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+34 X
+2 TS

93% | 1636 X | 1462 TS

-4 X
+2 TS

78% | 1399 X | 1408 TS

+7 X
+1 TS

73% | 1330 X | 1418 TS

+22 X
+5 TS

61% | 1244 X | 1372 TS

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56% | 1231 X | 1337 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

89% | 1541 X | 1459 TS

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-1 TS

85% | 1441 X | 1487 TS

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-2 TS

81% | 1422 X | 1422 TS

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-2 TS

60% | 1252 X | 1356 TS

-10 X
-2 TS

49% | 1179 X | 1296 TS

Chat log

00:00:17GottHasstMich pudge *_*
00:00:19yeW- Willste?
00:00:19Jerkku some1 take me thrall
00:00:19yeW- ^^
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19GottHasstMich yoooo
00:00:19Vangelis yew
00:00:19Vangelis what do you play
00:00:19yeW- Hey Vangelis :D.
00:00:19Laier oisin plugannu jos meil ois ollu magaso
00:00:19yeW- I like playing with you, we usually win :D.
00:00:19Vangelis well
00:00:19yeW- I'll Luci.
00:00:19-.- -thrall
00:00:19Vangelis ok, good
00:00:19Milky :P
00:00:19yeW- :D
00:00:19yeW- Poor Jerkku.
00:00:19Jerkku im poor
00:00:19yeW- I ban Axe?
00:00:19Laier sveni vois olla aika stronk
00:00:19GottHasstMich gimme that shitty pudgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:00:19yeW- Blue's a terrific mid
00:00:19Vangelis ban
00:00:19yeW- Axe.
00:00:19Vangelis pudge
00:00:19Vangelis :D
00:00:19GottHasstMich na
00:00:19-.- pickaan tokelle hero
00:00:19GottHasstMich he wont play pudge
00:00:19Vangelis but gotthass
00:00:19Vangelis will
00:00:19-.- ja sit se antaa mulle axe
00:00:19Vangelis :D
00:00:19Laier and what is that?
00:00:19GottHasstMich ofc
00:00:19GottHasstMich i do
00:00:19-.- emt
00:00:19Laier et vittu ota mitää paska-axee :DD
00:00:19GottHasstMich i always own with him
00:00:19GottHasstMich !
00:00:19GottHasstMich see winratio
00:00:19-.- otan ;)
00:00:19GottHasstMich :P
00:00:19yeW- So?
00:00:19Jerkku classic
00:00:19yeW- What do I ban?
00:00:19Milky axe on nii paskaa
00:00:19yeW- Axe?
00:00:19Laier noo meikä pluggaa 9min kohal
00:00:19Vangelis just ban something
00:00:19Vangelis veno
00:00:19GottHasstMich um
00:00:19Vangelis :D
00:00:19Vangelis axe
00:00:19Jerkku no veno
00:00:19yeW- Axe.
00:00:19Jerkku i want it
00:00:21-.- dafu7
00:00:23Laier THANK GOD!
00:00:25Laier THANK YOUUUUUU<3
00:00:27yeW- :D
00:00:33yeW- He wanted Axe? :(
00:00:35GottHasstMich pick me pudgy
00:00:35GottHasstMich pls
00:00:35Laier ye
00:00:35yeW- -clear
00:00:41GottHasstMich ._.
00:00:42Vangelis jerkku for you
00:00:43Laier but i bet you banned it because you got magaso
00:00:44Jerkku y
00:00:47GottHasstMich thx pudge is gone
00:00:49ForbeateN give me pudge
00:00:50GottHasstMich ...
00:00:52ForbeateN please
00:00:58yeW- Hahaha, noes, I hadn't even noticed ^^'.
00:00:58Laier milky
00:00:59Vangelis i don't think so
00:01:00yeW- -clea
00:01:01Laier ota joku suppo bottii
00:01:02Vangelis milky doesn't
00:01:03Vangelis play pudge
