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Chat log

00:00:17Banana ban lyca or play it
00:00:22Banana play it :D
00:00:24Kanki any new skills on heroes
00:00:24Banana nope
00:00:24In0S lycan
00:00:24Banana ban naix
00:00:24Banana or omni
00:00:24In0S hello?
00:00:24Kanki naix omni would be sick
00:00:24Banana hmm
00:00:24Kanki lol
00:00:24Kanki im first pick
00:00:24In0S will you ban, pink?
00:00:24Kanki y
00:00:24Kanki wait
00:00:24In0S name a hero
00:00:24Banana u ok
00:00:24Banana last game i was captain
00:00:24Kanki spectre
00:00:24Banana 20%
00:00:24Banana and captain
00:00:24Kanki :D
00:00:32moods i can go batrider mid
00:00:32Banana arghhh
00:00:36Kanki take omni
00:00:44Kanki i can kill naix with this
00:00:47DotaSaban ill support with cm
00:01:04TrustNoGoblin me woods
00:01:07TrustNoGoblin with naix
00:01:10Kanki take maiden for ex
00:01:15TrustNoGoblin -swap 1
00:01:17DotaSaban can i buy courier insted of orange?
00:01:17-_BenneT_- i get qop mid
00:01:18In0S -swap 2
00:01:20Kanki maiden and
00:01:22Kanki no
00:01:23Kanki im mid
00:01:25moods sure if you wanna
00:01:39DotaSaban hmm
00:01:51moods chen
00:01:54moods necro
00:01:56Kanki omni sp bot
00:02:02Kanki take bala
00:02:06Kanki or magnus
00:02:09Kanki magnus good
00:02:12-_BenneT_- y
00:02:17-_BenneT_- i wanna play magnus pls
00:02:17Kanki gj
00:02:20-_BenneT_- -swap 5
00:02:27Kanki magnus rylai top
00:02:28KiG -swap 3
00:02:29DotaSaban dont buy shit with medusa
00:02:33DotaSaban ill do all suport
00:02:42moods meka + pipe?
00:02:52DotaSaban y if i get to farm them
00:02:53-_BenneT_- block pullspot...
00:02:54-_BenneT_- -_-
00:03:03DotaSaban dusa i leave u all last hits
00:03:07Banana top
00:03:12KiG whoot
00:03:20KiG thought im with omni
00:03:22Kanki i said omni sp bot
00:03:27KiG yea
00:04:28DotaSaban sry
00:04:34LaSiCa ss1
00:04:42Banana haraass
00:05:16Kanki gj
00:05:22-_BenneT_- sry slow reaction
00:05:32KiG np was suicide
00:05:39KiG go dusa
00:05:41-_BenneT_- ss kotk
00:05:41KiG when im there
00:05:48moods ss mid
00:05:53DotaSaban dd
00:05:53DotaSaban care
00:06:00DotaSaban b dusa
00:06:02DotaSaban b
00:06:03DotaSaban b
00:06:03DotaSaban b
00:06:55-_BenneT_- care bara
00:06:58-_BenneT_- gj
00:07:21KiG eza
00:07:23Kanki miss mid
00:07:38Banana gj
00:07:40-_BenneT_- b
00:07:40-_BenneT_- b
00:07:41-_BenneT_- b
00:07:41LaSiCa ;]
00:07:41Kanki re
00:07:54-_BenneT_- gj sd
00:08:00-_BenneT_- if i wouldnt b
00:08:02-_BenneT_- i would die
00:08:07KiG yeah, but dusa
00:08:20-_BenneT_- chick upgrade?
00:08:35-_BenneT_- ty
00:08:36KiG omw mid
00:08:38-_BenneT_- ss kotl
00:08:43KiG rdy mid
00:08:51LaSiCa ss
00:09:06-_BenneT_- ss dusa
00:09:13-_BenneT_- re
00:09:15Kanki gj
00:09:22moods ss mid
00:09:23moods 2
00:09:31DotaSaban omg man cant u last hit
00:09:41-_BenneT_- ss 2
00:10:04-_BenneT_- no chance to farm top
00:10:05-_BenneT_- 0mana
00:10:37-_BenneT_- ss kotl
00:10:56DotaSaban spam stun
00:11:00DotaSaban ill recharge
00:11:05KiG shall i arcnae?
