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-52 X
-2 TS

38% | 1021 X | 1365 TS

-20 X
-2 TS

34% | 1097 X | 1251 TS

-27 X
-1 TS

32% | 984 X | 1358 TS

+5 X
-1 TS

25% | 997 X | 1279 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

24% | 967 X | 1301 TS

+13 X
+2 TS

82% | 1381 X | 1486 TS

+54 X
+4 TS

63% | 1194 X | 1439 TS

+40 X
+16 TS

44% | 1147 X | 1279 TS

-34 X
+1 TS

14% | 918 X | 1229 TS

+33 X
+5 TS

9% | 968 X | 1107 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Banana RD
00:00:080Xxo0_o rd
00:00:08LetItBe -rd
00:00:16LetItBe aa
00:00:16xenix- now ban
00:00:16Nickless i can es
00:00:16Guf lycan
00:00:160Xxo0_o -
00:00:16LetItBe AA LYCAN
00:00:25Banana go pick
00:00:32LetItBe give me riki
00:00:43LetItBe take wl
00:00:45LetItBe and give me sniper
00:00:47LetItBe give me sniper
00:00:52LetItBe sniper for me
00:00:53Nickless k
00:01:03LetItBe -swap 3
00:01:09Nickless -swap 1
00:01:12Nickless -clear
00:01:210Xxo0_o give me potm ?
00:01:27LetItBe wl ogre
00:01:28LetItBe wl ogre
00:01:32soya no
00:01:32LetItBe or ud wl
00:01:34LetItBe ud wl good too
00:01:39Multi_Ljep es down with me
00:02:00Nickless probat cu arcanepa sto bude
00:02:04LetItBe can we pause for 1min?
00:02:06Multi_Ljep this is so fucking OUR GAME
00:02:090Xxo0_o noooo
00:02:15Guf BARA
00:02:17Guf DOWN
00:02:18Guf NOW
00:02:18Hea bara
00:02:19xenix- ^^
00:02:20xenix- yy
00:02:22Multi_Ljep bb
00:02:26Multi_Ljep u need to buy chicken
00:02:29Multi_Ljep man
00:02:32Multi_Ljep aleks
00:02:34Nickless aleks
00:02:38Nickless pls
00:02:43Nickless chicken its your turn
00:02:45soya -apm
00:02:52Multi_Ljep tnx
00:02:53Aleks875 y
00:03:06Nickless u can do it ;D
00:03:51Multi_Ljep os ti pulat koju?
00:03:51Aleks875 shit
00:03:55Aleks875 2 ranged
00:04:13Multi_Ljep pull malo
00:04:14Multi_Ljep ako mos
00:04:45Multi_Ljep pullaj malo
00:05:25Aleks875 WR
00:05:27Aleks875 go UP
00:05:29Hea share
00:05:31Aleks875 here 2 rfanged
00:05:32Hea plz
00:05:370Xxo0_o sry
00:05:41LetItBe Luck more
00:06:440Xxo0_o wp
00:06:460Xxo0_o ffs
00:06:48Hea ty
00:06:57Banana gg
00:07:080Xxo0_o buy nwe
00:07:11Hea yy
00:07:110Xxo0_o new
00:08:31xenix- go
00:08:420Xxo0_o ss
00:08:430Xxo0_o es
00:08:460Xxo0_o er
00:08:46Nickless arcane jos malo
00:08:470Xxo0_o re
00:08:55Multi_Ljep stun
00:09:00LetItBe MISS ?
00:09:14Aleks875 sniper
00:09:17Aleks875 u noob
00:09:19Aleks875 go up
00:09:270Xxo0_o ss2
00:09:30LetItBe im captain i say lanes
00:09:31LetItBe go top
00:09:34LetItBe or banned
00:09:41Banana gg
00:09:46Hea take courier
00:09:51Aleks875 our cap
00:09:54Aleks875 said me up
00:09:58Aleks875 vs 2 ranged
00:09:59Aleks875 gg
00:10:01Aleks875 ff
00:10:02Guf dont care
00:10:10xenix- attack
00:10:18Nickless mate aj ti gore
00:10:20Nickless wind up then
00:10:55LetItBe kle tavai
00:10:59LetItBe pushige ära
00:11:00LetItBe ma baasis
00:11:10Banana ban tulos
00:11:26LetItBe no ei öelda misse
00:11:28LetItBe mida ma mängin
00:11:32LetItBe 2 mingit poolakat all lanel
00:11:35LetItBe räägivad oma ette
00:11:36LetItBe oma keeles
00:11:49xenix- gooo
00:12:46Multi_Ljep up curier
