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Chat log

00:00:18yeW- Lycan.
00:00:18mamyka aa plz for me
00:00:18EyeforanEye omni
00:00:29mamyka swap?
00:00:30Hexar can sm1 thrall and lane whit me?
00:00:33yeW- Ye.
00:00:37mamyka tnx bro
00:00:43Marhalt aa bad motherfucker
00:00:47Hexar need riki
00:00:57yeW- Get me Alche.
00:01:02mamyka oke
00:01:07EyeforanEye get dk/ogre/cyro if good with it
00:01:10yeW- Hmm, could I purple?
00:01:16Casberry OFC
00:01:16Bobeline i can ogre
00:01:18yeW- ^^
00:01:20EyeforanEye do it
00:01:23Casberry picked it for u
00:01:24yeW- Well, pick for purple then.
00:01:25Hexar thrall riki lane is so imba
00:01:25mamyka purp swap?
00:01:27yeW- Yellow.
00:01:29yeW- -clear
00:01:33Marhalt fast
00:01:40mamyka ourp swap?
00:01:41Casberry pick one
00:01:46Casberry u think is good
00:01:46yeW- Rhasta.
00:01:47mamyka one?
00:01:48yeW- -clear
00:01:52yeW- Get Rhasta.
00:01:53Hexar go top thrall riki?
00:01:56yeW- -swap 3
00:02:00Casberry -swap 1
00:02:01EyeforanEye get cyro or rhasta
00:02:01mamyka -swap 3
00:02:04Casberry -swap 4
00:02:06j22koer rasta
00:02:06Bobeline dont want
00:02:07mamyka ty
00:02:09mamyka guys
00:02:10Bobeline i get
00:02:10Bobeline aba
00:02:16j22koer nice
00:02:22Marhalt me bot or top?
00:02:24mamyka lines cap?
00:02:25yeW- AA Ogre top.
00:02:38yeW- Axe woods/pulling.
00:02:50mamyka orange is so low
00:03:05EyeforanEye fb top
00:03:08Marhalt mamyka ur reputation is worst than mine
00:03:13Hexar take
00:03:15Hexar circle
00:03:17mamyka oke will see now
00:03:181m4n5h0w you lose lvl now
00:03:18Hexar so i can mkill
00:03:22Marhalt hope u play good
00:03:23Marhalt :)
00:03:29yeW- SS
00:03:36EyeforanEye good
00:03:37j22koer noo
00:03:39j22koer mamyka
00:03:43Bobeline ss
00:03:48Bobeline ae woods
00:04:01mamyka bad start
00:04:071m4n5h0w pull?
00:04:22Hexar pully
00:04:271m4n5h0w here take
00:04:291m4n5h0w this one
00:04:39Hexar good
00:04:54yeW- ss mid
00:05:46yeW- iuop courier
00:05:47yeW- ye
00:06:001m4n5h0w take
00:06:04Hexar igot tangos
00:06:071m4n5h0w i got no space
00:06:52Hexar rdy to kill
00:07:03Hexar circlew them
00:07:35yeW- ss mid
00:07:39mamyka b
00:07:47mamyka he get illus
00:07:49EyeforanEye go kill top
00:07:58yeW- care
00:07:59yeW- CAREQ§
00:08:03Marhalt riki
00:08:06Hexar take
00:08:06Marhalt oom
00:08:24Marhalt .-.
00:08:30Marhalt miss click and opene menu
00:08:30Marhalt sry
00:08:38Hexar use it now
00:08:39Hexar and faste
00:08:42Hexar that last time
00:09:02j22koer get that chick
00:09:02yeW- ss
00:09:22yeW- ss
00:09:23yeW- care
00:09:23Marhalt ss1
00:09:23yeW- bot
00:09:47yeW- why dontu b
00:09:52yeW- fuckers
00:09:55EyeforanEye SS MID
00:09:56extremewaari too late
00:10:01extremewaari or not
00:10:01Marhalt y
00:10:05EyeforanEye where is chicken?
00:10:051m4n5h0w RE MID
00:10:06Hexar go pull
00:10:11j22koer dunno
00:10:191m4n5h0w omw for mid
00:10:20yeW- wards
00:10:20j22koer only bobelyin knows
00:10:21yeW- pls
00:10:28Bobeline ?
00:10:41j22koer you didnt bought chick
00:10:46Bobeline so?
