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Chat log

00:00:00kAlleMustDie [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 47 seconds.
00:00:16mansikka anyone want soemthing?
00:00:16mansikka omni?
00:00:16Daki.90.o pick me naix
00:00:16mansikka omni
00:00:16kAlleMustDie pick carry for your self
00:00:16JasonStatham i want slark :D
00:00:16kAlleMustDie or solo..
00:00:16Daki.90.o pls
00:00:16PriMo freelose with phenob
00:00:16extremewaari naix
00:00:17mansikka any es?
00:00:18Daki.90.o \
00:00:21mansikka pls
00:00:42Banana i'll go pugna
00:00:45extremewaari y
00:00:47extremewaari good
00:00:49extremewaari takle pugna
00:00:50extremewaari now
00:01:24mansikka get dazzle
00:01:27extremewaari pita
00:01:27mansikka or lina
00:01:29Daki.90.o -hhn
00:01:30extremewaari pit
00:01:34extremewaari or tc
00:01:34Daki.90.o -clear
00:01:44mansikka dazzle/lina/pit
00:01:51mby_next_time sad nap slark.
00:01:53Daki.90.o DONT PICK
00:01:55Daki.90.o CARRY
00:01:57Daki.90.o U FUCKIN
00:01:59Daki.90.o RETARDS
00:02:02mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:02mby_next_time -don
00:02:02mby_next_time -clear
00:02:17mby_next_time gj lane up
00:02:17mansikka slark bot
00:02:21mby_next_time viper and slark
00:02:22mby_next_time good idea
00:02:24kAlleMustDie this is fine imo?
00:02:25mby_next_time 2 carries
00:02:26Daki.90.o bot
00:02:28Daki.90.o bot
00:02:28mansikka omfg
00:02:29mansikka no
00:02:30kAlleMustDie i can harras
00:02:33mansikka k viper bot
00:02:34kAlleMustDie and rupport
00:02:38mansikka ffs
00:02:42Daki.90.o no let them ruin
00:02:43mby_next_time i dont believe in that slark
00:02:43kAlleMustDie omw down
00:02:44mansikka viper is carry
00:02:47mby_next_time top
00:02:49mansikka lina top
00:02:58mby_next_time kk let's lose it.
00:03:02kAlleMustDie take lina
00:03:09mansikka XD
00:03:20mby_next_time fb mid?
00:03:21mby_next_time got sstun
00:03:22mansikka k
00:03:29kAlleMustDie pull raigor
00:03:45mansikka gj
00:03:49mby_next_time u2
00:03:55kAlleMustDie pull pleaes
00:05:57JasonStatham damn
00:05:58Banana gj
00:06:06mby_next_time it was just dumb, i was harasing not going.
00:06:35Daki.90.o dont die
00:06:39Daki.90.o pullin
00:06:46mansikka share
00:06:47PriMo ss
00:06:58mby_next_time mid.
00:08:55kAlleMustDie ss2
00:09:01mansikka go
00:09:20PriMo b
00:09:41mansikka nice
00:09:43extremewaari need obs
00:10:42extremewaari lets take tower
00:10:52mby_next_time blah-.-
00:10:55extremewaari come
00:11:02Banana low mana
00:11:10PriMo omg
00:11:14extremewaari ff
00:11:53mansikka omw
00:12:00mansikka mid
00:12:15Aleks875 pugna
00:12:17Aleks875 noob
00:12:20mby_next_time gj vip.
00:12:24Banana GOT STUNNED+
00:12:53kAlleMustDie he is out of mana
00:12:54mansikka go
00:12:55kAlleMustDie gj
00:13:01mby_next_time yoyo i saw
00:13:20mby_next_time let me reg
00:13:20mby_next_time pls
00:13:23mby_next_time i use bottle :>
00:13:25mby_next_time ho
00:13:26mansikka danb
00:13:28mby_next_time :<
00:13:30mansikka srry
00:13:32mby_next_time kk
00:14:14mby_next_time no rege no help :P
00:14:15Daki.90.o dager
00:14:16Daki.90.o rdy
00:15:03Daki.90.o LESH
00:15:05Daki.90.o go mid
00:15:06Daki.90.o OMW
00:15:18mby_next_time rofl :D
00:15:21mansikka XD
00:15:38Aleks875 go
00:16:12Daki.90.o wp es :D
00:16:16mansikka idd
00:16:30mby_next_time dont fap 2 much 2 it :>
00:16:45mansikka take bottle
00:17:02Daki.90.o b
00:17:02Daki.90.o b
00:17:03Daki.90.o b
00:17:03mby_next_time who?
