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-24 X
-5 TS

91% | 1603 X | 1454 TS

-27 X
-2 TS

69% | 1266 X | 1420 TS

-68 X
-9 TS

66% | 1305 X | 1361 TS

-53 X
-14 TS

50% | 1216 X | 1276 TS

-30 X
-20 TS

11% | 918 X | 1188 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

92% | 1565 X | 1498 TS

+41 X
+3 TS

85% | 1477 X | 1450 TS

+22 X
+3 TS

70% | 1296 X | 1404 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

30% | 1039 X | 1274 TS

+57 X
+116 TS

NEW | 1019 X | 971 TS

Chat log

00:00:00c-yanker [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Bad3vil with 187 seconds.
00:00:05Bad3vil DUM DUM
00:00:11Timu 3 minutes
00:00:14Timu my god
00:00:16Pojetz fucking slow motion
00:00:16Pojetz BADASS
00:00:16Bad3vil my kurbel didnt work right
00:00:161m4n5h0w and i got the 11X guy
00:00:161m4n5h0w ofc
00:00:16Mute_Bitsch jason XD
00:00:16Doomy lycan?
00:00:16JasonStatham problem?
00:00:161m4n5h0w depends
00:00:16Pojetz ur mom is pig
00:00:161m4n5h0w if they ban naix
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove anyone niax ?
00:00:16c-yanker to many op wood heroes
00:00:161m4n5h0w i ban lyca
00:00:16Pojetz me
00:00:161m4n5h0w y
00:00:16Bad3vil k
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove not you
00:00:16Bad3vil give me naiox
00:00:16Pojetz FFS
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove badevil
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove kk
00:00:16Pojetz STFU
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove naga
00:00:16Pojetz i go carry then
00:00:16JasonStatham fuck you and your family
00:00:16Bad3vil i got naix already
00:00:16Doomy its a trap!
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove i saw your bane
00:00:16Pojetz u got badas
00:00:16Pojetz ass
00:00:161m4n5h0w i take naix then
00:00:161m4n5h0w if they lcan
00:00:16Pojetz that was fail je
00:00:16Bad3vil go search new page for play dota
00:00:16Pojetz wait
00:00:16Bad3vil if wont team
00:00:161m4n5h0w wd
00:00:16Pojetz searching...
00:00:16Pojetz hehe, found it
00:00:21c-yanker u going for alche
00:00:22c-yanker for sure
00:00:23Doomy :D
00:00:231m4n5h0w me naix
00:00:28Doomy obvious
00:00:31c-yanker or dk
00:00:341m4n5h0w or?
00:00:36Pojetz or pudge
00:00:39Bad3vil u getting ban soon anyway
00:00:40Bad3vil so
00:00:43Timu meepo pointless?
00:00:43Pojetz me?
00:00:45Bad3vil y
00:00:47Pojetz for what
00:00:48Pojetz hahahahaaha
00:00:491m4n5h0w nah he is fine
00:00:511m4n5h0w if your good
00:00:52TakinBackMyLove lycan > naix
00:00:53Bad3vil for beeing noob
00:00:561m4n5h0w nonono
00:01:001m4n5h0w other way round
00:01:01Pojetz i m not noob ;)
00:01:03Pojetz better than u
00:01:041m4n5h0w you can have mid
00:01:07TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:08Pojetz u little girl
00:01:09Timu hmm
00:01:10Mute_Bitsch i go down with naix
00:01:13Doomy crix or vs?
00:01:19Doomy damn
00:01:221m4n5h0w crix
00:01:26c-yanker veng
00:01:28c-yanker come rune spot
00:01:31c-yanker we try fb
00:01:31Bad3vil sec
00:01:34Doomy lanes?
00:01:35TakinBackMyLove can ypu play axe ?
00:01:421m4n5h0w me with nap slad
00:01:47Bad3vil chick
00:01:49Pojetz me woods
00:01:50Bad3vil dont forgett
00:01:51Mute_Bitsch jason dont forget chick
00:01:521m4n5h0w orange
00:01:541m4n5h0w dont forget chick
00:01:551m4n5h0w y
00:01:551m4n5h0w ^^
00:02:04Bad3vil ^^
00:02:091m4n5h0w 4 str heros
00:02:101m4n5h0w :D
