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+15 X
-2 TS

91% | 1585 X | 1460 TS

+18 X
-1 TS

86% | 1428 X | 1506 TS

+13 X
-1 TS

80% | 1429 X | 1421 TS

+24 X
-2 TS

77% | 1350 X | 1401 TS

-31 X
-2 TS

61% | 1314 X | 1341 TS

-31 X
+5 TS

100% | 2024 X | 1661 TS

+0 X
+1 TS

74% | 1384 X | 1392 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

74% | 1312 X | 1396 TS

-7 X
+1 TS

60% | 1284 X | 1364 TS

-10 X
+2 TS

58% | 1246 X | 1374 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Laier ff
00:00:07Laier firstblood unbeatable!
00:00:09yeW- ^^
00:00:12fUNCh team retardos mul jälle :D
00:00:13Strom not really
00:00:15Momdsiw we have momdsiw no worries
00:00:20Strom I'm gonna make my personal mission this game
00:00:23yeW- -clear
00:00:23Vangelis plz
00:00:23Laier only way to win
00:00:23Vangelis lets
00:00:23Vangelis pick imba
00:00:23Laier is gang him 24/7
00:00:23Vangelis he is good
00:00:23Vangelis with huskar
00:00:23Momdsiw only way to win
00:00:23Vangelis he is good
00:00:23Vangelis with everything
00:00:23Momdsiw my secret tactique
00:00:23Strom yes, I've always won vs him when I only gang him
00:00:23Momdsiw pick me that phoenix
00:00:23fUNCh firstblood gz
00:00:23yeW- He picks AM or Huskar.
00:00:23FirstBlood yes?
00:00:23FirstBlood phonix
00:00:23Vangelis ban
00:00:23Momdsiw am most annoying
00:00:23zonskass firstblood 2000X ^^
00:00:23Momdsiw cant evne gang
00:00:23Vangelis well
00:00:23Vangelis his huskar
00:00:23infect so ?
00:00:23Vangelis is beyond epic
00:00:23yeW- ^^
00:00:23Momdsiw we gang him whole game
00:00:23zonskass so nice
00:00:23Momdsiw with strom
00:00:23Strom huskar can be ganged tho
00:00:23Vangelis i have seen him carry many many games with it
00:00:23yeW- So lads, what's it gonna be?
00:00:23Laier dont care
00:00:23Vangelis many games that were 100% lost
00:00:23creeeeeee zonskass wanna buy T-shirt?
00:00:23Laier ban just am
00:00:23Momdsiw ban am
00:00:23Vangelis ban am pray he doesn't pick husk
00:00:23yeW- Strom, Vangelis?
00:00:23zonskass pants
00:00:23creeeeeee dota-gc and firstblood 2kx on it
00:00:23yeW- AM or Husk?
00:00:23Vangelis ban am
00:00:23Strom ban am imo
00:00:23Momdsiw am ofc
00:00:23Laier am for god sake
00:00:23Vangelis and pray he doesn't pick husk
00:00:23yeW- Hmm.
00:00:23yeW- He will ^^'.
00:00:23Strom ban that am
00:00:23yeW- AM.
00:00:23infect ban yew
00:00:24Laier he picks lich
00:00:25Momdsiw i go rhasta and strom goes sven or lion?
00:00:28Vangelis well if he picks am
00:00:31Vangelis we can't gang him
00:00:32Vangelis = ff
00:00:38Laier get lich
00:00:38Laier aa
00:00:40Laier lion
00:00:40Laier sven
00:00:47infect keegi aa-d tahab anda?
00:00:48Strom yew, your tactics are really cheap btw
00:00:50Momdsiw laier carry
00:00:55yeW- What do you mean?
00:00:56Strom unpausing immediately when he has only 10s
00:00:56Vangelis get really imba
00:00:57Vangelis heroes
00:00:57yeW- -clear
00:00:59FirstBlood i wanted use my last nickname but i coul'd use this symbol ]
00:01:00Strom trying to get him to random
00:01:04yeW- -clear
