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84% | 1434 X | 1479 TS

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19% | 1038 X | 1227 TS

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21% | 1033 X | 1183 TS

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4% | 811 X | 1137 TS

Chat log

00:00:10mansikka want something?
00:00:18Jaikki gief kunkka
00:00:18keevin ban lycan?
00:00:18keevin or wisp
00:00:18keevin or bat
00:00:18mansikka k
00:00:18keevin or invo
00:00:18keevin xd
00:00:18mrk want lyca?
00:00:18mrk ns
00:00:18GuiTaR riki
00:00:18keevin i can play ns
00:00:18keevin :|
00:00:18keevin decently
00:00:18mansikka lyca
00:00:21mrk ud anyone?
00:00:26keevin no
00:00:31moods i can do pugna
00:00:50mrk sk krobe
00:00:51mrk lina pugna
00:00:54mrk viper ud
00:00:59keevin Axe good against melee
00:01:07keevin + he's buffed
00:01:14keevin oh wait, not so many melee heroes :p
00:01:24Jaikki what ya want
00:01:26mansikka eh
00:01:28keevin ill go ezalor
00:01:28mansikka krob
00:01:29mrk pugna/krobe lina last would be nice
00:01:32mansikka sry
00:01:33mansikka -swap 3
00:01:33Jaikki -swap 1
00:01:44mrk sk is also good
00:02:11mrk lina eza top
00:02:14keevin no
00:02:19keevin me and UD top imo
00:02:21keevin lina bot with riki
00:02:38keevin go agressive.
00:02:38moods y ill babysit riki
00:02:41keevin sure.
00:02:54keevin UD u get meka or me
00:02:54keevin ?
00:03:01GuiTaR u
00:03:04mrk get wards please
00:03:09Jaikki -afk
00:03:12keevin when I have the gold.
00:03:15Jaikki panda pull
00:04:18GuiTaR gj
00:04:23keevin just stealing hte gold and exp
00:04:26GuiTaR y
00:04:30GuiTaR nice
00:05:23mansikka ss mid
00:05:26mansikka re
00:05:49mrk ss
00:05:54mrk ss
00:05:56keevin care
00:05:56keevin ss tp
00:05:58keevin to
00:05:59keevin p
00:06:04mrk re
00:06:23JasonStatham give wood pls
00:06:39keevin spam decay on them
00:06:47GuiTaR k
00:07:11GuiTaR ghj
00:07:17keevin hey
00:07:20keevin u didnt skill decay at all?
00:07:26GuiTaR not yet
00:07:28mansikka miss mid
00:07:29keevin hmm
00:07:29mansikka care bot
00:07:32GuiTaR now i do
00:07:32mansikka b
00:07:33keevin u should always take 1 level of it
00:07:34Shiningstone b
00:07:34keevin at lvl 1
00:07:36keevin or lvl 2
00:07:40Jaikki upgr chicke
00:07:42moods ss bot
00:07:43moods 2
00:07:43GuiTaR first time i play
00:07:50keevin lol
00:07:51keevin :P
00:07:59GuiTaR what skills?
00:08:03keevin go
00:08:05GuiTaR to take?
00:08:08keevin heal decay tomb tomb tomb ulti tomb
00:08:17keevin max tomb
00:08:19keevin at lvl 7
00:08:22moods lal
00:08:23keevin get 1 of decay and heal early
00:08:44keevin b
00:08:44keevin b
00:08:52keevin go
00:08:53GuiTaR tomb max lvl?
00:08:55mansikka pudge still miss
00:08:58keevin max tomb at lvl 7
00:09:02GuiTaR k
00:09:10mrk go
00:09:10mrk go
00:09:10mrk go
00:09:28Banana agg
00:09:34GuiTaR and decay and rip lvl 1
00:09:36GuiTaR ?
00:09:40mrk ss
00:09:40mrk krobe
00:09:42mrk rune
00:09:44keevin yes
00:09:45Shiningstone more defencive stay near tow
00:09:47GuiTaR k
00:09:48keevin he's not here
00:09:50keevin he went mid
00:09:51keevin coming bot now
00:09:54keevin I guess
00:09:55moods who meka?
00:09:56keevin DD rune stored.
00:09:58keevin me meka.
00:10:05mrk b
00:10:06mrk lina
00:10:10mrk u cant fight his ult
00:10:12keevin UD
00:10:13keevin u get
00:10:15keevin vanguard pipe.
00:10:17GuiTaR y
00:10:18GuiTaR wang
00:10:21GuiTaR vang
00:10:24GuiTaR and pipe
00:10:30moods eza meka or me?
00:10:33keevin me
00:10:34moods k
00:10:41moods me hex than?
00:10:46keevin if u can farm it, sure
00:10:49keevin hex is never a bad choice.
00:10:56mrk ss
00:10:59keevin damn I shouldve taken a carry this game.
00:11:04keevin level is quite low
00:11:06mansikka pusge miss
00:11:26mansikka he has rune i think
00:11:49mansikka omg
00:12:05mrk come
00:12:05mrk come
00:12:11Shiningstone brb
00:12:16mansikka sure
00:12:19mansikka b
00:13:09keevin b
00:13:10keevin care.
00:13:19Jaikki -st
00:13:25keevin cd
00:13:54keevin gfj
00:14:09mrk rune wards please
00:14:21keevin Aye.
00:14:24GuiTaR gang?
00:14:27mrk y
00:14:29keevin i'll come.
00:14:54GuiTaR ffs
00:15:13mrk zzzz
00:15:15mrk my bad
00:16:02mansikka rof
00:16:04mansikka l
00:16:07keevin can I have slave
00:16:08keevin salve
00:16:09keevin lina?
00:16:16keevin ty.
00:16:27mansikka XD
00:16:30mansikka new ship
00:16:32mansikka looks cool
