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-17 X
-2 TS

93% | 1593 X | 1504 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

92% | 1599 X | 1462 TS

-18 X
-7 TS

39% | 1116 X | 1274 TS

-44 X
-3 TS

34% | 1060 X | 1291 TS

-53 X
-4 TS

33% | 1058 X | 1287 TS

+33 X
+5 TS

83% | 1449 X | 1433 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

75% | 1401 X | 1386 TS

+58 X
+2 TS

70% | 1334 X | 1379 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

57% | 1186 X | 1391 TS

+20 X
+5 TS

23% | 969 X | 1295 TS

Chat log

00:00:00TOo_LaZy [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Astrocreep with 84 seconds.
00:00:12Astrocreep -tips
00:00:22Aleks875 ban terror
00:00:251m4n5h0w woot
00:00:25zonskass turiu dideli dideli puoda tai nuo ko dabar aparpalis tave istiktu
00:00:251m4n5h0w roof
00:00:25TOo_LaZy aparpalis?
00:00:25TakinBackMyLove naix
00:00:25zonskass jo
00:00:25TOo_LaZy kas cia
00:00:25Vaj.CO give me furi
00:00:26zonskass BALTA MISRAINE
00:00:29TOo_LaZy :D
00:00:35Vaj.CO do u want him?
00:00:37Vaj.CO or me?
00:00:37zonskass infarktas nustebimas
00:00:48Vaj.CO pink?
00:01:041m4n5h0w i play
00:01:22zonskass krobelus imk
00:01:29TakinBackMyLove veno with me
00:01:30TakinBackMyLove bot
00:01:421m4n5h0w woot
00:01:451m4n5h0w no carry support?
00:01:51c-yanker ^^
00:01:56c-yanker early end mby?
00:01:58zonskass turtle
00:01:581m4n5h0w ah naix roof banned
00:01:58c-yanker who knows
00:01:591m4n5h0w ofc
00:02:01TakinBackMyLove get
00:02:02TakinBackMyLove dazle
00:02:03TakinBackMyLove or
00:02:03TakinBackMyLove wd
00:02:091m4n5h0w woot
00:02:141m4n5h0w even with dazzle in pool
00:02:25Vaj.CO tb do u have meta?
00:02:27c-yanker gyro can carry aswell
00:02:47Vaj.CO tb??
00:02:49TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Queen of Pain [d,b,f,w]
00:02:59zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:00Astrocreep who pull
00:03:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Soul Keeper [c,t,r,g]
00:03:04TOo_LaZy ne umri pls
00:03:43TakinBackMyLove pull
00:03:44TakinBackMyLove veno
00:03:50TakinBackMyLove ss
00:03:56TakinBackMyLove re
00:04:30PriMo omg
00:04:35zonskass :D
00:04:42zonskass dont play with fire
00:04:431m4n5h0w didnt have tele at lvl1 :(/
00:04:52Firoga if u are fire i'm the sun
00:04:59zonskass you are sun
00:05:23c-yanker ss
00:05:52TakinBackMyLove veno
00:05:541m4n5h0w ss
00:05:54TakinBackMyLove if
00:05:55TakinBackMyLove you just
00:05:56TakinBackMyLove had
00:05:57TakinBackMyLove hit
00:05:58TakinBackMyLove witht that
00:05:59TakinBackMyLove slow
00:06:14Firoga come
00:06:20zonskass furi come
00:06:20TakinBackMyLove pull
00:06:20TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:06:37PriMo omg
00:06:38Firoga grave?
00:06:41Firoga u don't haver grave?
00:06:46Firoga are u mad?
00:06:47PriMo yckin retad
00:06:47zonskass no grave :D
00:06:48Firoga NO GRAVE?
00:06:50c-yanker ss
00:06:59Firoga i have to block the creep
00:07:02c-yanker why dinti make recacl
00:07:06Firoga spawn
00:07:08Firoga it's gg
00:07:11Firoga they'll farm
00:07:29zonskass aleks stop
00:08:21TakinBackMyLove upgrdae
00:08:22TakinBackMyLove chickne
00:08:32TakinBackMyLove dazzke
00:08:34TakinBackMyLove upgrade
00:08:37zonskass furi come
00:08:391m4n5h0w cd
00:08:44Astrocreep he got 25
00:09:04Firoga u HAVE TO SKILL GRAVE
00:09:04Firoga OMG