00:01:04Vangelis oh they have funch
00:01:05Vangelis get ns
00:01:07Vangelis ns aa
00:01:08Vangelis ?
00:01:14yeW- Oh haha Strom, that was not my intention.
00:01:17yeW- I always unpause fast.
00:01:24Laier lion rhasta
00:01:24Vangelis aa
00:01:25Vangelis ns
00:01:25Laier lion aa
00:01:26Vangelis aa
00:01:27Laier or something
00:01:27Vangelis aa
00:01:30Momdsiw get me aa
00:01:35infect omg
00:01:42Momdsiw what you want
00:01:43Momdsiw lion?
00:01:43Vangelis now ns
00:01:45Laier put double lane mid? :D
00:01:46infect going aa hunting now
00:01:46Momdsiw taken
00:01:48Laier me aa mid
00:01:48Strom I play this
00:01:50Laier and lich solo bot?
00:01:52Momdsiw k
00:01:52yeW- -clear
00:01:55infect strom, going only after you now
00:02:07fUNCh nice info
00:02:10zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:12Laier lich solo bot?
00:02:12zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:16zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Shudo Brolis [r,d,e,w]
00:02:17yeW- Yes.
00:02:19Laier me aa mid
00:02:21Laier vs husk
00:02:21Laier :D
00:02:22Vangelis btw
00:02:22yeW- Okay.
00:02:25Momdsiw trilane mid xD
00:02:25Vangelis lich sven
00:02:26Vangelis mid
00:02:27infect omg
00:02:28Vangelis could work also
00:02:30infect how do you gold
00:02:31infect your hands
00:02:32yeW- better
00:02:32infect :D
00:02:32yeW- aa
00:02:33Vangelis and aa bot
00:02:33Vangelis ?
00:02:36yeW- -clear
00:02:37Momdsiw aa with sutn
00:02:39Momdsiw always ice
00:02:39yeW- idd
00:02:41Vangelis well
00:02:44infect first blood no first blood :(
00:02:45Laier lich bot imo
00:02:46FirstBlood share would be great
00:02:47Vangelis i don't think they can kill him
00:02:49Vangelis he is too good
00:02:49Vangelis :D
00:02:51Strom so what are the lanes
00:02:53Strom can I be mid?
00:02:55Strom with sven
00:02:57Laier y
00:02:59yeW- u are
00:03:01yeW- -clear
00:03:08Momdsiw ill gang also
00:03:10Strom CARE ALL
00:03:11Strom CARE ALL
00:03:13yeW- p^^
00:03:15Strom he will do lvl 0 gang
00:03:15Vangelis he goes fb
00:03:17Strom if you die
00:03:17infect go asap top
00:03:19Vangelis FIRST BLOOD
00:03:20Vangelis is his name
00:03:20Strom I will fucking yell at you
00:03:21infect go asap top
00:03:21Vangelis care top
00:03:28infect :(
00:03:45Momdsiw hes so good
00:03:46Momdsiw man
00:03:47Laier THATS MY NAME
00:03:48Vangelis FIRST BLODO
00:03:48Momdsiw dies lvl 1 xD
00:03:50FirstBlood :D
00:04:01yeW- up
00:04:02infect mid 2
00:04:04yeW- courier
00:04:28infect wanna switch ?
00:04:37Strom I will start when good spot
00:04:42Strom so you do stun when my +magic is down
00:04:44FirstBlood no i will handle it
00:04:45Strom so he gets more dmg
00:04:56infect and rhatza
00:05:02infect try not to ruin ym last hits
00:05:07Momdsiw coming mid
00:05:17Strom bad fog there, my bad
00:05:26Laier wait
00:05:29Momdsiw y
00:05:31fUNCh ss
00:05:46Vangelis go ?
00:05:52Strom got no +amplify
00:05:53Laier go now
00:05:53Strom but ready
00:06:18Strom dd rune bot
00:06:24FirstBlood 3 mid
00:06:24infect just b
00:06:27yeW- ss
00:06:27infect rjhazta
00:06:28yeW- 2
