Game #3052004

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-29 X
-6 TS

69% | 1309 X | 1374 TS

-9 X
-5 TS

56% | 1235 X | 1328 TS

-9 X
-1 TS

54% | 1237 X | 1309 TS

+41 X
-3 TS

28% | 1021 X | 1278 TS

-1 X
-15 TS

NEW | 1073 X | 1027 TS

+18 X
+1 TS

95% | 1592 X | 1585 TS

-15 X
+1 TS

82% | 1437 X | 1421 TS

+13 X
+2 TS

30% | 1044 X | 1271 TS

-8 X
+9 TS

13% | 989 X | 1154 TS

+6 X
+54 TS

NEW | 834 X | 1022 TS

Chat log

00:00:00GuiTaR [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Pojetz with 54 seconds.
00:00:06Netukka -rd
00:00:07Netukka rd
00:00:09Netukka rdrdrd
00:00:09Netukka rd
00:00:09Doomy -rd
00:00:16slc2 wtf
00:00:18GottHasstMich w[]ow
00:00:18slc2 let me bot with zeus
00:00:18vaityl pizda nam il`9
00:00:18Netukka ban sd
00:00:18GottHasstMich this is gonna be 2v5
00:00:18slc2 ban lycan
00:00:18Netukka mm
00:00:18Doomy lycan
00:00:18slc2 he goes void
00:00:18Netukka sd lycan banned
00:00:18GottHasstMich SD LYCAN BANNED
00:00:18slc2 or slark
00:00:18Netukka any rubick
00:00:18Doomy SD & LYCAN BANNED
00:00:18GottHasstMich can paly him y
00:00:18Netukka gg
00:00:18Netukka ff
00:00:18GottHasstMich ._.
00:00:18Doomy ><
00:00:18vaityl fuckin leaver
00:00:18Doomy cmon
00:00:18Netukka lycan sd banned
00:00:21Doomy someone want something?
00:00:32Netukka get me puck
00:00:45PriMo ???? ?????
00:00:47PriMo ???
00:00:49PriMo ??????
00:00:50Doomy ?
00:00:53slc2 can i mid with zeus?
00:00:57Doomy y
00:00:58GottHasstMich -swap
00:00:59Netukka -swap 2
00:00:59GottHasstMich -swap []1
00:00:59Pojetz bans?
00:01:00PriMo ???? ????
00:01:01GottHasstMich -swap 1
00:01:02Netukka sd lycan
00:01:03GottHasstMich sd lycan
00:01:15vaityl mne ??????
00:01:20PriMo ?????
00:01:21vaityl ?????
00:01:25vaityl ?????
00:01:29GottHasstMich get some woodhero
00:01:30PriMo -swap 2
00:01:33GottHasstMich nigma
00:01:35vaityl -swapall
00:01:36GottHasstMich wl
00:01:38Doomy zeus is mid
00:01:50slc2 get lion
00:01:52slc2 get lion
00:01:54slc2 get lion
00:01:57slc2 or wl
00:02:00GottHasstMich or just a fucking naga
00:02:00GottHasstMich ._.
00:02:05Netukka na naga bot
00:02:08Doomy a range plz
00:02:11Netukka guitar
00:02:11GuiTaR pls not me and naga bot
00:02:12Netukka bot
00:02:19Netukka why u picked
00:02:20Netukka na
00:02:21Netukka ffs
00:02:22GuiTaR some one else bot for balance
00:02:23Pojetz QUITAR
00:02:30Netukka there were plenty of better heroes
00:02:30Pojetz u banned
00:02:31GuiTaR or lose game
00:02:32Netukka u picked na
00:02:33Pojetz fffs
00:02:33GottHasstMich i go
00:02:34slc2 hmm gondar solo top? insteed of bot?
00:02:35GottHasstMich ..
00:02:35Netukka NA
00:02:36Netukka BOT
00:02:37Pojetz NOOO
00:02:38GottHasstMich let him
00:02:39GottHasstMich hes idiot
00:02:40Pojetz RUB U TOP
00:02:45Pojetz he solo top
00:02:46Pojetz themn
00:02:48Pojetz ffs
00:02:48Netukka play
00:02:50Netukka like this
00:02:50GottHasstMich ._.
00:02:51Pojetz i dont care
00:02:51Netukka void top