00:11:08-_BenneT_- y pls
00:11:11-_BenneT_- would be good
00:11:25Shiningstone someone def top next attack top
00:11:54-_BenneT_- ss dusa
00:11:58KiG mid
00:12:03KiG im near oom
00:12:11TrustNoGoblin reuse
00:12:38-_BenneT_- dusa re
00:12:45-_BenneT_- kotl 2
00:12:56moods care
00:13:05-_BenneT_- ss kotl
00:13:09LaSiCa no
00:13:21LaSiCa ;]
00:13:21Kanki doint
00:13:30KiG wow
00:13:49KiG imba combo
00:13:53KiG eza and bat
00:13:57-_BenneT_- ss
00:14:01-_BenneT_- re
00:14:02Banana arggh
00:14:12TrustNoGoblin ss bot1
00:14:44KiG dude?
00:14:47-_BenneT_- didnt expect your disturb
00:14:51-_BenneT_- wanted to pull him back
00:15:14LaSiCa ;[
00:15:28LaSiCa car
00:15:31LaSiCa care
00:15:47-_BenneT_- dagger up
00:15:54Banana need to gang naix
00:15:54KiG nice
00:16:00LaSiCa go
00:16:28KiG man
00:16:44KiG -ii
00:17:08-_BenneT_- team?
00:17:17-_BenneT_- why chase kotl cmon :((
00:17:21Kanki lol
00:17:22Kanki :D
00:17:23Kanki yea
00:17:25Kanki so stupid
00:17:32Kanki its the last hero to kill first
00:17:36Kanki really
00:17:46Kanki and repel me earlier
00:17:47Kanki pls
00:17:51KiG what the hell
00:17:54TrustNoGoblin aanpls
00:17:55Banana i misclicked it anyway :D
00:17:55TrustNoGoblin mana
00:17:57TrustNoGoblin pls
00:17:57DotaSaban sec
00:17:59DotaSaban cd
00:18:47moods b guys
00:19:19TrustNoGoblin mana
00:19:24TrustNoGoblin more
00:19:25TrustNoGoblin after
00:19:28TrustNoGoblin ty
00:19:33DotaSaban dd
00:19:36Banana item for omin?
00:19:38Banana omni?
00:19:41-_BenneT_- meka
00:19:43Kanki guinsoo
00:19:46DotaSaban dd bot
00:20:13DotaSaban bara dd
00:20:22Banana no ulti
00:20:28Kanki omw
00:20:28LaSiCa go
00:20:29DotaSaban b top
00:20:30-_BenneT_- need mana
00:20:33DotaSaban charged
00:20:54moods thx
00:20:56DotaSaban :D
00:21:34LaSiCa magnus fail
00:21:47-_BenneT_- gj
00:22:13Shiningstone ops
00:22:55-_BenneT_- omni
00:23:16moods all mid
00:23:19KiG meka
00:23:53Kanki wtf
00:23:57Banana fuck
00:24:01Banana disabled
00:24:26Kanki kill that naix first
00:24:40DotaSaban b
00:24:55KiG i shouldnt disrup naix right?
00:25:10moods :D
00:25:15TrustNoGoblin almost
00:25:19TrustNoGoblin ;D
00:26:14-_BenneT_- good
00:26:57Kanki naix!!!
00:26:58Kanki ffs
00:27:18-_BenneT_- omni and cm oom sucks :/
00:27:26LaSiCa ?
00:27:26TrustNoGoblin where ischik
00:27:28Banana i get some
00:27:30-_BenneT_- unshare?
00:27:30LaSiCa i kill naix
00:27:33moods base
00:27:41KiG who moved my hero?
00:27:41Banana he said that we out of mana
00:27:44Banana no good
00:27:56-_BenneT_- pls share again...
00:28:04Kanki dont move his hero
00:28:06Kanki its bannable
00:28:10-_BenneT_- i didnt
00:28:19KiG never click my hero again!
00:28:46KiG omni reg
00:29:19LaSiCa gj
00:29:32Kanki b
00:29:57-_BenneT_- nice fail by me ;o
00:29:58moods dusa antifarm
00:29:59DotaSaban sd u really hate me?