00:16:59keevin lol
00:17:01keevin suiciding.
00:17:04JasonStatham yea yea
00:17:04GuiTaR stupid
00:17:05JasonStatham :(
00:17:16GuiTaR new hero i click bad bottons
00:17:25keevin not used to play dota1 anymore :P
00:17:31keevin d2 is way better.
00:17:36GuiTaR its out?
00:17:39keevin beta
00:17:43GuiTaR ahh
00:17:46GuiTaR how is it
00:17:47GuiTaR ?
00:17:49keevin good
00:17:54mansikka rofl
00:17:58keevin but a bit laggy if u dont have a high-end pc
00:18:03GuiTaR k
00:18:06keevin im getting around 40 fps.
00:18:08GuiTaR how can i try
00:18:09GuiTaR ?
00:18:13keevin u need a key.
00:18:21GuiTaR how to get it?
00:18:30keevin dunno
00:18:35keevin i got one from a friend.
00:19:06mrk mana please
00:19:16mrk mana
00:19:20GuiTaR hehehe
00:19:22keevin ah srty.
00:19:22GuiTaR so stupid
00:19:27GuiTaR me ofc
00:19:32mrk gimme
00:19:35keevin had cd
00:19:37mrk y
00:19:54mrk klzalksdsf
00:19:57mrk obvious
00:19:58mansikka oom
00:19:58keevin go b.
00:20:04GuiTaR when is it realeased?
00:20:10keevin the beta?
00:20:10GuiTaR released??
00:20:13keevin some time ago
00:20:14GuiTaR d2
00:20:25GuiTaR when will it be realesed?
00:20:29GuiTaR d2
00:20:38keevin LOL
00:20:39mrk aii kurja
00:20:45Jaikki D_:D:D::DD:
00:20:48keevin XD
00:20:51Jaikki thank you pudge :DDD
00:21:33keevin we need towers..
00:22:01keevin 1 missing there
00:22:02keevin care.
00:22:06keevin 2 ther.e
00:22:07GuiTaR get twr
00:22:10keevin ah gj
00:22:45keevin Tp guys
00:22:57ChrizZLee b
00:23:05mansikka y
00:23:05mansikka b
00:23:19keevin sorry.
00:23:44ChrizZLee +0:9
00:23:48Banana :(
00:23:51Jaikki ruff
00:23:58GuiTaR y
00:24:37moods b
00:25:34mansikka b
00:25:44keevin n1 ;)
00:26:28moods some1 with me forest
00:26:31moods placing obs
00:26:31GuiTaR me
00:26:40keevin Dont go there
00:26:41keevin like that.
00:26:47moods so come
00:26:48mrk -st
00:26:54moods riki scout
00:26:59keevin courier in use 247/
00:27:05keevin i have 2500 gold -.-
00:27:39GuiTaR ffs
00:28:00mansikka b
00:28:03GuiTaR hes oom
00:28:09Jaikki wtf team
00:28:10GuiTaR gj
00:28:18Jaikki why the fuck you chase pudge
00:28:20Jaikki fucking morons :D
00:28:24GuiTaR b
00:28:43ChrizZLee wl get aga
00:28:47ChrizZLee + refresher
00:28:48GuiTaR me bot
00:29:04keevin gg pudge.
00:29:05ChrizZLee pugna..
00:29:05Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:07ChrizZLee wtf
00:29:08keevin well i gotta admit
00:29:12ChrizZLee gwet wards
00:29:12keevin they're totally noob:D
00:29:15ChrizZLee and stop feed
00:29:18mrk rather that
00:29:19mrk ye
00:29:19GuiTaR me too
00:29:23keevin where are u from?
00:29:23Banana go ff
00:29:26GuiTaR serbia
00:29:29mansikka no
00:29:30GuiTaR U?
00:29:33keevin holland
00:29:46keevin found out about this client a few days ago
00:29:49keevin but its rather pubbish
00:29:55mrk it is pub
00:29:59mrk just with stats
00:30:02Jaikki -.-
00:30:35GuiTaR omw
00:30:36mrk -st
00:30:55mrk b
00:31:02mrk b
00:31:19mrk or not
00:31:21mrk he has no items
00:31:26Shiningstone go together
00:31:28Shiningstone ?
00:31:36Jaikki why u dont fight at tower
00:32:47mrk oom
00:33:05keevin want me to recall someone?
00:33:08GuiTaR nice hook
00:33:09mrk tule
00:33:11Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:20ChrizZLee 0:14
00:33:23mrk -st
00:33:26GuiTaR -st
00:33:29Banana not my day
00:33:29mansikka 0:14:1
00:33:30GuiTaR whats that?
00:33:31mansikka :0
00:33:32ChrizZLee people like u should be banned rly
00:33:37mrk shows hook % and str gain
00:33:42GuiTaR ahh
00:33:46mrk only for me
00:33:48GuiTaR what next to buy
00:33:49GuiTaR y
00:33:51GuiTaR i got it
00:33:56keevin pipe vg
00:33:56GuiTaR not so noob
00:33:57keevin tanky stuff
00:34:01keevin get shivas
00:34:01GuiTaR ahh y ipe
00:34:02keevin after
00:34:05GuiTaR k
00:34:16keevin who's using courier all the time
00:34:18keevin for 1 or 2 items.
00:34:31moods go mid all
00:34:39mansikka b
00:34:39mansikka ffs
00:34:46mansikka here
00:34:49Jaikki def base
00:35:40Shiningstone I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:40Banana go ff
00:35:57ChrizZLee I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:32GuiTaR rax
00:37:19moods im b
00:37:30GuiTaR get top
00:37:31Jaikki I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:37mansikka I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:37:40mrk gg
00:37:46moods gg wp
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