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94% | 1591 X | 1503 TS

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85% | 1417 X | 1503 TS

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82% | 1389 X | 1492 TS

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82% | 1427 X | 1449 TS

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98% | 1802 X | 1591 TS

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66% | 1279 X | 1381 TS

Chat log

00:00:00WANKmaster [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jonnija with 75 seconds.
00:00:11TheyCallMeHaci *new soulyha ?
00:00:12Jonnija -music other8
00:00:17Tough carrygame?
00:00:20Norrebro what to bad
00:00:22Norrebro ban
00:00:22WANKmaster any1 wants something?
00:00:23EyeforanEye could go roof/krob/
00:00:24Tough y
00:00:24Tough here
00:00:24TheyCallMeHaci i can treant
00:00:24Tough naix
00:00:24Norrebro who is imba
00:00:24WANKmaster i ban am
00:00:24EyeforanEye naix would be nice aswell
00:00:24WANKmaster he bans naix
00:00:24Tough hope not :D
00:00:24Tough if he ban naix
00:00:24Tough get roof
00:00:24Jonnija go ban antimage i guess
00:00:24Tough for the one
00:00:24Jonnija he is first tho
00:00:24Tough of our team
00:00:24WANKmaster or ill ban void
00:00:24Norrebro wanky here?
00:00:24Tough so u can take
00:00:24WANKmaster he bans am
00:00:24EyeforanEye y
00:00:24WANKmaster and get naix?
00:00:24WANKmaster or not
00:00:24Tough y
00:00:24WANKmaster -am
00:00:24zonskass who is near void in left?
00:00:24Tough good idea
00:00:24TheyCallMeHaci go ban new panda
00:00:24TheyCallMeHaci to imba..
00:00:24Tough krobe
00:00:24Jonnija lol
00:00:24EyeforanEye krob bb lanaya cyro
00:00:24Jonnija well its xin
00:00:24Norrebro xin
00:00:24Jonnija if u need to ban it
00:00:24extremewaari naix or xin
00:00:24Norrebro -xin
00:00:24WANKmaster aam
00:00:24EyeforanEye lolz
00:00:26EyeforanEye naix
00:00:30WANKmaster what ill get then?
00:00:31Tough naix
00:00:32Tough naixc
00:00:33Tough naix
00:00:33EyeforanEye naix
00:00:39TheyCallMeHaci get treant
00:00:39Tough what u want?
00:00:39TheyCallMeHaci for me
00:00:40EyeforanEye for tough or me?
00:00:41zonskass give me naix!
00:00:42Norrebro yy
00:00:45zebbelito venge any1?
00:00:48extremewaari i can
00:00:53TheyCallMeHaci krob
00:00:54Tough what u want?
00:00:57TheyCallMeHaci we need krob or void
00:01:00WANKmaster ill play it i think
00:01:01Jonnija lol
00:01:03Tough hahaa
00:01:05Norrebro i play hard carry
00:01:13Tough than im mid
00:01:13WANKmaster whats wrong?
00:01:16TheyCallMeHaci shit 2x hard carry
00:01:17extremewaari what u want?
00:01:21extremewaari zebbe
00:01:22zebbelito i can copter sb
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci noorebro ? what do you want ?
00:01:32Norrebro me void
00:01:34TheyCallMeHaci void ?
00:01:35extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:35Tough get entch
00:01:35TheyCallMeHaci k
00:01:36zebbelito -swap 4
00:01:37Tough and bristle
00:01:38EyeforanEye ill go tankie item
00:01:41WANKmaster y
00:01:42WANKmaster sk
00:01:43WANKmaster u
00:01:43WANKmaster are
00:01:44WANKmaster not
00:01:44WANKmaster mid
00:01:50Tough u want mid?
00:01:53EyeforanEye naix why not wood?
00:01:57TheyCallMeHaci -swap 1
00:01:59WANKmaster why should i?
00:01:59Tough Luna?
00:02:01zonskass i was afk
00:02:01Tough kidding me?
00:02:02Norrebro -swap 5
00:02:02zonskass sry
00:02:04WANKmaster i her freefarm
00:02:04Tough gj
00:02:05WANKmaster mid
00:02:14zonskass this was random
00:02:16zonskass :/
00:02:18zebbelito venge
00:02:18zebbelito top
00:02:23zonskass -swapall
00:02:33Norrebro somone mid?
00:02:33EyeforanEye no spank u
00:02:35Tough just go lothars
00:02:38zebbelito löl
00:02:38Tough and bkb
00:02:44TheyCallMeHaci i can no problem
00:02:46zebbelito share
00:02:48zebbelito -hhn
00:02:49Tough pt 2 wraith bands
00:02:50WANKmaster good heroes they got
00:02:51zebbelito -ma
00:02:53EyeforanEye y
00:02:55EyeforanEye lots stuns
00:02:58WANKmaster we dont
00:03:00WANKmaster that sucks