00:30:00moods =/
00:30:03KiG Ye
00:30:24KiG stop burn my mana, and i be fine
00:30:28DotaSaban :
00:30:30DotaSaban d
00:30:40Kanki ffs
00:30:48Kanki didnt know he has blink
00:30:59Kanki we could take rosh now
00:30:59-_BenneT_- need some wards
00:31:02Kanki wards cm
00:31:03Kanki pls
00:31:06-_BenneT_- with wards yes
00:31:16DotaSaban if u go on llike this ill get necro just to fuck your mana
00:31:30Kanki def top
00:31:33KiG i do, to burn yours
00:31:42TrustNoGoblin b
00:32:19KiG i ward
00:32:23LaSiCa rosh
00:32:38moods all rosh fast
00:32:43LaSiCa faast
00:32:48TrustNoGoblin dusa
00:32:49-_BenneT_- need wards..
00:32:49TrustNoGoblin fuckooff
00:32:50Kanki bl
00:32:53moods all rosh fast
00:32:59-_BenneT_- they know
00:33:04-_BenneT_- dotn do it
00:33:30-_BenneT_- see...
00:33:31-_BenneT_- -.-
00:33:36-_BenneT_- why u wanted to
00:33:37moods go rosh fast
00:33:41-_BenneT_- without wards
00:33:48Kanki we had ward :D
00:34:13LaSiCa ;]
00:34:17Banana they come
00:34:40-_BenneT_- illu
00:34:40Banana mid
00:34:46Banana dont
00:35:10moods eza me pipe k?
00:35:14DotaSaban k
00:35:26moods too easy
00:35:38moods inc
00:35:40moods come all
00:35:41Shiningstone just collected for orb but ... sorry!
00:35:55TrustNoGoblin kotl mana
00:36:07Kanki b
00:36:41Kanki well
00:36:41-_BenneT_- all these aegis
00:36:44Kanki we got both killed
00:36:50LaSiCa magnus is a big pussy
00:36:55moods go push guys
00:36:56LaSiCa 1st run away
00:36:58LaSiCa moron
00:37:04-_BenneT_- and? i was in fight
00:37:13LaSiCa must go 1st and stun monkey
00:37:23LaSiCa y but last 1
00:37:35moods after tower b
00:37:38-_BenneT_- i had to w8 till they stand together idiot
00:37:49Kanki go bot
00:38:00DotaSaban b
00:38:11Kanki b
00:38:28-_BenneT_- I surrender
00:38:36-_BenneT_- how i ff here? :D
00:38:39moods type ff
00:38:42Kanki just write ff
00:38:44-_BenneT_- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:45-_BenneT_- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:50Kanki u did it already
00:38:54Kanki u just dont see it
00:39:00DotaSaban wp guys
00:39:02Kanki fat naix
00:39:10TrustNoGoblin mna
00:39:14TrustNoGoblin mana
00:39:19TrustNoGoblin ty
00:39:55Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:13Kanki lol
00:40:14Banana go ff
00:40:15Banana plz
00:40:16Kanki I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:33Banana bennet kig type FF
00:40:43moods b
00:40:59moods farmed fountain enough lol :D
00:41:27Banana go mid fast
00:41:29Banana FAST
00:41:30-_BenneT_- xD
00:41:44Banana come
00:41:49-_BenneT_- we cant do this omni
00:42:47Kanki omw
00:43:01Kanki lol
00:43:02Kanki :D
00:43:28Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:34LaSiCa magnus is a mega tard
00:43:48-_BenneT_- what i did now wrong tell me cm with aga?
00:43:48LaSiCa has blink and play like big pussy
00:43:54-_BenneT_- :D
00:43:55-_BenneT_- yy
00:44:00LaSiCa alwayse behu=ind
00:44:03Banana plz type ff
00:44:06KiG I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:08Banana so we can add to new one
00:44:10LaSiCa we die and you trow ult?
00:44:10Banana bennet
00:44:15Banana type ff
00:44:15LaSiCa I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:44:18DotaSaban gg
00:44:24Shiningstone gg
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