00:01:04-ToKe- <- cent
00:01:05Laier rhasta toimis
00:01:05yeW- -clear
00:01:07GottHasstMich but pick for s1 mb
00:01:07-.- was it some1 who told you
00:01:09Vangelis he plays support
00:01:09-.- not to pick it
00:01:12-.- im 7uite sure
00:01:13GottHasstMich AHAHAHA
00:01:13GottHasstMich <3
00:01:15Laier ei väkisi
00:01:17Milky tää riittää
00:01:19Milky =)
00:01:20GottHasstMich MEAT
00:01:22Laier ei ees
00:01:23-ToKe- ill be bot puller cent
00:01:25Milky kyl
00:01:27-.- mis sun wisp o
00:01:28Milky imba harass puck
00:01:29-.- milky
00:01:31yeW- No, I remember you playing it onec again Jonnija, you raped him but then again, raping Jonnija's no big deal.
00:01:32Vangelis i could enigma....
00:01:37-.- :D
00:01:38Milky eio poolis
00:01:38Vangelis hmm
00:01:39yeW- So I thought what the hell ^^.
00:01:40yeW- -clear
00:01:41-.- tiiän
00:01:41Vangelis dont
00:01:43Vangelis get me
00:01:46Vangelis thd
00:01:49-.- not much to ban anyway
00:01:51ForbeateN im bot
00:01:51Jerkku enigma then ?
00:01:54Milky no
00:01:54Vangelis ye
00:01:54-.- not that strong pool
00:01:54Milky i am
00:01:55-ToKe- fuck
00:01:55Vangelis enigma
00:01:57GottHasstMich geo
00:01:58Vangelis -swap 5
00:02:00Jerkku -swap 2
00:02:01-ToKe- srry didnt make chick :D
00:02:02yeW- -clear
00:02:03GottHasstMich nigma woods you take top
00:02:04GottHasstMich solo
00:02:05ForbeateN gj
00:02:06GottHasstMich me mid ?
00:02:06ForbeateN !
00:02:09yeW- Aight!
00:02:09Vangelis no
00:02:10-ToKe- in 200 ill make
00:02:11Vangelis pudge top
00:02:11Vangelis imo
00:02:13Vangelis i want to gank
00:02:14GottHasstMich its fuck
00:02:14yeW- ye
00:02:16GottHasstMich -.-
00:02:19GottHasstMich k
00:02:20Vangelis they have 3
00:02:21Vangelis melee
00:02:22GottHasstMich cant farm a bit there then
00:02:23-.- puck
00:02:24yeW- but wiat
00:02:26Vangelis probably 2 melee top
00:02:26yeW- wait
00:02:26-.- top
00:02:28yeW- let zeus
00:02:29yeW- and
00:02:30yeW- veno
00:02:31yeW- bot?
00:02:33yeW- = fail
00:02:34Milky ¨
00:02:34yeW- of the year?
00:02:34-ToKe- ill pull
00:02:35yeW- no?
00:02:36yeW- -clear
00:02:39-ToKe- let tiny
00:02:40Laier mikä vitu centaur sven alne
00:02:41-ToKe- solo
00:02:41Laier :DDD
00:02:42Vangelis not really?
00:02:44GottHasstMich bot lane is epic fail for me
00:02:45yeW- pudge
00:02:46yeW- og mid
00:02:47yeW- -clear
00:02:47Vangelis they should be fine
00:02:49yeW- go mod
00:02:50yeW- u can gang
00:02:52yeW- if they fail
00:02:52magaso ??
00:02:54GottHasstMich ofc i do
00:02:56Laier top cant be solo
00:03:01Laier freefarm for both of them
00:03:01-.- can
00:03:03-.- but not tiny
00:03:09Milky i can
00:03:10ForbeateN fb?>
00:03:12Milky np
00:03:14-.- we can try
00:03:18yeW- u a good pudge? :p
00:03:19Vangelis i make
00:03:21Vangelis double pull
00:03:23Milky let sf dmg b4
00:03:24yeW- k
00:03:25Laier ette oo saamas
00:03:25-.- dont go yet
00:03:26Milky u start
00:03:27GottHasstMich WHERE
00:03:29GottHasstMich IS CHICK
00:03:31GottHasstMich ._.
00:03:31yeW- XD
00:03:35GottHasstMich gg
00:03:37Jerkku :(
00:03:54GottHasstMich gr8
00:03:55-.- lol :D
