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82% | 1441 X | 1445 TS

-6 X
+2 TS

41% | 1126 X | 1278 TS

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+28 TS

28% | 1012 X | 1288 TS

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+2 TS

25% | 1036 X | 1229 TS

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+3 TS

24% | 1002 X | 1265 TS

-21 X
-4 TS

61% | 1282 X | 1327 TS

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-4 TS

62% | 1240 X | 1374 TS

-22 X
-7 TS

35% | 1073 X | 1278 TS

+15 X
-3 TS

34% | 1069 X | 1273 TS

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-5 TS

20% | 964 X | 1248 TS

Chat log

00:00:00edgarass [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 106 seconds.
00:00:13KolleBolle maby stop play on gamenboy
00:00:16mby_next_time emberspirit
00:00:16KolleBolle edgar
00:00:16mby_next_time fucking insane hero
00:00:16KolleBolle support
00:00:16KolleBolle if i dont remember wrong
00:00:16ForbeateN take es for me
00:00:16KolleBolle you can play took good?
00:00:16KolleBolle puck**
00:00:16ForbeateN ember spirit
00:00:16edgarass me never puck
00:00:16edgarass 1 game in gc only
00:00:16KolleBolle ok! well support shuld you play! (= thats the why for ya! =)
00:00:16mamyka ????? ????? ??
00:00:16PriMo ??? ?????? ?????????
00:00:16KolleBolle ban?
00:00:16ForbeateN ban u noob
00:00:16mamyka -tb
00:00:16PriMo tb
00:00:16PriMo ? ????)
00:00:16KolleBolle hmm
00:00:16edgarass ban roof
00:00:16KolleBolle that nre
00:00:16KolleBolle new panda
00:00:16KolleBolle is tard
00:00:16extremewaari xin
00:00:42holostoi pcik roof
00:00:45edgarass i take tuskar
00:00:49holostoi pick roof some1
00:00:49edgarass or roof
00:01:11KolleBolle get pit
00:01:12KolleBolle or smth
00:01:43Banana associated want to swap?
00:01:45extremewaari and pit now
00:01:45edgarass shit battery dead
00:01:45ForbeateN chicken
00:01:50edgarass pause replace battery
00:01:50extremewaari so we can push
00:01:50edgarass pls
00:01:53KolleBolle pit/tuskzeus
00:01:58ForbeateN k
00:01:58KolleBolle banan what can you play!?
00:01:58edgarass goodf
00:01:58KolleBolle pit isnt to hard?
00:01:58Banana hmmmz
00:01:58ForbeateN we have nice heroes
00:01:59mamyka ?????,
00:02:01mamyka lines?
00:02:11KolleBolle gett pitt
00:02:12KolleBolle gj
00:02:18PriMo ??? ???
00:02:26PriMo )
00:02:32mamyka ?? ?? ??? ? ???? ????
00:02:43PriMo ck
00:02:43mamyka sk go bot i put wards only
00:02:46PriMo down
00:02:46KolleBolle pugna pit toip
00:02:48KolleBolle good comb
00:02:49KolleBolle o
00:02:57extremewaari -afk
00:03:03extremewaari -afk
00:03:08ForbeateN take
00:03:10ForbeateN try fb
00:03:35edgarass ss
00:04:13mby_next_time i seee cool lane on bot.
00:04:23mby_next_time -hhn
00:04:24mby_next_time -clear
00:04:55KolleBolle losy yarget :S
00:04:57KolleBolle target
00:05:14ForbeateN kill viper lvl 3
00:06:50extremewaari share chicken
00:07:14edgarass ss crix
00:07:21edgarass inc mid
00:07:29PriMo ss
00:07:50PriMo re
00:07:53edgarass ss crix
00:08:06edgarass mid care
00:08:18PriMo s
00:08:37KolleBolle b
00:08:37KolleBolle b
00:08:38KolleBolle b
00:08:38mby_next_time gj.
00:08:44KolleBolle 2
00:08:45KolleBolle there
00:08:57ForbeateN ss
00:09:08mby_next_time i tp top in mmt
00:09:10mby_next_time wait me
00:09:17edgarass ss crix
00:09:24PriMo ss
00:09:29PriMo re
00:09:32mby_next_time i come
00:09:51PriMo ss
00:09:53mby_next_time AHAHAH
00:10:06mby_next_time my hotkey
00:10:07mby_next_time fucked
