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Chat log

00:00:19xenix- ban void or slark
00:00:19GuiTaR i want cm
00:00:19Idx thafuck teams
00:00:19chodaboy ok
00:00:19chodaboy ban roof
00:00:19chodaboy get void!
00:00:19GuiTaR Ban pls
00:00:19xenix- or ban pl
00:00:19chodaboy easiest way to iwn
00:00:19GuiTaR ban riki
00:00:19chodaboy guitar
00:00:19chodaboy u can veno?
00:00:19PinaryB ban
00:00:19GuiTaR not so good
00:00:19chodaboy eey
00:00:19chodaboy man
00:00:19chodaboy wake pu
00:00:19Maier phoenix
00:00:19GuiTaR playe d a game before
00:00:19Idx ?
00:00:19chodaboy get void
00:00:19xenix- idx get void ill support u with zeus
00:00:19GuiTaR not so bad but i dont like it
00:00:19Idx tree
00:00:19Idx treand
00:00:19chodaboy void
00:00:20GuiTaR take riki
00:00:25chodaboy void
00:00:28chodaboy =win
00:00:29chodaboy napgame
00:00:41GuiTaR me cm
00:00:45Maier now take decent heroes please
00:00:48GuiTaR u choda?
00:00:48chodaboy y
00:00:52xenix- void needs to be much ganged
00:00:53chodaboy go cm
00:01:00GuiTaR good
00:01:00PIMP rly?
00:01:01PIMP :D
00:01:03chodaboy u and me bot
00:01:04chodaboy -hhn
00:01:05chodaboy -di
00:01:06chodaboy void
00:01:07Idx if some1 could play sk
00:01:07chodaboy go mid
00:01:08xenix- y if not its gg
00:01:08GuiTaR i wnted to tell u to pick slard
00:01:10Idx or enigma
00:01:18Maier against pl
00:01:21Arzyfex any wish, what I should pick?
00:01:21Maier easy shit
00:01:24Idx tiny lina veno
00:01:28chodaboy ofc
00:01:29Maier get
00:01:30Arzyfex is tiny ok?
00:01:30Maier tiny
00:01:30Idx zeus is nice
00:01:31Maier lina
00:01:32Maier veno
00:01:34Maier engima
00:01:35chodaboy CM WITH ME
00:01:40chodaboy CM
00:01:41chodaboy COME
00:01:42GuiTaR omw
00:01:45Maier supaplex
00:01:46Idx thank god they got sniper last
00:01:46Maier buy chicken
00:01:47xenix- y with agha
00:01:48Maier it's rules
00:01:49xenix- is ok
00:01:49Idx goodies for us
00:01:53Maier -ii
00:01:55Maier -water red
00:01:55Idx lina or veno imo
00:01:55GuiTaR kupi kokosku
00:01:57Maier -weather rain
00:02:00Idx or sile
00:02:02PinaryB or nigma
00:02:03Idx sile is also good
00:02:10GuiTaR sto si uzeo prvu magiju
00:02:16PIMP -hhn
00:02:16GuiTaR budzi drugu i trecu
00:02:16Carna we have no tank
00:02:16PIMP -di
00:02:18Maier wr might mid too
00:02:21Maier but dno
00:02:21GuiTaR ta na kraju
00:02:23chodaboy top dont feed
00:02:24chodaboy and we win
00:02:27chodaboy stay back
00:02:31chodaboy when someone says mid
00:02:32chodaboy miss
00:02:36chodaboy u go to tower
00:02:37Idx there wasnt any really
00:02:38chodaboy and hide
00:02:43Idx tree and slardar
00:02:43chodaboy u listen?
00:02:49Arzyfex ofc sir
00:02:53SuPaPleX ?
00:02:56chodaboy lets win!
00:02:59Maier sniper
00:02:59Maier top
00:03:02Maier you go top
00:03:05GuiTaR top lazo
00:03:20Idx get wards up soon
00:03:35chodaboy cm pull
00:03:59chodaboy CM PULl
00:04:00chodaboy pls
00:04:12GuiTaR i cant
00:04:29Idx dont
00:04:32Idx good
00:04:37GuiTaR fistrt time i pull
00:04:45chodaboy well done
00:04:51chodaboy just keep pullin
00:04:54chodaboy and lvl 3 we kill
00:04:57GuiTaR k
00:05:24chodaboy pull again now
00:05:27GuiTaR k
00:05:33chodaboy PLS
00:05:38chodaboy can u listen
00:05:44GuiTaR i pull
00:05:55chodaboy then go aroudn
00:06:09chodaboy u have frost aight?