00:10:49j22koer :D
00:10:49extremewaari bt ss 2
00:10:51extremewaari bot
00:10:53EyeforanEye lol BUY CHICKEN
00:10:57Bobeline we got
00:10:57j22koer rules
00:10:58Bobeline mirana
00:10:59Bobeline and
00:10:59j22koer sry man
00:11:02Bobeline thral
00:11:03Bobeline so ?
00:11:21j22koer last one whos on the team
00:11:23j22koer buys chick
00:11:32EyeforanEye buy chick now bobeline
00:11:37Marhalt illu
00:12:06EyeforanEye BOBELINE BUY CHICKEN
00:12:14mamyka tango plz
00:12:20Hexar chik where?
00:12:27Bobeline i got chiken
00:12:27Bobeline but
00:12:31Bobeline i dont share?
00:12:34Bobeline so GO MAD
00:12:35mamyka ty
00:12:44Bobeline and die happy
00:12:47Bobeline whe n u get
00:12:50Bobeline nce shos
00:12:57Bobeline i will give u a share
00:13:00Bobeline now u arrows is pathetic
00:13:07EyeforanEye read rules.
00:13:13Bobeline dude
00:13:16Bobeline dont pick mirana
00:13:22Bobeline if u not capable to use arrow
00:13:23EyeforanEye haha dont play gc.
00:13:24j22koer :D
00:13:27Bobeline haha
00:13:28j22koer oi abba
00:13:30j22koer cmone
00:13:33j22koer its a team game
00:13:33Bobeline i will not play
00:13:34j22koer shar
00:13:35j22koer e
00:13:36Bobeline here
00:13:37j22koer and support
00:13:39Bobeline when div will on
00:13:41j22koer or go play benet
00:13:45Bobeline i will
00:13:46Bobeline play there
00:13:55Bobeline but no bots are fucked up
00:14:02yeW- gang mid
00:14:031m4n5h0w div nap
00:14:03yeW- ogre
00:14:04yeW- n aa
00:14:06EyeforanEye ooh ur a div player.. fkn bob
00:14:06Bobeline y y
00:14:12yeW- stop farmin
00:14:15Bobeline and u think u play god ?
00:14:171m4n5h0w noob div players
00:14:17yeW- only i should
00:14:241m4n5h0w i got div acc with 15k for fun
00:14:33Bobeline and u skilsl
00:14:35Bobeline is 0%
00:14:36Bobeline ?
00:14:41Hexar ss2top
00:14:46yeW- -ma
00:15:08j22koer ffs
00:15:10j22koer abba
00:15:10Bobeline u are perfect
00:15:10Marhalt maybe gang blue^?
00:15:11Bobeline in ks
00:15:12j22koer fucking hate you
00:15:17Bobeline what u want?
00:15:19Bobeline my shield got cd
00:15:21j22koer shild coil
00:15:22yeW- u have to gang
00:15:23yeW- not me
00:15:41Marhalt buy fuckinward
00:15:53yeW- AA
00:16:09Casberry aa asle3ep
00:16:12yeW- gish
00:16:36Hexar use chiken
00:17:06Marhalt fuck i was skillin
00:17:41Hexar avo
00:17:43Hexar share chik
00:17:46Hexar abo
00:18:18yeW- klill
00:18:20yeW- potm
00:18:20yeW- come
00:18:22Hexar take
00:18:27j22koer ty
00:18:27Marhalt miss click sry
00:18:30Marhalt .-.
00:18:52Marhalt dust
00:19:26Bobeline alch
00:19:37j22koer abba
00:19:37Hexar 3top
00:19:39j22koer cmoen
00:19:411m4n5h0w we will lose to alchi anywa
00:19:43j22koer shar that fuckin
00:19:44j22koer shit
00:19:46j22koer chcik
00:19:54Hexar use ulty
00:20:18Marhalt mamyka
00:20:23mamyka what?
00:20:27Marhalt nothng
00:20:52extremewaari there is triple pull
00:20:59yeW- sweet ^^
00:22:03Marhalt ogre buy wards or i will kill your family
00:22:10yeW- xD
00:22:20Casberry i dont like threats :( but ur right
00:22:28Marhalt :(
00:22:30Hexar invis
00:22:31Marhalt ty
00:22:33Hexar on axe
00:23:13Casberry god ...
00:23:16Casberry im stupid
00:23:22extremewaari 4 top
00:24:321m4n5h0w lol
00:24:41Hexar arrow?
