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Chat log

00:00:04A-tzangol -ap
00:00:27zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:00:29zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Slithereen Guard [t,r,g,b]
00:00:36EyeforanEye rhasta join top
00:01:11zonskass akasha care dont loose mid
00:01:20A-tzangol y will try
00:01:23atte was actually gonna pick that new hero
00:01:27edgarass say miss
00:01:31EyeforanEye but?
00:01:31A-tzangol all do
00:01:32A-tzangol say miss
00:01:33A-tzangol plz
00:01:33atte fuck
00:01:34svents thats pretty fun hero
00:01:35A-tzangol and caps
00:01:35atte shadowdemon
00:01:37A-tzangol :))
00:01:39zonskass bristle you pull ok ?
00:01:39atte burns my mana
00:01:41svents have played it once
00:01:42A-tzangol check runes
00:01:51atte i need to be late in fights
00:01:51A-tzangol bristle pull plz
00:01:57atte if i blink to shadowdemon
00:01:59edgarass rhasta wards
00:01:59atte he illu me
00:02:02atte me 3sec cd blink
00:02:05atte and he burn my mana
00:02:07svents well this sd is noob :D
00:02:16atte well he only needs
00:02:23atte 1skill
00:02:29A-tzangol go
00:02:50atte tiny :E
00:02:51Rotkiv b
00:02:56edgarass nice start :)
00:02:57edgarass lol
00:03:46Bagarn2 ss bot 1
00:04:13svents dk only 1 lvl stun pls
00:04:15svents max firer
00:04:17Bagarn2 yup
00:04:19svents and 3.spell
00:04:27atte invi
00:04:35atte top
00:04:38A-tzangol MISS
00:05:12svents nah
00:05:29atte ss
00:05:55Bagarn2 ss slard bopt
00:06:12edgarass fastest tower ever
00:06:19Rotkiv :L)
00:06:19Doomy ss 2
00:06:24atte dont tell me you wanted this regen
00:06:40EyeforanEye me shop
00:06:45edgarass ss2
00:06:47Rotkiv ere go gang :P
00:06:56zonskass oh fuck
00:07:06atte i bait
00:07:16EyeforanEye aint got combo
00:07:19Rotkiv kill if cN
00:07:21atte go
00:07:26Doomy ss sd
00:07:27edgarass b
00:07:37A-tzangol imba
00:07:40atte give clari
00:07:54atte FUCK YOU
00:07:56atte now skilled
00:08:00atte lvl2 blink instead of ulti
00:08:08Bagarn2 oom
00:08:13atte ffs
00:08:17A-tzangol i got no boots
00:08:17Bagarn2 good
00:08:17atte sd :E
00:08:17svents :DDDd
00:08:17A-tzangol Dude
00:08:24atte i got 2
00:08:25Rotkiv SS
00:08:27Rotkiv MID
00:08:29atte just destroyed others
00:08:36atte ;:DD
00:08:43zonskass need gank dk
00:08:44zonskass ...
00:08:52Bagarn2 ss bot 2
00:08:54atte ss
00:08:55A-tzangol go dk
00:09:00atte ud sd mid
00:09:04Rotkiv SS MID
00:09:06atte they pushing
00:09:14atte need help
00:09:16atte for def
00:09:23Doomy omw
00:09:34Bagarn2 3 bot
00:10:07Rotkiv TOP SS
00:10:10svents go
00:10:23edgarass idiot slard
00:10:26edgarass stun imediately
00:11:12EyeforanEye ill toss u
00:11:14atte 1 blink
00:11:15atte not it
00:11:25Bagarn2 push mid
00:11:41svents omfg
00:11:41edgarass b
00:11:42edgarass b
00:11:42edgarass b
00:12:11atte no push vs ud
00:12:12atte gang
00:12:14atte and me farm
00:12:19Bagarn2 oom
00:12:56svents omfg
00:13:02svents no treees :S:S:S:S
00:13:05EyeforanEye :D
00:13:12edgarass bot b
00:13:14Rotkiv GJ EREDAR
00:13:15zonskass back
00:13:16zonskass pig
00:13:22Bagarn2 oom
00:13:40edgarass i hide slard stun
00:13:54A-tzangol dont let magina farm
00:14:21edgarass sry
00:14:56EyeforanEye omFG
00:14:58atte lol
00:15:07Rotkiv HEHE
00:15:09atte ss qop
00:15:10svents bhahha
00:15:13svents nice miss
00:15:13edgarass stop ste4aling tard
00:15:34edgarass nevok mano fragu ble
00:16:02edgarass b salrd
00:16:30EyeforanEye DONT GREEDY
00:16:32atte svents
00:16:33svents omfg
00:16:34EyeforanEye u fkn hippie
00:16:48svents how lucky this bitch was again <.<
00:17:04atte why rhasta farm here
00:17:11zonskass all down
00:17:26A-tzangol go slard
00:17:28atte dont
00:17:29atte dont
00:17:29A-tzangol i ulti
00:17:55atte dont
00:17:56atte dont
00:18:03zonskass care up
00:18:09edgarass b
00:18:16svents hahahha
00:18:39A-tzangol push
00:18:55atte stone
00:19:01atte with wards
00:19:02atte ffs
00:19:17atte rhasta focus wards
00:19:19atte to tomb
00:19:24A-tzangol slard
00:19:25A-tzangol wtf?