00:06:16GuiTaR y
00:06:21Idx fj
00:06:37chodaboy GO AROAUNd
00:06:41GuiTaR k
00:06:50Idx dont pull too much
00:06:53Idx cant do shit
00:06:59chodaboy for fuck sake
00:07:04xenix- k
00:07:04chodaboy can u pls listen to me
00:07:05GuiTaR im new
00:07:05Arzyfex top miss
00:07:08chodaboy U PULL AND GO AROUND WOODS
00:07:09Arzyfex sorry
00:07:14GuiTaR i got it now
00:07:19Arzyfex pl re
00:07:23Arzyfex sk too
00:07:29Maier MISS MID
00:07:33PinaryB ss mid
00:07:35Maier b
00:07:44PIMP ss
00:07:49Maier re
00:07:57chodaboy oull
00:07:58chodaboy pull
00:08:00GuiTaR k
00:08:00chodaboy then go around
00:08:00GuiTaR k
00:08:01GuiTaR k
00:08:03GuiTaR k
00:08:06GuiTaR i got it
00:08:07chodaboy NOW
00:08:18Arzyfex sniper plz
00:08:39Maier MISS MID
00:08:40PinaryB kill bot
00:09:04chodaboy ff
00:09:06Idx ss
00:09:15GuiTaR ffs
00:09:16chodaboy dont play dota
00:09:16GuiTaR ff
00:09:17chodaboy again
00:09:19chodaboy u fucking noob
00:09:24PinaryB ss mid
00:09:33GuiTaR i never done this befeore
00:09:35GuiTaR sry
00:09:37chodaboy dont play
00:09:38chodaboy anymore
00:09:44GuiTaR fu
00:09:46Idx tiny still ss
00:09:47chodaboy u suck
00:09:49chodaboy really man
00:09:50GuiTaR i dont care
00:09:57GuiTaR its bot my life
00:10:01GuiTaR i play for fun
00:10:05Idx re
00:10:07GuiTaR not
00:10:11GuiTaR w8
00:10:11Arzyfex top miss 2
00:10:17Maier Losing is fun for you :DF
00:10:22Maier ?
00:10:35Arzyfex wr miss top
00:10:35Maier MID MISS
00:10:47chodaboy OMFg
00:10:47PIMP omfg
00:10:52xenix- y
00:10:52Idx sk gank mid
00:10:56GuiTaR good
00:10:57chodaboy PULL
00:10:58chodaboy PULL
00:11:00GuiTaR k
00:11:11Arzyfex top miss sk
00:11:32Arzyfex pl miss
00:11:53Arzyfex plre
00:11:59xenix- ulti rdy
00:12:03PinaryB ofc
00:12:03xenix- need 1 stun
00:12:25Maier MISS MID
00:12:25chodaboy SS BOT
00:12:26chodaboy 2
00:12:39PinaryB go
00:13:06Idx ss tiny
00:13:12chodaboy go raound
00:13:13chodaboy now
00:13:30chodaboy cm
00:13:36GuiTaR omw
00:13:55PIMP omfg
00:13:56PIMP what an oob
00:14:04GuiTaR hlp me
00:14:07GuiTaR im low on hp
00:14:13Carna stfu u feed since the start$*
00:14:34Maier mid again
00:14:34Maier come
00:14:36Maier choda
00:14:38Carna plus it was rentable
00:14:42Carna u just sucks to not assist
00:14:52Carna u r the noob here 04 ..
00:15:39GuiTaR imb
00:16:11Idx buy wards some1
00:16:39xenix- if we gang then i buy
00:16:40xenix- np
00:16:45xenix- just go gang
00:16:49Carna then buyy
00:17:29chodaboy omw bot
00:17:30chodaboy mid
00:17:33chodaboy GO PL
00:17:41GuiTaR ffs
00:17:42GuiTaR ffs
00:17:42GuiTaR fs
00:17:43GuiTaR sf
00:17:43GuiTaR sf
00:17:58GuiTaR gang
00:18:39Carna wtf
00:18:41Carna nonbe come
00:18:52chodaboy U DONT FARM
00:18:52GuiTaR ?
00:18:56chodaboy and u dont buy phaseboots
00:18:58GuiTaR leave me
00:19:00chodaboy good lord
00:19:01chodaboy u suck dick
00:19:02GuiTaR alone
00:19:04GuiTaR and play
00:19:10Carna get mid
00:19:11chodaboy u wanna get lifetime ban?
00:19:11Carna wtf
00:19:12xenix- for what i bought vision if no one gang ?
