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Chat log

00:00:08Returning_Ronin same heroes? =O
00:00:11Smokeer no
00:00:11Multi_Ljep nope
00:00:11Smokeer new mode
00:00:11Returning_Ronin ok
00:00:11Smokeer rd
00:00:11Smokeer blue
00:00:11Astrocreep gl
00:00:11Astrocreep -tips
00:00:11Tough d+qwo
00:00:11Tough -rd
00:00:21Isawthat ph?
00:00:25Smokeer ??
00:00:26Isawthat husk?
00:00:26Tough fucker?
00:00:28Tough i think i ban rubick
00:00:28Pieti ban?
00:00:28Tough i go mid with bs
00:00:28Jerkku ??
00:00:28Returning_Ronin sure ~~
00:00:28Tough and the only fucking hero i hate is rubiclk
00:00:28Nickless i have to see the pool
00:00:28Astrocreep ok
00:00:28Tough rubick
00:00:28Jerkku u have to see my ass
00:00:28Romeo i agree with cap
00:00:28Jerkku phoenix
00:00:28Nickless u fag?
00:00:28Jerkku actually
00:00:29Jerkku i am
00:00:34Tough get es wd
00:00:36Tough sladar
00:00:39Tough venge
00:00:39Returning_Ronin ye if I can
00:00:43Nickless keep it for yourself then
00:00:47Returning_Ronin yay
00:00:49Jerkku well you asked
00:00:51Jerkku so
00:00:53Jerkku :)
00:01:00Multi_Ljep jerk wanna swap for husk?
00:01:04Nickless cuz u bragged about it
00:01:16Tough venge and sladar
00:01:18Nickless offering me your ass 0,o
00:01:20Tough would be awesome
00:01:23Jerkku O__O
00:01:31Tough wl and sladar
00:01:36Tough or tiny
00:01:37Tough idc
00:01:42Multi_Ljep take pl
00:01:42Isawthat warlock?
00:01:43Tough sladar would be better :p
00:01:44Tough y^^
00:01:45Tough wl
00:01:47Multi_Ljep last and swap with me
00:01:48Multi_Ljep :)
00:01:50Tough warlock
00:01:51Pieti no
00:01:54Tough sladar
00:01:56Smokeer there es
00:01:57Tough well
00:01:58Tough ^^
00:02:00Smokeer useless vs pl
00:02:05Astrocreep lanes?
00:02:11Tough wd es
00:02:14Jerkku wards
00:02:14Tough wl tiny
00:02:14Jerkku ty
00:02:17Tough or like u want
00:02:21Tough i dont really care :p
00:02:23Isawthat me and
00:02:24Isawthat wl
00:02:24Isawthat bot
00:02:25Tough that what u want
00:02:26Isawthat plz
00:02:30Isawthat plz bot
00:02:31Isawthat thx
00:02:38Smokeer veng down
00:02:42Returning_Ronin gg gl hf
00:02:42Romeo so i pull ? :D
00:02:45Smokeer u2
00:02:50Astrocreep tiny pull?
00:03:03Tough get anti pull wards top
00:03:10Returning_Ronin too late = [
00:03:12Returning_Ronin and tiny chick
00:03:14Returning_Ronin rune bot
00:03:16Astrocreep wher is chic upgrade
00:03:17Astrocreep i cant see it
00:03:18Returning_Ronin husk mid
00:03:20Nickless lets do this
00:03:23Returning_Ronin ancient of wonders
00:03:31Jerkku try mid
00:03:32Jerkku fb
00:03:36Jerkku na
00:03:42Nickless lvl 3?
00:03:48Isawthat bot 0
00:03:52Romeo warded
00:03:56Isawthat dd venge
00:05:27Multi_Ljep da
00:05:54Isawthat put wards
00:05:58Isawthat wherever u want
00:06:17Returning_Ronin you can also initate
00:06:33Returning_Ronin if good situation
00:07:13Jerkku ssm id
00:07:35Jerkku re mid
00:07:52Returning_Ronin 6 soon mid?
00:07:55Returning_Ronin can we even gank?
