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-2 TS

63% | 1280 X | 1353 TS

-45 X
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61% | 1239 X | 1373 TS

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-1 TS

57% | 1189 X | 1385 TS

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-9 TS

19% | 990 X | 1216 TS

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87% | 1520 X | 1454 TS

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NEW | 980 X | 962 TS

Chat log

00:00:03TOo_LaZy esu
00:00:11zonskass ok
00:00:15zonskass nes jau kambinau
00:00:16zonskass :D
00:00:19zonskass s
00:00:20danstefan bans?
00:00:21danstefan or?
00:00:23danstefan pink
00:00:24yeW- -clear
00:00:25danstefan dont dare to
00:00:25danstefan UNPAUSE ME YOU FOOL
00:00:25yeW- Before you pause, wait until we know who has first pick.
00:00:25JasonStatham da fuq?
00:00:25magaso ble
00:00:25yeW- You fucking cuntface.
00:00:25magaso as girtas
00:00:25Mamo who ban
00:00:25magaso nepasolinsiu
00:00:25TOo_LaZy tu niekam neidomus
00:00:25magaso :D
00:00:25TOo_LaZy urodas
00:00:25zonskass tu neikada nepasolini
00:00:25Mamo go
00:00:25Mamo pls
00:00:25danstefan omg
00:00:25Mamo omg
00:00:25danstefan pick bans?
00:00:25yeW- AM
00:00:25danstefan wtf
00:00:25magaso -naix
00:00:25Mamo go pls
00:00:26zonskass tas robotas zjbs
00:00:38danstefan you call me cuntface jerk?
00:00:38yeW- AM/NAIX banned.
00:00:50Mamo who is am
00:00:57JasonStatham antimage
00:01:07danstefan omg new hero?
00:01:22magaso :DD
00:01:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:33zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:35zonskass \rizz
00:01:40yeW- Get WD.
00:01:43Mamo i pick ogre or
00:01:47TOo_LaZy pasidaryk
00:01:56TOo_LaZy eik is midlo
00:01:57magaso CK
00:02:00yeW- Ogre bot, Alche top.
00:02:02magaso WE DONT NEED MORPH
00:02:03magaso OMFG
00:02:09magaso u fucktard
00:02:09yeW- Jesus.
00:02:10magaso arab
00:02:11magaso now lost
00:02:13yeW- Why no ranged?
00:02:14yeW- -clear
00:02:14magaso kurba nx
00:02:15magaso blet
00:02:16magaso ujzpisa
00:02:17magaso daunai
00:02:19PriMo retard
00:02:19magaso jobani
00:02:22TOo_LaZy iskart buvo aisku kad prapisom
00:02:23danstefan pff they chanced alchemist
00:02:25TOo_LaZy nes tu komandoj
00:02:27TOo_LaZy nice fp
00:02:28yeW- CK bot.
00:02:28TOo_LaZy noob
00:02:30magaso as tai
00:02:31magaso pro
00:02:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:35zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Alchemist [d,e,r,s]
00:02:36magaso nepergyvenk
00:02:47danstefan they made stun less strong
00:02:51danstefan only 4 sec stun now
00:02:59danstefan but they improved farming abiliy
00:03:02TOo_LaZy 100 lt kad uzfailinsi
00:03:04yeW- Ye
00:03:05zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:07TOo_LaZy bet taip ziauriai
00:03:07yeW- 26
00:03:08zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Rizzrak [d,t,c,f]
00:03:11danstefan yeap
00:03:13TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Apmyzt sita baxura [c,g,w,f]
00:03:20danstefan this should make me a imba farmer
00:03:34PriMo mne pohui
00:04:37zonskass HOW WORK THIS SHIT
00:05:26danstefan pff