00:06:28infect b
00:06:29infect 3
00:06:30infect there
00:06:32infect GO B
00:06:33yeW- -ma
00:06:35Momdsiw they coming for mid
00:06:36Momdsiw for sure
00:06:45Laier funch needs gang aswell
00:06:49Strom lol
00:06:50Strom no
00:06:51Laier !
00:06:52Vangelis NO
00:06:53Strom funch will fail himself
00:06:55Vangelis no gangs on him
00:06:58Vangelis he will die in teamfights
00:07:26creeeeeee top ss 2
00:07:38Momdsiw Funzie ?
00:07:39Strom so good this 3man gang :d
00:07:44FirstBlood ?
00:07:46Momdsiw kinda lame
00:07:48Momdsiw i think he gonna ego
00:07:51Strom nope
00:07:54infect so much luck in bounches
00:07:55infect my god
00:07:56Strom and don't be bad mannered
00:07:56Vangelis trust me
00:07:57Laier why would he?
00:07:58Vangelis he will carry it
00:08:50Momdsiw coming mid
00:08:52Laier go
00:08:59FirstBlood care
00:09:02FirstBlood ss mid all
00:09:31Laier care
00:09:33Laier husk ss
00:09:35FirstBlood its time to go all together
00:09:40Momdsiw soon manaboots
00:09:41Laier gang him mid
00:10:05Laier husk ss
00:10:06Laier care lich
00:10:10FirstBlood care top
00:10:15FirstBlood care pit
00:10:18Strom lol lion funny with fat
00:10:19Strom hat
00:10:30Laier all ss
00:10:32yeW- ss
00:10:34Momdsiw doesent fit :>
00:10:34yeW- bala
00:10:49Laier bala pit husk mid
00:11:02Laier nuke bala
00:11:03Strom no ulti
00:11:12FirstBlood go mid
00:11:15infect tp
00:11:30Strom got ulti now
00:11:35Momdsiw go then
00:11:38Momdsiw pti cant heal
00:11:44Strom well I can't dive
00:11:46Strom I ahv
00:11:50Strom 700hp and 3 arm
00:11:54Vangelis need lvl
00:11:54Vangelis 6
00:11:57Momdsiw kidna tanky
00:12:19Momdsiw can any 1up
00:12:20infect tulen bot
00:12:23Momdsiw i get manaboots
00:12:33creeeeeee tal blade mail
00:12:34creeeeeee care
00:12:34Momdsiw strom can you up?
00:12:37Strom smoke on husk
00:12:50Momdsiw ty
00:13:41Momdsiw mana here if need
00:13:48yeW- go ahead
00:14:04Laier nvm
00:14:05Laier wasnt husk
00:14:08FirstBlood lich has no ulty
00:14:20Strom ns coming bot
00:14:31Momdsiw xD
00:14:32yeW- lmao
00:14:32Laier that was stupid
00:14:33Laier like hell
00:14:34yeW- -clear
00:14:35Strom why you guys diving?
00:14:45yeW- freakin tower
00:14:45Momdsiw why you ulting creeps
00:14:48yeW- decided to for me
00:14:50yeW- go
00:15:01Laier go
00:15:02Laier now
00:15:12FirstBlood b
00:15:17Laier fucking retards what are you waiting? :D
00:15:22Laier jesus
00:15:23Vangelis dont
00:15:23Vangelis tp
00:15:27Vangelis next to them
00:15:27Vangelis ?
00:15:50FirstBlood care mid
00:16:02fUNCh shak ?
00:16:11FirstBlood come to me
00:16:16FirstBlood have smoke
00:16:34yeW- lol
00:17:11creeeeeee lich no ult
00:17:20FirstBlood go mid
00:17:25fUNCh oom
00:17:40Momdsiw could use liuch
00:17:50Laier lich stop farming mby?
00:18:00yeW- k
00:18:16infect we cant fight forest
00:18:21creeeeeee lich ult cd
00:18:21creeeeeee atm
00:18:23Laier go mid
00:18:25creeeeeee but not for long anymore
00:18:29Momdsiw ill deny
00:18:29Momdsiw wait
00:18:46Laier dont dive
00:18:48FirstBlood care mid
00:18:50FirstBlood i cant come
00:18:51FirstBlood now
