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91% | 1639 X | 1415 TS

-14 X
+11 TS

68% | 1302 X | 1371 TS

+43 X
+3 TS

57% | 1252 X | 1319 TS

+49 X
+12 TS

24% | 1155 X | 1094 TS

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+42 TS

NEW | 1007 X | 1076 TS

-51 X
-1 TS

90% | 1464 X | 1570 TS

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-2 TS

44% | 1119 X | 1308 TS

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-1 TS

41% | 1102 X | 1297 TS

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34% | 1085 X | 1257 TS

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33% | 1096 X | 1235 TS

Chat log

00:00:00VajcoO [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... geth_prime with 46 seconds.
00:00:03BoBo.Ftw -rd
00:00:19BoBo.Ftw phoenix
00:00:19VajcoO phoenixa
00:00:19WantedZip spectre
00:00:19VajcoO si nam mohol dat
00:00:24Astrocreep gl
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw nene
00:00:28BoBo.Ftw radsej weavera
00:00:30KolleBolle what is banned?
00:00:51BoBo.Ftw get lion if possible
00:00:58Zozie lion or cm
00:01:00Zozie i will
00:01:04Steuerfreak lol
00:01:23Doomy cm
00:01:27Firoga i prefer not mid
00:01:29Doomy cm last
00:01:30Firoga so pick a midder
00:01:32Firoga or i can mid
00:01:33Firoga choose now
00:01:40Doomy cm last pick
00:01:43Steuerfreak lol
00:01:44Firoga captain i'll prefer play in lane
00:01:46Firoga or i can mid
00:01:49Firoga say it
00:01:49WantedZip why sniper ?!
00:01:50VajcoO share
00:01:55Firoga becuase yes
00:01:59WantedZip tide sniper top
00:02:02WantedZip aba rhsta bot
00:02:10BoBo.Ftw rylai bot
00:02:13BoBo.Ftw rest top
00:02:29Firoga share
00:02:33Firoga share
00:02:39KolleBolle stfu cunt
00:02:40VajcoO kunka lvl 2 kill
00:02:42Doomy share plz
00:02:42Zozie how do you level skywrath?
00:02:43Steuerfreak k
00:02:44KolleBolle game ruiner
00:02:46Firoga share
00:02:48Firoga share
00:02:49Firoga share
00:02:50Firoga share
00:02:52KolleBolle banned
00:02:53geth_prime well
00:02:53Doomy ty
00:02:55KolleBolle whoel week
00:02:58Firoga me?
00:03:00Firoga why?
00:03:04geth_prime slow and seal
00:03:09Zozie k
00:03:24geth_prime so your ulti should be insta kill
00:03:25KolleBolle yepp! since i say so! =) ill talk with arkker on msn after
00:03:34Zozie yours too
00:03:36Zozie with stun
00:03:37geth_prime y
00:03:37Firoga i'll demonstrate i'm inno cent
00:03:50VajcoO get fast lvl 2
00:04:04Steuerfreak k
00:04:08VajcoO i nova
00:04:29Firoga killobolle ruinder
00:04:30KolleBolle jesus
00:04:40geth_prime well i start go
00:05:25Zozie omg
00:05:26geth_prime ?
00:05:26Zozie sry
00:05:29Zozie somethings wrong
00:05:32Zozie wpells dont go off
00:05:45Zozie like my left mouse button didnt work
00:05:45KolleBolle get wards
00:05:47KolleBolle rhasta
00:05:48KolleBolle for
00:05:50KolleBolle pull spott
00:06:05VajcoO go
00:06:17geth_prime next time
00:06:18geth_prime u start
00:06:20geth_prime with hex
00:06:47KolleBolle ffsd
00:06:47KolleBolle f
00:06:48KolleBolle f
00:06:48KolleBolle gf
00:06:48KolleBolle fg
00:06:48KolleBolle g
00:06:49KolleBolle gqre
00:06:49KolleBolle g
00:06:50KolleBolle qwre
00:06:50KolleBolle weq
00:06:51Zozie ok all fine now
00:06:53Firoga nooooooooooob
00:06:55Firoga ruiner
00:06:57Firoga game ruiner
00:06:57BoBo.Ftw ss midd
00:07:18KolleBolle rhasta lost it anyz
00:07:22Doomy rofkl
00:07:24Doomy i lost it?
00:07:26geth_prime dude wtf
00:07:28WantedZip ss
00:07:30geth_prime why u walk into scatter?
00:07:39Zozie i shouldnt have
00:07:52Doomy gank bot
00:08:02Steuerfreak go
00:08:15Astrocreep low bobs
00:08:22KolleBolle yes you are
00:08:25KolleBolle and all know it
00:08:29Astrocreep noob
00:08:34VajcoO bot 6:0 nice :D