00:08:00Smokeer ss es
00:08:02Isawthat sorry.
00:08:08Romeo my foult
00:08:16Isawthat ward
00:08:30Jerkku ssm id
00:08:32Tough omw bot
00:08:32Jerkku care bot
00:08:38Multi_Ljep k
00:08:40Isawthat oom
00:08:44Multi_Ljep b
00:08:45Multi_Ljep b
00:08:45Returning_Ronin go wr?
00:08:48Astrocreep oom
00:08:50Returning_Ronin __
00:09:02Pieti gj
00:09:05Returning_Ronin have mana = /(
00:09:09Jerkku re mid
00:09:16Astrocreep husk top
00:09:28Tough ah fuck
00:09:29Tough sorry
00:09:32Tough was fangin biot
00:09:35Returning_Ronin ok
00:09:37Returning_Ronin chill
00:09:38Returning_Ronin = )
00:09:40Returning_Ronin killed him hehe
00:09:59Romeo dd
00:10:03Multi_Ljep b
00:10:04Returning_Ronin slardar miss
00:10:08Isawthat sven ss
00:10:10Isawthat re
00:10:12Jerkku ss
00:10:14Jerkku mid
00:11:20Smokeer xD
00:11:36Isawthat ty
00:11:41Returning_Ronin nooo
00:11:41Returning_Ronin wr
00:12:03Nickless come gank huskar
00:12:20Returning_Ronin they wards we not
00:12:26Smokeer i come bot
00:12:27Smokeer gang
00:12:28Smokeer wait me
00:12:29Smokeer ill tp
00:12:32Nickless k
00:12:35Jerkku ss mid
00:12:37Multi_Ljep nemoj pushati
00:12:38Multi_Ljep luka
00:12:49Returning_Ronin gooooooo
00:12:50Isawthat ss bot
00:12:53Smokeer go
00:13:03Multi_Ljep wards
00:13:05Multi_Ljep wr
00:13:06Tough ss mid
00:13:07Multi_Ljep their
00:14:51Jerkku haste
00:15:00Multi_Ljep two times in row too faar range for swap
00:15:34Tough take
00:15:49Nickless tiny has haste
00:16:08Smokeer urn me?
00:16:13Romeo 1min to ult
00:16:27Smokeer huskar thx u
00:16:30Smokeer urslef heal
00:16:30Smokeer dumb
00:16:59Tough ,,
00:17:02Tough im b
00:17:04Jerkku tp top
00:17:05Smokeer GO FIGHT HSUKAR
00:17:14Smokeer we have 2 stun
00:17:18Isawthat reg
00:17:18Smokeer HUSKAR
00:17:19Smokeer HERE
00:17:20Smokeer GO MID
00:17:25Returning_Ronin bot miss
00:17:27Jerkku so mad wr
00:17:27Returning_Ronin sven venge
00:17:28Smokeer ok
00:17:32Returning_Ronin 1 re
00:17:35Smokeer not mad
00:17:39Smokeer i think u noob
00:17:44Jerkku kk
00:18:09Multi_Ljep FFS
00:18:22Multi_Ljep bs mid alone
00:18:26Multi_Ljep this is bullshit
00:18:40Isawthat heal
00:18:47Isawthat ty
00:20:02Returning_Ronin zzzzzzzzzzz
00:20:03Returning_Ronin jesus
00:20:23Astrocreep thought u tele to fountain
00:20:28Returning_Ronin yeah I did
00:20:32Returning_Ronin but we were too slow
00:20:37Smokeer well this bs
00:20:39Smokeer no wards
00:20:41Smokeer nice
00:21:18Smokeer veng wtf life leech?
00:21:22Smokeer its bronze always?
00:21:28Jerkku seriosly
00:21:30Jerkku wards
00:21:38Multi_Ljep wr wake up
00:21:44Multi_Ljep u are bad...
00:21:44Smokeer wr isnt support
00:21:49Smokeer veng is support
00:21:55Multi_Ljep noone said it is
00:22:03Smokeer what ?
