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96% | 1629 X | 1606 TS

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87% | 1527 X | 1445 TS

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78% | 1405 X | 1412 TS

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Chat log

00:00:06McNabb og i to vil gerne ha top lane igen ik?
00:00:13Lafrenzz jo helt fint
00:00:15Skinkemaden måsk
00:00:18Skinkemaden måske ikke
00:00:18TheyCallMeHaci 7 new heroes ?
00:00:22Lafrenzz ok ikk så
00:00:22Skinkemaden 88
00:00:22McNabb 4
00:00:22Lafrenzz xD
00:00:22Maier can u
00:00:22Maier please
00:00:22Maier pick me
00:00:22Maier ember spitrit ?
00:00:22atte want ud_
00:00:22Maier atte, please
00:00:22McNabb ud or pit anyone?
00:00:22atte if he ban it
00:00:22Maier last game had 20:0:9 with it
00:00:22Skinkemaden tager måske enigma
00:00:22Lafrenzz no way pit
00:00:22Maier sick hero
00:00:22atte someone ud_
00:00:22Lafrenzz hvordan ved du vi er danskere :p
00:00:22atte or do i ban
00:00:22Rotkiv pit
00:00:22atte ud
00:00:22McNabb skinkemaden?
00:00:22Maier atte, will u pick xin for me ?
00:00:22Maier they will pick it
00:00:22Maier and he's annoying
00:00:22McNabb lyder ik rusisk
00:00:22Lafrenzz true
00:00:22atte i play it np
00:00:22Skinkemaden lafrenz kan ikke 3+3
00:00:22Mercury ban meepo
00:00:22Maier ..
00:00:22McNabb pudge
00:00:25Soulyah ur mom
00:00:32Maier build bfury and mjoll for him
00:00:35Maier and u own like crazy
00:00:38McNabb pit anyone?
00:00:46Mercury i can
00:00:49Soulyah rotkiv
00:00:51McNabb nice
00:00:51Soulyah tahad pit
00:00:52Soulyah aa
00:00:52Lafrenzz < solo top
00:00:54Soulyah any wishes
00:00:56Rotkiv tahtsin
00:00:56Soulyah ?
00:01:01TheyCallMeHaci what can the new hero do ?
00:01:01Soulyah muuud midagi
00:01:04Soulyah ?
00:01:04atte dazzle
00:01:05Rotkiv ogre
00:01:05atte op
00:01:08Maier can i bot ?
00:01:11McNabb get me lesh
00:01:19Mercury -swap 1
00:01:20McNabb -swap 4
00:01:27TheyCallMeHaci is it a caryy hero ?
00:01:27TheyCallMeHaci or
00:01:27Maier opstii, tule siis boti rene
00:01:30Rotkiv v6ttan sulle voidi?
00:01:30Maier yea
00:01:32Soulyah tra meepoga ei saa siin midagi teha
00:01:34TheyCallMeHaci imba ?
00:01:35Soulyah anna void jah
00:01:39Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:39Maier it's like storm
00:01:41Rotkiv -swap 2
00:01:42Lafrenzz < top
00:01:48TheyCallMeHaci it ake lion ?
00:01:56Skinkemaden dazzle ?
00:01:58McNabb y
00:02:07Mercury lanes?
00:02:08McNabb dazzle
00:02:08TheyCallMeHaci wtF?
00:02:10McNabb go
00:02:11TheyCallMeHaci wher
00:02:11Soulyah u pick so gay heros
00:02:14Lafrenzz pit dazzle
00:02:16Lafrenzz lesh mid
00:02:17Soulyah cant play meepo
00:02:18atte you let em dazzle
00:02:23McNabb pit dazzle bot
00:02:43Maier xin, don't fail
00:02:45Maier -ii
00:02:46Maier -water red
00:02:48Maier -weather rain
00:02:48atte do you max
00:02:50atte 2nd skill
00:02:52Maier no
00:02:54infect going lothars skadi dazzle btw
00:02:55Maier 1st and 3rd
00:02:57atte y what i thought
00:02:59Lafrenzz dont
00:03:03McNabb dont
00:03:05TheyCallMeHaci what is that candy stufF ?