00:17:03Daki.90.o b
00:17:11mby_next_time who was there?
00:17:56Daki.90.o care
00:17:58Daki.90.o BLUE
00:18:02Aleks875 warded
00:18:07Aleks875 tehy see us
00:18:08mansikka ?
00:18:12Daki.90.o all inc
00:18:13Daki.90.o mid
00:18:14mansikka ok
00:18:26Daki.90.o omw
00:18:28Daki.90.o som1
00:18:30Daki.90.o buy
00:18:30Daki.90.o me
00:18:31Aleks875 b
00:18:33Daki.90.o tp
00:18:43Daki.90.o ty
00:18:59mby_next_time BITCH
00:19:17kAlleMustDie gj
00:19:22PriMo ff
00:19:24Aleks875 pink
00:19:32Aleks875 maybe buy items?
00:19:37extremewaari mayne bot
00:19:41extremewaari maybe not
00:19:50Aleks875 u suck
00:19:53Aleks875 with no items
00:20:13mby_next_time fucking ward
00:20:17Daki.90.o y
00:20:17mby_next_time hate that
00:20:17Daki.90.o \
00:21:03Daki.90.o nice silence
00:21:12Daki.90.o i was about 2 do rampage
00:21:18mby_next_time blah blah blah
00:21:26Daki.90.o ?
00:21:33Daki.90.o that was 3 vs 5 oO
00:21:35kAlleMustDie y
00:22:09Daki.90.o b
00:23:10mansikka well
00:23:13mansikka we need more than 2
00:23:14mansikka :
00:23:16mansikka xD
00:23:23mby_next_time im pissed off
00:23:24JasonStatham gaaaag
00:23:48mby_next_time RUUN
00:24:28mansikka lets push top
00:24:32kAlleMustDie omw
00:24:56Daki.90.o omw
00:25:03mby_next_time kill ward asap pls
00:25:13mansikka dont go
00:25:17mby_next_time go.
00:25:18mansikka k go
00:25:19Aleks875 hohoho
00:25:20mby_next_time dides.
00:25:27mansikka get tower
00:25:34Daki.90.o COME
00:25:35mansikka ffs
00:25:35PriMo gj
00:25:45Daki.90.o slark
00:26:14Daki.90.o fuckin
00:26:15Daki.90.o ward
00:26:48Daki.90.o owned
00:26:49PriMo omg
00:27:03mby_next_time afk?
00:27:26JasonStatham sry
00:27:34mby_next_time does bkb stop ward?
00:27:38mansikka y
00:27:41mby_next_time <3
00:27:48Daki.90.o dont make bkb
00:27:50Daki.90.o get dager
00:27:57mby_next_time SO KILL THE MADA FUCKING WARD
00:28:02mby_next_time if you cant make it
00:28:05mby_next_time i dont join fights
00:28:54mby_next_time rofl :D
00:29:14mby_next_time go to me
00:29:15mby_next_time smoke
00:29:16mby_next_time and gang
00:29:27mansikka go
00:29:47kAlleMustDie go mid
00:30:05mby_next_time cant hate anyone else more than you pudge
00:30:08mby_next_time pugna *
00:30:18Daki.90.o SLARK
00:30:19Daki.90.o USE
00:30:21Banana :o
00:30:22Banana :(
00:30:22Daki.90.o ULTY
00:30:24Daki.90.o and
00:30:25JasonStatham yea
00:30:26Daki.90.o KILL
00:30:27Daki.90.o WARD
00:30:55mansikka focus krobe
00:30:59Daki.90.o y
00:30:59kAlleMustDie ward
00:30:59kAlleMustDie then krobe
00:30:59Banana WHERE IS SLARK?
00:30:59Daki.90.o but slark focus ward
00:30:59Banana afk?
00:30:59Banana afk?
00:30:59mansikka slark kill ward in ulti
00:30:59extremewaari -afk
00:30:59mansikka rest kill krobe
00:30:59mby_next_time me balance or?