00:24:451m4n5h0w failed
00:24:471m4n5h0w he arrowed
00:24:491m4n5h0w in illu
00:24:52EyeforanEye nah
00:24:53Marhalt on wodota soon
00:25:50extremewaari sd myabe ultiu him=?
00:25:55Hexar leaveit
00:26:071m4n5h0w get alch top
00:26:33j22koer b
00:26:48Bobeline pro arrows
00:27:171m4n5h0w greed
00:27:181m4n5h0w greeed
00:27:18Hexar imo
00:27:21EyeforanEye ooffc
00:27:25EyeforanEye i dont care anymore:D
00:28:57yeW- aw cmon
00:28:59yeW- i ultied
00:29:05mamyka 2late
00:29:12Marhalt always silenced
00:29:17yeW- ye obviously
00:30:06j22koer reg
00:30:141m4n5h0w radi
00:30:58mamyka b
00:30:59mamyka b
00:31:13yeW- tt
00:31:27yeW- that didnt even hit me
00:31:29yeW- zz
00:31:40yeW- fuckin pixels
00:32:031m4n5h0w woods
00:32:31Bobeline -ms
00:32:51Hexar invis
00:33:31yeW- erm..
00:33:37Casberry wtf ..
00:33:59Bobeline b
00:34:40j22koer i dont why i hate that abba so much
00:34:461m4n5h0w ^^
00:35:02yeW- b axe
00:35:04Bobeline because
00:35:06Bobeline mb u are noob?
00:35:09j22koer mby
00:35:11Bobeline who dont got chick share?
00:35:19j22koer it bannable
00:35:23Bobeline i dont care
00:35:25Bobeline fucking ks
00:35:26Bobeline master
00:35:28j22koer ofc you dont
00:35:37Marhalt :D
00:35:38Bobeline i hope , ks is bannable 2
00:35:41Marhalt ups
00:35:41Bobeline but i shared with riki
00:35:41j22koer you are support you dont need kills
00:35:42Bobeline so
00:35:49Bobeline i am MONSTER
00:35:54j22koer nab
00:36:05Bobeline nice farm u got
00:36:06Bobeline dk
00:36:12Bobeline -cs
00:36:24mamyka take gem
00:36:45yeW- rosh
00:37:06yeW- bloodlust
00:37:17j22koer that was not nice
00:37:19Hexar wards?
00:37:35j22koer cant buy
00:37:38j22koer dont have chick
00:37:40mamyka take gem plz some one
00:37:48Hexar share chike or get ban
00:38:02Hexar request on the way
00:38:07Bobeline dont care dude
00:38:13Hexar well dont care if u get ban then
00:38:131m4n5h0w gets ban anyway
00:38:21Bobeline okey
00:38:35j22koer WAT
00:38:351m4n5h0w lolo
00:38:35Bobeline WHYYYY
00:38:35Bobeline I wanted 2 to get free win
00:38:35Hexar if he leave
00:38:35Marhalt u will
00:38:35Hexar then who goes
00:38:35EyeforanEye havnt decided yet
00:38:351m4n5h0w aba for beeing tard
00:38:351m4n5h0w and he wont leave
00:38:35EyeforanEye he still got like 4 min
00:38:35Hexar remember hes name
00:38:351m4n5h0w so 4n5
00:38:35Hexar and send w to strom
00:38:35mamyka axe take radi
00:38:35Hexar and hes baned
00:38:35extremewaari ofc
00:38:35Bobeline BALBALBALBLA
00:38:35Hexar for like 2week or so
00:38:35Bobeline like
00:38:35Bobeline this
00:38:35Bobeline pro players
00:38:35j22koer _D
00:38:35Hexar like this
00:38:351m4n5h0w well this
00:38:351m4n5h0w is 10x better
00:38:35Hexar learn to read rules tard nab
00:38:351m4n5h0w than div league
00:38:35Hexar then come and trash talk
00:38:35Hexar ok
00:38:35Bobeline hmm
00:38:35Hexar 5 player must buy chiken
00:38:35Bobeline y div mb sucks
00:38:35Hexar asap
00:38:35Bobeline i dont care
00:38:35Bobeline played at PDC
00:38:351m4n5h0w haha
00:38:35Marhalt who_
00:38:35Hexar and share it before first creeps come
00:38:351m4n5h0w pdc even worse
00:38:35Bobeline pdc?
00:38:35Bobeline right
00:38:35Hexar i dont care ur tard
00:38:35Hexar so stfu
00:38:35j22koer same as bnet?
