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+3 TS

88% | 1507 X | 1492 TS

+17 X
+3 TS

79% | 1421 X | 1408 TS

+29 X
+3 TS

74% | 1354 X | 1403 TS

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+2 TS

72% | 1345 X | 1394 TS

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98% | 1760 X | 1588 TS

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-3 TS

63% | 1277 X | 1354 TS

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-21 TS

63% | 1331 X | 1285 TS

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-2 TS

56% | 1202 X | 1365 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Laier such a booring pool
00:00:18WANKmaster any1 wants roof?
00:00:21BeSt0ned ban?
00:00:21WANKmaster well there is ck
00:00:21mansikka i can
00:00:21WANKmaster and shit
00:00:21WANKmaster ok
00:00:21mansikka roof
00:00:21BeSt0ned i can play roo
00:00:21BeSt0ned np
00:00:21WANKmaster -ck
00:00:21yeW- Roof?
00:00:21Laier treant
00:00:21mansikka give it to green
00:00:21yeW- Roof.
00:00:21sandii ban troll or roof
00:00:23mansikka k
00:00:24BeSt0ned ^^
00:00:25WANKmaster gaaay
00:00:27yeW- Treant.
00:00:28WANKmaster doom
00:00:29WANKmaster any1'
00:00:30WANKmaster ?
00:00:31WANKmaster doom?
00:00:34zonskass taje gondar
00:00:37WANKmaster can some1
00:00:37WANKmaster play
00:00:38WANKmaster doom
00:00:39zonskass gondar
00:00:39WANKmaster plz
00:00:40infect ma võin
00:00:41BeSt0ned nop^^
00:00:42WANKmaster ok
00:00:57Laier someone want lion?
00:01:00Laier strom?
00:01:01Laier sandii?
00:01:05sandii nop
00:01:17Strom not against 3 strength :D
00:01:18WANKmaster only melee
00:01:20WANKmaster not cool
00:01:20sandii :D
00:01:26infect we need 2 range now
00:01:27Laier take bristle?
00:01:29Laier and venge?
00:01:29infect and that new hero
00:01:31BeSt0ned venge :)
00:01:32infect sucks so hard
00:01:35zonskass necro wouldbe nice
00:01:36Laier >.<
00:01:37WANKmaster give me
00:01:39WANKmaster sf
00:01:39mansikka new hero imba
00:01:39yeW- Venge for more damage yeah!
00:01:40WANKmaster then
00:01:41yeW- -clear
00:01:45mansikka i just dont know how to play it
00:01:46WANKmaster -swap 5
00:01:48Laier yew you go mid?
00:01:49Laier or what
00:01:50zonskass i go necro
00:01:57WANKmaster -swap 5
00:01:58infect -swap 1
00:02:03yeW- get venge
00:02:04Laier no need more carrys
00:02:05yeW- not necro
00:02:12yeW- ah taken
00:02:22WANKmaster i need wards
00:02:23WANKmaster mid
00:02:26WANKmaster so i won get ganked
00:02:27BeSt0ned got itehm
00:02:27yeW- -ma
00:02:27sandii aika tylsä pooli kyl
00:02:28Laier sandii et oo bot
00:02:28WANKmaster all the time
00:02:32WANKmaster ok
00:02:32infect lased mind topi ?
00:02:33WANKmaster cool
00:02:35Laier pudge come bot
00:02:39WANKmaster mine bot
00:02:40BeSt0ned top
00:02:42BeSt0ned 1 pull
00:02:43sandii vai et joudun ton kans
00:02:46BeSt0ned other solo
00:02:46WANKmaster or okei
00:02:48BeSt0ned i roam
00:02:48WANKmaster ole
00:02:49WANKmaster top
00:02:50WANKmaster pohhui
00:02:51WANKmaster ole
00:02:57magaso omg
00:03:00magaso infect
00:03:01yeW- if i could get
00:03:02yeW- some gangs
00:03:03yeW- li
00:03:05yeW- on
00:03:06yeW- wud b nice
00:03:13yeW- ry?
00:03:17magaso pool
00:03:29BeSt0ned ill pull first wave
00:03:35Laier bot ss1
00:03:39mansikka miss bot
00:03:49mansikka re
00:04:10zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:04:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Necrolyte [d,r,i,r]
00:04:48yeW- ion
00:05:21infect hmm, why dont i get dmg boost?
00:05:34mansikka lion miss
00:05:58BeSt0ned b
00:06:03magaso ss
00:06:30zonskass b mid
00:06:32sandii b mid
00:06:40zonskass bara terget
00:06:45mansikka miss lion
