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Chat log payback is a bitch Lafrenzz? :D no bans?
00:00:28Fxx. terror
00:00:28Lafrenzz eredar
00:00:28Fxx. i pick furi , if he ban him , can i pick sd for s1 ?
00:00:28Fxx. k
00:00:28Fxx. so furi
00:00:34Lafrenzz < mid
00:00:37Jerkku GG
00:00:37Jerkku G
00:00:39Jerkku ff take es etc
00:00:59Fxx. :-)
00:01:04Fxx. hi never :-) All afk? :D
00:01:20associated someonenspec? Funny lineup
00:01:25Fxx. again in bronze ? :-)
00:01:35Lafrenzz no other game for silver
00:01:36associated pick me taur
00:01:39associated es
00:01:46associated i give u spec
00:01:48Doomy dont let orange with spec
00:01:49Pieti lol
00:01:50Doomy xD
00:01:55Pieti no well if u do some crazy shit with it
00:02:09Fxx. chick ? Ull might be able to win u*
00:02:16Fxx. tide
00:02:18Fxx. CHICK !
00:02:23Carna wtf sorry
00:02:27Carna will pay fast
00:02:28zonskass omg
00:02:34zonskass shit hero hahahhahahha :DDDDDDDDDD
00:02:46Fxx. we need used chick
00:02:47Momdsiw es+ds win
00:02:55Fxx. i cant play mid vs 90% nevermore without chick + tide
00:03:02Carna i ll pay fast
00:03:08Fxx. but not used
00:03:09Fxx. !
00:03:10Momdsiw you mean buy? i wanted ck
00:03:13Carna used !
00:03:16Lafrenzz FB for ganging but..
00:03:18Lafrenzz jakiro
00:03:19Lafrenzz come
00:03:22Carna thx
00:03:25Lafrenzz let me haras
00:03:27Doomy didnt skill active
00:03:35zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:03:36zonskass /w DotaKeys: on just couldnt let them have es
00:03:40zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Dark Seer [c,e,r,w]
00:03:53Doomy just tide bot
00:04:03Doomy nvm
00:04:51Momdsiw go bird lvl 3
00:04:52Momdsiw let me farm plz i need farm also and farmed es is way better than farmed sk. ;)
00:05:12Momdsiw not true 15 min dagger is true lets kill
00:06:02Lafrenzz ss
00:06:47Jerkku 3 top thought u tele back mid. :D
00:06:59Fxx. oh
00:07:00Fxx. ty
00:07:00Fxx. :.-)? gave u bottle
00:07:00Momdsiw had no mana :< :D
00:07:10Carna miss jak
00:07:21Fxx. SS NEVER
00:07:22Fxx. CARE
00:07:35Fxx. CARE DOWN "!
00:07:36Momdsiw its prolly bot
00:07:38Momdsiw go to tower
00:07:39Momdsiw bot
00:07:39Lafrenzz NOOOo
00:07:43Lafrenzz dont MH
00:08:42Momdsiw you should block and hit the sutn just spammign them
00:08:53Momdsiw ye so they woudlnt spam u
00:09:02Momdsiw but could kill
00:09:27Fxx. ss never
00:09:41Fxx. care down !
00:10:07Lafrenzz care
00:10:37Carna hit
00:10:39Carna tauren i was omfg aah u got kill =))
00:10:58Fxx. :-) dagon not so soon?
00:11:12Fxx. not kk
00:11:15Fxx. i 2 time die mhm wooow badass ulti well our sk has normal farm
00:12:40Fxx. never miss thats a good thing
00:13:03Lafrenzz omw
00:14:18Momdsiw ahh
00:14:19Momdsiw 4 man gang toiop
00:14:31Momdsiw 5 man*
00:14:46Momdsiw 5 vs1 unfair :< ffs
00:15:22Fxx. 250 to fagon
00:15:24Fxx. d
00:15:25Lafrenzz omw dagger k zons make aghna
00:15:40Fxx. dont teach me .-)
00:15:41Jerkku defdef i said zons ekekke. :D Gotcha. ;)
00:16:21Lafrenzz OMFG U BITCH
00:16:22Lafrenzz ;D' :DDD Im almost 100% Sure ull carry this game i need dagger now
00:17:38Carna so do i
00:17:40Lafrenzz im crap today
00:17:42Lafrenzz just crap
00:17:45Fxx. :-) I feel like that everyday at siler
00:18:09Lafrenzz go as team now
00:18:23Carna u baity
00:18:43Momdsiw any1 up chick?
