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Chat log

00:00:17Vangelis now i get
00:00:17Vangelis smokeer in team
00:00:17Vangelis gg ff
00:00:17atte spec
00:00:17Vangelis get rubick
00:00:17Vangelis ?
00:00:17FirstBlood rubick
00:00:29Strom what yo ugo?
00:00:30FirstBlood i go bot with wind
00:00:35Zagor get me doc pls
00:00:54FirstBlood es
00:00:56FirstBlood come to me bot
00:01:02Zagor doc pls
00:01:09Smokeer well bs will buy sy
00:01:24atte bs mid
00:01:42FirstBlood levi
00:01:44FirstBlood pick
00:01:45atte take wards to bot
00:01:46mansikka y
00:02:03FirstBlood fb bot?
00:02:07infect i dont wanna mid...
00:02:10mansikka xD
00:02:21Zagor eake warsds man
00:02:23Strom !
00:02:39infect mid will get farm guys:)
00:02:41infect i am nub
00:02:46Strom it's butcher prob
00:02:54creeeeeee i can mid i think
00:02:56creeeeeee if needed
00:03:17Vangelis care
00:03:19Vangelis bot
00:03:21FirstBlood go pull pls es
00:03:25Smokeer cry
00:03:27infect bs mid
00:03:38Strom can't
00:04:43creeeeeee no see lane on ulme
00:04:45infect y
00:05:00atte -ms
00:05:17Strom oom
00:05:33atte ss
00:07:17creeeeeee cant do shit top :(
00:07:18Strom can fissure kunk
00:07:22creeeeeee they come and insta dead
00:07:31FirstBlood b
00:07:36Strom blah
00:07:38creeeeeee ss
00:07:38mansikka miss pugde
00:07:55Zagor ss
00:08:21Vangelis gank mid
00:08:36mansikka pudge oom
00:08:59creeeeeee ss
00:09:27infect ss lvl 6 bs
00:09:41FirstBlood too alte
00:09:47Vangelis ss viper
00:09:56mansikka miss pudege
00:09:56creeeeeee pudge coming mid
00:10:15Vangelis still
00:10:16Smokeer ss
00:10:17Vangelis ss
00:10:43Zagor 4
00:10:55Vangelis DEF TOP
00:11:12Strom that dman 10 sec tp
00:12:24mansikka oom
00:12:56Vangelis wards?
00:13:26creeeeeee bs
00:13:28creeeeeee tuleb sulle
00:13:29Strom 'ye
00:13:30creeeeeee strom
00:14:10Strom tide, please next time if you don't wanna save me with your ulti .. at least don't block
00:14:16mansikka no mana
00:14:23Sepetos wd
00:14:25Sepetos u got urn already
00:14:26mansikka no mana for gush even
00:14:27Sepetos no reason u to make
00:14:29Sepetos make bracers and basi
00:14:33Sepetos :DDD
00:14:34Vangelis yeah
00:14:35Vangelis you got heal
00:14:36Vangelis omg
00:14:37Sepetos such a retard
00:14:44Sepetos u never even b close when they die
00:14:49Sepetos cause u use curse
00:14:56Vangelis def
00:14:57Vangelis mid
00:15:00FirstBlood i come
00:15:05Sepetos -st
00:15:07Vangelis DEF MID
00:15:08creeeeeee hook coming up
00:15:08Vangelis all
00:15:10Vangelis kunkka
00:15:11Vangelis aa
00:15:11creeeeeee any second
00:15:15infect y
00:15:18atte care
00:15:21atte NEED YOU
00:16:22Smokeer BS
00:16:23Smokeer IDIOT
00:16:28Smokeer ok i farm
00:16:32Vangelis kuidas
00:16:34Vangelis ma idioot olen
00:16:35Vangelis ?
00:16:42Vangelis ma chasesin
00:16:46Vangelis tuskarit ju
00:16:50FirstBlood i will make mekansm
00:17:05Sepetos bs make bkb
00:17:07Vangelis y
00:17:09Vangelis i have
00:17:09Vangelis to
00:17:22atte uyse
00:17:28atte you have to use silence on es
00:17:30Vangelis def mid
00:17:36Vangelis i did last ight
00:17:39atte all mid pls
00:17:41mansikka shop
00:17:44atte y
00:17:46atte so you can gop
00:18:00Sepetos how u let them kill me really?