00:09:09Firoga U CAN'T USE DAZZLE
00:09:15PriMo and?
00:09:19Firoga and we lose
00:09:26Aleks875 all mis
00:09:291m4n5h0w ss
00:09:30PriMo ?? ? ??? ???????? ?????
00:09:311m4n5h0w thrall
00:09:43TakinBackMyLove let
00:09:43TakinBackMyLove em
00:09:44TakinBackMyLove farm
00:09:45TakinBackMyLove newb
00:09:53zonskass kurva rasiau
00:09:54zonskass tau
00:09:57zonskass ir miriau
00:10:01TOo_LaZy ka rasei
00:10:04Astrocreep pls call me noob again
00:10:08zonskass kad gerai sekas top :D
00:10:14zonskass kad stengtumeis
00:10:24TakinBackMyLove let
00:10:24TakinBackMyLove me
00:10:25TakinBackMyLove farm
00:10:25TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:10:29Astrocreep no
00:11:33c-yanker fucking kidding me
00:11:38c-yanker had 1 sec cd on ulti
00:11:47zonskass fail hard go pro
00:11:48c-yanker before u ultied me
00:12:161m4n5h0w cant port with cd
00:12:20Aleks875 k
00:12:23TakinBackMyLove wheres
00:12:24TakinBackMyLove fucjkiong
00:12:26TakinBackMyLove chicken
00:12:27TakinBackMyLove and
00:12:28TakinBackMyLove why
00:12:29TakinBackMyLove is
00:12:29zonskass -ma
00:12:31TakinBackMyLove non top ?
00:12:43c-yanker wards
00:12:59TakinBackMyLove hallo
00:12:59TakinBackMyLove some
00:13:00TakinBackMyLove one
00:13:00TakinBackMyLove go
00:13:01TakinBackMyLove top
00:13:02TakinBackMyLove krob
00:13:21TakinBackMyLove krob
00:13:22TakinBackMyLove def
00:13:23TakinBackMyLove top
00:13:23TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:13:31c-yanker WAKE THE FUCK UP
00:13:35c-yanker this guys
00:13:39c-yanker just looking
00:14:08c-yanker ff
00:14:44PriMo omg
00:14:52Firoga so motherfucking blind
00:14:55Firoga are all kidding me?
00:15:12c-yanker IDIOT
00:15:14c-yanker VENOMANCER
00:15:34c-yanker watch this krob
00:16:42zonskass :D
00:17:02Firoga ff
00:17:02Firoga ff
00:17:03Firoga ff
00:17:04Firoga ff
00:17:45c-yanker gj
00:17:46c-yanker primo
00:18:16zonskass padlos
00:19:00PriMo leave
00:19:10TakinBackMyLove grave
00:19:11TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:19:15Firoga he can't use it
00:19:16TOo_LaZy :D:D:
00:19:21TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:19:22TakinBackMyLove dazzle
00:19:23Firoga dazzle is noob
00:19:26Firoga i said it
00:19:28TOo_LaZy primo
00:19:29Firoga i died 2 times in lane
00:19:29TOo_LaZy :D:D
00:19:33PriMo why fuckin use me?
00:19:34Firoga because of him
00:20:06PriMo ???? ????? ???????? ?????
00:20:09c-yanker kidding me
00:20:10PriMo ? ?? ?? ?? ????????
00:20:111m4n5h0w °
00:20:31Vaj.CO nice steals :D
00:20:35TOo_LaZy tnx
00:20:40Firoga furi hp? O.o
00:20:441m4n5h0w 7
00:20:47Firoga cool
00:20:50PriMo why pick fuckin crobe>
00:20:54Firoga lol
00:20:56Aleks875 7 and 000
00:20:59PriMo ty
00:21:15c-yanker lemme
00:21:16c-yanker farm mid
00:21:17c-yanker krob
00:21:19Firoga nope
00:21:19c-yanker your useless
00:22:27zonskass cd
00:23:59zonskass cd
00:24:56TakinBackMyLove nice farm
00:24:57TakinBackMyLove krob
00:25:00TakinBackMyLove mby play on bnet +
00:25:10Firoga dazzle ruined my game
00:25:14PriMo ahhaha
00:25:19PriMo ofc
00:25:19TakinBackMyLove nah your just newb like him
00:25:24Firoga sure
00:25:28Firoga liek the other game
00:25:32Firoga me with sven
00:25:34Firoga i won the game
00:25:37Firoga u did nothing blue
00:25:39Firoga i remember
00:25:46Vaj.CO fuck off
00:25:48Vaj.CO ...