00:02:56GottHasstMich void
00:02:56GottHasstMich go top
00:02:57GottHasstMich farm
00:02:58Pojetz no
00:02:59Netukka void go
00:02:59slc2 u guys like carrys?
00:02:59Netukka top
00:03:01GottHasstMich na babysits u
00:03:02GuiTaR void ure not team leader so stfu
00:03:05Netukka na
00:03:08Netukka u better not
00:03:09Pojetz CAP SAID U
00:03:10Netukka to take any creeps
00:03:11Pojetz BOT
00:03:13Pojetz U BOT
00:03:14Pojetz U BOT
00:03:16Pojetz fffs
00:03:20GottHasstMich naga
00:03:21GottHasstMich i take farm
00:03:23PriMo ???? ???? ???? ???? ??????
00:03:23Pojetz 1 fail and i leave
00:03:27GuiTaR leave
00:03:30GottHasstMich S
00:03:31GottHasstMich T
00:03:31vaityl r
00:03:31GottHasstMich F
00:03:32Pojetz i need RANGE top
00:03:32GottHasstMich U
00:03:32Pojetz idiot
00:03:33GuiTaR u get banned
00:03:36Pojetz no
00:03:43GottHasstMich ss 1
00:03:47Pojetz gg lion top
00:04:05Pojetz LET MEFARM
00:04:10Pojetz GI PULL
00:04:14Doomy harass them plz
00:04:20Pojetz GOULL
00:04:21Pojetz ffs
00:04:23GottHasstMich n
00:04:25GottHasstMich take ulölls
00:04:30Pojetz NA
00:04:31Pojetz GO PULL
00:04:31GottHasstMich pulls
00:04:38Pojetz ffs
00:04:39Pojetz look him
00:04:41Pojetz I WANT TOP
00:04:43Pojetz ME TOP
00:04:44GottHasstMich like i said
00:04:45GottHasstMich netu
00:04:45Pojetz PLS
00:04:45GottHasstMich 2v5
00:04:46Pojetz PLS
00:04:58Pojetz na why
00:04:58Pojetz why
00:04:59Pojetz why
00:05:00Pojetz why
00:05:03Pojetz u play like this
00:05:04GottHasstMich !mute Pojetz
00:05:06GuiTaR stfu and play
00:05:06Pojetz fucking fag
00:05:10Pojetz GO PULL
00:05:10GuiTaR tnx
00:05:16Pojetz cant play like u
00:05:18GuiTaR !mute
00:05:25slc2 comon
00:05:25GuiTaR hahaahah
00:05:25GottHasstMich ...
00:05:25GuiTaR hahaha
00:05:25GuiTaR haahah
00:05:25PriMo omg
00:05:25Netukka egoquit
00:05:25GuiTaR ban him
00:05:25Pojetz no pull no game
00:05:29GuiTaR ban void
00:05:29Doomy just lag
00:05:29GuiTaR hes moron
00:05:29Pojetz guitar,
00:05:30GuiTaR ban him
00:05:32GottHasstMich dear go
00:05:32slc2 ss puck mod
00:05:32GottHasstMich dead god
00:05:32slc2 mid
00:05:33Pojetz ty quitar, i ruin it, i dont care
00:05:33vaityl da
00:05:35GottHasstMich dear god* ._.
00:05:39GottHasstMich i wont ever join a fucking bronze again
00:05:39SuPaPleX rrrrrr
00:05:39GottHasstMich i swear !
00:05:39PriMo ?? ???? ??
00:05:39GuiTaR wtf u want from me tell me
00:05:39GuiTaR ??
00:05:40GuiTaR i
00:05:47Netukka STOP IT
00:05:47Doomy fix it
00:05:47GuiTaR fix it
00:05:47Netukka pojetz
00:05:48Pojetz IWANT THAT: READ NOW!!!!! GO BOT
00:05:55GuiTaR nope
00:05:55SuPaPleX haahhah
00:05:55GuiTaR ure not team leader
00:05:55Doomy orly...
00:06:01Pojetz CAP SAID GO BOT
00:06:05Pojetz u cant play
00:06:09GuiTaR cap said stfu
00:06:11slc2 aotu?
00:06:11slc2 auto?
00:06:14Pojetz ok, i do that all the time, and ban dont care
00:06:19vaityl suka
00:06:19PriMo pffffffffffff
00:06:19vaityl 9 ebal
00:06:19vaityl nahui