00:05:27danstefan my bad
00:05:35yeW- SS MID
00:05:52yeW- ss jugger mid
00:06:08danstefan oom?
00:06:11PriMo mp
00:06:38danstefan lol
00:06:58danstefan i am wasting time and money this way
00:07:16TOo_LaZy attack em
00:07:18yeW- ss md
00:07:51magaso ss
00:07:55danstefan zeus got arcane
00:07:55TOo_LaZy use ,mana
00:07:55yeW- ss mid ugger
00:07:56TOo_LaZy omg
00:07:56yeW- re
00:08:00danstefan alomst
00:08:09Debil gj
00:08:39TOo_LaZy :D
00:08:43TOo_LaZy use mana
00:08:44TOo_LaZy pls ?
00:09:09TOo_LaZy tard
00:09:11Aleks875 mid s?
00:09:13Mamo omg
00:09:14yeW- dead
00:09:22yeW- re
00:09:23TOo_LaZy gj
00:09:25Mamo lag
00:09:25yeW- 2 mid
00:09:28Mamo me mouse
00:09:29magaso ss
00:09:36TOo_LaZy why the fuck u go under tower
00:09:42TOo_LaZy and do nothing when no tower
00:09:52Debil b
00:09:53yeW- s mid
00:10:09danstefan who?
00:10:15yeW- jugger
00:10:15PriMo no
00:10:15yeW- ss
00:10:16danstefan eat tree
00:10:28TOo_LaZy PLS
00:10:29TOo_LaZy go
00:10:29TOo_LaZy kill
00:10:31PriMo zeyx
00:10:34TOo_LaZy i cant tank
00:10:44TOo_LaZy GJ
00:10:44danstefan man
00:10:45TOo_LaZy !!!!!!!!!!!
00:10:47PriMo uck
00:10:49Mamo ty
00:10:51danstefan you die from 2 nukes
00:11:11magaso ss
00:11:12magaso b yop
00:11:14TOo_LaZy kill
00:11:17TOo_LaZy got ult
00:11:18Mamo skill
00:11:18Aleks875 go dk
00:11:20Aleks875 hes noob
00:11:28Mamo gang
00:11:58Mamo ulty
00:11:59zonskass thx
00:12:00Mamo use
00:12:01Mamo :D
00:12:08TOo_LaZy i killed wrong
00:12:09TOo_LaZy heroe
00:12:16danstefan ss 2
00:12:19yeW- ye no shit
00:12:20yeW- ol
00:12:44Mamo -ms
00:12:50yeW- wards
00:12:53yeW- ogre
00:13:02danstefan omg
00:13:20magaso sssss
00:13:36TOo_LaZy ateik
00:13:42danstefan oom
00:14:11TOo_LaZy pfff
00:14:18TOo_LaZy no more mana for last spell om
00:14:22zonskass paskaityk kaip mano antras skilas veikia
00:14:28TOo_LaZy nu nx
00:14:30Aleks875 so sad
00:14:32TOo_LaZy uzpisa taip failint
00:14:36yeW- ogre, wards pls
00:14:48TOo_LaZy sdoxni dno
00:14:53zonskass a girdi
00:14:58Aleks875 neadekvat
00:15:07TOo_LaZy i medi taikyt reik
00:15:09TOo_LaZy tave pritrauks
00:15:13TOo_LaZy ir ten pz bus
00:15:26zonskass ok
00:16:09TOo_LaZy nu
00:16:10TOo_LaZy nx
00:16:30yeW- dont do that again.
00:17:07TOo_LaZy nice
00:17:08TOo_LaZy help
00:17:09TOo_LaZy nu pz
00:17:30yeW- bala
00:17:32yeW- use quelling
00:17:34yeW- to cut tree
00:17:35yeW- -clear
00:18:03TOo_LaZy b
00:18:07Mamo luck
00:18:09Mamo omg
00:18:15Mamo lucker
00:18:18danstefan lol
00:18:19danstefan no
00:18:22danstefan i fooled you
00:18:27danstefan made yo uthink i went that way
00:19:00danstefan oom
00:19:01TOo_LaZy .
00:19:02TOo_LaZy bl
00:19:03TOo_LaZy nu kam
00:19:04TOo_LaZy b
00:19:05yeW- my
00:19:06yeW- regen
00:20:02magaso bbd
00:20:04danstefan b
00:20:04magaso idiot
00:21:26Mamo noob
00:21:36PriMo y
00:21:40Mamo sry
00:21:45Mamo no
00:21:47danstefan want tank?
00:21:49yeW- y
00:21:53Mamo noob
00:22:13danstefan i take?
00:22:16yeW- nah
00:22:24danstefan selfish bastard
00:22:26danstefan cuntface
00:22:28TOo_LaZy get tower
00:22:28yeW- lmao ^^
00:22:29TOo_LaZy they down
00:23:17danstefan i must look for the word cuntface
00:23:26danstefan dotn know exactly what it means