00:19:23Laier this is pointless
00:19:24Laier ..
00:19:25Vangelis need
00:19:25Strom I feel like we need dagger on sven or something
00:19:25Vangelis urn
00:19:33Vangelis i am
00:19:34Vangelis 1.5k
00:19:38Vangelis off from dag
00:19:46yeW- cmon
00:19:57infect b
00:19:58fUNCh lich used ulti
00:19:58Laier care
00:19:58infect aa ultied
00:19:59infect me
00:20:09yeW- -ma
00:20:13infect they hv wards prolly. :)
00:20:13Vangelis smoke
00:20:14Vangelis ?
00:20:17yeW- l
00:20:17Strom they had smoke too
00:20:18yeW- ye
00:20:28FirstBlood pit make pipe pls
00:20:37Vangelis well
00:20:38Vangelis we have to
00:20:41Strom I don't think turtle is good for us
00:20:41Vangelis force a fight
00:20:43Strom lets do something
00:20:43yeW- ye
00:20:50creeeeeee k
00:21:04infect 5 mid
00:21:05zonskass lish no ulti
00:21:13yeW- -ma
00:21:43yeW- TOWER
00:21:45yeW- jesus
00:22:01Strom yeah
00:22:05Strom I dunno why some guys dived
00:22:06Strom like sven
00:22:08yeW- /5
00:22:08infect need those manaboots
00:22:09Strom lets take towers
00:22:10yeW- :(
00:22:35Strom lets take all outer towers
00:22:36Strom for money
00:22:54infect go b rhatza
00:23:01zonskass kill
00:23:12Laier armlet
00:23:17infect push mid
00:23:18infect rhazyta
00:23:25Momdsiw he teled there xD
00:23:36Vangelis dive
00:23:39infect nvm
00:23:40infect tp
00:24:22infect rhazta still no tp ?
00:24:27creeeeeee wp funch
00:24:27infect b
00:24:28infect b
00:24:28infect b
00:24:28creeeeeee :D:D:D:D
00:24:28infect b
00:24:29Laier care
00:24:39fUNCh :D:D::DD
00:24:40creeeeeee uskumatu
00:24:42creeeeeee mida nad teevad
00:24:47Vangelis got dagger
00:24:50Vangelis now i can start
00:24:51Vangelis ights
00:24:53Vangelis f
00:24:54Strom most excellent
00:25:15fUNCh -ms
00:26:01Vangelis be rdy
00:26:02Vangelis i jump
00:26:02FirstBlood keep all tp with you! always!
00:26:10Laier wait next lane
00:26:14Strom dd ns
00:26:18infect they warded
00:26:21Vangelis gogo
00:26:21Strom go go go
00:26:21infect bot
00:26:21Laier ill stun rhasta
00:26:21FirstBlood come
00:26:21FirstBlood fast
00:26:21FirstBlood bot
00:26:21Laier so dont care about shcakle
00:26:21FirstBlood they come in
00:26:21infect bone
00:26:21infect no tp ?
00:26:21Strom ffs this lag
00:26:21Vangelis i am
00:26:21Vangelis ultied
00:26:21Strom in middle
00:26:21Strom of my ulti
00:26:21fUNCh i'm bot allready
00:26:21Vangelis anyway
00:26:21Strom :D
00:26:21infect who's mid ?
00:26:21infect pit
00:26:21infect :d
00:26:21fUNCh creotic noob
00:26:21Laier he dropped
00:26:21Laier i think
00:26:21Strom nah
00:26:21Laier bad for us
00:26:21Momdsiw we lost
00:26:21Momdsiw i think
00:26:55FirstBlood why you went in so late
00:26:56FirstBlood pit
00:26:57infect varem oleks pidanud tulema
00:27:00Momdsiw 5 down
00:27:00Vangelis gj
00:27:00Momdsiw why b
00:27:01Momdsiw :S
00:27:04infect pit bullshit yes
00:27:05Vangelis low
00:27:08Laier 300hp :/
00:27:10creeeeeee lol
00:27:12Strom I had like 100hp
00:27:15FirstBlood we are powerfull for fight with them
00:27:17yeW- soz
00:27:19yeW- was laggin
00:27:36infect need lvl god dammit