00:06:19slc2 why auto nettuka?
00:06:20GuiTaR he does it on purpose
00:06:29GuiTaR ban him
00:06:30Pojetz thanks quitar, f
00:06:31SuPaPleX voli leaaaveeeee
00:06:31GuiTaR i wont go down
00:06:34PriMo uj
00:06:36GottHasstMich u ppl
00:06:36GuiTaR what a moron
00:06:36GottHasstMich get some rl
00:06:36GottHasstMich up
00:06:36GottHasstMich NOW
00:06:36GottHasstMich srsly
00:06:37Pojetz u go bot or not???
00:06:38GottHasstMich never saw some suckers like u
00:06:43GottHasstMich void
00:06:46GottHasstMich u know
00:06:48GottHasstMich ur right
00:06:50GottHasstMich but in the end
00:06:50GottHasstMich we play in the same boat
00:06:50GottHasstMich what u are doing
00:06:50PriMo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:06:50GottHasstMich is going to led lifetime ban
00:06:51Pojetz i said, when he go bot, then i stop, i hate him,
00:06:52GottHasstMich believe me
00:06:54GottHasstMich so just fucking stop it
00:06:57GottHasstMich U FUCKING OTHERS UP
00:06:57GottHasstMich NOT JUST HIM
00:06:57Netukka quit thanks pojetz
00:06:57GottHasstMich U DAMN ******
00:06:57Doomy 3min ingame
00:06:57Netukka gonna request u pojetz
00:06:57Pojetz THAT BAN?? i dont really care, its game idiot
00:06:57Doomy ....
00:06:59GottHasstMich hes doing on purpose because he doesnt get his fav. lane
00:07:00GottHasstMich ...
00:07:01Pojetz then na go bot
00:07:07Netukka stop it now
00:07:07Netukka i will request u
00:07:07Netukka pojetz
00:07:08GuiTaR u want me to go bot
00:07:08GuiTaR ?
00:07:08Netukka have a nice ban
00:07:09Netukka inc
00:07:13Pojetz I dont care?
00:07:16GottHasstMich u will care
00:07:18GottHasstMich believe me
00:07:20slc2 comon
00:07:20GottHasstMich u get fucking ip lifetime ban
00:07:20SuPaPleX void noooooob!
00:07:20GottHasstMich thats what idc
00:07:20GuiTaR u want me to go bot?
00:07:22Doomy day of idiots?
00:07:23Pojetz y
00:07:24Doomy or what?
00:07:26GuiTaR nope
00:07:29Netukka take those fucking torrents out now
00:07:29GuiTaR can he get a ban??
00:07:29Netukka thakn
00:07:29Pojetz u go bot??
00:07:31Pojetz k
00:07:36GuiTaR k
00:07:36GuiTaR k
00:07:38Pojetz u dont go bot?
00:07:43vaityl stoy
00:07:49Pojetz na?
00:07:51Pojetz u dont go?
00:07:54Pojetz 'k
00:07:55GuiTaR i wlii
00:07:59GuiTaR i will go
00:07:59GottHasstMich go
00:07:59GottHasstMich naga
00:07:59GottHasstMich on gondar
00:08:00Pojetz say some1, when he go bot
00:08:01Netukka pojetz
00:08:02Pojetz kk
00:08:04Pojetz go then
00:08:09slc2 ss mid
00:08:11Pojetz then we canp lay
00:08:14GottHasstMich wp
00:08:14GuiTaR gj
00:08:15PriMo ?? ????
00:08:17Pojetz GO
00:08:17PriMo )
00:08:18vaityl ????
00:08:19vaityl ????
00:08:21Pojetz 10 sec
00:08:22Pojetz to go
00:08:25vaityl ??-?? ????? ?????????
00:08:26GuiTaR 5
00:08:27vaityl VOID
00:08:31Pojetz again
00:08:32slc2 up chick
00:08:32Pojetz gl
00:08:34Pojetz hf
00:08:40Netukka ss mid
00:08:40Doomy lion
00:08:40GuiTaR moron
00:08:40Netukka POJETZ NOW