00:08:37Steuerfreak ^^
00:08:40Doomy mb u can gank bot to
00:08:53KolleBolle dont use the word that you srlf are and you know it
00:08:56Astrocreep noob
00:08:58Astrocreep feeder
00:09:43Steuerfreak dsd
00:09:47Steuerfreak ss
00:10:05VajcoO go top
00:10:16VajcoO w8
00:10:18VajcoO creeps
00:10:25WantedZip ss
00:10:28VajcoO go
00:10:45Firoga no ss
00:10:49VajcoO shit
00:11:08geth_prime -ms
00:12:11Firoga no ss
00:12:14Firoga u can't play
00:12:17BoBo.Ftw firoga xD
00:12:18BoBo.Ftw pan
00:12:30VajcoO top
00:12:55VajcoO go tide
00:12:57VajcoO nuke him
00:13:48WantedZip omg
00:15:18geth_prime bl ion
00:15:31geth_prime ok
00:15:33geth_prime 3 bot
00:15:34geth_prime 1 mid
00:15:35VajcoO b
00:15:42Firoga upgrade chick
00:16:19VajcoO tide
00:16:20VajcoO nuke
00:16:38VajcoO b
00:17:05Steuerfreak need farm
00:17:48Zozie brb
00:19:04KolleBolle rhasta
00:19:05Firoga rhasta mega noob
00:19:06KolleBolle hahahhahaha
00:19:11Astrocreep no shit
00:19:26Steuerfreak gj
00:19:31geth_prime ty :)
00:19:36WantedZip gg
00:19:40Astrocreep ff
00:19:46VajcoO at 25
00:19:55Astrocreep lucky u had bot land
00:19:58Astrocreep lane
00:20:04VajcoO u would die too
00:20:08Firoga no
00:20:10Astrocreep not so often
00:20:14geth_prime lucky u had lion?
00:20:35VajcoO god
00:20:39BoBo.Ftw midd
00:20:42Zozie dd
00:20:51Astrocreep got ulti
00:20:57Astrocreep not that it makes any fucking difference
00:20:59geth_prime dude go him
00:20:59Firoga or noob rhasta or noob abba upgrade the chick
00:21:01geth_prime i have silence
00:21:09geth_prime >_<
00:21:09Firoga abba or rhsta upgrade the chick
00:21:09Firoga u are support
00:21:09Astrocreep forget it
00:21:09Astrocreep too late
00:21:09Astrocreep over now
00:21:09Astrocreep pink cant get farm
00:21:09WantedZip cm
00:21:09WantedZip warded everything
00:21:09KolleBolle counter ward!? is hard
00:21:09Firoga is hard for a 1 5 ABBA
00:21:09KolleBolle oh 1 3 smiåer with no farm at all
00:21:10KolleBolle and cant even asthitt
00:21:14Steuerfreak sry
00:21:14KolleBolle lasthitt
00:21:22Steuerfreak me farm top
00:21:57Firoga omg u cry so much
00:22:40VajcoO sec
00:22:45VajcoO b
00:22:48Steuerfreak 4 bot
00:22:52VajcoO go bot
00:22:56geth_prime got tp
00:24:13Astrocreep were we 5?
00:24:31BoBo.Ftw twr and b
00:25:22VajcoO w8ä?
00:25:23VajcoO me
00:26:13VajcoO cmon :D
00:26:16VajcoO focus me mor
00:26:17VajcoO e
00:26:22BoBo.Ftw y pls :)
00:26:27Zozie cd sry
00:26:27VajcoO X?
00:26:31VajcoO kunka
00:27:56KolleBolle who the fuck take out chick
00:27:58KolleBolle tards
00:28:06Firoga me
00:28:10Doomy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:13WantedZip I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:16Firoga I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:17Astrocreep I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:28:19Steuerfreak ty
00:29:13Zozie ty
00:29:15VajcoO sure
00:29:41Steuerfreak i üush bot
00:29:51geth_prime just hex him
00:29:55Zozie range
00:30:42WantedZip aba ff
00:30:43WantedZip next game
00:30:44Firoga no
00:31:35BoBo.Ftw 2 go push top
00:31:37BoBo.Ftw rest stay midd
00:31:40BoBo.Ftw i push bot
00:32:36VajcoO boring
00:32:38VajcoO just ff
00:33:11Steuerfreak noooo
00:33:37VajcoO lol
00:33:40Astrocreep use skills?
00:33:46KolleBolle culdent!?
00:34:39VajcoO lets all mid
00:34:40Astrocreep has rhsta used a single ulti?
00:34:51KolleBolle HAVENT SEEN IT
00:35:06Steuerfreak end it
00:35:11BoBo.Ftw vajco urn
00:35:12VajcoO go
00:36:25VajcoO come
00:36:27VajcoO i heal
00:36:30Steuerfreak too late
00:36:31Steuerfreak sry
00:40:20Steuerfreak tide gem
00:40:27VajcoO go em
00:40:28VajcoO top
00:40:46VajcoO -ms
00:41:36Zozie omw
00:41:58VajcoO gp
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