00:19:28edgarass biggest noob he is
00:19:34Doomy i was focused on my hero ffs
00:19:39zonskass prasneko tas
00:19:40atte 1 click
00:19:43zonskass kuris byby ciulpe
00:19:44atte then back to hero
00:19:53atte or share me
00:19:56atte wont controll your hero
00:19:58Doomy no way
00:20:03edgarass nieko daugiau kaip tik ulcio metyt nesugebi matau
00:20:03zonskass magina free farm ..
00:20:04zonskass nice
00:20:15zonskass nu ar tau gaila?
00:20:20zonskass aj verki kad % prapisi ?
00:20:28edgarass nemalk sudo
00:20:35edgarass nedaug prasau
00:20:39Bagarn2 go
00:20:44A-tzangol attafck magina lol
00:20:51A-tzangol he is dieng so easy atm
00:21:10A-tzangol go mid push
00:21:20zonskass miss magina
00:21:30Rotkiv AIAI
00:21:31atte no mana
00:21:39edgarass ff
00:21:57atte no mana
00:21:58atte sd..
00:22:01EyeforanEye cd
00:22:11atte b
00:22:12EyeforanEye b
00:22:12atte all
00:22:22atte ruine
00:22:23atte rune
00:22:25atte i take top
00:22:27Rotkiv WARDS
00:22:29Rotkiv FFS
00:22:54edgarass all bot
00:23:42A-tzangol sd
00:23:44A-tzangol ulti rhasta
00:23:45A-tzangol always
00:23:57A-tzangol we need to end fast
00:24:00A-tzangol then am isnt prob
00:24:06A-tzangol go all mid
00:24:12A-tzangol u should push
00:24:40Rotkiv B
00:24:46Rotkiv B
00:24:58Krisss radi or cvhaim mail?
00:25:00atte they try me
00:25:05A-tzangol radi if fast
00:25:53A-tzangol b
00:26:11edgarass ff
00:26:12zonskass tiny and magina immba
00:26:14zonskass ff
00:26:56svents i go bfury also
00:27:16A-tzangol b
00:27:17atte lol why
00:27:23atte bloodstone?
00:27:28A-tzangol gather btm
00:27:33zonskass now BKB?
00:27:36A-tzangol y
00:27:38A-tzangol we gotta push
00:27:39Bagarn2 tiny ac?
00:28:04atte sd was top
00:28:08EyeforanEye dk
00:28:30A-tzangol go all mid
00:28:31A-tzangol plz
00:28:36Bagarn2 b
00:28:36Doomy b
00:28:37atte b
00:28:50A-tzangol go
00:28:51A-tzangol push
00:29:07A-tzangol FFS GUYZ
00:29:08A-tzangol RLS
00:29:24A-tzangol b
00:29:31atte b
00:29:33Rotkiv WHY YOU GO TOP FFS
00:29:42A-tzangol b
00:29:43A-tzangol now
00:29:47A-tzangol gather and go mid
00:29:48A-tzangol plz
00:30:04A-tzangol regen slard
00:30:14atte regen top
00:30:17A-tzangol b
00:30:20EyeforanEye lol they all go vanquard-.-
00:30:21A-tzangol wait all
00:30:24A-tzangol b
00:30:41EyeforanEye 'try twr
00:30:58Doomy its ok if i make a pipe?