00:06:51magaso can u
00:06:53magaso fuck OFF
00:06:55magaso MY LANE
00:06:59BeSt0ned xD
00:07:00yeW- why so late
00:07:00yeW- zz
00:07:00infect it's my lane
00:07:02infect captain said
00:07:05infect u r fucking mine up
00:07:26zonskass care
00:07:26yeW- ss
00:07:27yeW- re
00:07:27BeSt0ned bara
00:07:29WANKmaster wait
00:07:30WANKmaster wait
00:07:30WANKmaster wait
00:07:46BeSt0ned care
00:07:54BeSt0ned bot
00:07:55BeSt0ned i come
00:07:57BeSt0ned mid care
00:08:02yeW- lmeme
00:08:08mansikka w8
00:08:10yeW- b
00:08:12mansikka i get duel soon
00:08:26Strom venge bot :/
00:08:29mansikka ty
00:09:15sandii ss top
00:09:18infect ss top
00:09:37zonskass ss
00:09:55zonskass ss 2
00:10:11Laier care top and mid
00:10:30mansikka lol
00:10:34Strom mis lc
00:10:46yeW- ye just killd me
00:10:51Laier told you to care
00:10:58yeW- get wards
00:11:08yeW- i ouughtz to farm
00:11:16WANKmaster ss
00:11:17WANKmaster mid
00:11:20WANKmaster re
00:11:52WANKmaster HELL NO
00:11:54sandii :D
00:11:56Strom help faster next time pls
00:11:59Laier was going to say the same thing
00:12:03WANKmaster :d
00:12:05Laier i didnt even notice that sf :D
00:12:32sandii ss top
00:12:50BeSt0ned up
00:12:51BeSt0ned some
00:12:54WANKmaster kill
00:13:05BeSt0ned token
00:13:06BeSt0ned ofc
00:13:16yeW- wp strom
00:13:18infect nice, over 10th
00:13:18magaso btw
00:13:22Laier gang doom bot
00:13:22magaso luna mher ?
00:13:25BeSt0ned we all are lvl
00:13:41zonskass hekp
00:13:41infect yew
00:13:41zonskass help
00:13:41infect maphack ?
00:13:41zonskass top
00:13:41infect like really
00:13:41yeW- ?!
00:13:41yeW- u for real?
00:13:41magaso how did the fuck
00:13:41Laier y ill tele top
00:13:41magaso he dived on tw
00:13:41magaso ?
00:13:41yeW- why would u even
00:13:41infect what u did
00:13:41yeW- think that
00:13:41yeW- Lol
00:13:41infect On bara
00:13:41infect and what you did now
00:13:41infect on bot
00:13:41yeW- erm
00:13:41infect you counter
00:13:41infect moved
00:13:41yeW- was kinda
00:13:41infect against me
00:13:41yeW- what?
00:13:41yeW- ol
00:13:41infect how the fuck
00:13:41yeW- im just waitin
00:13:41mansikka SURE
00:13:41Laier how the fuck you know where he is? :D
00:13:41infect moving closer when
00:13:41mansikka MAPHACK
00:13:41infect i move?
00:13:41yeW- I DONT
00:13:41yeW- NOW
00:13:41mansikka :-----D
00:13:41yeW- KNOW
00:13:41yeW- omg
00:13:41magaso nice mh
00:13:41yeW- LOL
00:13:41yeW- bara
00:13:41yeW- every bob
00:13:41mansikka BANNED :DD:DD
00:13:41Laier i mean how does infect know where you are :D
00:13:41yeW- wuda done
00:13:41yeW- the same thing as me
00:13:41yeW- he got wards
00:13:41yeW- prob
00:13:41Laier dno
00:13:41yeW- but still
00:13:41yeW- i got ganged
00:13:41yeW- twice
00:13:41yeW- if i mhed
00:13:41yeW- i wudna died
00:13:41Laier witch goes, bristle or necro?
00:13:41yeW- lol
00:13:41yeW- fuktards
00:13:41yeW- rly
00:13:41yeW- i got ganged twice
00:13:41yeW- n died
00:13:41yeW- but hey
00:13:41yeW- Im a mapper
00:13:41Strom yew, stop getting all upset
00:13:41Laier yew necro or bristle goes?
00:13:41Strom and ignore
00:13:41Strom random mh accusations
00:13:41yeW- aight
00:13:41yeW- pisses me off
00:13:41yeW- tho
00:13:41yeW- that these
00:13:41yeW- fags
00:13:41yeW- dont use
00:13:41yeW- their brains
00:13:41Laier yew who balances?
00:13:41Strom nobody has dropped
00:13:41yeW- :p
00:13:41Laier i bet he will!
00:13:41sandii ::::::::::::::::::::::
00:13:41Laier since hes St0ned
00:13:41Laier :D
00:13:41Laier went to smoke more weed
00:13:41infect lil sad
00:13:41infect when venge
00:13:41yeW- tru dat
00:13:41infect drops :(
00:13:41yeW- at least he had
00:13:41yeW- the
00:13:41yeW- decency