00:18:04creeeeeee nii kaugele ma küll ei oodanud seda
00:18:18FirstBlood wtf
00:18:22Sepetos wr
00:18:24infect tide, ulti ?
00:18:28mansikka no mana
00:18:32infect get mana boot
00:18:34infect ffs
00:18:34mansikka y
00:18:36mansikka i was going
00:19:32atte mid fight
00:19:38atte tide has ulti
00:19:39atte and es
00:19:53FirstBlood b
00:19:59atte XD
00:20:01Vangelis :D
00:20:08Vangelis i get kill
00:20:10Vangelis with silence
00:20:10Vangelis :D
00:20:12Strom this isn't going well
00:20:13creeeeeee again
00:20:16creeeeeee levi somewhere else
00:20:19FirstBlood we need go all
00:20:24mansikka i was buying the fucking manaboots
00:21:33Vangelis be rdy
00:21:34Vangelis mid
00:22:14infect brother was talking to me
00:22:15infect :
00:22:16infect :/
00:22:50atte faste
00:22:51atte fast
00:22:58mansikka ulti cd
00:23:04mansikka 15 sec
00:23:05atte b
00:23:06atte get tps
00:24:16Strom might be invi
00:24:22Strom if he has bottle
00:24:26Vangelis omg
00:24:28Vangelis such unluck
00:24:29Vangelis aa
00:24:29Smokeer timing bad aa
00:24:32atte >DDD
00:24:36Vangelis 2 s
00:24:39Vangelis and he would have died
00:24:42infect i need forcestaff
00:24:44Sepetos lol and he just teled front of me
00:24:47Sepetos so sick tele
00:24:48Sepetos mh mby
00:24:50atte yeah but if he was smart
00:24:53atte he could tp right away
00:24:57FirstBlood make pipe first viper
00:25:10infect i'll never get force then :(
00:25:12infect but k
00:26:20Vangelis luck
00:26:24creeeeeee ah
00:26:26Vangelis luck on cree
00:26:29mansikka aa invis
00:26:29Vangelis he snowballed
00:26:29Vangelis :D
00:27:37infect need 80 to pipe
00:27:38Strom -disablehelp
00:27:39Vangelis all miss
00:27:44atte has rune
00:27:53infect wait
00:27:54atte all miss all has dd
00:27:54infect i go reg
00:27:56infect and get pipe
00:28:02Vangelis care kunkk
00:28:51creeeeeee we can initate
00:28:53creeeeeee with levi
00:28:54Strom ye
00:28:56creeeeeee i roll in
00:29:01Strom do it
00:29:05atte someone push
00:29:06atte with tp
00:30:43infect miks sa sinna telesid
00:30:43infect :D:D
00:30:45Strom miks sinna telesid
00:30:46Strom ye
00:30:47creeeeeee midi vajutasin
00:30:49creeeeeee omaarust
00:30:50infect :D:D
00:30:50creeeeeee tegelt ka :D
00:30:52creeeeeee just jäin vaatama
00:30:53creeeeeee wtf
00:31:00infect ja strom lol
00:31:03infect sama lause :D
00:31:21infect dead
00:31:22infect go b
00:31:36mansikka actually
00:31:40mansikka i dont need dagger?
00:31:44Strom sure you do
00:31:45mansikka since we got tusker
00:31:49infect well
00:31:52infect they run away
00:31:53Strom well tuskarr ball is SLOOOOOW
00:31:55infect from tuskars ball
00:31:59mansikka oh
00:32:01mansikka right
00:32:03FirstBlood levi buy dagger
00:32:04infect u only get like 1
00:32:07infect in your ulti then
00:32:16FirstBlood b
00:32:17Strom b viper
00:32:29infect shit, they warded too
00:32:30FirstBlood tuscar
00:32:33creeeeeee omw
00:33:12infect gj u guys
00:33:16infect take that twr ?
