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Chat log

00:00:10Lafrenzz wp kunka :p Thanks. :)
00:00:19zebbelito TREANT
00:00:19Skinkemaden furi
00:00:19zebbelito want any? raigor
00:00:21TrustNoGoblin pick comander id go for
00:00:25zebbelito lol
00:00:25TrustNoGoblin if u know to play him
00:00:28zebbelito misscloick
00:00:30zebbelito ES
00:00:32zebbelito RMk
00:00:36Lafrenzz lol
00:00:39Guf nah
00:00:39Lafrenzz stfu bitch well blue picked ES
00:00:46Guf no he did not
00:00:51Guf he picked visage Now this is just retarded well zebbe
00:01:03Skinkemaden not rly
00:01:04Guf learn to pick, cant jeg change maybe u play void or smth?
00:01:09zebbelito y pick him void guys WTF lol. nvm but i suck with visage badly banan will u help us out?
00:01:36zebbelito :D -swap 1
00:01:41zebbelito -swap 4
00:01:46Skinkemaden krob mid banana pick me dazzle?
00:01:52TrustNoGoblin me top
00:01:53TrustNoGoblin lich mid -swap 5
00:02:03Lafrenzz let me and lich be top
00:02:04Banana -swap 4
00:02:05Lafrenzz we are on lna
00:02:07Lafrenzz lan * thanks duuud
00:02:09Banana how to play this?
00:02:12Guf me and ursa good question lol. :D
00:02:19TrustNoGoblin kk me mid
00:02:21Banana skillbuild and and items? vaityl mid?
00:02:39TrustNoGoblin this new hero is imba well
00:02:41TrustNoGoblin when he dule always go for dmg
00:02:44TrustNoGoblin duel* slow + dmg
00:02:47TrustNoGoblin stun him pls as spells
00:02:47zebbelito somoen shuld have warded
00:02:48zebbelito top and alot of hp
00:02:49zebbelito for ursa
00:02:52TrustNoGoblin its fucking imba well
00:03:06SMEGMAPLEKK guf
00:03:09SMEGMAPLEKK koer raisk void the best chance we get is i get them low armor and u hopefully rape them
00:03:25zebbelito share
00:03:27zebbelito -hhn i pull 1st
00:04:03SMEGMAPLEKK ss1
00:04:10Skinkemaden .......
00:04:14Skinkemaden stop that allrdy tell me if u need tangos etc
00:07:06Skinkemaden rune top
00:07:47Skinkemaden share chickc
00:07:57SMEGMAPLEKK sry ss down 2 care mid
00:08:22Skinkemaden kommer top
00:08:28vaityl ss
00:08:36soya es i give bottle?
00:09:23vaityl ss
00:09:24zebbelito ty back to farm :D im oom so careful
00:09:51zebbelito sec i pull
00:10:28vaityl s
00:10:31soya ursa wood
00:11:03TrustNoGoblin ss ndu\
00:11:05TrustNoGoblin re
00:11:31Lafrenzz rhasta
00:11:33Lafrenzz can u stack
00:11:40Lafrenzz ty had him on -10 arm. :P im oom again
00:12:04zebbelito i farm mid abit
00:12:07zebbelito care mhm
00:12:13vaityl ss
00:12:30TrustNoGoblin void imba farm care banana 3 botm
00:12:39Skinkemaden no shit ?
00:13:03soya heal ? :d
00:13:05Banana wow first creep
00:13:09Banana second
00:13:11soya ty got my mana boots stay farming ill go help blue we needs wards guys
00:13:52SMEGMAPLEKK ursa
00:14:02Lafrenzz y
00:14:10vaityl oy
00:14:12vaityl sory
00:14:15vaityl im stupid
00:14:21zebbelito ty lets try ganging em?
00:14:42vaityl dazl meka?? workingon it
00:15:01soya ursa rosh soon im not really farming though
00:15:22TrustNoGoblin ss mid
00:15:34SMEGMAPLEKK ursa? gang top
00:15:42Lafrenzz y
00:15:53Lafrenzz coudlnt
00:16:00Lafrenzz couldnt *
00:16:28Lafrenzz trying rosh
00:16:48Banana -ms lets go look for ursa
00:17:46TrustNoGoblin they gank
00:17:47TrustNoGoblin u farm
00:17:50TrustNoGoblin and we die
00:17:50vaityl im fail,,,
00:17:51vaityl sry
00:17:52SMEGMAPLEKK o rly?
00:17:56TrustNoGoblin so go fuckign DEF U RETARDS
00:18:05zebbelito i come
00:18:06zebbelito heaste
00:18:13zebbelito dmg nice try banan. :P but u have nuke spell also
00:19:07Skinkemaden sup dazzle Heya Nicely blocked. ;)
00:19:38Skinkemaden wtf
00:19:39Skinkemaden krob ?
00:20:08Lafrenzz srlsy b
00:21:04TrustNoGoblin this is joke
00:21:31TrustNoGoblin gj ursa
00:21:34Lafrenzz ty
00:21:35TrustNoGoblin dont go with lich
00:21:38TrustNoGoblin run around
00:22:01vaityl aaaa VAITYL BLJAAD
00:22:13vaityl bleat`
00:22:14vaityl sory lets go back? mhm
00:23:17zebbelito no ulti
00:23:17zebbelito lich
00:23:49TrustNoGoblin they all 5
00:23:51TrustNoGoblin ...
00:23:54soya let end ES or not we still rape em heheh
00:24:06TrustNoGoblin we got rasta and es farmers
00:24:08TrustNoGoblin ... wp zebe
00:24:20zebbelito u22
00:24:20Guf rhasta let is get dagger ffs
00:24:35TrustNoGoblin dont def omgh shit
00:25:29vaityl lags... fail ass block by me ty guys perfect timing as always. :D lool
00:27:07Lafrenzz -cs couldnt make it to ankh u blue sorry
00:28:05vaityl bad,,,,
00:28:07vaityl pipe
00:28:09vaityl need whoever has money for wards buy me need to ward rosh
00:28:47vaityl void we get it? well we need u to get bkb
00:31:43soya dd
00:32:10vaityl ursa new skill
00:32:11vaityl ? TAKE RAXES
00:33:01zebbelito kill FUCK THE REST
00:33:02zebbelito currier
00:33:15zebbelito lmao niceee :D
00:34:47vaityl void
00:35:47Lafrenzz b
00:35:48Lafrenzz b
00:35:51Lafrenzz b
00:35:52Lafrenzz b care without blue we are quite useless
00:36:33Lafrenzz rhasta
00:36:34Lafrenzz u are bait u care too
00:36:55soya go
00:36:57TrustNoGoblin def
00:36:58TrustNoGoblin b
00:37:15Lafrenzz hungry
00:38:07TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:10Lafrenzz gogogo gg guys
00:39:07zebbelito gg
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