00:38:35Hexar k
00:38:35Bobeline there guys
00:38:35Hexar and leave
00:38:35Hexar after he drops
00:38:35j22koer bnet?
00:38:35Bobeline no
00:38:35Hexar u get free win
00:38:35Bobeline i feed
00:38:35Hexar whit points
00:38:35Bobeline KICK SHITHEAD
00:38:35Hexar pause it after
00:38:35Hexar this guy leave
00:38:35Hexar ill to talk strom
00:38:35extremewaari cant
00:38:35Marhalt who leaves
00:38:351m4n5h0w choose
00:38:351m4n5h0w pink
00:38:35EyeforanEye i choose the bob.
00:38:38Hexar ur so baned
00:38:391m4n5h0w aba chosen
00:38:41Hexar he dont leave
00:38:41Hexar so
00:38:41EyeforanEye Abaddon is chosen.
00:38:41Marhalt gtfo
00:38:41extremewaari bobeline u have to leave now
00:38:41Hexar he dont go he told us he will fed
00:38:44Marhalt hes doing great btw
00:38:44Hexar i all ready spoke whit strom
00:38:57Bobeline u should
00:39:01Bobeline dont be so arrogant
00:39:02Bobeline btw
00:39:03extremewaari what?
00:39:04Bobeline pro players
00:39:05EyeforanEye stfu
00:39:07Bobeline with pro arrows
00:39:07extremewaari oh
00:39:09extremewaari he didnt leave
00:39:11Hexar go leave fagot
00:39:12j22koer nope
00:39:14Casberry lol
00:39:15Casberry abba ffs
00:39:18Bobeline What u want
00:39:19Marhalt guys i cant see life and mana bars anymore
00:39:221m4n5h0w heed feeds on purpose now
00:39:24Hexar F tard kinds
00:39:28j22koer where you from?
00:39:29Marhalt why
00:39:36Marhalt guys i cant see bars
00:39:39Hexar russian mofo i am sure
00:39:40j22koer i hope not in estonia
00:39:46Bobeline y y
00:40:05EyeforanEye go finish it
00:40:07Marhalt WHY
00:40:18Bobeline We are going 2 fisnight
00:40:18extremewaari report him
00:40:20Bobeline we are at woods
00:40:21Bobeline dont go there
00:40:36extremewaari jsut leave u idiot
00:40:36Casberry i took hand ok ?
00:40:38Marhalt why i cant see bars
00:40:46Bobeline what a jork
00:40:56j22koer cmone
00:40:58j22koer go balance
00:41:00Marhalt instead of question mark keyboard writes _
00:41:06Marhalt and cant see bars
00:41:17Bobeline We at woods
00:41:18Hexar well we just fast end
00:41:18Bobeline Going bot towers
00:41:24Bobeline bla bal bal
00:41:27extremewaari bobeline just leave
00:41:28Marhalt help me pls
00:41:32Bobeline leave why/
00:41:35Bobeline U lost it alrdy
00:41:36Bobeline so who cares
00:41:44Bobeline Learn 2 play
00:42:02Hexar gem on axe
00:42:11Bobeline Thrall woods
00:42:15Bobeline ogre kill him
00:42:21Bobeline Rape that noob
00:42:25Bobeline care of forcsse taf
00:42:28Bobeline aex get dagg
00:42:29Bobeline ffs
00:42:35Bobeline He at
00:42:38Bobeline he dead
00:42:49Marhalt u read me_
00:43:00Hexar FUcke
00:43:04Hexar fucking fagot
00:43:08Marhalt u read me guys_
00:43:10Bobeline No faggots here
00:43:11Hexar ur live time ban tard fucking uidiot
00:43:22Bobeline y y
00:43:25Bobeline i will start new game
00:43:26Bobeline or new acc
00:43:28Bobeline so what ever
00:43:30Bobeline Pro player
00:43:341m4n5h0w not able
00:43:37Marhalt u read me guys_
00:43:381m4n5h0w to do another acc
00:43:381m4n5h0w here
00:43:43extremewaari y
00:43:50Marhalt i cant see bars wtf happeniing
00:43:51Bobeline then my freidn will cr8 me
00:43:53Bobeline a new one?