00:33:31FirstBlood buy dust
00:33:33FirstBlood somebody
00:33:38Strom who is invi?
00:33:40infect who's inv
00:33:41FirstBlood kunka
00:33:43creeeeeee kunkka
00:33:57infect lets get bot
00:34:53atte or def
00:35:00Vangelis my tp
00:35:01Vangelis cd
00:35:02atte dont come yet
00:35:11atte we could rosh
00:35:18Strom they here
00:35:25mansikka b
00:35:32FirstBlood b
00:35:58infect strom
00:36:16Strom so clsoe
00:36:18Vangelis kill
00:36:19Vangelis tid
00:36:19Vangelis also
00:36:31Sepetos hit ?
00:36:32atte what you doing
00:36:42mansikka xd
00:36:55infect could use some wards
00:36:59creeeeeee -.-
00:37:04Vangelis get rosh
00:37:18Vangelis pudge
00:37:19Vangelis wd
00:37:30Sepetos u need lifesteal?
00:37:36atte wd make manaboots
00:38:15Strom do we go?
00:38:17infect some1 antiwards?
00:38:17Strom ir wait
00:38:21infect vision arrow
00:38:44Vangelis GJ
00:38:56infect b
00:39:00infect they will get it
00:39:05infect put antiward
00:39:07infect i go destroy
00:39:27infect go there
00:39:28infect come
00:40:03FirstBlood team go gang
00:40:05FirstBlood and push
00:40:21atte fight
00:40:25Vangelis y
00:40:26FirstBlood all
00:40:27atte reuse chick
00:40:31atte wd big ulti
00:40:40infect get smoke some1?
00:40:42infect go with that
00:40:45infect they hv wards
00:41:14Vangelis they smoke
00:41:14infect follow wr
00:41:15Vangelis mby
00:41:16atte someone sent chick home
00:41:37infect pudger is our forest
00:41:38atte sentry
00:41:40atte spotted us
00:41:41atte there
00:41:45atte im pretty sure
00:42:18Smokeer this es
00:42:19Smokeer /...
00:42:29Vangelis well
00:42:30Vangelis we walked
00:42:31Vangelis into it
00:42:33Vangelis our fault
00:42:33Sepetos why did u run like that to es?
00:42:34Vangelis :>
00:42:36Sepetos i didnt lose any hp
00:42:37infect lozl
00:42:41infect forgot i ha dpipe
00:42:45FirstBlood nice es
00:42:48FirstBlood good ulty
00:42:50Smokeer ok
00:42:53Smokeer they got 2 raxes
00:43:03atte no
00:43:07atte only 1
00:43:13Vangelis care
00:43:14infect y
00:43:14Vangelis dont
00:43:16Vangelis do stupid
00:43:17Vangelis or we lose
00:43:18Vangelis all raxes
00:43:39FirstBlood b
00:43:54infect yo :D
00:44:07infect so close :P
00:44:18infect lool, twr hit came to me :D
00:44:23Smokeer this guy lastgame axe shit
00:44:24Smokeer now pudge
00:44:25Smokeer ...
00:44:27Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:07Strom goa gain wtih smoke?
00:45:11Zagor gather for smoke?
00:45:15Vangelis need
00:45:16Vangelis all
00:45:17atte y
00:45:20Smokeer cant
00:45:23Vangelis need kunkka
00:45:24mansikka come
00:45:27atte tp
00:45:32creeeeeee get from base
00:45:32atte go mid all
00:45:33infect wait for me
00:45:34Sepetos got bkb
00:45:35creeeeeee im full
00:45:39atte push it 1 wave
00:45:40atte and smoke
00:45:46Strom they pushin mid
00:45:52atte smoke
00:45:52infect just def
00:45:53infect then
00:45:56infect they go for wr
00:46:06infect pudger will hook some1
00:46:08mansikka smoke?