00:22:06Returning_Ronin can go
00:22:14Isawthat mana 10 sec
00:22:18Nickless deny
00:22:30Isawthat pff
00:22:52Smokeer veng get wards
00:22:59Smokeer or u want lose?
00:23:00Returning_Ronin meh
00:23:02Pieti rege
00:23:17Returning_Ronin almiost dagger
00:23:47Multi_Ljep BAAM!!!
00:23:56Returning_Ronin can get dagger for bot
00:23:58Returning_Ronin if we wanna figfht
00:24:00Returning_Ronin but no right?
00:24:17Smokeer push
00:24:23Returning_Ronin 1 creep and dagger for me
00:24:41Returning_Ronin have dagger
00:25:10Tough w0p
00:25:11Tough wp
00:25:13Jerkku wards
00:25:15Returning_Ronin = )
00:25:18Smokeer veng got it
00:25:21Smokeer but never put
00:25:21Jerkku kk
00:25:29Isawthat i dunno why they focus at me im orange :D but if we winning the teamfights coz that im glad
00:26:35Returning_Ronin he 1500 hp
00:26:40Smokeer why life leech veng?
00:26:48Tough b
00:26:55Jerkku def mid
00:26:58Multi_Ljep why u go there
00:27:09Multi_Ljep better ques
00:27:20Tough 500 tol radi
00:27:26Jerkku gogo
00:27:32Returning_Ronin rosh
00:27:35Smokeer again ulit him slardar
00:27:40Jerkku i tak
00:27:42Tough es ulti
00:28:08Smokeer bs feeded
00:28:09Smokeer nice mid
00:28:17Returning_Ronin = )
00:28:18Tough :D
00:28:21Multi_Ljep stfu FFS
00:28:22Multi_Ljep :D
00:28:26Astrocreep gj es
00:28:29Tough y
00:28:29Smokeer gg wp bs
00:28:30Returning_Ronin thanks
00:28:30Tough gj all
00:28:30Astrocreep ty for heal also
00:28:31Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:32Returning_Ronin hehe
00:28:38Tough wp my team
00:28:39Tough not me
00:28:41Nickless dont surr
00:29:14Tough if es gets agha
00:29:17Multi_Ljep ALL DOWN
00:29:19Tough and wl refresher and agha
00:29:22Smokeer life leech
00:29:23Tough that gonna be fun _:D
00:29:23Returning_Ronin ^^
00:29:23Smokeer go try
00:29:25Smokeer kill
00:29:31Romeo hard to farm
00:29:42Multi_Ljep u have 2 kills with we
00:29:44Multi_Ljep wr*
00:30:03Smokeer no swap veng
00:30:07Tough my fsail
00:30:19Isawthat u dont had to stop ulti wd
00:30:21Tough nice
00:30:25Romeo miss first hit :D
00:30:26Isawthat brownb
00:30:26Tough push
00:30:26Isawthat is
00:30:27Isawthat there
00:30:36Isawthat i told you :D
00:30:46Multi_Ljep go back
00:30:49Multi_Ljep slardar
00:30:52Tough okay
00:30:57Tough i going vlads
00:31:24Astrocreep think i go bkb
00:31:28Tough y
00:31:30Tough good
00:31:36Tough but i dont know
00:31:42Tough maybe i go basher or vladfs
00:31:48Tough need something vs husk
00:31:52Astrocreep vlads better
00:31:52Returning_Ronin hehe
00:31:53Returning_Ronin sry tiny
00:32:12Jerkku gj team
00:32:12Smokeer ok
00:32:14Jerkku 3v5
00:32:15Smokeer no vision
00:32:19Smokeer this huskar
00:32:20Smokeer farm try
00:32:23Smokeer hard get armelt
00:32:28Smokeer and hod
00:32:28Jerkku why you go 3?
00:32:28Romeo its ours ?
00:32:31Pieti y
00:32:32Smokeer why u farm
00:32:33Romeo :D
00:32:33Isawthat nop
00:32:34Tough nah :D
00:32:39Smokeer ok
00:32:41Smokeer i farm
00:32:42Returning_Ronin they changed some
00:32:45Smokeer need hex orchic
00:32:46Returning_Ronin regarding killing courier
00:32:48Jerkku farm then
00:32:55Smokeer u guess win or lose?