00:03:55-.- no stun
00:03:58ForbeateN :D
00:03:58GottHasstMich and nobody tells me s1 is ss
00:04:00Laier gg
00:04:01yeW- fuck
00:04:01Laier :D:DD
00:04:02yeW- my bad
00:04:07Jerkku I GO BASE NOW
00:04:14Jerkku xd
00:04:21magaso stfu
00:04:30yeW- ol
00:04:32Milky gj
00:04:37ForbeateN u2
00:04:39Milky u can roam
00:04:40Laier veno miss btw
00:05:06magaso fucktartd
00:05:06magaso ffs
00:05:07Laier veno missss
00:05:08magaso where are u
00:05:08Laier still
00:05:09magaso shit
00:05:11magaso tard
00:05:14Jerkku i said i go base
00:05:15Jerkku :D:D:D
00:05:18Jerkku idiot
00:05:36Milky toss
00:05:37Milky to doom
00:05:37Milky !
00:05:38Laier cent
00:05:40Laier get botos
00:05:41Laier and gg
00:05:42Milky no
00:05:43Milky nv,
00:05:48Milky healed
00:06:15yeW- up courie magao
00:06:52yeW- SS
00:06:52yeW- 2
00:07:00Laier oota
00:07:00GottHasstMich tiny going bot
00:07:01Laier lane
00:07:01ForbeateN wait me
00:07:01Laier sit go
00:07:13Vangelis plz
00:07:14Vangelis flying
00:07:51magaso o g
00:07:51GottHasstMich UNREAL
00:07:52magaso omg
00:08:01Laier tournament2
00:08:06Milky LVL 6!!
00:08:07Milky (
00:08:18ForbeateN care
00:08:27yeW- need wol
00:08:29yeW- wof
00:08:30Laier someone up chick
00:08:33yeW- lemme know
00:08:33yeW- eni
00:08:34-.- where is r une
00:08:52GottHasstMich ff
00:08:54GottHasstMich s1 else go mid
00:08:55GottHasstMich i cant handle it
00:08:56Jerkku pr pudge
00:08:58ForbeateN yy
00:08:58magaso omfg
00:09:00Jerkku pro*
00:09:00GottHasstMich stfu
00:09:03GottHasstMich he outlvled me
00:09:06GottHasstMich since i got killed min 1
00:09:08ForbeateN rune bot
00:09:09magaso fucktard in mid
00:09:12magaso how great
00:09:20Laier bot ss2
00:09:21GottHasstMich ss mid
00:09:33GottHasstMich re
00:09:52Milky fail
00:09:54Milky lmao
00:09:55ForbeateN no mana
00:09:56ForbeateN ..
00:09:59Milky y np
00:10:00Laier dont go
00:10:08Laier or go
00:10:09ForbeateN ss
00:10:10Laier zeus no mana
00:10:11Milky hienoja
00:10:12GottHasstMich gang mid
00:10:12Milky =)
00:10:15GottHasstMich nigma
00:10:19Vangelis i am oom atm
00:10:23Vangelis just ganked
00:10:24Vangelis top
00:10:28GottHasstMich k asap
00:10:33yeW- -ma
00:10:37GottHasstMich ss mid
00:10:42-ToKe- stunn if can
00:10:47Laier need 10mana
00:10:55GottHasstMich re
00:11:00Milky doom ulti rdy
00:11:02-ToKe- next
00:11:04Milky ss top 2
00:11:14Vangelis k now i join game
00:11:16yeW- :p
00:11:20Vangelis have
00:11:21Vangelis dag
00:11:28Laier vittu
00:11:35Laier miks venasit sen double edgen kans?
00:11:37Vangelis pudge
00:11:39Vangelis be ready
00:11:42Jerkku sf got travels
00:11:42GottHasstMich ss mid
00:11:43Milky ding
00:11:56yeW- -m
00:11:57yeW- -ma
00:12:13Vangelis pudge
00:12:13Vangelis got
00:12:14Vangelis ult
00:12:16GottHasstMich y
00:12:21Laier just rape doom
00:12:22Laier and gg
00:12:28Milky älä näy
00:12:29Milky viel
00:12:36Milky stun
00:12:40ForbeateN OFC
00:12:42ForbeateN NO WARDS
00:12:43magaso travel
00:12:44magaso fiend
00:12:45magaso omfg
00:13:06Vangelis kill
00:13:07yeW- mwell
00:13:07Vangelis pudge
00:13:08yeW- that blew