00:08:40GottHasstMich ss bot imo
00:08:40slc2 aup chick very needed
00:08:40Doomy up the chick
00:08:41Pojetz I HATE HIM
00:08:41GuiTaR he does this so i go bot lane
00:08:42Isawthat ...
00:08:45Doomy u have the gold for
00:08:47Netukka u r not cap
00:08:48Doomy and btw its ur job
00:08:48Netukka pojetz
00:08:50Netukka i tell na
00:08:51Netukka to be top
00:08:52Netukka with u
00:08:55Isawthat not
00:08:56Pojetz ffs
00:08:56Netukka and deal wtih it
00:08:57Pojetz why
00:09:00PriMo fuckin retard KEABE
00:09:01Pojetz k
00:09:01Netukka CAUSE U SUCK
00:09:01Doomy do it
00:09:04Pojetz let him solo then
00:09:05PriMo leave
00:09:10Doomy up the chick
00:09:11Pojetz i dont play with him top
00:09:12Doomy lion
00:09:15GuiTaR tnx
00:09:17vaityl ss
00:09:22Pojetz i ruin that game
00:09:22Doomy u have to do it
00:09:28Doomy if i tell u to do it
00:09:38GottHasstMich np
00:09:39Isawthat ok
00:09:41Isawthat fu
00:09:43GottHasstMich count on 2v5 all time
00:09:45slc2 ss mid
00:10:06Doomy read the rules
00:10:10slc2 ty
00:10:13GottHasstMich dps or support build ?
00:10:22GuiTaR ss
00:10:23PriMo gank
00:10:25GottHasstMich net
00:10:30Doomy we got a no-team lion
00:10:32slc2 go theme bot i got ulti
00:10:32Doomy good
00:10:33GottHasstMich ss 2
00:10:35GottHasstMich 1 re
00:10:36GuiTaR ss1
00:10:36GottHasstMich both re
00:11:05GuiTaR oom
00:11:18Doomy -puck
00:11:25GuiTaR fu
00:11:29Pojetz haha
00:11:30Pojetz hahahaha
00:11:31Pojetz hahaha
00:11:33Pojetz pro quitar
00:11:38Netukka pro pojetz
00:11:40Netukka only u can do
00:11:41Netukka is whine
00:11:43Pojetz u stfu
00:11:45Pojetz because
00:11:46Netukka u obv play worse
00:11:46Pojetz i hate him
00:11:48Netukka than quitear
00:11:48vaityl gj
00:11:55Pojetz no
00:12:09SuPaPleX 1
00:12:12slc2 lion upg chick
00:12:14Pojetz just, beleave, i hate him
00:12:29slc2 come
00:12:31GuiTaR ss2
00:12:34slc2 come
00:12:38PriMo lol
00:12:40GuiTaR gj
00:12:42Pojetz -cs
00:12:45slc2 go sdtun
00:12:56Pojetz newb na
00:12:59GuiTaR i need hlp
00:13:00Pojetz fucking asshole
00:13:03slc2 no woddo+
00:13:04Pojetz u need brain
00:13:15Pojetz and u need dick
00:13:20Pojetz and u need to suck it
00:13:34vaityl care
00:13:34slc2 just stun him liono
00:13:35vaityl 3
00:13:36Netukka net
00:14:03GuiTaR who stole my itemssssSs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:14:05Pojetz me
00:14:16GottHasstMich ss 2
00:14:17GuiTaR report void for steling
00:14:21Pojetz go
00:14:23Pojetz report bow
00:14:24Pojetz now
00:14:32GuiTaR he stole my tango
00:14:32Pojetz i dont really care
00:14:34Pojetz its just game
00:14:40GottHasstMich go
00:14:42Pojetz OHOOO
00:14:43GottHasstMich him
00:14:44GuiTaR lazo
00:14:46GottHasstMich jesus
00:14:47Pojetz HE STOLE MY TANGO
00:14:49Pojetz DONT CRY
00:14:50Pojetz PLS
00:14:51GuiTaR skini share za ovog kretena
00:15:04GottHasstMich snare
00:15:05GottHasstMich gondar
00:15:05GuiTaR znas??
00:15:05Pojetz he stole my tango :(((((