00:03:03EyeforanEye yes.
00:03:13Jonnija -ms
00:03:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:15Jonnija woah
00:03:15extremewaari mid fb+
00:03:16Jonnija fast hero
00:03:16zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Vsem pizda [c,e,l,d]
00:03:27zonskass care
00:05:33Jonnija nasty
00:06:02extremewaari reg
00:06:08TheyCallMeHaci k
00:06:16zonskass ss 1
00:06:19EyeforanEye pulling
00:06:26EyeforanEye ornot
00:06:36EyeforanEye venge warded
00:07:13Jonnija ss 2
00:07:27Norrebro ss
00:07:35TheyCallMeHaci gank middle
00:07:35TheyCallMeHaci easzy
00:08:38EyeforanEye hard lane top..
00:08:45WANKmaster ss
00:08:46WANKmaster mid
00:08:51WANKmaster y
00:08:52WANKmaster my bad
00:08:52Tough nice
00:09:20Bad3vil ^^
00:09:21extremewaari nice
00:09:22Bad3vil comon
00:09:24extremewaari back
00:09:27extremewaari :p
00:09:34extremewaari haste
00:09:49EyeforanEye ss 3 top
00:09:49Norrebro up chick
00:09:50Norrebro plz
00:09:59extremewaari buy salve
00:10:06extremewaari i can bring it to u
00:10:33TheyCallMeHaci go
00:10:39zebbelito my salve
00:11:06zonskass leo noob?
00:11:09Tough y
00:11:12Tough hard noob
00:11:19Tough im new here
00:11:28zonskass he killing you and you farm :D whats wrong with you?
00:11:38Tough whats wrong with fucking ss mid?
00:11:54zonskass look mini map
00:11:54extremewaari ultu rdy?
00:11:58Jonnija i am 5
00:12:01extremewaari xD
00:12:04extremewaari true
00:13:18extremewaari naix
00:13:27EyeforanEye so much luck @ void...
00:13:44WANKmaster must be lucky norre :D
00:14:04Jonnija lol ulty manacost 350
00:14:14WANKmaster well that luna pick fucks it up
00:14:18zonskass y
00:14:26Norrebro lucky game tbh ;:d
00:14:48TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:15:13TheyCallMeHaci i tp and ulti
00:15:14TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:15:22zonskass wtf
00:15:41Jonnija damn my
00:15:42Jonnija ulty
00:15:44Jonnija was awesome :D
00:16:09zonskass we need do plug, when i got luna :)
00:16:16TheyCallMeHaci let void
00:16:17TheyCallMeHaci arm
00:16:19TheyCallMeHaci farm
00:16:32EyeforanEye B
00:16:33EyeforanEye b
00:16:33EyeforanEye b
00:16:34EyeforanEye b
00:16:58TheyCallMeHaci w8
00:17:39zonskass ff
00:17:40WANKmaster ff
00:17:43zonskass ff
00:17:57zebbelito go
00:17:59zebbelito 3 rtop
00:18:01zonskass lucky noobs :/
00:18:05WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:18:31TheyCallMeHaci i got ulti
00:18:31zebbelito mid tower and rosh
00:18:46WANKmaster dead
00:19:34TheyCallMeHaci i heal u
00:19:35TheyCallMeHaci after
00:20:06WANKmaster SK
00:20:15Bad3vil to noobish this game
00:20:31TheyCallMeHaci :(
00:20:43Norrebro bad go
00:20:46TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:20:53TheyCallMeHaci sry
00:21:14EyeforanEye if we can push some wiht my ulti we might have a chance :)
00:21:16Jonnija bastard naix was hiding in krobe
00:21:32TheyCallMeHaci ulti cd
00:21:43EyeforanEye try nexT?
00:22:22WANKmaster yea
00:22:23WANKmaster its over
00:22:27EyeforanEye prob yer
00:22:39zonskass srey for this random ^^
00:22:42zonskass sry
00:22:57zebbelito rosh and end
00:23:02TheyCallMeHaci e
00:23:48EyeforanEye awesome
00:23:50Norrebro go end?
00:23:58TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:24:11Jonnija catch naix without mageimmune into ur ulty
00:24:13Jonnija and he dies
00:24:14Jonnija insta
00:24:14Jonnija D:
00:24:20WANKmaster void had some nice freefarm there i can see
00:24:30EyeforanEye nah
00:24:32zonskass go
00:24:38Bad3vil nope he hadnt
00:24:43Jonnija sup?
00:24:44WANKmaster GO IN
00:24:57Bad3vil wait till im dead
00:25:01Bad3vil so low u guys are
00:25:05extremewaari rax
00:25:35zonskass leo :D
00:25:53Tough ff
00:25:53TheyCallMeHaci i tank
00:25:55Tough ff
00:26:05Bad3vil next great skilled game
00:26:06WANKmaster so freefarm mid for me
00:26:30TheyCallMeHaci maa
00:26:32Norrebro wp all
00:26:37TheyCallMeHaci most u
00:26:38extremewaari uy2
00:26:39extremewaari u2
00:26:58WANKmaster fight
00:27:17Norrebro gg
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