00:33:00Smokeer if i farm forever
00:33:08Jerkku u can farm if u want
00:33:17Smokeer i dont understand
00:33:19Smokeer what u talk
00:33:21Returning_Ronin he
00:34:12Multi_Ljep b
00:34:13Multi_Ljep luka
00:34:15Returning_Ronin heal some wd please = )
00:34:57Returning_Ronin lol 2 mana miss =(
00:35:10Tough 2 secs
00:35:12Tough till fucking ulti
00:35:14Tough my fail sty
00:35:36Smokeer GO
00:35:45Returning_Ronin also
00:35:48Returning_Ronin be more agressive guys
00:35:49Returning_Ronin hehe
00:35:57Returning_Ronin you didnt see me go for the venge wr kill?
00:36:04Tough i see :D
00:36:10Tough but get fuckign husk ulti my face
00:36:14Tough in*
00:36:17Returning_Ronin yeah so kill them asap = )
00:36:48Multi_Ljep lets smoke
00:36:51Multi_Ljep here
00:36:51Jerkku y
00:36:57Isawthat when roshan revive go fast and get him
00:36:57Jerkku come
00:37:00Multi_Ljep wr
00:37:02Multi_Ljep mofo
00:37:04Multi_Ljep :)
00:37:12Jerkku smoke now
00:37:23Smokeer he got put wards?
00:38:02Jerkku rosh
00:38:08Isawthat bs
00:38:09Isawthat :S
00:38:09Returning_Ronin now they rosh
00:38:11Multi_Ljep GO
00:38:12Multi_Ljep TITNY
00:38:14Romeo b
00:38:15Romeo b
00:38:17Returning_Ronin or not
00:38:23Returning_Ronin but come
00:38:25Isawthat they warded
00:38:29Smokeer ulit
00:38:38Returning_Ronin gogo
00:38:42Returning_Ronin ?
00:38:42Multi_Ljep SPREAD
00:39:11Pieti I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:17Smokeer I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:20Isawthat mid
00:39:21Tough reallxy nice!"
00:39:22Isawthat dudes
00:39:23Nickless wind wtf
00:39:24Smokeer huskar u did it lose aegis
00:39:33Multi_Ljep huskar bad move
00:39:33Multi_Ljep ffs
00:39:38Jerkku i went tank there
00:39:44Jerkku and you dont do anything
00:39:50Smokeer watch replay
00:39:55Returning_Ronin (the heal skill is really good =))
00:40:17Jerkku def bot
00:40:45Isawthat i never taken vangu for tiny before but its kinda good at this game
00:41:00Returning_Ronin tho late dagger hehe
00:41:11Nickless push
00:41:14Astrocreep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:16Returning_Ronin should've just rax
00:41:17Returning_Ronin = )
00:41:18Isawthat LOL
00:41:36Romeo 1k to refresher
00:41:40Returning_Ronin got agha
00:41:44Romeo me too
00:41:55Tough now the party starts :D
00:42:07Returning_Ronin should maybe end
00:42:13Tough y
00:42:14Tough ^^
00:42:18Returning_Ronin before too late
00:42:18Returning_Ronin = )
00:42:30Smokeer hsuakr still farm
00:42:31Smokeer ...
00:42:35Jerkku ofc
00:42:39Jerkku we have to wait them push
00:42:57Isawthat u r brave
00:43:05Multi_Ljep wr u are fucktard :/
00:43:06Returning_Ronin all miss
00:43:15Smokeer "fucktard"
00:43:17Smokeer cool
00:43:20Multi_Ljep :/
00:43:23Returning_Ronin go ac now please tiny
00:43:28Multi_Ljep fucking retarded*
00:43:29Isawthat ac?
00:43:33Returning_Ronin assault cuirass
00:43:35Isawthat y
00:43:36Isawthat sure
00:43:43Romeo 100 to ref
00:43:45Astrocreep go whee
00:43:47Smokeer veng with life leech says it
00:43:56Multi_Ljep still better
00:44:03Multi_Ljep waay
00:44:08Smokeer u need get some brain
00:44:09Smokeer i guess
00:44:16Multi_Ljep lame
00:44:23Returning_Ronin why wait?