00:18:54Momdsiw they comes for otp twr we go for bot
00:19:03Momdsiw kk
00:19:04Momdsiw good
00:19:06Momdsiw illf arm woods and tele top
00:19:12Momdsiw go base
00:19:14Momdsiw fast
00:19:24Carna yeah lets push
00:19:54Momdsiw up chick i get armlet GO fuck the armlet
00:21:02Lafrenzz let me farm bot
00:21:14Lafrenzz dont let es get dagger
00:21:46Fxx. vrrrrrrrr omw Omg nicee. :D Lolz
00:22:42Momdsiw hide
00:22:42Momdsiw furi
00:22:56Fxx. this is bad
00:22:59Fxx. never is rly good
00:23:12Momdsiw just let es farm dagger
00:23:15Momdsiw i try get kbb
00:23:17Doomy go gank again
00:23:25Fxx. we cant play on late
00:23:27Doomy w8 me
00:23:32Fxx. vs 90% never and imba spectra
00:23:52Momdsiw wards plz?
00:23:58Momdsiw woudl help a lot
00:23:59Momdsiw they likes me
00:24:34Lafrenzz omw
00:24:46Fxx. fucking hate new heroes ...
00:24:48Momdsiw dagon was kinda stupid idea
00:24:49Momdsiw -.-
00:24:54Jerkku this is sick
00:25:03Momdsiw just buy pack of wards
00:25:05Momdsiw and we are okey
00:25:38Fxx. DIE !
00:25:39Lafrenzz ... fxx that was bad no last hit
00:26:27Fxx. y
00:26:45Momdsiw your block wa sbad also
00:26:46Lafrenzz let me farm mid
00:26:47Momdsiw all to wrong side
00:26:47Lafrenzz need souls well i tried
00:26:54Doomy go top
00:26:57Doomy more creeps someone buy me 2 healing bots get the fucking dagg then anybody?
00:27:27Carna got one
00:27:54Momdsiw furi?
00:27:59Fxx. cds
00:28:07Momdsiw furi teles to farm when we having fights
00:28:08Momdsiw GJ
00:28:12associated why escape? and ur so stupid not to buy wards urself
00:28:20Fxx. 2 sec before b zons
00:29:24Lafrenzz spec
00:29:25Lafrenzz get radiance
00:29:31associated sure
00:29:33Momdsiw wrads zonkass
00:29:35Momdsiw other than our firest
00:29:37Momdsiw forest
00:29:42Momdsiw or tide
00:30:07zonskass reuse
00:30:30Doomy ...
00:30:38Lafrenzz bot
00:30:55Lafrenzz let me
00:30:55Lafrenzz let me
00:30:56Lafrenzz let me wards probably
00:31:12Momdsiw sf has bkb then
00:31:16Fxx. how he can see me ? lol guys What the fuuuck
00:31:41Carna my fault o rly?
00:31:45Carna i focused jak well its over now
00:31:47Lafrenzz muhaha gg ff
00:32:04Lafrenzz somebody
00:32:05Lafrenzz add me sure
00:32:08Lafrenzz i like playing with u :p :D You like to see me rageing eh? :D
00:32:54Lafrenzz lets add together next game
00:32:56Momdsiw furi should build something useful Will do
00:33:41Lafrenzz omfg Muhaha :D wtf mow
00:34:39Doomy no gold for new wards
00:34:41Momdsiw they aint so hard I soooo loved this blink
00:34:42Momdsiw see? Eekekke. :D yeah
00:34:48Lafrenzz >_> cause i took sf-s ulti
00:34:56Momdsiw i have bkb vs it y i need aghna
00:35:14Momdsiw ahh last uti
00:35:18Momdsiw its 60 sec cd ^^ go for that new item bash + 100 dmg
00:35:31Momdsiw y make basher 1st
00:35:48Momdsiw after it i can go the otehr new item
00:35:50Momdsiw vs spec??
00:35:52Momdsiw ^^* do what u want lol
00:35:59Momdsiw disable hes attacks we just need that bash blademail wouldnt be bad idea also
00:36:17Momdsiw furi builds shit
00:36:17Momdsiw gg naa that aghna is good
00:36:30Momdsiw need he
00:36:31Momdsiw x as aoe dmg to their team
00:36:46Jerkku juat rosh
00:36:50Jerkku just*
00:36:54Lafrenzz no
00:36:55Momdsiw push with 5?
00:36:57Lafrenzz es wil rape us
00:37:01Momdsiw or smoke roshan
00:37:05Lafrenzz b u go in i wait for it
00:37:18Jerkku ROSH
00:37:19Jerkku ROSH
00:37:21Jerkku ROSH
00:37:22Doomy they rosh
00:37:23Lafrenzz ok all go
00:37:24Lafrenzz all
00:37:24Lafrenzz all
00:37:25Momdsiw who takes i mean i wait for them u
00:37:29Doomy no obv
00:37:31Doomy they dont
00:37:34Momdsiw i have 1 extra life
00:37:35Momdsiw already so what lol :D
00:38:21Momdsiw -.-
00:38:25Momdsiw so fail to go rosh y fuuuu
00:38:59Momdsiw if we had enough disable i could rape
00:39:35Momdsiw wards up
00:39:56Momdsiw let me es
00:39:57Momdsiw blah i need this fucking aghna asap
00:40:06Momdsiw maybe you need the farm more then like you said
00:40:07Jerkku go smoke
00:40:08Jerkku all well 2-8 explains alot
00:40:19Momdsiw you have been so useful havent i?