00:31:13Rotkiv MID OR WHAT?
00:31:18A-tzangol btm
00:31:19zonskass akasha why you make aghanim ?
00:31:19A-tzangol its the same
00:31:19svents pipe not bad
00:31:21zonskass we need hex
00:31:33A-tzangol go mid
00:31:34A-tzangol slard
00:32:06A-tzangol get rhasta fast
00:32:16atte go
00:32:57A-tzangol b
00:33:03edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:08zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:08Bagarn2 nice
00:33:11edgarass eeverybody different targets
00:33:11Krisss I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:13A-tzangol y
00:33:16zonskass akasha you lose mid
00:33:16zonskass gg
00:33:19A-tzangol lol
00:33:23A-tzangol thats not lose mid idiot
00:33:25edgarass sslard stfu u are biggest tard
00:33:25zonskass magina imba
00:33:38A-tzangol come all mid
00:33:39A-tzangol again
00:33:45A-tzangol i told you
00:33:47A-tzangol focus rhasta
00:34:05A-tzangol SLRD
00:34:17A-tzangol come here dude
00:34:31zonskass bristle afk?
00:35:06edgarass slard dagger
00:35:08zonskass edgarass nice succside
00:35:13edgarass make dagger!@
00:35:21edgarass shithead
00:35:24zonskass i ask captain bkb? he say yes
00:35:41edgarass lol
00:35:46atte lol
00:35:55A-tzangol y
00:35:56A-tzangol bkb
00:35:57A-tzangol imba
00:35:57atte ult cd and
00:36:10zonskass teamn ....
00:36:10zonskass omg
00:36:24Doomy why did u go away of the teamfight am?
00:36:30atte bad position
00:36:30zonskass wahahah
00:36:33zonskass tiny 1 hit ...
00:36:39atte and all other lanes
00:36:41atte pushing
00:36:43Rotkiv PUSH
00:36:53A-tzangol cine
00:36:55A-tzangol come
00:37:03zonskass i def
00:37:04zonskass up
00:37:05zonskass ;]
00:37:14A-tzangol pig
00:37:15A-tzangol come
00:37:18Rotkiv CANT ANYMORE
00:37:24A-tzangol come
00:37:25A-tzangol all
00:37:42atte -ma
00:38:01A-tzangol slardar
00:38:02A-tzangol b
00:38:03A-tzangol look
00:38:08A-tzangol you little naps
00:38:11A-tzangol why dont u come
00:38:13A-tzangol with us?
00:38:14EyeforanEye cd mana
00:38:15A-tzangol ...
00:38:20atte -ma
00:38:22edgarass because he is farmer idiot
00:38:26Krisss u see we in other end of map and u whine
00:38:32A-tzangol its
00:38:34A-tzangol min 40
00:38:34A-tzangol pig
00:38:37A-tzangol we will lose
00:38:40A-tzangol ....
00:38:46A-tzangol we could have pushed more
00:39:01atte stuin
00:39:17Bagarn2 b
00:39:18Rotkiv B
00:39:22atte y
00:39:24A-tzangol go
00:39:25EyeforanEye b
00:39:26zonskass we need PIPE
00:39:32A-tzangol no
00:39:33A-tzangol we need all
00:39:34A-tzangol go mid
00:39:37atte come tank
00:39:38A-tzangol focus rhasta
00:39:39atte then we puysh
00:39:40A-tzangol then am
00:39:41A-tzangol ALL
00:39:42A-tzangol PLZ
00:39:46A-tzangol first
00:39:47A-tzangol rhasta
00:39:47Bagarn2 got blade
00:39:48Bagarn2 male
00:39:52A-tzangol sd
00:39:53atte go
00:39:56Doomy i stay out
00:39:58A-tzangol use d on am
00:40:07A-tzangol no
00:40:08A-tzangol push
00:40:20A-tzangol GATHER
00:40:36edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:38zonskass ff
00:40:40Krisss I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:42edgarass fucking noobs
00:40:42zonskass just ff
00:40:56A-tzangol I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:59Rotkiv I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:59A-tzangol slard
00:41:00edgarass I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:02EyeforanEye Gg
00:41:03A-tzangol hows farm?
00:41:04svents gj
00:41:06Bagarn2 wp magina
00:41:09atte gg
00:41:12Bagarn2 and tiny
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