00:27:37creeeeeee go kill with my ult?
00:27:42creeeeeee k not
00:27:55Laier sure
00:27:57Laier wtf he does there
00:27:58yeW- O
00:28:23yeW- CMON
00:28:27yeW- srsly?
00:28:58Strom super bad chase :s
00:28:58Vangelis plz
00:28:59Vangelis never
00:29:00Vangelis solo him
00:29:03Vangelis he is too good
00:29:04infect gj
00:29:05zonskass :D
00:29:13yeW- oO?
00:29:17Momdsiw searchign me
00:29:18Momdsiw in woodz
00:29:35Strom lets continue with taking towers
00:29:38Strom it's good money for us
00:29:42Strom and lets do it fast
00:29:44Strom before they get farm
00:29:49Strom it's morning too
00:29:51Strom bad for ns
00:29:51infect sa tead, et need heal bootsid kõige failimad asjad üldse?
00:29:56fUNCh ei
00:29:58Vangelis go i start
00:30:10infect dead
00:30:11infect go b
00:30:23infect no night though
00:30:23Vangelis i really
00:30:24infect ulti cd
00:30:24FirstBlood lich with no ulty
00:30:26Vangelis dont understand you lich
00:30:27Vangelis ...
00:30:29Vangelis dont waste ulti plz
00:30:36FirstBlood thats our time
00:31:23infect haha
00:31:24infect :d
00:31:24creeeeeee HAHAHa
00:31:24FirstBlood lol
00:31:30creeeeeee infect jäi välja :D:D::D
00:31:35infect mingi 1 cm :D
00:31:39infect vähem veel
00:31:48infect ja funch, kus sile stick ?
00:31:48Vangelis mana
00:32:14Laier panda should get gem?
00:32:18Vangelis no
00:32:20Vangelis i need
00:32:21Vangelis agha
00:32:22Vangelis first
00:32:24Strom no, fuck that clinkz
00:32:33Strom he has 2 void stones
00:32:34Strom I mean
00:32:38FirstBlood i want rosh
00:32:45infect bot is warded
00:32:51FirstBlood use ulty
00:33:01Laier y go mid
00:33:03FirstBlood lol
00:33:11creeeeeee tard rosh
00:33:12FirstBlood b
00:33:16Momdsiw ¨need lich imo
00:33:20Vangelis WHAT
00:33:21Vangelis are
00:33:21yeW- omw
00:33:21Vangelis you
00:33:22Vangelis doing
00:33:24Vangelis whole game
00:33:24Vangelis ?
00:33:35yeW- take a chill pill mate
00:33:39infect base
00:33:40infect def
00:33:46FirstBlood base
00:33:48FirstBlood on hill
00:34:04FirstBlood b
00:34:16infect 100 to bkb :(
00:34:22FirstBlood all to me
00:34:32Strom we should farm
00:34:35Strom we should go bot tower
00:34:38infect sven bkb
00:34:39Vangelis i have
00:34:40zonskass lich has ulti
00:34:41Vangelis 300 to agha
00:34:44Vangelis i farm it
00:34:48yeW- -ma
00:34:50infect lion
00:34:56yeW- xd
00:35:11infect bkb tp
00:35:24infect bkb is coming
00:35:35creeeeeee malit goes true bkb?
00:35:40creeeeeee malice
00:35:42infect should y
00:35:44Laier care
00:35:49Laier go now
00:36:16creeeeeee 1 hp vend on
00:36:21zonskass sven hp
00:36:24creeeeeee sa attackid mingit full hp lichi
00:36:31fUNCh out of range oli kui nägin teda
00:36:36Strom almost 6:0
00:36:36Laier outplay with 5hp
00:36:38Laier 50*
00:36:52Strom was 5:0 if we don't count what happened after aegis
00:36:54Strom so well done
00:36:56infect u need bkb huskar.
00:37:08FirstBlood its not smart attack panda first
00:37:19FirstBlood yes i trully need it
00:37:19infect y, lion aa
00:37:20infect fist
00:37:23infect and lich
00:37:26FirstBlood truelly *