00:46:26Sepetos push bot
00:46:28Sepetos kill bot
00:46:28mansikka xD
00:47:28atte tp def
00:47:28Strom that was such an obvious gang we got
00:47:31Vangelis y
00:47:31Strom we had no vision
00:47:50Sepetos seeker radi would b nice
00:47:52Sepetos 2blinkers
00:47:57Strom also that bs will try to search me out 100% every time
00:47:58Vangelis i made
00:47:59Vangelis bf
00:48:01Strom and will silence me
00:48:04Smokeer bf
00:48:04Smokeer ...
00:48:05Strom so we need a faster initiate
00:48:07Smokeer srsly
00:48:07atte butter
00:48:12Vangelis ButterFly
00:48:13Sepetos bf is battlefuri
00:48:24Smokeer k
00:48:33Smokeer butter useless
00:48:33Sepetos -st
00:48:35infect go bot 5 ?
00:48:38Smokeer only vs wr
00:48:39Smokeer goof
00:48:41FirstBlood gang first
00:48:42Sepetos go bottom again
00:48:49FirstBlood with smoke
00:48:51Vangelis viper
00:48:52Vangelis also
00:49:00infect gather
00:49:01infect fastr
00:49:04infect they come from here
00:49:09Strom rosh alive too
00:49:13Sepetos rosh
00:49:13Vangelis CARE MID
00:49:15Vangelis they got dust
00:49:25Smokeer 20g
00:49:26Smokeer sec
00:49:28Vangelis b
00:49:29Vangelis mid
00:49:56Smokeer ok
00:49:58Strom :D
00:50:00Vangelis WD
00:50:01Smokeer i know
00:50:01Vangelis why
00:50:03Vangelis you do this
00:50:04Vangelis tell me
00:50:11Strom so funny moment
00:50:13Vangelis wp zagor
00:50:17Strom super big butcher, just chillin' there
00:50:18Sepetos gg wd
00:50:18FirstBlood top
00:50:20Strom in middle of everyone
00:50:32Vangelis no wd going 1v5 was the funny moment tbh
00:50:32Vangelis :d
00:50:35Zagor pudge u didnt doo single hook so stfu
00:50:41Vangelis well
00:50:41Vangelis wd
00:50:45Vangelis at most important point
00:50:46Zagor i was placing wards so we could rosh
00:50:47Vangelis you do the fail
00:50:48Smokeer +
00:50:54Smokeer vangelis flame me will soon
00:50:57atte well
00:50:58Smokeer "lost"
00:51:01atte nice wards
00:51:03atte for same area
00:51:05atte we had ward
00:51:07atte there
00:51:09atte and you died
00:51:12atte for that ward
00:51:23atte so that excuse
00:51:46FirstBlood b
00:51:47FirstBlood team
00:51:57creeeeeee rambooo :D:D:D
00:51:58Vangelis go mid
00:51:58Sepetos rosh now
00:52:06infect bs natukene ikka teeb dps :D
00:52:10infect muidu mul bk pipe
00:52:13infect ja wd aa vastu :D
00:52:15atte try take rax
00:52:17infect pole kõige hullem :D
00:52:18Vangelis y
00:52:19Vangelis go mid
00:52:20Vangelis 5
00:52:31Vangelis pudge
00:52:32Vangelis come
00:52:48Smokeer wtf???
00:52:51Smokeer save pudge?
00:52:51mansikka go
00:52:56atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:52:57Sepetos forgot linkens
00:52:59Zagor nice pudge
00:53:08infect strom
00:53:09infect bs
00:53:09Smokeer WHY
00:53:10infect ulti
00:53:17Smokeer bs aa love pudge
00:53:20Smokeer lastgame axe pro
00:53:27Smokeer I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:53:37infect throne
00:53:38Vangelis pudge
00:53:39Vangelis realy
00:53:39infect läheb
00:53:39Vangelis nice
00:53:41Vangelis entry
00:53:41Vangelis I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:53:42Smokeer pudge only early hero
00:53:45Smokeer lategame
00:53:48Smokeer = ....
00:53:53atte :EDDDD
00:54:02Smokeer he gain low str
00:54:04atte dota knowlage by smokeer once again here
00:54:12Smokeer knowlage?
00:54:15Smokeer did i say?
00:54:21Strom gg
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