00:19:17GuiTaR why
00:19:18Carna shut up and biuy wxtf
00:19:24GuiTaR for buying phase boots :)
00:19:25GuiTaR lol
00:19:29xenix- gang
00:19:38Maier it's called a skillban
00:19:59chodaboy kill
00:20:00chodaboy wait
00:20:25xenix- omfg
00:20:36xenix- noob silencer
00:20:38GuiTaR ffs
00:21:02GuiTaR b
00:21:03GuiTaR b
00:21:03GuiTaR b
00:21:20GuiTaR what to buy?
00:21:24Maier wards
00:21:26Maier upgrade chicken
00:21:33Maier and get a bkb
00:21:35xenix- guys gang
00:21:36Maier or blink
00:21:44PinaryB coming
00:21:58Maier need dust
00:21:59Maier for him
00:22:06Carna cant sutn b wtf
00:22:16chodaboy WARDS CM
00:22:18chodaboy OR BAN
00:22:21GuiTaR bought
00:22:22GuiTaR fu
00:22:24chodaboy PLACE
00:22:26GuiTaR ban me if u can
00:22:30chodaboy NOT DOING ANY GOOD
00:22:36GuiTaR fu
00:22:39chodaboy u suck
00:22:40chodaboy really
00:22:41GuiTaR place them
00:22:44chodaboy worst fucking player ive seen
00:22:44GuiTaR fu
00:22:54Maier guitar, start supporting please
00:22:59GuiTaR k
00:23:05GuiTaR where to put them?
00:23:14xenix- come
00:23:19Maier runespots
00:23:22GuiTaR how?
00:23:27Maier on top
00:23:28GuiTaR i cant see
00:23:29Maier of the hill
00:23:42Idx wards please
00:23:52Carna push tower
00:23:59chodaboy DEF
00:24:06xenix- nortom get 4 wards !!!
00:24:33GuiTaR no
00:24:52GuiTaR lol
00:25:04PIMP nice
00:25:04xenix- omg
00:25:06PIMP all rest
00:25:06PIMP nice
00:25:23GuiTaR lets place void
00:25:34GuiTaR i take chick to hlp
00:25:38GuiTaR ffs
00:25:43GuiTaR i was typing
00:25:44GuiTaR aaaah
00:25:46Maier gj
00:25:50Idx get the fucking wards
00:26:00Idx every1 got the gold
00:26:01Idx wtf guys
00:26:10chodaboy get midtower
00:26:12Idx had 100 mssing from relic
00:26:14xenix- i bought 1st 4 wards
00:26:21xenix- lastpick did never
00:26:25Idx then get 4 more
00:26:29Idx more wards more x
00:26:46Maier got ult
00:26:48GuiTaR omz
00:26:50GuiTaR omw
00:27:19Idx zeus care to get some wards now?
00:27:21Idx sile?
00:27:21Maier BACK
00:27:21GuiTaR b sniper
00:27:22Idx sk?
00:27:23Maier sniper
00:27:48xenix- idx u dont read ??? i bought 1st 4 wards .. lastpick did never !
00:27:50Carna where is the team ?
00:27:52Idx so what
00:28:07Carna god
00:28:07PIMP :D:D:D:D
00:28:09Idx nice luck there
00:28:15Carna pfff
00:28:16PIMP :D:D:
00:28:21Carna what this wr
00:28:21Maier agreed
00:28:24Idx 1 miss 1 evade and first hit bash
00:28:24Carna !ff
00:28:34chodaboy thats life
00:28:35Maier kleave top
00:28:37Maier please ?
00:28:39Carna I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:40chodaboy tiny let me top pls
00:28:43Arzyfex kk
00:28:44chodaboy thx
00:28:47Carna ! i surrender
00:28:51Carna oh well
00:28:54Maier slardar
00:28:54Maier blink
00:29:01Maier asap
00:29:04xenix- noob sk#
00:29:09Carna shut up u
00:29:19Idx get wards retards
00:29:32GuiTaR gan
00:29:33GuiTaR g
00:29:47Maier ty
00:29:50Maier fucking tiny
00:29:51Maier idiot ?
00:29:55Carna tio much stun
00:30:01Carna each oif the can stun,
00:30:24Arzyfex sorry startet toss before I got stunned and then I couldnt stop
00:30:27Arzyfex sorry 4 that
00:30:41chodaboy got dagger bkb
00:30:47GuiTaR good for u
00:30:51Idx and one for wr for getting wards
00:30:54chodaboy and not u?