00:40:32Momdsiw you block always me other side now this is fucking insulting
00:40:34Momdsiw like helping them
00:40:38Lafrenzz no
00:40:38Doomy got pipe now
00:40:39Lafrenzz come i id be helping them ud be in alot deeper shit
00:40:54Carna omg
00:40:56Momdsiw come?
00:40:58Momdsiw i bkb FUCKING BUY TELES gooooo fxx :DDDDDDDD
00:41:50Momdsiw they will counter
00:41:53Momdsiw b so let em lol
00:42:00Momdsiw gor rebuyt for what they are in their own base
00:42:13zonskass furion, only puish from now, dont gang
00:42:13Momdsiw ahh line so far
00:42:23Momdsiw need to take towers down
00:42:24Momdsiw with 5 hahha double fair enough :D
00:42:46Jerkku dd
00:42:52Momdsiw furi should og lothar
00:42:54Momdsiw for some tricking
00:42:58Jerkku fucking furi
00:43:02Jerkku :S
00:43:05Momdsiw you can tele invis Soo much hate mate :D
00:43:24Lafrenzz ofc :p
00:43:27Lafrenzz this is lost anyway xD
00:43:29Lafrenzz this team :D mhm. :D
00:43:33Jerkku never
00:43:37Jerkku we have good team
00:43:39Jerkku seriously Well they did good job ganging leoric :p
00:43:43Jerkku all played well
00:43:46zonskass furi yuo top
00:43:47Lafrenzz 16-5 SF and we still loosing
00:44:01Carna thats sf
00:44:13Lafrenzz sf 5-16 is lose y
00:44:21Lafrenzz but thing is
00:44:27Lafrenzz spec 40 min no radi
00:44:35Lafrenzz = lose
00:44:54Lafrenzz RAX
00:44:55Lafrenzz RAX
00:45:11Fxx. _'
00:45:16Fxx. kamikaze for rax !
00:45:22Lafrenzz re push kamikaze for help And Sk doesnt finish spec
00:45:43Fxx. anyway
00:45:45Lafrenzz omfg
00:45:46Fxx. wp again , never :-) Yup
00:45:51Fxx. but i think , again lost :-)
00:45:57Lafrenzz as i said, bronze :p
00:45:58Fxx. u cant win vs me , today
00:46:02Fxx. only wins today :-)
00:46:10Lafrenzz well i carried u earlyer with weaver :p lucky u furi ive had so much shit storm today
00:46:27Fxx. i was naix , when u had weaver
00:46:32Lafrenzz i know
00:46:35Jerkku haste
00:46:37Jerkku never
00:46:38Lafrenzz ok
00:46:55Fxx. au :-)
00:47:24Momdsiw top?
00:47:35Momdsiw -cs
00:47:44Lafrenzz def
00:47:52Fxx. rosh rdy
00:47:52Jerkku rosh is up
00:47:55Fxx. btw
00:47:57Lafrenzz all go U guys even have hardcore lead with kills. :P
00:47:59Doomy smoke needed
00:47:59Momdsiw take for some1
00:48:08Lafrenzz fast
00:48:08Lafrenzz gogo
00:48:10Momdsiw go rosh for furi
00:48:10Lafrenzz only cghance
00:49:02Momdsiw Lol this team
00:49:07Momdsiw I thought all will fiht
00:49:14Momdsiw They afking somewhere Blues mkb or clone Was ruining my dagger not mkb, manta
00:49:39Carna down
00:49:53Momdsiw well
00:49:58Momdsiw its stupid to tank
00:49:59Momdsiw if no help
00:50:01Momdsiw you can use other stuns
00:50:04Momdsiw or something
00:50:06Momdsiw atleast fissure
00:50:06Lafrenzz fucking get a lategame inventory spec :p
00:51:02Momdsiw take it
00:51:06Doomy to late
00:51:21Momdsiw 5 top
00:51:22Momdsiw go?
00:51:23Lafrenzz last chance to win now
00:51:35Momdsiw atleast need es
00:51:43Lafrenzz focus furi papa has brand new bag!
00:51:51Momdsiw tahts bannabeld
00:52:03Carna true sorry
00:52:49Momdsiw tele
00:52:54Momdsiw ahh god otyu suck
00:52:55Momdsiw furi
00:53:45Lafrenzz gg gg
00:53:47Momdsiw Gg Lets add Maybe same team
00:54:09Momdsiw :<
00:54:23Momdsiw should i buy new bkb for longer last :S
00:54:40Momdsiw kill him
00:54:42Momdsiw ulti + gush
00:54:52Momdsiw you did it wrong
00:54:52Carna i was waiting on ulti
00:54:53Momdsiw order
00:54:56Lafrenzz add
00:54:58Carna ulti was upo
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