00:44:061m4n5h0w love little teanagers playing here
00:44:08extremewaari go options and set em there
00:44:12Bobeline i love
00:44:15Hexar MOfo
00:44:15Bobeline players liek u
00:44:19Bobeline 100% nabs
00:44:24Marhalt and repel_
00:44:36Bobeline Axe go back
00:44:45Marhalt i like this guys
00:45:47Bobeline we coming top
00:45:49Bobeline So be care
00:45:54Bobeline Thrall secttret shop
00:45:54Marhalt >D
00:46:01Bobeline Riki coming mid
00:46:05Marhalt u are a real tard
00:46:05Bobeline Ogre be carefule
00:46:11Bobeline no jsut
00:46:13Bobeline my teammates
00:46:14Bobeline talk shits
00:46:20Bobeline SO i will do a shit game for them
00:46:21j22koer SO SAD
00:46:28j22koer AWW
00:46:32Bobeline RIki mid << <
00:46:33Bobeline RIKI MID
00:47:03Marhalt OMFG URE A JERK
00:47:15Bobeline jerk ?
00:47:18Marhalt yes
00:47:20Bobeline my teammates where troling
00:47:23Bobeline So i am troling now
00:47:26Bobeline having fun
00:47:27Marhalt seems legit
00:47:42Bobeline Dk farming
00:47:43Bobeline our woods
00:47:43Bobeline <<
00:47:49extremewaari bobeline u know u cant play here anymore=
00:47:56j22koer SAD
00:47:56Bobeline dude dont care
00:47:57mamyka go all?
00:47:57Bobeline sad
00:48:07Bobeline we at secret shop
00:48:09j22koer you play well
00:48:12j22koer and now
00:48:12Bobeline Trying rosh
00:48:14Bobeline or smth
00:48:17j22koer you go back to bnet
00:48:24Bobeline I play well ?
00:48:26Bobeline didint u
00:48:28Bobeline sadi get bann ?
00:48:30Hexar Ur shit
00:48:32Bobeline WE rosh
00:48:33mamyka agha dont work on ogre what a joke
00:49:47Marhalt im the one who finds all of this funny_
00:50:05Hexar let them
00:50:06Hexar end
00:50:08Hexar its over
00:50:09Bobeline Arent they told
00:50:14Bobeline they will end it fast?
00:50:14Hexar cant win if this shit fed them
00:50:52EyeforanEye just go mid
00:50:54mamyka b
00:51:01Marhalt stealer!!
00:51:02Marhalt >D
00:51:02Bobeline They going mid
00:51:12Bobeline GOing for FINAL FANTASY 16
00:51:22Bobeline AA go back
00:51:25Bobeline RIki coming
00:51:26Bobeline Mirana 2
00:51:28Bobeline From woods
00:51:30Bobeline care of arrow
00:51:52extremewaari reuse
00:52:08extremewaari wait
00:52:11extremewaari base
00:52:12Bobeline bot incoming
00:52:32mamyka we need gem
00:53:09Casberry fu
00:53:29EyeforanEye we can ff now
00:53:34Bobeline .ff
00:53:38Bobeline .forfeit we NOOBS
00:53:40j22koer you didnt aba
00:53:41j22koer why
00:53:47j22koer give my recipe
00:53:51Bobeline ban u self
00:53:54j22koer fucking kill you
00:53:58j22koer for real
00:54:02Hexar mid
00:54:03Hexar inc
00:54:03Bobeline bla bal bal
00:54:05j22koer i gonna get you ip
00:54:06mamyka mb rosh /
00:54:11Marhalt ask him
00:54:12j22koer fuckig little shit
00:54:15Bobeline and what then ?
00:54:151m4n5h0w -disable help
00:54:18EyeforanEye do it please.
00:54:18j22koer burn your house down
00:54:19Hexar dead
00:54:21Hexar thye come
00:54:21Bobeline y y
00:54:24Bobeline u are so fat
00:54:27Bobeline that u cant move
00:54:32j22koer i can
00:55:20EyeforanEye I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:55:28Bobeline y y
00:55:28Hexar I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:32Marhalt thx for help abba ...
00:55:33Bobeline u should surrendder
00:55:37Bobeline np
00:55:48Marhalt jokin
00:55:51mamyka aba rus?
00:55:56Bobeline no
00:55:56EyeforanEye prob.
00:56:04j22koer russina shit
00:56:07Bobeline y y
00:56:10Marhalt where are u from
00:56:10Bobeline 20 russians
00:56:40Hexar GO end gamne ufck
00:57:04Bobeline TAKE GEM
00:57:22Bobeline so
00:57:23Bobeline where is u end fast?
00:57:28Bobeline dick heads
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