00:13:09Milky lol bot
00:13:11Milky mo
00:13:15-.- ;p
00:13:16Vangelis HELP TOP
00:13:16Laier 10min bot
00:13:18Laier aika sick
00:13:24Laier gomo
00:13:25Milky silti pystyy lashit
00:13:35Milky +64 dmg
00:13:37Laier come
00:13:40ForbeateN me
00:13:42-ToKe- me
00:13:42Milky cd ulti
00:13:43yeW- WOLF
00:13:44yeW- PL
00:13:48Milky tower
00:14:01-ToKe- threo
00:14:20Milky missä se sveni on
00:14:21Milky :D
00:14:24-ToKe- try toss me in
00:14:24Laier no ei o bootsei
00:14:25Laier ja oom
00:14:29Milky jaa
00:14:30yeW- well
00:14:35yeW- as long as zeus farms
00:14:38Laier ei oo kovi ketterä kaveri ilma niit meinaa :DD
00:14:39GottHasstMich :b
00:14:39Vangelis all is well
00:14:42Milky ^^
00:14:47magaso what i farm
00:14:48magaso fucktard
00:14:56-ToKe- toss me
00:15:04Milky go
00:15:10Milky ai oot oom
00:15:11magaso 0 farm
00:15:15Milky nii et kuollu koskaa
00:15:16yeW- TP
00:15:34yeW- wards
00:15:35Laier taas venaat se vitu edgen kans :D
00:15:42GottHasstMich fucking t1 courier
00:15:50Laier mitä teet :D:D::
00:15:54Milky np
00:15:55Milky no team
00:15:56Milky :)
00:15:58Milky taopan
00:16:22ForbeateN f hate this game
00:16:38-ToKe- stunn
00:16:50yeW- wow
00:16:51yeW- watch mre
00:16:56GottHasstMich look jhp
00:17:09yeW- b
00:17:09yeW- zeus
00:17:21Milky sec
00:17:25magaso omfg
00:17:26Laier :D
00:17:27magaso this fiends
00:17:28Vangelis ?
00:17:29Laier eihä se iha nappii menny taas
00:17:29magaso so suck
00:17:31-ToKe- toss
00:17:36GottHasstMich b
00:17:42GottHasstMich told u
00:17:55Laier toss me
00:17:56yeW- lucky cen
00:17:56Milky cent care doom
00:18:04Milky i just saved u
00:18:32Vangelis nice
00:18:32Vangelis :D
00:18:33GottHasstMich >:D
00:18:35Laier veno ultas?
00:18:36Jerkku wrong
00:18:36Laier vai wtf
00:18:36-ToKe- toss me doom
00:18:38Milky :P
00:18:38Milky y
00:18:42Jerkku key
00:18:43Jerkku :(
00:18:45ForbeateN ...
00:19:32Laier wtf
00:19:35Laier mitä vittuu teette
00:19:40-ToKe- todd
00:19:57Laier no sf farmaa
00:20:00Laier muute viel hävitää tää :D
00:20:18-ToKe- need hp reg :(
00:20:30Milky go heal
00:20:31Milky wtf
00:20:35yeW- wards bot ppls
00:20:37Laier miks vitus idlaat täs midis
00:20:40Laier ku et voi sit tulla tappelee
00:20:46Laier care
00:20:49Milky all go
00:20:52Milky bait
00:20:54Milky sf
00:20:56-ToKe- tiny lets go
00:21:01Laier go top
00:21:02Laier ffs
00:21:03Milky enigma
00:21:06yeW- bb!!
00:21:15yeW- buy me tp
00:21:15yeW- pls
00:21:22yeW- BUY ME TP
00:21:42ForbeateN b
00:21:43ForbeateN b
00:21:43ForbeateN b
00:21:44Milky aa
00:21:50Milky hook inc
00:21:56magaso lol
00:22:01yeW- n1
00:22:02Laier joo iah vitu sama
00:22:02ForbeateN wards puck
00:22:06yeW- btw
00:22:11yeW- stop lashittin
00:22:13yeW- like that
00:22:14yeW- magaso
00:22:19magaso ?
00:22:39yeW- -ma
00:22:47-.- go push
00:22:47-.- got bkb
00:23:00yeW- b
00:23:01yeW- wait
00:23:24yeW- tt
00:23:26yeW- come on
00:23:27yeW- jesus
00:23:29yeW- -cle
00:23:31yeW- -clea
00:23:33yeW- -clear
00:23:48yeW- knew i shuddna let bot
00:23:49yeW- like that
00:24:29yeW- ultying now
00:24:30yeW- zeus