00:15:23GottHasstMich SNARE
00:15:24GottHasstMich U IDIOT ?
00:15:27Pojetz u fucked my game
00:15:41Pojetz now i fuck u
00:16:04vaityl heal
00:16:05vaityl plz
00:16:28GuiTaR fu
00:16:33slc2 :)
00:16:38Netukka coming
00:16:39Netukka get him
00:17:19slc2 go puick
00:17:22GuiTaR void i hope u get banned for life
00:17:26GuiTaR void stealer
00:17:26Pojetz hahahah
00:17:29Pojetz hahahaha
00:17:30Pojetz hahahahahah
00:17:32Pojetz hahahaha
00:17:35slc2 push
00:17:36Pojetz little kid
00:17:40Pojetz dont worry
00:17:45GuiTaR big moron
00:17:45Pojetz i dont get banned
00:17:48Doomy no wards no chick
00:18:00slc2 insta puck
00:18:01GuiTaR b
00:18:02Pojetz and dont worry, its a game
00:18:03GuiTaR b
00:18:04GuiTaR b
00:18:07Pojetz and i dont really care
00:18:18GuiTaR if its a game why take it so serious
00:18:28Pojetz because i hate u
00:18:57GuiTaR b
00:19:11GuiTaR b
00:19:11GuiTaR b
00:20:02Netukka ill get dust
00:20:06GuiTaR k
00:20:12GottHasstMich snare him
00:20:14GuiTaR def
00:20:37slc2 kioll omg
00:20:43PriMo ss
00:20:46PriMo b mid
00:21:13PriMo retard
00:21:23Isawthat stfu
00:21:25slc2 tide if u did ulti we would kill all
00:21:31Isawthat y
00:21:32Doomy idc
00:21:37Doomy lion piss me off
00:21:41GuiTaR ffs
00:21:50GuiTaR void forest
00:21:51Isawthat cry8later
00:21:53GuiTaR pls kill him
00:22:03Pojetz :)
00:22:13slc2 go him
00:22:16slc2 lion go
00:22:17GuiTaR u hate me and u wanna ruin everybodys game
00:22:21Pojetz y
00:22:24Pojetz thats a plan
00:22:28slc2 i got ulti remember?
00:22:29Pojetz because u
00:22:29GuiTaR i hope i never see u again
00:22:31Pojetz are idiot
00:22:34Pojetz u see me
00:22:37GottHasstMich 1hp
00:22:39Pojetz next in nextgame
00:23:13Pojetz -cs
00:23:13PriMo lbv
00:23:15PriMo ??? ?? 2
00:23:18PriMo ???????
00:23:20slc2 def
00:23:22slc2 kill
00:23:24PriMo lion take wards
00:23:29GuiTaR b
00:23:36Doomy dont ask him
00:23:40Doomy he plays for himself
00:23:59Doomy no ulti
00:24:17GuiTaR wards?
00:24:22Pojetz is in ur ass
00:24:34GuiTaR how did u see me?
00:24:36PriMo me farm
00:24:40slc2 track
00:24:42Pojetz all see u tard
00:24:43GuiTaR k
00:25:01GuiTaR !mute Pojetz
00:25:08Pojetz !mute pojetz
00:25:16slc2 tower
00:25:16Pojetz !mute me
00:25:22GuiTaR can i mute him somehow?
00:25:27Pojetz !whoisGAy = guitasr
00:25:34Pojetz quitar*
00:25:46vaityl gj
00:25:46slc2 gj guys
00:25:47Netukka can
00:25:48Netukka u
00:25:50Netukka walk
00:25:51Netukka as a team
00:25:52Netukka instead
00:25:55Netukka of farming forest
00:25:55slc2 next tower
00:25:59vaityl LION
00:25:59PriMo mp
00:26:01vaityl TAKE
00:26:02Pojetz then,
00:26:03vaityl wards
00:26:04Netukka we lose this game only cause pojetz whines
00:26:11Pojetz i said i ruin the game?
00:26:17Netukka u r doing it
00:26:18Netukka atm
00:26:35Pojetz i said i wanna ruin game
00:26:37Pojetz coz quitar toop
00:26:38Netukka k
00:26:40Netukka thats enough
00:26:42Netukka have a nice ban
00:26:49Pojetz i dont rally care