00:30:59mansikka not es
00:30:59mansikka thats sure
00:30:59mansikka not viper
00:30:59Daki.90.o slark o lina hmmm
00:30:59mby_next_time slark in late is more usefull
00:30:59Daki.90.o slark better 4 late gmae
00:30:59mansikka y
00:30:59mby_next_time but he doesnt play well.
00:30:59JasonStatham i do
00:30:59JasonStatham :D
00:30:59mby_next_time so me balance?
00:30:59mansikka but u play well
00:30:59Daki.90.o y
00:30:59mansikka and we need ur ulti to kill krobe
00:30:59mby_next_time you dont dont have any experience in dota:>
00:31:00mansikka XD
00:31:01kAlleMustDie i would keep lina just because her effort so far
00:31:04mansikka best this way
00:31:06mby_next_time o no leave
00:31:23Aleks875 ward
00:31:34mansikka XD
00:32:12Daki.90.o why go like retards
00:32:23mby_next_time well slark missed his jump
00:32:26mby_next_time that's the reason.
00:32:29JasonStatham yp
00:32:53kAlleMustDie so close..
00:32:59kAlleMustDie gj anyway
00:33:16mansikka get bot
00:33:18mansikka tower
00:33:21mansikka or mid
00:33:23mansikka actually
00:33:24Aleks875 ward
00:33:25mansikka slark come
00:33:26Aleks875 go ward
00:33:37Aleks875 or not
00:33:45PriMo gj
00:33:52mby_next_time my stats 6/6/6
00:33:55mby_next_time satan!
00:34:04kAlleMustDie you are truly evil
00:34:12mansikka b
00:34:21mansikka slark xD
00:35:09kAlleMustDie mid?
00:35:15mansikka oom
00:35:18Aleks875 whyno teamplayt?
00:35:20Daki.90.o need 2 heal
00:35:22mansikka krobe is there so no
00:35:27mby_next_time BAKC
00:35:28mby_next_time DUDES
00:35:29Aleks875 b
00:35:29Aleks875 b
00:35:29Aleks875 b
00:35:29Aleks875 b
00:35:30Aleks875 b
00:35:30Daki.90.o b
00:35:30Aleks875 b
00:35:30Daki.90.o b
00:35:30Aleks875 b
00:35:30Daki.90.o b
00:35:31Aleks875 b
00:35:31Daki.90.o b
00:35:32Daki.90.o wtf
00:35:34Banana they were defening mid
00:35:34PriMo no
00:35:39PriMo ???
00:35:40PriMo ????
00:35:43Daki.90.o krob
00:35:44Daki.90.o no
00:35:45extremewaari dont go b when i use ulti
00:35:46Daki.90.o ulty
00:35:47Daki.90.o go
00:35:49mansikka y
00:35:50mby_next_time so go now
00:35:53mansikka sec
00:35:57Daki.90.o w8 lesh
00:35:59mby_next_time smoke and go.
00:36:00Aleks875 u cant 3v4
00:36:04Daki.90.o ?
00:36:04mansikka mid
00:36:08mansikka no smok
00:36:10mansikka just go
00:36:11Aleks875 go rosh
00:36:12mby_next_time k then.
00:36:13mansikka mid
00:36:13Aleks875 with ult
00:36:16Aleks875 pink
00:36:17mby_next_time ward > us
00:36:18extremewaari cant
00:36:21extremewaari they have obs
00:36:27Daki.90.o SLARk
00:36:28Daki.90.o COME FFS
00:36:34JasonStatham yy
00:36:42Daki.90.o use chicken dude
00:37:40mby_next_time he 's oom
00:37:43mby_next_time but stick
00:37:44mby_next_time care
00:37:49mansikka XD
00:37:59JasonStatham lolol:d
00:38:03kAlleMustDie :D
00:38:06mby_next_time craze madafucka: D
00:38:08Aleks875 go rosdh
00:38:09Aleks875 now
00:38:19Daki.90.o xD
00:38:21Banana got sentries
00:38:25Daki.90.o so low skilled
00:38:59PriMo ?????
00:39:03PriMo ?????? ?2 ????
00:39:14mansikka they rosh?
00:39:14PriMo 2 gfbgf
00:39:18PriMo ?????
00:39:20mansikka or just antiward?