00:23:30Mamo fucking
00:23:33Mamo ulty
00:23:35yeW- well
00:23:38yeW- u know what a cunt is?
00:23:46danstefan something bad
00:23:51yeW- well its a pussy ^^
00:23:54danstefan ooh
00:23:55JasonStatham gG
00:24:00danstefan so it fits you perfectly
00:24:05yeW- riiiight?!!
00:24:06danstefan picking aegis
00:24:10yeW- no
00:24:10danstefan what a pussy
00:24:14yeW- literally
00:24:15yeW- pussy
00:24:18Mamo -ms
00:24:19yeW- not someone scared :p
00:24:22Mamo -ms
00:24:46yeW- dudes?
00:25:28yeW- u peopl
00:25:33yeW- gotta stop fingerin urselves
00:26:05PriMo lol
00:26:08Aleks875 lol
00:26:09danstefan zomg
00:26:12danstefan i cant belive this
00:26:13Aleks875 alchim
00:26:13yeW- rofled
00:26:14zonskass :D
00:26:25danstefan =))
00:26:26Aleks875 one hit to new hero
00:26:26PriMo ahha
00:26:29Aleks875 and he run
00:26:32danstefan this Xmass:))
00:26:37danstefan yes
00:26:44danstefan i would of died if i waited for one more hit
00:26:54danstefan i wanted him to die by my fog skill
00:27:00danstefan i had strike
00:27:05danstefan better live than kill and die
00:27:07Aleks875 nm
00:27:09yeW- -ma
00:27:13yeW- wards
00:27:28danstefan plant them brown
00:28:46JasonStatham I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:26magaso lol
00:29:27TOo_LaZy :D:D
00:29:56TOo_LaZy magaso
00:29:57TOo_LaZy tu daunas?
00:30:15TOo_LaZy magaso mh
00:30:27Mamo -ms
00:30:33danstefan brb
00:30:34zonskass pz prikolnas hero, tik manos daxuja reik
00:31:20TOo_LaZy block
00:31:20TOo_LaZy asfd
00:31:20TOo_LaZy g
00:31:23TOo_LaZy 1
00:31:26danstefan brown
00:31:28danstefan i gave you wards
00:32:22JasonStatham i surrender!
00:32:26zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:49JasonStatham go ff
00:33:50JasonStatham its gg
00:33:54TOo_LaZy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:57Mamo I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:01Mamo -ff
00:34:04TOo_LaZy pasiduok zona
00:34:04JasonStatham blue go
00:34:04Mamo !fff
00:34:06Mamo !ff
00:34:08JasonStatham I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:11Mamo .ff
00:34:17Mamo how type
00:34:21JasonStatham u cant see it
00:34:23JasonStatham others can
00:34:25TOo_LaZy I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:28TOo_LaZy just ff
00:34:28JasonStatham i surrender!
00:34:32JasonStatham go blue ff
00:34:34JasonStatham go rmk
00:34:38yeW- uh cmon
00:34:39TOo_LaZy zona
00:34:46TOo_LaZy parasei ff?
00:35:02TOo_LaZy a girdi
00:35:05zonskass ?
00:35:10TOo_LaZy parasyk ff
00:35:14zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:17TOo_LaZy aisku
00:35:33TOo_LaZy as einu
00:35:35TOo_LaZy paruky
00:35:36TOo_LaZy ok ?
00:35:38zonskass ok
00:35:43TOo_LaZy def daryk cia
00:35:45TOo_LaZy kad speciau
00:35:48TOo_LaZy ir vladyk mane
00:35:48zonskass ok
00:35:58zonskass ok
00:36:02danstefan beown
00:36:03zonskass tel snekejau
00:36:05danstefan you sill got my wards
00:36:26danstefan PLANT WARDS
00:37:11danstefan wait me?
00:37:22danstefan i tp
00:37:45magaso I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:47danstefan i am immortal from now on
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