00:13:41yeW- not to to do it
00:13:41yeW- 39s ago
00:13:41yeW- eventho 4v4 sux
00:13:41Laier well its 6-5 score
00:13:41yeW- x)
00:13:41yeW- necro balances
00:13:41yeW- obviously
00:13:41yeW- in case he leaves
00:13:41yeW- :d
00:13:41zonskass k
00:13:41Laier guys tele top
00:13:41Strom this sucks
00:13:41Laier btw
00:13:41WANKmaster who balances?
00:13:41Laier whos bot
00:13:41yeW- theres a doom
00:13:41yeW- hidin here
00:13:41infect necro
00:13:41yeW- probz tp out
00:13:41Laier dont think so
00:13:41infect i guess
00:13:45Laier tp top
00:15:45Strom I got +10 permament dmg
00:15:47Strom yay
00:15:49yeW- m/D
00:15:55Laier gz :D
00:16:00yeW- pro stuff
00:16:12yeW- tp
00:16:13yeW- someone
00:16:58Laier care
00:17:06yeW- charged :p
00:17:54Laier sandii
00:17:55Laier näytä sille
00:17:58sandii :D
00:18:02Laier farm top
00:18:14yeW- :((!
00:18:21yeW- too bad
00:18:22yeW- 1v1
00:18:25yeW- ended too early
00:18:34Laier too late you mean?
00:18:43Strom too early
00:18:45WANKmaster i farm top
00:18:47yeW- i meant
00:18:48yeW- the spell
00:18:53yeW- too early ^^
00:19:02yeW- but the 1v1
00:19:03yeW- too late
00:19:04yeW- indeed
00:19:12Laier care
00:19:21Laier run to river
00:19:24mansikka luna & lion coming top
00:19:50Laier b
00:20:11Laier def top
00:20:14Laier all here
00:20:18Laier or they left
00:20:22yeW- wardsp l
00:21:07WANKmaster wtf
00:21:09WANKmaster arte y doing?
00:21:24magaso its lost
00:21:25magaso go ff
00:21:27infect :D:D
00:21:29WANKmaster cool
00:21:29infect fucking magaso
00:21:30infect imba
00:21:34WANKmaster u go 1vs1 against
00:21:36WANKmaster luna
00:21:37WANKmaster in forest?
00:21:39WANKmaster u retarded?
00:21:40yeW- -ma
00:22:02magaso omg
00:22:25yeW- bah
00:25:31Laier they rosh?
00:25:37WANKmaster care
00:25:41yeW- nah oO
00:25:49yeW- hardly
00:26:08Strom -st
00:26:55yeW- needa a dust
00:28:44yeW- b
00:28:47sandii aura vilahti
00:28:48yeW- gotz to gang
00:28:50Laier we wont win farm game
00:28:52Laier such so you know
00:28:57yeW- ofcn ot
00:30:03WANKmaster b
00:30:06Strom need backup
00:30:12yeW- obviously
00:31:53yeW- what now
00:31:53yeW- jesus
00:31:53Laier help bot fast
00:31:53infect sad :(
00:31:53WANKmaster :D
00:31:53Laier i teled
00:31:53WANKmaster 30 min raisku lihtsalt
00:31:53infect no bara
00:31:53yeW- sandii
00:31:53infect feil
00:31:56yeW- t
00:32:03yeW- omw
00:32:13Laier sure luck more
00:32:28Strom -st
00:32:50WANKmaster ok
00:32:51WANKmaster sure
00:32:56yeW- lol
00:33:20magaso LOL
00:33:28Laier fuck this guy has luck
00:33:30WANKmaster u made
00:33:32Laier first he ulties same moment i stun
00:33:32WANKmaster lothars
00:33:33Laier and no that
00:33:34WANKmaster :D:D:D:D:D
00:33:35WANKmaster WTF
00:33:36WANKmaster IS
00:33:37WANKmaster THIS
00:33:38infect bro bara :D
00:33:41WANKmaster bara lothas?
00:33:42infect pro*
00:33:44WANKmaster WHY
00:33:44magaso this is gc
00:33:45WANKmaster man
00:33:47WANKmaster WHYYYYY
00:33:51infect u are just shit magaso
00:33:55magaso :DD
00:34:04yeW- hex
00:34:05yeW- bara
00:34:13yeW- :d
00:34:34yeW- :(
00:34:53Laier can we go with 4?
00:34:58yeW- i was dead
00:34:58yeW- :/
00:35:35infect -ms
00:35:47Laier go now
00:35:48Laier mid
00:36:06Laier go for another tower aswell
00:36:11yeW- hm
00:36:11Strom care sf lothar
00:36:26mansikka -ms
00:36:31yeW- b?
00:36:33yeW- wardsl
00:36:44Laier so you can go back to farm?
00:36:53yeW- u think we win 4v4 as we are now?
00:37:04Laier well ff it then
00:37:05Strom lets push top tower
00:37:07infect mida teen ?
00:37:07Laier if we cant win now
00:37:10Laier we wont win late for sure
00:37:15WANKmaster ac
00:37:17Strom we can get some towers for money