00:26:11zonskass krobelus ir trali pirmus
00:27:02Firoga pro
00:27:17zonskass :D
00:27:25zonskass pasitepei ar mirei?
00:27:30TOo_LaZy pasitepiau
00:27:32TOo_LaZy su 1 hp
00:27:34zonskass ble :D
00:27:551m4n5h0w rocket
00:27:561m4n5h0w power
00:27:58Vaj.CO did
00:27:581m4n5h0w fly to me
00:28:33TakinBackMyLove nice
00:28:34TakinBackMyLove dazzle
00:28:51TakinBackMyLove Look at our lastpicks :D
00:29:051m4n5h0w ownage bronze
00:29:09TOo_LaZy our tb > your team
00:29:29TakinBackMyLove his epic pro
00:29:33TOo_LaZy true
00:30:001m4n5h0w dont need to push that hard
00:30:091m4n5h0w we lose aoe
00:31:17c-yanker gj
00:31:24Firoga it was a grave?
00:31:25Firoga omg
00:31:27Firoga i'm so happy
00:31:38c-yanker dazzles doing good
00:31:49TakinBackMyLove his better than you orbvious
00:32:321m4n5h0w fun
00:32:331m4n5h0w refresher :D
00:32:58PriMo mp
00:33:02c-yanker tsk
00:33:03c-yanker haha nice ulti
00:33:04c-yanker Qup
00:33:06TOo_LaZy tnx
00:33:12TOo_LaZy almost lasthit
00:33:50zonskass ateinu
00:34:14TakinBackMyLove ¨
00:34:15c-yanker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:15TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:18TakinBackMyLove just
00:34:18PriMo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:18TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:27Vaj.CO wp aka
00:34:27TakinBackMyLove veno
00:34:28TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:30TakinBackMyLove krob
00:34:31TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:44Astrocreep I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:47c-yanker fair teams indeed ^^
00:34:501m4n5h0w ^^
00:34:57zonskass carry team won
00:35:02c-yanker haha
00:35:06c-yanker gratz
00:35:08Firoga smart team won
00:35:09c-yanker easyy top lane
00:35:23TakinBackMyLove no krob you lost it
00:35:28Firoga dazzle lost it
00:35:28c-yanker krob got boots
00:35:32c-yanker thats it
00:35:331m4n5h0w stop them i want to farm more
00:35:40c-yanker can u ff
00:35:41c-yanker please
00:35:43Firoga no
00:35:44TOo_LaZy ble
00:35:46PriMo haha
00:35:49zonskass ?
00:35:52TOo_LaZy nk
00:36:20Aleks875 I will ge <% for win
00:36:28Aleks875 stupid strom with his stats
00:36:47zonskass padli :D
00:36:50c-yanker I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:51c-yanker ffs
00:36:54TOo_LaZy laimesim ?
00:36:58PriMo ff?
00:37:01PriMo idiot
00:37:01c-yanker write
00:37:02c-yanker I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:02zonskass obviously
00:37:09TOo_LaZy visko buna
00:37:11Firoga no?=
00:37:13Firoga play
00:37:16PriMo pfff
00:37:17zonskass as atsiputesjau losiu
00:37:36zonskass trali ir kroba [pirmus imam
00:37:39zonskass ir gg
00:37:42Vaj.CO just end
00:37:43Vaj.CO omg
00:37:44Vaj.CO furi
00:37:54c-yanker lvls on team ^^
00:38:00zonskass furi like cristmas tree
00:38:09c-yanker end it ffs
00:38:10c-yanker -.-
00:38:161m4n5h0w if you ask me kind
00:38:24c-yanker can u please end it
00:38:271m4n5h0w ok
00:38:33TOo_LaZy why dont u just ff
00:38:33zonskass this execution?
00:38:42c-yanker top lane fucked this game
00:38:54Firoga just dazzle
00:38:58c-yanker just u
00:39:06Firoga ok no ff
00:39:17Aleks875 veno go backdore
00:39:20Aleks875 for ein
00:39:22Aleks875 win
00:40:33Aleks875 kongrat time begin
00:40:341m4n5h0w haha
00:40:35c-yanker :)
00:40:351m4n5h0w ^^
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