00:13:04Multi_Ljep good
00:14:29Nickless :)
00:14:31Nickless gj
00:14:43Multi_Ljep :)
00:14:46Hea -ms
00:15:18Nickless if u just ultied
00:15:24Nickless jesus christ they would both die
00:15:57LetItBe opk gg bye
00:15:58LetItBe :D
00:16:08LetItBe must quit this game. . .
00:16:11LetItBe GL
00:16:16Nickless suck my dick
00:16:19LetItBe hope u all get better
00:16:23LetItBe my time has come
00:16:47Aleks875 hes time came
00:16:52Aleks875 he got boots
00:16:57Nickless u blind ..
00:16:58LetItBe :D
00:17:02Nickless totally
00:17:05Multi_Ljep b
00:17:080Xxo0_o share
00:17:22LetItBe DAGONZ
00:17:27Aleks875 hes time came
00:17:30Aleks875 start feeed
00:17:36LetItBe sry lads
00:17:39LetItBe didnt do it on purpose
00:17:41LetItBe i just suck
00:17:43LetItBe i quit dota now
00:17:45LetItBe gl to you
00:17:49LetItBe and merry christmas
00:17:52LetItBe this was my last game
00:17:54Nickless ok merry christmas
00:17:55LetItBe gl lads
00:17:59Nickless ty
00:18:06xenix- goooooooooooooooooooo
00:18:08Multi_Ljep balance
00:18:08Nickless choose
00:18:08Aleks875 choose ur desiny!
00:18:08Guf bara out
00:18:08Aleks875 choose ur dick
00:18:08Aleks875 head
00:18:08Guf bara
00:18:08xenix- not doom ?
00:18:08Multi_Ljep i will carry game
00:18:08xenix- ...
00:18:08xenix- k bye
00:18:080Xxo0_o me ?
00:18:08Guf no
00:18:080Xxo0_o im no ownage
00:18:22Multi_Ljep items mine
00:18:26Multi_Ljep i sell
00:18:28Multi_Ljep for carry
00:18:28Nickless ne
00:18:31Nickless uzmi sebi sve
00:19:580Xxo0_o -ms
00:23:09soya -ms
00:25:43Banana b
00:26:20Multi_Ljep slow only
00:26:28Multi_Ljep rtrd
00:26:33Aleks875 no mana
00:26:41Multi_Ljep is a
00:27:270Xxo0_o omg
00:28:42Banana I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:29:05Aleks875 soya Is it ur work tiny?
00:30:09Nickless heelp
00:30:10Nickless yoooooo
00:30:41Aleks875 lkearn dota
00:30:46soya lol
00:31:47Banana I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:31:54Multi_Ljep I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:39Aleks875 go kill
00:34:46Aleks875 hello
00:34:49soya hi
00:34:550Xxo0_o ?fuck
00:34:55Aleks875 and bye
00:35:11Nickless make pipe
00:35:23Nickless we need magic resistance
00:36:10Multi_Ljep FFS
00:36:36Multi_Ljep TP
00:36:39Multi_Ljep :)
00:36:47Nickless hjuh
00:36:52Nickless o,o
00:36:57Nickless :D
00:39:35Multi_Ljep b
00:43:15Aleks875 emag noob cap
00:43:19Aleks875 mega noob game
00:43:52soya report
00:44:59Aleks875 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:02Aleks875 boring
00:45:25Aleks875 even mega noob overfeed
00:45:27Aleks875 doom
00:45:380Xxo0_o wtf ?
00:45:45Guf u would die
00:45:48Aleks875 can u ff
00:45:52Multi_Ljep PLS
00:45:53Aleks875 we lose anywat
00:48:17Multi_Ljep iden ja na wc nakon ove pa laganopo bademe za snagu
00:48:22Nickless k
00:48:29Nickless koji kreten sniper.
00:48:33Multi_Ljep lose
00:48:52Nickless ocemo zauzgat
00:49:23Aleks875 wr just run around
00:49:25Aleks875 bobo
00:49:26Banana I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:50:45Multi_Ljep PRIJAvi se
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