00:02:11Mute_Bitsch mass ganks ?
00:02:12Timu pff
00:02:15Doomy melle team
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove venge
00:02:15Timu gonna lose this one :D
00:02:17TakinBackMyLove necro
00:02:17TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:18Mute_Bitsch oder willst nur farm
00:02:22Mute_Bitsch lyca will be hard
00:02:271m4n5h0w ich farm nur
00:02:32c-yanker u need to be faster at bot
00:02:33Timu share
00:02:361m4n5h0w tp
00:02:381m4n5h0w top
00:02:38Doomy hook > sand?
00:02:39Mute_Bitsch but np with -15 armor he should go down
00:02:491m4n5h0w y
00:02:50Mute_Bitsch just get dagger
00:02:521m4n5h0w hook > sand
00:02:54Timu glhf and merry xmas :)
00:03:09Bad3vil sor
00:03:111m4n5h0w Ahhhh
00:03:12c-yanker np
00:03:15Bad3vil wont get him
00:03:16c-yanker that was sad
00:03:16Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:03:191m4n5h0w ^^
00:03:25TakinBackMyLove axe
00:03:27TakinBackMyLove remeber
00:03:27TakinBackMyLove to
00:03:28TakinBackMyLove gang
00:03:281m4n5h0w du pullst
00:03:28TakinBackMyLove to
00:03:30Pojetz y
00:03:37Mute_Bitsch wie du willst
00:03:39Mute_Bitsch dachte eher du
00:04:13Mute_Bitsch so eine hure
00:04:551m4n5h0w b
00:05:47Pojetz after pull
00:05:50Pojetz i gang
00:06:04Mute_Bitsch diese spasten
00:06:061m4n5h0w y
00:06:271m4n5h0w miss venge bot
00:06:321m4n5h0w re
00:06:40Mute_Bitsch ss
00:07:03Mute_Bitsch ss
00:07:14Bad3vil no waRDS
00:07:16Bad3vil WTF
00:07:21Mute_Bitsch re
00:07:23Timu pudge going up
00:07:23Timu b
00:07:24Timu b
00:07:26Bad3vil pudge =(
00:07:26Daki u mby?
00:07:40Bad3vil need if for naix =/
00:08:05Timu ss pudge
00:08:15Bad3vil need gank naix
00:08:24Doomy lycan free farm
00:08:27c-yanker otw
00:08:31Timu pudge free farm
00:08:36Mute_Bitsch down also
00:08:44Bad3vil go
00:08:57Mute_Bitsch pff
00:09:021m4n5h0w °
00:09:09Bad3vil ^^
00:09:161m4n5h0w :)
00:09:18Bad3vil ^^
00:09:18c-yanker stupid necro
00:09:29Daki i wanted to heal u tard
00:09:341m4n5h0w again oO
00:09:52Bad3vil nbaix need perma rape
00:09:57Mute_Bitsch ss
00:09:59c-yanker i tp bot again
00:09:59Pojetz OOO
00:10:00Mute_Bitsch re
00:10:01Pojetz OOO
00:10:01Pojetz O
00:10:02Pojetz O
00:10:02Pojetz O
00:10:02Pojetz OO
00:10:03Pojetz O
00:10:081m4n5h0w top fine?
00:10:15Doomy freefarm lycan
00:10:251m4n5h0w really?
00:10:371m4n5h0w doublestunn loses to lycan?
00:10:39Bad3vil dd
00:10:47Doomy well dk didnt up fist stun
00:10:56Bad3vil gank naix plz
00:11:02Bad3vil after that if possible
00:11:11Mute_Bitsch re
00:11:24Mute_Bitsch gg -.-
00:11:29Doomy pudge top
00:11:40Timu fuck me
00:11:48Bad3vil naix on haste
00:11:50Mute_Bitsch you rly cant play meepo
00:11:52Mute_Bitsch ss
00:11:52Bad3vil run
00:11:54Timu stfu
00:12:04Bad3vil ^^
00:12:17Bad3vil ^^
00:13:03Bad3vil and u say ur better than me ?
00:13:11Pojetz still i say it
00:13:141m4n5h0w b
00:13:25JasonStatham ha ok
00:13:25Mute_Bitsch ss
00:13:39c-yanker oom
00:13:43c-yanker b
00:14:06TakinBackMyLove we need
00:14:061m4n5h0w omw
00:14:07TakinBackMyLove wards
00:14:08TakinBackMyLove venge
00:14:18Daki ss1
00:14:20Pojetz idiots
00:14:34c-yanker u follow me all arround?
00:14:471m4n5h0w you follow me?
00:15:01c-yanker ofc
00:15:041m4n5h0w i just wanna farm
00:15:051m4n5h0w ^^
00:15:22Bad3vil run
00:15:24Mute_Bitsch b
00:15:32Mute_Bitsch wtf
00:15:381m4n5h0w nobody
00:15:401m4n5h0w porting
00:15:411m4n5h0w top
00:15:421m4n5h0w imba
00:15:43Mute_Bitsch b
00:15:44Timu oom