00:03:06infect i just said i will
00:03:07Skinkemaden reg top
00:03:10Soulyah tangos
00:03:12Maier u can kill any hero @ lvl 6
00:03:13Maier :D
00:03:14Lafrenzz arcane boots plz
00:03:16Lafrenzz and meka
00:03:17Maier like thrall
00:03:19Lafrenzz allot need it
00:03:27infect phase
00:03:29infect for damage
00:03:33Soulyah shate chick
00:03:36McNabb dont know that hero:-/
00:03:39Soulyah share
00:03:45atte me first time
00:03:56Soulyah SHARE
00:04:53TheyCallMeHaci sry
00:04:55Soulyah np
00:05:22TheyCallMeHaci new treads good ?
00:05:30Soulyah dno ask them
00:05:31Soulyah :d
00:05:39Lafrenzz share chick
00:06:13Mercury dazzle drunk?
00:06:14McNabb ss
00:06:23Maier rot
00:06:23Maier use
00:06:24Maier ur
00:06:24Maier mana
00:06:39Lafrenzz ss
00:06:52Skinkemaden n8
00:06:54atte smart play
00:07:12Skinkemaden k
00:07:14TheyCallMeHaci haste top
00:07:32atte go
00:07:33atte go
00:07:46atte you guys
00:07:46Skinkemaden atte top
00:07:48atte wtf
00:07:48Skinkemaden hated
00:07:53Lafrenzz re
00:07:54atte warded and all
00:08:05infect ss lion
00:08:10infect re
00:08:15Soulyah tango plz
00:08:22Soulyah ty
00:08:41TheyCallMeHaci tell when you a7re ready
00:08:49Maier ...
00:09:07McNabb ?
00:09:09Skinkemaden rune bot
00:09:14TheyCallMeHaci go
00:09:20Soulyah sec
00:09:25Lafrenzz ss
00:09:25atte gg hotkey
00:09:33Soulyah now we go
00:09:38TheyCallMeHaci 1 xp
00:09:39TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:09:55TheyCallMeHaci LOL
00:09:56TheyCallMeHaci WTF
00:10:02TheyCallMeHaci WHY DID YOU ULTI ?
00:10:03McNabb s mid
00:10:04Soulyah :S
00:10:21McNabb :D
00:10:21atte gg hotkey
00:10:22atte rly
00:10:23Skinkemaden nice
00:10:25atte FUCK
00:10:41Rotkiv topss
00:10:47Soulyah g
00:10:48Soulyah gj
00:10:51TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:10:52McNabb ss mid
00:10:58TheyCallMeHaci eronic ?
00:11:01Soulyah no
00:11:04TheyCallMeHaci k
00:11:14Soulyah dont be
00:11:17Soulyah affraid
00:11:19Soulyah to take kills
00:11:25TheyCallMeHaci k
00:11:33Lafrenzz ss
00:11:35Lafrenzz re1
00:11:35Skinkemaden wait
00:11:36Soulyah rape?
00:11:43Lafrenzz ogre
00:11:43atte this hotkey problem rly bad
00:11:43atte :D
00:11:43Lafrenzz go ogre
00:11:43Skinkemaden i come
00:11:43infect thank you :=
00:11:43McNabb k
00:11:43atte hope
00:11:43Soulyah parampapa
00:11:43atte he will drop so i can fix
00:11:43McNabb Zzzz
00:11:43Skinkemaden you should have waited
00:11:43atte my ulti secondary skill
00:11:43atte needs to be pressed
00:11:43atte with mouse
00:11:43McNabb that saved u
00:11:43McNabb -50x atte:D
00:11:43Soulyah saved who?
00:11:43Lafrenzz :D
00:11:43Soulyah freefarm void
00:11:51Soulyah here
00:11:54Soulyah lion?