00:37:30Laier we got better late anyway
00:37:34Vangelis no
00:37:35Vangelis we dont
00:37:38Laier tbh we do
00:37:40yeW- lol
00:37:41yeW- -clear
00:37:42Laier panda + sven stronk
00:37:47Vangelis well
00:37:50Momdsiw and carry lion
00:37:52Vangelis i am 1 level away
00:37:54Vangelis from my peak str
00:37:55Strom don't underestimate huskar
00:37:59Vangelis y
00:37:59Strom huskar is a beast in lategame
00:38:00Vangelis dont
00:38:02Laier go mid
00:38:16FirstBlood go on hill
00:38:18Strom lets get htat mby?
00:38:31FirstBlood b
00:38:33FirstBlood and now
00:38:43FirstBlood b
00:38:51Vangelis funched
00:38:58Vangelis k
00:38:58yeW- ^^
00:38:59Vangelis iam now
00:39:05Vangelis at my peak
00:39:08infect we cant
00:39:10Strom this is why we don't need to gang funch
00:39:11FirstBlood dont def
00:39:13Strom he will come himself
00:39:22FirstBlood balanar come to us
00:39:24zonskass i disable sven first
00:39:25Vangelis mana plz
00:39:29infect aa lion
00:39:31Laier go rax
00:39:38FirstBlood yes them first
00:39:49Vangelis lanes
00:39:50Vangelis push tho
00:39:53Vangelis we miss
00:39:53FirstBlood dont forget use pipe
00:39:54Vangelis good farm
00:39:56FirstBlood in time !
00:40:04Strom so b
00:40:30Vangelis sven
00:40:31Vangelis really
00:40:32Vangelis ?
00:41:14Momdsiw Important gang xD
00:41:49fUNCh lich ethereal :D
00:41:49Laier we should just go with 5
00:41:51Vangelis he
00:41:52Vangelis has
00:41:52Vangelis bkb
00:41:53Vangelis :/
00:41:59Strom not good
00:42:02yeW- -clear
00:42:07yeW- -ma
00:42:09Laier go with 5
00:42:09Momdsiw i need to start then
00:42:11fUNCh they smoked
00:42:13Momdsiw keep him perma disable
00:42:13yeW- lol
00:42:15Strom we might kill him still
00:42:16infect i bait with illu
00:42:16zonskass i have smoke
00:42:16infect top
00:42:17Momdsiw i go lothar hex him
00:42:18yeW- -clear
00:42:19Strom if sven can stun him before bkb
00:42:28yeW- ill ethe him
00:42:39Momdsiw can you ethe when bked?
00:42:47yeW- ye
00:43:05Momdsiw -.-
00:43:14Laier im oom
00:43:16Strom b
00:43:44yeW- ward dat
00:44:02Vangelis i buy
00:44:03Vangelis gem
00:44:05Vangelis all or nothing atm
00:44:17FirstBlood fast until we have a time
00:44:25Vangelis LICH
00:44:25Vangelis wpo
00:44:33Vangelis really
00:44:34Vangelis really
00:44:36yeW- was just wardin
00:44:36yeW- jesus
00:44:37Vangelis ....
00:44:37yeW- -clear
00:44:40creeeeeee aa
00:44:41creeeeeee asüofjiwepgewg
00:44:42Laier go
00:44:42Laier go
00:44:43Laier tbh
00:44:58fUNCh gemmi homod
00:45:53zonskass gem
00:45:54Momdsiw panda going for?
00:45:56zonskass on pada
00:45:58Vangelis necro
00:45:58Vangelis 3
00:46:07Momdsiw isnt it hard to control pandas + little guys
00:46:13Vangelis well
00:46:15Vangelis only thing
00:46:17Vangelis that has synergy
00:46:21Laier necro will do hes job alone
00:46:25infect bootsid ei meeldinud vä
00:46:28Strom it's not the only thing
00:46:30Strom ac is good too
00:46:36fUNCh no alguses head
00:46:46Vangelis -5 armor + 15 aura
00:46:51Vangelis isn't comparable to necro
00:46:55Momdsiw its not
00:46:56Momdsiw +15 aura
00:47:03Momdsiw its +5 aura