00:15:46Bad3vil np
00:15:501m4n5h0w 5 stunsn in team
00:15:53Mute_Bitsch das war echt dumm
00:15:531m4n5h0w nobody portin..
00:16:011m4n5h0w dacht hatte ulti ready
00:16:05Mute_Bitsch lol
00:16:081m4n5h0w war auch 1 sec
00:16:091m4n5h0w oder so
00:16:15Daki ss2
00:17:151m4n5h0w nothing lost yet
00:17:281m4n5h0w sladar and sk should gank
00:17:40c-yanker sec
00:17:47Mute_Bitsch care
00:17:571m4n5h0w hast bestkimmt kein spring oder?
00:18:09Mute_Bitsch n
00:18:38TakinBackMyLove go
00:18:38TakinBackMyLove mid
00:18:53Mute_Bitsch check immer noch ned warum du ned lycan ned gebaned hast
00:19:01TakinBackMyLove go
00:19:03TakinBackMyLove to
00:19:34TakinBackMyLove cmion
00:19:35TakinBackMyLove necro
00:19:36TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:20:09Timu dk
00:20:111m4n5h0w dk sux
00:20:17Mute_Bitsch true
00:20:18JasonStatham why
00:20:20Mute_Bitsch dk rly sux
00:20:331m4n5h0w thats why
00:20:36Timu y
00:20:58JasonStatham just whine isnt it easier to just say what should i do?
00:21:05Mute_Bitsch you do nothing
00:21:06Timu attack
00:21:091m4n5h0w pick a more usefull hero
00:22:32Mute_Bitsch sobald lyca bkb hat ist gg -.-
00:22:38TakinBackMyLove go
00:22:39TakinBackMyLove top
00:22:46Mute_Bitsch ofc
00:22:47Mute_Bitsch -.-
00:23:23Bad3vil resuse chick
00:23:29c-yanker wards
00:23:461m4n5h0w drop tower
00:24:151m4n5h0w now read what i said
00:24:17Mute_Bitsch gg lyca
00:24:24TakinBackMyLove gheal
00:24:33Mute_Bitsch ganz ehrlich dein dummer ban hat schon das ganze spiel besiegelt
00:24:43Doomy we should have ban lycan
00:24:46TakinBackMyLove mid
00:24:47TakinBackMyLove after
00:24:47Doomy :S
00:24:52Mute_Bitsch dir hätte klar sein sollen das du lycan hättest bannen sollen
00:25:04Mute_Bitsch vorallem wenn wir so etwas wie jason im team haben
00:25:25Mute_Bitsch pfff
00:25:34TakinBackMyLove b
00:25:35c-yanker b
00:25:45c-yanker wards
00:25:46TakinBackMyLove see lycan > naix
00:25:581m4n5h0w well sk dk should handel solo lyc..
00:26:08Bad3vil why ?
00:26:08TakinBackMyLove i farmed with wolfs
00:26:11Mute_Bitsch was laberst du?
00:26:18Mute_Bitsch wie soll ich einen farmed lyca handlen ?
00:26:271m4n5h0w wer redet denn von dir?
00:26:37Mute_Bitsch aso hab etz gesehen dk
00:26:401m4n5h0w bist du sk oder dk?
00:26:40Bad3vil finish
00:26:42Bad3vil more points
00:26:45TakinBackMyLove but lycan allways better than naix
00:26:50Mute_Bitsch dir hätte es klar sein sollen
00:26:56Mute_Bitsch das jason ein totaler noob ist
00:27:20Mute_Bitsch just look jason % and than you know why you won up lane
00:27:29JasonStatham ??
00:27:36Bad3vil u didnt play better
00:27:39TakinBackMyLove lycan good early mid late game
00:27:41JasonStatham says guy 1 6 score
00:27:44TakinBackMyLove naix is not
00:27:47JasonStatham fucking gay noob fuck you and your family
00:27:51Mute_Bitsch XD
00:27:54Mute_Bitsch i love this jason
00:27:56Bad3vil enjoy ur fuck
00:28:21c-yanker gg
00:28:21TakinBackMyLove GG
00:28:241m4n5h0w bg
00:28:26Doomy I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:261m4n5h0w number 3
00:28:28Timu im playing wiht meepo and even i can dodge hooks
00:28:29JasonStatham i surrender!
00:28:32Timu wtf is wrong with you guys
00:28:34Timu I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:361m4n5h0w y
00:28:391m4n5h0w slad took 10 hooks
00:28:54Mute_Bitsch we saw how good you dodged mid hooks
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