00:30:58GuiTaR where to put more wards
00:31:13GuiTaR k
00:31:37GuiTaR iniv
00:31:47Maier let me scout
00:31:55xenix- void invi
00:31:58xenix- care
00:32:05PIMP gg
00:32:13Maier top i farm
00:32:15Maier leave it to me
00:33:06Carna wtf
00:33:21Carna just ff
00:33:28PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:28Carna u made a monster down
00:33:41chodaboy dont gank plix
00:33:50Carna like we can ..
00:34:04PIMP ]go ff
00:34:08Carna I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:11PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:12Maier guitar
00:34:16Maier this ward is shit
00:35:02GuiTaR well u dont have anything better
00:35:14GuiTaR if u want u can buy and place some
00:35:26GuiTaR i dont know how to do bvetter
00:35:42SuPaPleX kako smara ovaj lik sa senkama
00:35:43Maier watch and learn
00:35:51GuiTaR oh pls
00:36:03GuiTaR great and wise one
00:36:18Idx -afk
00:36:25Maier make vladi someone
00:36:39Arzyfex k I will
00:36:43chodaboy jmp tiny
00:37:32GuiTaR jebi se lazo
00:37:37GuiTaR nemoj to da radis
00:37:41GuiTaR to je za ban
00:37:46Idx tp and b
00:38:08xenix- sniper farming woods
00:38:15Idx idiot
00:38:16Idx ffs
00:38:45PinaryB gather up mid
00:38:45Maier slard
00:38:45Idx mid
00:38:46Idx all
00:38:46Maier get a gem
00:38:52chodaboy lol
00:38:54GuiTaR no room
00:39:02chodaboy tiny jump pwith me
00:39:03xenix- ill smoke ?
00:39:09Arzyfex whre?
00:39:11Idx go
00:39:11chodaboy i engage
00:39:14Maier serbia
00:39:15chodaboy u follow
00:39:17Arzyfex k
00:40:03Carna push
00:40:05xenix- go mid
00:40:06chodaboy tiny
00:40:09xenix- go go
00:40:12GuiTaR b
00:40:12PIMP -ms
00:40:12GuiTaR b
00:40:13GuiTaR b
00:40:13chodaboy i teach u one thing now
00:40:15xenix- void dead
00:40:18xenix- rest is noob
00:40:18chodaboy stun + toss
00:40:26PIMP top ?
00:40:26chodaboy not toss and stun
00:40:26GuiTaR slardar are u the teacher?
00:40:27Idx top now
00:40:28chodaboy for fuck sake
00:40:40chodaboy GO WIN
00:40:44chodaboy and void wtf did u do+
00:40:45Maier sniper is fucking useless too
00:40:51Maier got shackled
00:40:54chodaboy DAMN UR WINNING
00:40:57PinaryB b fast
00:41:06Idx by winning
00:41:20Carna i wonde8 daggue8 o8 bkb
00:41:26chodaboy go rosh all
00:41:32chodaboy wait for me
00:41:40PinaryB gather for mid
00:41:40xenix- next smoke ?
00:41:41Idx still wards would own
00:41:49chodaboy spell rosh
00:41:51chodaboy i come ulti
00:42:03xenix- gather
00:42:14Maier itake ?
00:42:15xenix- ior push mid then smoke ?
00:42:17Idx any1 making vlads?
00:42:35Idx under our tower
00:42:41PIMP sec need mp
00:43:31PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:32PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:33Idx sk
00:43:39Carna yeah miussed ulti
00:43:41Idx you just lost a tripple
00:44:08xenix- lol
00:44:52Maier regen and go bot
00:45:57Idx toghether
00:45:57xenix- gather
00:45:58Idx 5
00:45:58Idx guys
00:46:07Idx rly?
00:46:10Idx you got dagger
00:46:11Idx sand
00:46:13Idx and burrow
00:46:16Idx but you run
00:46:23PIMP gg
00:46:23Carna he got dagguer and ios ulty
00:46:23PIMP I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:24Idx I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:38Carna and wards
00:47:03Carna fuck this i had agha
00:47:44PIMP gg
00:47:50xenix- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53xenix- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:58xenix- ff guys
00:48:14Carna rofl
00:48:50Idx da fuck
00:49:08Idx ........
00:50:01Carna pour racks
00:50:05chodaboy why u make ac tiny
00:50:09chodaboy lalz
00:50:17GuiTaR oh stfu
00:50:21GuiTaR ure so boring
00:50:22chodaboy stfu nap
00:50:33GuiTaR stop telling people what oto do buy sell
00:50:39Idx just another fat void
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