00:10:12Banana wtf pugna
00:10:14Banana 3 kills
00:10:25holostoi i failed too)
00:10:25mamyka sk noob?
00:10:34mby_next_time well sr my hotkeyy...
00:11:01edgarass treant build?
00:11:11KolleBolle check what heros they got
00:11:18KolleBolle and biuld after that
00:11:49holostoi ss
00:11:58KolleBolle you need hp armor
00:12:00KolleBolle this game
00:12:06ForbeateN gank
00:12:26KolleBolle miss????
00:12:37ForbeateN go
00:12:40KolleBolle 3 bott
00:12:41edgarass have yulti go if hero
00:12:44KolleBolle care
00:12:48KolleBolle and rhasta gang
00:12:53KolleBolle insted of farm?
00:12:57mamyka 3
00:13:14ForbeateN b
00:14:21ForbeateN dust
00:15:12mamyka go
00:15:18edgarass have ulti
00:15:51PriMo )
00:16:09PriMo bp
00:16:41ForbeateN kill vipe
00:16:49edgarass b
00:16:58extremewaari lets push
00:17:05KolleBolle y need to push
00:17:08ForbeateN .b
00:17:20ForbeateN ulti?
00:17:46ForbeateN nice ulti magnus
00:18:51extremewaari b
00:19:14mby_next_time fucking cant believe it
00:19:50extremewaari b
00:19:51KolleBolle b
00:20:14extremewaari my'
00:20:31KolleBolle care
00:20:32Banana kill
00:20:47ForbeateN lol
00:20:48KolleBolle hahahhahah
00:20:49KolleBolle 'HAHAHHA
00:20:49ForbeateN nab
00:20:49mamyka OMG
00:20:50KolleBolle HAHAHHAHA
00:20:51KolleBolle HAHHAHA
00:20:57mby_next_time yep.
00:21:08ForbeateN .ward
00:21:10ForbeateN illu
00:21:40edgarass top tower
00:22:18edgarass b
00:22:23KolleBolle ulti
00:23:25ForbeateN care
00:23:52associated b
00:23:52associated b
00:25:01edgarass plan?
00:25:04KolleBolle rdy
00:25:05KolleBolle bot
00:25:06KolleBolle omw
00:25:16Banana lets take raxes
00:25:41ForbeateN b
00:25:44holostoi no share chik?
00:25:49ForbeateN mirana
00:25:50mby_next_time used me
00:25:53mamyka go
00:25:55mby_next_time = no shar efor team
00:26:24mamyka lf 'nj gbpltw
00:26:27mamyka ?? ??????
00:26:57extremewaari b
00:27:04ForbeateN 10 hp everyone
00:27:06mamyka ? ??????? ? ????
00:28:01mamyka ?????? ?? ???? ??????
00:28:03edgarass b
00:28:05PriMo lf
00:29:23mamyka rubick mb buy dust?
00:30:13extremewaari ffs
00:30:13KolleBolle omfg
00:30:18extremewaari treant u have fi
00:30:21extremewaari fullhp
00:30:22KolleBolle wtf you blind kines do
00:30:28KolleBolle its edgar
00:30:36KolleBolle what do you think
00:30:39PriMo share
00:30:42extremewaari we have to only push
00:30:46Banana yep
00:30:47mby_next_time someone used me
00:30:51extremewaari we dont ned
00:30:52mby_next_time i dont give a fuck who
00:30:52PriMo pohyu
00:30:55extremewaari need farm
00:31:13ForbeateN go push
00:31:14ForbeateN ppl
00:31:16ForbeateN go mid
00:31:18edgarass mana
00:31:18ForbeateN no towers..
00:31:24PriMo vards
00:31:58ForbeateN CRIXA
00:31:59ForbeateN u noooob
00:32:03ForbeateN STUNNN
00:32:03KolleBolle help
00:32:04KolleBolle ok
00:32:05KolleBolle I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:05ForbeateN USE STUN NOOB
00:32:06KolleBolle now
00:32:07KolleBolle all
00:32:07mby_next_time USED
00:32:09mby_next_time FUCKING SHUT UP
00:32:12ForbeateN u suck
00:32:20KolleBolle edgar
00:32:26KolleBolle dident you fucking laern smtg
00:32:28mby_next_time you're funny kid.
00:32:28KolleBolle last game
00:32:31mby_next_time go rage somewhere else
00:32:38mamyka u are noob kid sk\
00:32:52mby_next_time noob kid?
00:32:53KolleBolle refill mana hp and pusg mid
00:32:53PriMo vards buy
00:32:56KolleBolle ALLLLLL DO that
00:33:01mby_next_time oh i feel so offended
00:33:13ForbeateN go mid
00:33:23KolleBolle fuck