00:44:24Multi_Ljep luka b
00:44:29Returning_Ronin eh wanted to die ~~
00:44:29Romeo omg
00:44:43Tough i try new item
00:44:44Tough :D
00:44:47Isawthat what late not past
00:44:53Jerkku here
00:44:54Multi_Ljep SMOKING
00:45:01Returning_Ronin go trigger fight bot
00:45:02Smokeer weed
00:45:08Multi_Ljep i got
00:45:10Jerkku i heal
00:45:13Multi_Ljep sven
00:45:14Jerkku COMEEMEMEM
00:45:15Returning_Ronin care tiny = )
00:45:17Nickless tx
00:45:35Tough acare smoke
00:45:40Tough b
00:45:41Returning_Ronin lol bit late eh
00:45:42Isawthat b all
00:45:46Multi_Ljep FFS
00:45:58Returning_Ronin me shouldnt be at the front = (
00:46:32Isawthat sorry..
00:46:42Returning_Ronin lolol
00:46:44Multi_Ljep gg
00:46:49Returning_Ronin I respawn now
00:47:03Returning_Ronin no huskar
00:47:06Returning_Ronin we should try fight(?)
00:47:14Returning_Ronin we have 2 heal
00:47:18Nickless hold on till huskar revives
00:47:35Jerkku where you are
00:47:38Jerkku can you come
00:47:47Multi_Ljep b
00:47:48Multi_Ljep b
00:47:54Jerkku wait me
00:47:56Tough new item for win
00:47:56Multi_Ljep KILL
00:48:07Multi_Ljep b
00:48:07Multi_Ljep b
00:48:11Multi_Ljep gogo
00:48:12Multi_Ljep _:D:
00:48:13Romeo got stun 2 sec
00:48:15Nickless i def
00:48:15Jerkku just def
00:48:18Jerkku def
00:48:19Jerkku all
00:48:40Smokeer he warded
00:48:41Tough okay bn
00:48:41Jerkku just def
00:48:44Returning_Ronin needtoo keep together
00:48:59Returning_Ronin just taek 5b5 fight
00:48:59Returning_Ronin ?
00:49:11Multi_Ljep b
00:49:17Multi_Ljep b
00:49:17Jerkku check rosh
00:49:18Multi_Ljep ?
00:49:20Multi_Ljep why we push?===?
00:49:23Smokeer vneg u idiot
00:49:25Smokeer no swap
00:49:27Multi_Ljep stfu
00:49:28Smokeer he was alone
00:49:35Tough cheese
00:49:36Jerkku b
00:49:42Tough okay now go
00:49:44Multi_Ljep b and be quiet wr
00:49:48Astrocreep no need mid
00:49:50Smokeer dislike u
00:49:54Multi_Ljep u are very bad
00:49:58Smokeer u are bvery bad
00:49:59Multi_Ljep who gives a fuck
00:50:00Romeo push bot
00:50:00Smokeer with wrong items
00:50:01Multi_Ljep u play bad
00:50:04Smokeer \
00:50:10Smokeer we lost
00:50:12Smokeer veng emo
00:50:15Smokeer 4v5
00:50:15Multi_Ljep :)
00:50:16Smokeer hard
00:50:25Romeo no stop
00:50:28Romeo :D
00:50:28Tough new item is just cool vs u husjk :D
00:50:36Jerkku bot
00:51:05Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:09Pieti I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:14Nickless I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:15Jerkku cant win anymore
00:51:16Returning_Ronin gg
00:51:16Jerkku gg
00:51:17Multi_Ljep I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:51:18Nickless y
00:51:19Returning_Ronin gg
00:51:20Nickless I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:51:20Isawthat gg
00:51:23Tough wp TEA;!
00:51:24Tough TEAM
00:51:25Tough GJ!
00:51:27Returning_Ronin =)
00:51:28Returning_Ronin hehe gj
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