00:24:33yeW- wuda bin good
00:24:37Milky insta
00:24:42Milky ty
00:24:43Milky bro
00:24:45Milky sori
00:25:03Laier ty tiny
00:25:05Milky good old doom
00:25:06ForbeateN ?>
00:25:06Laier where the hell you run
00:25:07ForbeateN cd
00:25:14ForbeateN cd all mate
00:25:18Laier you know you can HIT
00:25:23Vangelis really
00:25:24Laier you know with your fucking fists
00:25:25Vangelis hate this
00:25:26Vangelis game
00:25:33GottHasstMich m2
00:25:35Vangelis i played perfect enigma up until minute 15....
00:25:40GottHasstMich well
00:25:43GottHasstMich i played absolute shit pudge
00:25:47ForbeateN b
00:26:13yeW- suiide
00:26:20GottHasstMich thought u guys
00:26:23GottHasstMich would attack earlier
00:26:26GottHasstMich so i can let him chase ab it
00:26:38Jerkku zeus ult
00:26:44GottHasstMich ulti
00:26:44GottHasstMich zeus
00:26:45GottHasstMich .-:
00:26:49Jerkku ZEUS ULT
00:26:53ForbeateN b
00:26:57yeW- cd
00:27:00yeW- that boon got
00:27:18yeW- waut
00:27:19yeW- wiat
00:27:20yeW- wait
00:27:21Vangelis he
00:27:21Vangelis has
00:27:22Vangelis lothar
00:27:26GottHasstMich lol
00:27:28GottHasstMich @ lothat on sven
00:27:42Vangelis lothar wars
00:27:53Milky ...
00:27:55Laier mitä sä teet
00:28:01Milky yritin soloo ton damagen
00:28:03Laier care doom bot
00:28:20ForbeateN w8
00:28:21ForbeateN pipe
00:28:23-ToKe- dont toss me
00:28:27-ToKe- got blink
00:28:27ForbeateN go eni
00:28:31-ToKe- go in ur self
00:28:33ForbeateN go
00:29:30yeW- jesus
00:29:31Laier and toss cent
00:29:32Laier not me
00:29:39magaso omfg
00:29:39yeW- magaso auto loss everytime
00:29:46Laier true
00:29:51yeW- every god damn single time
00:30:07Laier thats why i plug everytime i got him
00:30:08yeW- veno
00:30:09yeW- go drop
00:30:15yeW- well now i know
00:30:25-ToKe- tunn toss
00:30:28-ToKe- stunn
00:30:29Milky b
00:30:29Milky b
00:30:30Milky b
00:30:37Laier dd bot
00:30:38Laier btw
00:30:46-.- ne
00:30:47-.- me
00:30:54-.- go
00:30:55GottHasstMich dd on nvm
00:30:55-.- fight
00:30:56GottHasstMich argh
00:30:59magaso I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:00GottHasstMich b
00:31:03GottHasstMich HOW
00:31:27-ToKe- take towwer
00:31:46Milky cya
00:31:54Milky doom
00:32:06magaso omg
00:32:10magaso imba captain
00:32:16yeW- n he talks oO
00:32:23Laier he allways do
00:32:25Milky he tried to save time i guess
00:32:26Laier when he loses
00:32:29Laier blames cap
00:32:33magaso well
00:32:37magaso i dont bother about noobs
00:33:04Laier you know your the only noob here?
00:33:04GottHasstMich 60% guy
00:33:06GottHasstMich talking like a pro
00:33:14magaso y
00:33:16Laier you dont wonder why everybody hates you and dont want into same team with you?
00:33:20magaso the one who lost mid agaisnt fiend
00:33:22magaso LOL
00:33:32magaso LIKE AI
00:33:34magaso MAP
00:33:36Vangelis !banreqeust magaso ruining dota.gc games
00:33:37magaso 9 MIN TRAVEL
00:33:55magaso so waht
00:33:57magaso do i care
00:33:58magaso rofl
00:34:02magaso u are retards
00:34:04magaso thats fac
00:34:05yeW- :D
00:34:06magaso fact
00:34:09Milky and you are king