00:47:11Vangelis on ac
00:47:13Vangelis it is 15?
00:47:17Momdsiw +5 armor aura
00:47:18yeW- ye
00:47:21yeW- +15 urself
00:47:23Vangelis i mean
00:47:25Vangelis speed aura
00:47:25Laier care
00:47:28Momdsiw ahh
00:48:18Vangelis why
00:48:21Vangelis .........
00:48:45Laier huoh lion
00:48:47Laier mikset stunnannu tota
00:48:52yeW- -ma
00:48:55Momdsiw en kattonu
00:48:56Momdsiw ja pelotti
00:49:11yeW- ya didnt ulti there panda?
00:49:18Laier this would be alot eaasier if lich + lion had hex
00:49:19Vangelis shackled
00:49:22yeW- k
00:49:29Momdsiw ?
00:49:30creeeeeee gang with my ult?
00:49:33Momdsiw i haev
00:49:36Strom it would be a lot easier if we didn't start fights with 2 people
00:49:36zonskass y
00:49:38Laier mut hex tikku
00:49:44creeeeeee top?
00:49:47FirstBlood y
00:49:50Vangelis plz
00:49:50Vangelis now
00:49:52Vangelis 5
00:49:52FirstBlood fast
00:49:54Vangelis together
00:49:55Vangelis not
00:49:57Vangelis 1 warding
00:49:59Laier hahahah
00:49:59Vangelis not 1 farming
00:50:00Laier ei vittu
00:50:00Vangelis ....
00:50:01zonskass :D
00:50:09Laier dont def it
00:50:12FirstBlood we are visitors
00:50:18Vangelis ns mid
00:50:43FirstBlood care
00:50:46zonskass gem
00:50:51Laier infect is going abyssal blade
00:50:58fUNCh who has gem ?
00:51:05zonskass panda had
00:51:09fUNCh he lost it ?
00:51:10Strom lets push
00:51:11Strom they no bkbs
00:51:14zonskass i dont know
00:51:16Vangelis well i got
00:51:18Vangelis no ult
00:51:18Vangelis :/
00:51:34Strom cant push
00:51:37Strom sven went to fight funch
00:51:37Momdsiw huskar has bkb
00:51:38Momdsiw now
00:52:04FirstBlood care mid
00:52:21Vangelis need
00:52:22Vangelis so little
00:52:23Vangelis for necro 3
00:52:30Vangelis mine
00:52:31zonskass go smoke
00:52:35FirstBlood yes
00:52:40infect wait for them to mid
00:52:47Laier that clinkz is allways there
00:52:49Laier jsut kill him
00:52:55Momdsiw let me go first
00:53:11FirstBlood all top
00:53:11Laier go
00:53:12zonskass come
00:53:13infect necro lvl 3
00:53:15Vangelis mana plz asap
00:53:26Strom gonna shop
00:53:35Strom or not
00:53:35Laier ye smart move :)
00:54:14yeW- anyone
00:54:15Strom ofc it was smart move
00:54:15infect panda so gay :(
00:54:18yeW- picked an item?
00:54:18zonskass alway me first :/
00:54:19Strom I would have bought hex
00:54:37Strom lol why you buy 2nd chicken
00:54:40Laier why you buy new?
00:54:40yeW- dead
00:54:41FirstBlood dont go there
00:54:44Vangelis lanes
00:54:45Vangelis push
00:54:46Laier it respawns
00:54:46Strom it repsawns
00:54:47zonskass need kil panda with pitlord ulti
00:54:48fUNCh put spam spells ?
00:54:49yeW- oh
00:54:50yeW- lol
00:54:52yeW- right ^^
00:54:55infect y
00:55:01yeW- forgot
00:55:02yeW- :(
00:55:02Vangelis hmmm
00:55:03Vangelis i make
00:55:04Vangelis vladi
00:55:06Vangelis ?
00:55:10infect huskar
00:55:13FirstBlood ?
00:55:13infect got lifesteal ye ?
00:55:18Strom rosh alive?
00:55:22yeW- ye
00:55:23FirstBlood will have soon
00:55:28Vangelis should i make vladi
00:55:30Vangelis ? or what
00:55:31Vangelis ?
00:55:36FirstBlood bone
00:55:37Strom dunno