00:11:58Maier -ms
00:12:05infect ss 2
00:12:16infect re void
00:12:17Soulyah dazzle
00:12:18McNabb ss mid
00:12:18Soulyah come
00:12:19Soulyah lion
00:13:07atte rofl
00:13:18atte cant do it
00:13:22Skinkemaden got dagger
00:13:23Skinkemaden omw bot
00:13:25atte binds fucked up
00:13:25McNabb k
00:13:39atte got ulti`?
00:14:00Soulyah -afk
00:14:05atte -ma
00:14:07atte -afk
00:14:10McNabb gj
00:14:11atte dont use lion
00:14:15Maier imba shit atte
00:14:16Skinkemaden same
00:14:17Lafrenzz invis
00:14:18Maier u play him well
00:14:19Rotkiv tra miks ta siis ei droppinud ..
00:14:23atte fuck you retard
00:14:30atte if you would realise i have no keys
00:14:35atte there was wards
00:14:38atte and enigma there
00:14:44atte and you cvouldnt come to kill also
00:14:45Maier then dont use your custom shit then
00:14:57atte ...
00:15:06Skinkemaden take em
00:15:15infect :D
00:15:17Skinkemaden ogre
00:15:17Skinkemaden kill em :p
00:15:17McNabb dazzle
00:15:17infect bye
00:15:17atte smart choice
00:15:38Skinkemaden can i boots ?
00:15:39Mercury can i take boots?
00:15:44McNabb HELLO
00:15:45Skinkemaden lol :p
00:16:15McNabb wake up guys
00:16:41McNabb that hero looks retarded atte
00:16:46McNabb or is it just u?:D
00:16:49atte its good but
00:16:51atte no binds
00:17:04Maier cant find bind hotkey ?
00:17:05McNabb i dont use binds at all:D
00:17:32Lafrenzz binds wouldnt save <3
00:17:39atte haha
00:17:50atte totally different game if wouldnt have to use skills with mouse
00:17:52atte you know
00:18:53Soulyah well my farm aint too bad
00:18:57Soulyah but i guess we still lose
00:19:08atte no
00:19:11atte turtle
00:19:15McNabb piut wards
00:19:18McNabb pit
00:21:31Skinkemaden you backed -.
00:21:36McNabb arh
00:22:06McNabb pit take wand
00:22:10McNabb from dazzle
00:22:40McNabb go mid tower
00:22:43McNabb we have to end
00:22:52Lafrenzz have to ?
00:22:58Lafrenzz hex in 800
00:23:05McNabb we lose late
00:23:08Lafrenzz no
00:23:22Soulyah go?
00:23:23McNabb ?
00:23:24atte lol
00:23:25atte oom
00:23:31atte kill bot instead
00:23:36atte GUYS
00:23:38Soulyah lol
00:23:39Soulyah oom too
00:23:40Soulyah :d:D
00:23:43atte jumping in to 2 of them
00:23:48Soulyah didnt have ulti
00:23:49Soulyah was oom
00:24:20Maier oeh
00:25:06atte y
00:25:07McNabb can u come with us guys?
00:25:09Lafrenzz hex rdy
00:25:11Lafrenzz will now
00:25:13Skinkemaden was dead
00:25:13McNabb k
00:25:29atte storm 1hp
00:25:30atte :D
00:25:37Soulyah dont know
00:25:38atte rofl
00:25:38Soulyah where team is
00:25:45atte same 10sec earlier
00:25:47atte than you dead
00:25:56Maier 0:8
00:25:57Maier :D
00:27:07Skinkemaden no ulti btw
00:27:08Soulyah ff
00:27:21Maier dont spam ur ulti atte ..
00:27:26Maier use it to escape
00:27:27Maier and shit
00:28:11Rotkiv I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:15Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:16atte I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:21Maier wp atte
00:28:24Maier I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:26McNabb gg
00:28:27Skinkemaden well
00:28:28Skinkemaden wp
00:28:29Skinkemaden lesh
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