00:33:23KolleBolle oit
00:33:30ForbeateN come al
00:33:38mamyka i need reg
00:33:45mby_next_time ping more kid.
00:33:50mby_next_time ge.
00:34:07mamyka ??????
00:34:38ForbeateN .WTF U RUN
00:34:39ForbeateN noobs
00:34:46ForbeateN what a team
00:34:48ForbeateN oMG
00:34:54associated ward rape
00:35:00mamyka ???? ??? ???? ????
00:35:00associated :-)
00:35:11ForbeateN focus rhasta and win
00:35:11mamyka noob cap=crap game
00:35:16extremewaari b
00:35:20ForbeateN then listen to me
00:35:20extremewaari b
00:35:22extremewaari b
00:35:29ForbeateN defend hello
00:36:20KolleBolle edgar full hp
00:36:23ForbeateN crixa
00:36:23KolleBolle :D
00:36:25ForbeateN share
00:36:26ForbeateN or bann
00:36:27extremewaari ofc
00:36:29mby_next_time go bann
00:36:30mby_next_time kid
00:36:33mby_next_time you used me
00:36:34ForbeateN ok
00:36:37mby_next_time i dont give a fuck who
00:36:37ForbeateN i didnt
00:36:39KolleBolle tp mid
00:36:40ForbeateN use u..
00:36:40KolleBolle def
00:36:41KolleBolle now
00:36:42mby_next_time dont give a fuck
00:36:44Banana he thinks he is ranged
00:36:47mby_next_time go try banning
00:36:47ForbeateN banned
00:36:55mby_next_time np you wont get it
00:37:03holostoi b
00:37:06ForbeateN haah
00:37:12mamyka FUCKIN NOOB
00:37:13mby_next_time why b?
00:37:17mby_next_time answer?
00:37:21mamyka why dont start?
00:37:22extremewaari lets push bot
00:37:27KolleBolle why not mid!?
00:37:28extremewaari ulti rdy
00:37:34Banana bopt twr low
00:37:37extremewaari yea
00:37:39ForbeateN go botom
00:37:39ForbeateN all
00:37:40ForbeateN push
00:39:53edgarass got pipe
00:39:58KolleBolle all now togehter!?
00:40:26ForbeateN they have strong pushing heroes..
00:40:33KolleBolle w8 all
00:40:37mby_next_time good time to see that.
00:40:38mamyka we have noob playes
00:40:44ForbeateN yes
00:40:44mby_next_time playes ?
00:40:46mby_next_time kk
00:40:47KolleBolle edgar
00:40:49mamyka players
00:40:50KolleBolle braind dead cunt
00:40:54mamyka u main
00:41:11mamyka ??? ?????
00:41:12mby_next_time you are main noob of the team you mean?
00:41:28holostoi arc
00:41:33edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:38mamyka dust
00:41:42edgarass mana
00:42:01mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:08mamyka ????? ?????
00:42:13PriMo ? ????
00:42:16mamyka +
00:42:16PriMo ???? ?????
00:42:30PriMo ????? ????
00:42:54ForbeateN I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:01PriMo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:04edgarass wp rhasta
00:43:05ForbeateN rhasta won game
00:43:07ForbeateN rest noobs
00:43:22KolleBolle you wasent that got nighter! :P
00:43:58ForbeateN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:02Banana viper wait i tele
00:44:02PriMo jaus ff
00:44:03KolleBolle Edgar was tard like always! rest did well!! (=
00:44:19Banana ah nvm
00:44:45KolleBolle this the your bould is ok!
00:44:46mamyka ????????? ?????? ?????? ? ?????? ???? ? ????? ????3-3 ??? ?????? ????
00:44:59KolleBolle pipe was enough! then whiva and then refresher
00:45:02KolleBolle would be better
00:45:07KolleBolle but its better the last
00:45:21PriMo ????? ?? ?? ??????
00:45:35mamyka ?? ?????? ?????\
00:45:43PriMo ?? ?? ?????????
00:46:07mby_next_time ^^
00:46:13ForbeateN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:04ForbeateN This hero is so strong :D
00:47:27mamyka ?????? ?????? ??? ?????? ????????? ??????
00:48:04PriMo ?? ?????????
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