
00:29:19Banana get some wards
00:29:23moods hwo can we lose vs 3 caster`?
00:29:25moods tell me
00:29:28moods just dont get it
00:29:34moods silencer use ur ulti when we need it
00:29:40Banana because ppl cant stay back
00:30:13Banana dont
00:30:31b00 take and b
00:30:40b00 behind the tree
00:30:41b00 ...
00:30:45LaSiCa ;[
00:30:56-_BenneT_- silla
00:31:31DotaSaban use bottle
00:32:39LaSiCa gj tiny
00:32:48TrustNoGoblin -cs
00:32:51-_BenneT_- silla u get ac or mjollnir?
00:32:57TrustNoGoblin ac
00:33:02-_BenneT_- ok
00:33:22DotaSaban is there ff option in these games?
00:33:25moods y
00:33:26moods y
00:33:27TrustNoGoblin y
00:33:32TrustNoGoblin after 25 min
00:33:59LaSiCa we need to gank
00:34:02b00 no
00:34:05b00 we need more teamfights
00:34:06b00 in our base
00:34:11b00 we do good in those
00:34:20b00 easy
00:34:28moods go mid
00:34:35-_BenneT_- all
00:34:55Banana b
00:35:01Banana need to kill that bear
00:35:04moods nah
00:35:09Banana this radi killing us
00:35:15LaSiCa gank
00:35:20LaSiCa all
00:35:22-_BenneT_- gank wood
00:35:41Banana b
00:35:41Banana b
00:35:41Banana b
00:35:41Banana b
00:35:42Banana b
00:35:42Banana b
00:35:42Banana b
00:35:43Banana b
00:35:44b00 dead
00:35:56moods b to base
00:35:58moods stay in abse
00:36:00moods guys!
00:36:01b00 ward?
00:36:05moods stay in base
00:36:07LaSiCa need eye
00:36:16moods b
00:36:16b00 ward up there
00:36:23Banana b
00:36:23Banana bb
00:36:23Banana bb
00:36:26Banana they coming
00:36:40Banana kill
00:36:41moods dont
00:36:42moods dont
00:36:42b00 bait
00:36:42moods dont
00:36:44moods trap
00:36:47moods stay b
00:37:10KiG nessaj!!!
00:37:15moods nc
00:37:22b00 baited
00:37:22moods fuckin said trap all the time
00:37:26b00 idk why u took it
00:37:29b00 we have to back u up
00:37:29Banana fucking easy kill
00:37:33b00 no
00:37:34Banana and rest are nothing
00:37:34b00 it was bait
00:38:01LaSiCa see
00:38:09LaSiCa combination all dead
00:38:22b00 eay
00:39:06-_BenneT_- wards needed
00:39:11DotaSaban yy
00:39:15Banana let me
00:39:19Banana n eed 300 for manta
00:39:30moods and when will u get dmg?
00:39:40b00 tp b
00:39:42DotaSaban aa ill buy wards i got all i need
00:39:57Banana dont need dmg vs these papers
00:40:03moods paper sylla?
00:40:09b00 b
00:40:13moods b to base
00:40:15moods def at base
00:40:17DotaSaban rosh re
00:40:22-_BenneT_- then go him
00:40:30-_BenneT_- and go mid after
00:40:33LaSiCa go
00:40:34b00 ward
00:40:39b00 we need ward up there
00:40:40DotaSaban def sides first
00:40:52DotaSaban b
00:41:04LaSiCa tiny?
00:41:09b00 wouldnt have matter
00:41:13moods u just got cleaved
00:41:28LaSiCa def base
00:41:31moods how??
00:41:31b00 yah
00:41:32moods 3 dead
00:41:34b00 we cant take any fights
00:41:38b00 outa based
00:41:39Banana stun
00:41:40b00 base
00:41:59-_BenneT_- 3 v5..
00:42:04TrustNoGoblin 3v3
00:42:05TrustNoGoblin 2 dead
00:42:06b00 gank
00:42:09TrustNoGoblin now re
00:42:27moods come
00:42:31b00 b
00:42:36Shiningstone b
00:42:38Banana need smoke
00:42:44LaSiCa y and eye
00:43:05Shiningstone what item next?
00:43:05Banana have smoke
00:43:09Banana come
00:43:16-_BenneT_- refresher mb
00:43:20Banana come
00:43:21In0S y
00:43:28DotaSaban i go deward
00:43:29Banana dont go
00:43:34b00 they got wards
00:43:35DotaSaban sec
00:43:38Banana i hgave smoke
00:43:41b00 k smoke
00:43:46-_BenneT_- sila come with us
00:44:10LaSiCa morons
00:44:21-_BenneT_- get mid
00:44:21moods :D
00:44:22LaSiCa we coult take syla
00:44:28moods aegis
00:44:28LaSiCa why split?
00:44:34Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:37Banana type ff
00:44:38LaSiCa I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:39moods I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:41-_BenneT_- 1 dead :((
00:44:43b00 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:49b00 i did
00:44:50b00 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:53b00 doesnt say i surrender
00:44:57Banana kig type ff
00:45:04Banana it does to others
00:45:12b00 kig
00:45:13b00 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:14Banana kig type ff
00:45:20KiG I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:25-_BenneT_- gg wp
00:45:27DotaSaban gg
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