00:55:40Strom sounds too cheap
00:55:41Strom at 52min
00:55:42FirstBlood you need more dps
00:55:44Momdsiw found some1s dust from wodos
00:56:26yeW- CMON
00:56:48fUNCh push mid
00:56:56Vangelis no ult
00:57:05Laier lothars stun nuke
00:57:10yeW- lion
00:57:27fUNCh damn nice
00:57:28fUNCh :D
00:57:29infect to ptoo
00:57:30fUNCh imba game
00:57:34Momdsiw lich
00:57:41yeW- sup
00:57:47Strom don't die
00:57:49Strom go safe
00:57:51Strom go safe
00:57:52Strom wait 5
00:57:57Vangelis b
00:57:58Strom go safe & wait 5
00:57:59Vangelis b sven
00:57:59Vangelis b
00:58:00Momdsiw this clinkz too stronk
00:58:00Strom go safe & wait 5
00:58:04Strom go safe& wait 5
00:58:08Strom we play with only bottom lane
00:58:10Strom wioth 5
00:58:10Vangelis he isn't
00:58:11infect seekord said
00:58:12Vangelis strong
00:58:15Vangelis we can't go with 5
00:58:18Vangelis that is what lost for us
00:58:21FirstBlood nice guys
00:58:26Strom no?
00:58:30Strom we didn't fight with 5 near rosh
00:58:31infect now just let lanes push
00:58:38Vangelis i meant
00:58:43Momdsiw clinkz too strong
00:58:49Vangelis we have incredibly hard time going with 5
00:58:50Momdsiw go ff
00:58:50Momdsiw I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:57Vangelis everyone dying solo to clinkz or farming or whatever
00:58:58Strom no fucking way we ff
00:58:59Strom we will win
00:59:06Vangelis keep tps
00:59:13Momdsiw want go to sleep :<
00:59:27FirstBlood come for cheese
00:59:28Vangelis push top go mid
00:59:29Vangelis ?
00:59:44Laier they got cheese also
00:59:50infect tegin selle uue itemi
00:59:52Vangelis again
00:59:53Vangelis lich
01:00:04yeW- orly oOo
01:00:19creeeeeee miks sa suunda muutsid?
01:00:26Vangelis gg
01:00:27Vangelis misclick
01:00:27fUNCh mõtlesin et panda hüppab
01:00:31yeW- rofl
01:00:33Vangelis I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:37Momdsiw dont show to them
01:00:39Momdsiw that you ultied
01:00:40Momdsiw -.-
01:00:45Momdsiw ahh god youre stupid
01:00:53Vangelis tbh
01:00:54Strom this is fucking bullshit
01:00:55Vangelis so are you
01:00:58Vangelis you failed many times
01:01:07Momdsiw you failed the game now
01:01:43creeeeeee just rax
01:02:09Momdsiw go ff
01:02:11Laier shitty game to lose
01:02:14Strom this is so bullshit
01:02:14infect that new item is kuul
01:02:19Strom to try so hard to win
01:02:22Vangelis well
01:02:23Strom and then not to because of massive fail
01:02:30Vangelis only reason
01:02:33FirstBlood yes thats cool
01:02:34Vangelis no going with 5
01:02:42Strom lich was farming half the time
01:02:45Vangelis y
01:02:47Strom now that etheral blade sure is making a difference
01:02:49infect gg ff now
01:02:57yeW- so much hatred lads
01:03:18Vangelis should say
01:03:19Laier its funny
01:03:20Vangelis gg but i can't
01:03:22Laier that lion has pandas items
01:03:25Laier and panda has lions
01:03:33Vangelis ?
01:03:38yeW- panda with lothars? ^^
01:04:21Laier I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:36fUNCh gg
01:04:41yeW- GG WP
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