00:34:10Milky np
00:34:12Laier dno why strom dont ban him allready
00:34:21yeW- eni
00:34:38Vangelis def
00:34:38Vangelis at
00:34:39Vangelis base
00:34:43-.- Ztoopid tiny
00:34:45-.- so obvious
00:34:50magaso stupid retard
00:34:52magaso jsut wining
00:34:57magaso cause of fiend
00:34:58Milky su :
00:34:59ForbeateN u are smart
00:34:59magaso and acting
00:35:00ForbeateN u f tard
00:35:01Milky su :D
00:35:03Vangelis i really
00:35:03Vangelis cant
00:35:05Vangelis go first
00:35:05yeW- om
00:35:05magaso as if he can do shit
00:35:07yeW- omg
00:35:08Vangelis they got so much stun
00:35:15magaso u ARe fucking 0
00:35:17magaso in all games
00:35:20GottHasstMich nvm not with them
00:35:28-ToKe- rosh
00:35:34Milky go fast then
00:35:36Laier sf
00:35:36Laier come
00:35:37Laier ?
00:35:40GottHasstMich go fast
00:35:41Milky dont need
00:35:42GottHasstMich nvm not there
00:35:42Milky boost
00:35:43Jerkku COME
00:35:43Milky sven
00:35:50ForbeateN b
00:35:56Milky go
00:35:57Milky 4v4
00:36:00yeW- gah
00:36:01ForbeateN go
00:36:02magaso omg
00:36:02Milky come
00:36:03Milky ffs
00:36:08GottHasstMich roshan down
00:36:09yeW- :d
00:36:11yeW- -clea
00:36:15Milky rosh now
00:36:16yeW- who cares bout rosh doh ^^
00:36:26-ToKe- push mid
00:36:30ForbeateN mid
00:36:36yeW- veno staye there
00:36:36yeW- ?
00:36:37yeW- :d
00:36:38yeW- *d
00:36:39yeW- -clea
00:36:43Vangelis DEF MID
00:36:44yeW- -clear
00:37:02ForbeateN haah
00:37:05Milky roshan
00:37:07yeW- static oO
00:37:11ForbeateN k
00:37:16Laier cent
00:37:17Laier vittuu sielt
00:37:18Milky bb
00:37:20Milky urpo :D
00:37:25Laier viksu jätkä :D
00:37:30Milky sven boost
00:37:47ForbeateN b
00:37:49magaso I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:59yeW- lmao
00:38:02yeW- just go leave dude
00:38:15GottHasstMich alone
00:38:23Milky need to insta
00:38:26Laier aha
00:38:27Laier :DDD
00:38:29GottHasstMich care
00:38:45Laier mist lähtie zeus ulti o tehny 500dmg heroo
00:38:47Laier jos ei o aghaa
00:38:50Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:08Laier oisit puskenu vaa
00:39:21Jerkku got dust
00:39:24Milky got sentrys for doom
00:39:26Milky lets finish?
00:39:57Laier go bot all
00:40:06yeW- venos farm stuck at min 12
00:40:07ForbeateN care
00:40:20Milky omw
00:40:21Milky wait
00:40:27Milky and go
00:41:16Milky ..
00:42:59Milky doom inc
00:43:04yeW- that barely dealt u 1k dmg xd
00:43:12ForbeateN xD
00:43:12Milky what?
00:43:47Laier :D:D:D:D
00:43:48Laier ahahahah
00:44:34Milky 4v5??
00:44:37Laier iha sama? :D
00:44:38Milky just idle
00:44:41Milky creeps push
00:45:14Milky EHM
00:45:21yeW- OWND OMG
00:45:21yeW- ^^'
00:45:24Milky :P
00:45:57yeW- cut the fagness
00:46:03Vangelis I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:41ForbeateN xD
00:47:46yeW- sentries
00:47:46yeW- there
00:48:24Laier just go top
00:48:26ForbeateN end
00:48:55yeW- oh k
00:48:56yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:09GottHasstMich I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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