00:37:28infect -ms
00:37:30mansikka -ms
00:37:44yeW- w
00:37:45yeW- rosh
00:37:52infect cant without ward
00:37:58infect and thy r coming
00:38:23yeW- hm ^^
00:38:33yeW- doh never do that
00:38:34yeW- lo
00:38:43WANKmaster ...
00:38:44infect lool
00:38:47Strom that went well
00:38:48Laier go mid now
00:38:48Laier mby?
00:38:56yeW- surprisingly well indeed
00:38:56yeW- ye go
00:39:30yeW- wp p
00:39:31yeW- udge
00:39:47Strom care sf lothar
00:39:50yeW- DUST
00:39:50WANKmaster lionile
00:39:54Laier dont have
00:39:57WANKmaster doom
00:40:30infect ei saanud doomida, polnud visionit
00:40:42Strom don't chase
00:40:43Strom take rax
00:40:57WANKmaster well mansikka
00:40:59Laier b
00:41:01WANKmaster ur entrie
00:41:02Laier got hex rdy
00:41:04WANKmaster kinda fucked it up
00:41:08mansikka yy
00:41:09yeW- sweet
00:41:14WANKmaster and this bara
00:41:15WANKmaster is just
00:41:16WANKmaster new
00:41:17WANKmaster league
00:41:24Strom -st
00:41:45infect bb slow on nii gay
00:41:50Laier luna with illus + manta hurts for sure
00:41:52yeW- :D
00:41:58yeW- cuddna said it better
00:42:00Laier sandii
00:42:03Laier ota dusti
00:42:05Laier mä otan wardit
00:42:14sandii k
00:42:16Laier tos
00:42:34infect -ms
00:42:39infect why you no chase me
00:42:40infect :d
00:43:05magaso I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:43:11Laier care
00:43:41magaso ultiu
00:43:41magaso u f ucktard
00:43:41magaso arabv
00:43:41magaso ffs
00:43:53infect imba lothars you have there
00:43:53yeW- +2 str§?
00:43:56yeW- what was that
00:43:59Strom flesh heap
00:44:04yeW- ah k
00:44:04yeW- ll
00:44:08infect bkb and luna dies :)
00:44:09Laier go top
00:44:10Laier sandii tuu
00:44:17infect pushi
00:44:21sandii well they get bot tower
00:44:37Laier go for top rax
00:45:04Laier dustaa
00:45:05Laier käytä
00:45:12Laier käytä se dust
00:45:13Laier nyt
00:45:44magaso epic sf
00:45:44WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:45:51WANKmaster this guy
00:45:51magaso wait till racks off
00:45:52WANKmaster says
00:45:53Strom epic lion ulti on 30hp sf :d
00:45:54yeW- :D
00:45:56WANKmaster im epic :D:D
00:45:59WANKmaster he goes
00:46:00WANKmaster lothars
00:46:02WANKmaster *to
00:46:03infect this bara is an idiot
00:46:03WANKmaster bara
00:46:07WANKmaster and says
00:46:09WANKmaster im epic
00:46:12WANKmaster seriously
00:46:22Laier y was kinda bad ulti :D
00:46:27Strom well he died
00:46:29Strom so that's good
00:46:30sandii :D
00:46:30Laier true
00:46:37Laier kinda gay to doom me
00:46:42Laier 3x disable :/
00:46:54infect sure
00:47:02sandii ota udsti
00:47:05yeW- eat my ass
00:47:05yeW- :
00:47:07yeW- -clear
00:47:08infect i have 30 armor
00:47:09sandii eiku jaa ei sullakaa tilaa
00:47:09infect bitch :D
00:47:10Strom -st
00:47:27yeW- well dont go now
00:47:27yeW- xD
00:48:07yeW- manta
00:48:10yeW- cancels my ulti?
00:48:22Strom you tell me
00:48:25yeW- i think so
00:48:26yeW- O
00:48:29yeW- :p
00:48:35Laier go top again?
00:48:39Laier nvm
00:48:40Laier bot
00:48:46Laier just go
00:48:48Laier they cant do shit
00:48:48Strom -st
00:48:51Laier except doom me :D
00:49:14Laier illus bot
00:49:18yeW- sweet :p
00:50:05mansikka XD
00:50:12WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:50:15infect I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:50:18magaso I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:50:27infect mansikkka
00:50:28infect go :)
00:50:29WANKmaster mansikka
00:50:31WANKmaster forfeit
00:50:33WANKmaster its over
00:50:35infect forfeit it
00:50:36mansikka I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:50:39Laier gg
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