00:39:24mby_next_time anti
00:39:43mansikka kill him
00:39:44mansikka go
00:39:44mby_next_time warded.
00:39:49mansikka go
00:40:08Daki.90.o KROB
00:40:40mansikka gj
00:40:48mby_next_time i back.
00:40:49mansikka lina def mid
00:40:49Aleks875 ????????? ???? ??????
00:40:55mansikka or go base
00:41:00PriMo ????? ?????
00:41:04PriMo ??? ??? ????? ??????
00:41:08PriMo ???? ?? 2 ????
00:41:11PriMo ??????????
00:41:12Aleks875 ??? ???????
00:41:38Aleks875 ??? ?? ??????????
00:41:45Aleks875 ??? ??????? ???? ????
00:41:47PriMo ??? ????
00:41:49PriMo ?? ???
00:41:54mby_next_time want to unward
00:41:56Aleks875 ???????
00:41:56mby_next_time but need help
00:42:02PriMo 2 ????
00:42:04mby_next_time b
00:42:06PriMo ????????
00:42:09PriMo ?????
00:42:15PriMo ?????
00:42:22mansikka smoke
00:42:26mby_next_time so come.
00:42:28Daki.90.o no use
00:42:29Daki.90.o wards
00:42:32mansikka go
00:42:33mansikka smoke
00:42:43Aleks875 care shaker
00:42:54mby_next_time ucking silenced.
00:43:06Daki.90.o FUCKIN
00:43:48Daki.90.o som1 will tp
00:43:51Daki.90.o of them
00:43:54Daki.90.o SAVE
00:43:56Daki.90.o 4 rax
00:44:12kAlleMustDie ah.. they didn come
00:44:26Daki.90.o viper
00:44:27Daki.90.o boots
00:44:31Daki.90.o str
00:44:32Daki.90.o pls
00:45:09PriMo ?
00:45:10PriMo b
00:45:11Daki.90.o vipera
00:45:15Daki.90.o str boots
00:45:25kAlleMustDie naaah
00:45:45PriMo with pugna
00:46:12mby_next_time ait smoke
00:46:25Aleks875 wrads
00:46:36extremewaari alch come
00:46:56mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:08Daki.90.o ward
00:47:09Daki.90.o ffs
00:48:09PriMo b
00:48:30Banana WTF
00:48:31Daki.90.o MID
00:48:32kAlleMustDie push mid
00:48:46Daki.90.o mana
00:48:48kAlleMustDie i get my mkb ready
00:48:53mansikka no
00:48:54Daki.90.o gj
00:48:55mansikka ffs
00:49:00kAlleMustDie ok. omw
00:49:00Daki.90.o MID
00:49:10Daki.90.o ultyrdy
00:49:19kAlleMustDie 20sd
00:49:42mby_next_time got.
00:50:11Daki.90.o I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:29JasonStatham i surrender
00:50:31Daki.90.o slark 9 % np
00:50:34mby_next_time write "ff"
00:50:35mby_next_time slark,.
00:50:36JasonStatham I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:42Daki.90.o I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:46Daki.90.o go all pls
00:50:47mby_next_time and it's " i surrender"
00:50:47mansikka I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:51JasonStatham i surrender!
00:50:56Daki.90.o I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:56mby_next_time you dont need to write it
00:50:58mby_next_time ff is enough
00:50:59kAlleMustDie i play till end
00:51:00Aleks875 ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????
00:51:00mansikka it doesnt show for u
00:51:03mansikka but others see
00:51:06mansikka if u write ff
00:51:06mby_next_time but you dont see your ff
00:51:08PriMo ????
00:51:09JasonStatham ok
00:51:11PriMo ??? ??????
00:51:58PriMo ???? ??? ?? ????????
00:52:03Aleks875 ????
00:52:15Aleks875 ?????? ????? ??????? 4? ?????
00:52:18Aleks875 ???? ????
00:52:23PriMo 1 ????
00:54:11mansikka b
00:54:12mansikka b
00:54:24JasonStatham sick ulti
00:54:27mby_next_time vip ff.
00:54:29mby_next_time come on.
00:54:35kAlleMustDie I surrender! [5/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:38Daki.90.o no ur stupid slark
00:54:41mansikka 5/4
00:54:44mby_next_time :D
00:54:45mansikka XD
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