00:26:49Pojetz oh
00:26:51GuiTaR thank good
00:26:53Netukka strom will be pleased
00:26:55Netukka to ban u
00:26:57Pojetz :D:D:D:D:
00:26:58Pojetz and?
00:27:01Pojetz what npw?
00:27:03Pojetz now?
00:27:06Netukka nothing now
00:27:08Netukka ban after game
00:27:12Pojetz i m banned
00:27:16Pojetz what a good news
00:27:31slc2 kill naga
00:27:33GuiTaR write something pojetz
00:28:24PriMo mp
00:29:02GuiTaR lazooo
00:29:46GuiTaR ahha
00:29:48Pojetz ty
00:30:19Pojetz its nice, when we lose
00:30:24Netukka only cause of u
00:30:28Pojetz i know
00:30:35Pojetz that was my plan
00:30:37Pojetz ;)
00:30:38Netukka good
00:30:45vaityl LION
00:30:48vaityl take vards!!!!
00:30:57PriMo lbv
00:31:20PriMo ghjt,)
00:31:21vaityl fuck
00:31:22PriMo ?????
00:31:41Netukka sentinel after this game all request pojetz for gameruin
00:31:42PriMo ???? ??? ??????????
00:31:45PriMo )
00:31:47GuiTaR y
00:31:48vaityl )
00:31:50Pojetz y
00:31:50Netukka he admitted it alreayd so
00:31:55Pojetz i request too
00:31:56GuiTaR he did
00:32:30GuiTaR b
00:32:36Pojetz u stfu
00:33:19Netukka we could easily win this game
00:33:20Doomy who make the pipe?
00:33:25vaityl im
00:33:28Doomy ok
00:34:06GuiTaR omw
00:34:18vaityl ivan
00:34:19GuiTaR gj
00:34:24PriMo ???? ??????
00:34:27PriMo ? ?????
00:34:39PriMo ???
00:34:40PriMo lol
00:34:41GuiTaR lol
00:34:46PriMo hahaha
00:34:48GuiTaR look at this
00:34:56PriMo )
00:35:17Pojetz :)
00:35:33Netukka b
00:35:50GuiTaR we can win this
00:35:59Pojetz u win this game
00:35:59PriMo go
00:36:15Netukka b
00:36:17Netukka care
00:36:33GuiTaR gj
00:38:03slc2 we need to kill nettuka first
00:38:21Netukka i push top
00:38:22Netukka fast
00:38:27Netukka go with 4
00:38:40slc2 push
00:39:02vaityl GO rosh
00:39:58vaityl b
00:39:58vaityl b
00:39:59vaityl b
00:40:06vaityl wait me
00:40:22GuiTaR rosh?
00:40:24slc2 gondar go
00:40:30slc2 go scout
00:40:37Netukka just go take it void
00:40:41Netukka go
00:41:04GuiTaR gj
00:41:32GuiTaR hlp them
00:41:38PriMo ,
00:41:41GuiTaR u ass
00:41:53PriMo ???)
00:41:56vaityl )
00:42:09GuiTaR what to buy??
00:42:11Netukka too slow
00:42:13Pojetz brain
00:42:14slc2 jep
00:42:21slc2 bad mana reg
00:42:24GuiTaR can someone hlp
00:42:26GuiTaR what to buy?
00:42:41Netukka get eul
00:42:43Netukka or meka
00:42:55GuiTaR k
00:42:58GuiTaR tnx
00:43:06GuiTaR and how about battle fury?
00:43:10Pojetz :D:;D:D:D:DD:
00:43:11PriMo hahahah
00:43:12Pojetz yy buyt
00:43:12vaityl ))
00:43:13Pojetz it
00:43:20Pojetz bfury best item for u
00:43:32Netukka ltes
00:43:33Netukka gather
00:43:49Pojetz lets finish it
00:43:50Pojetz now
00:43:59Pojetz i dont play kid anymore -.-
00:44:01GuiTaR all mid
00:44:03slc2 kill puck and gg
00:44:06Doomy chezkc rosh
00:44:27GuiTaR ffs
00:44:31Netukka b
00:44:31Netukka b
00:44:31Netukka b
00:44:40GuiTaR joj lazooo
00:44:40slc2 mid
00:44:43slc2 go mid guyas
00:44:46GuiTaR koji si kretenm
00:44:51slc2 go mid guys not hunt
00:44:53SuPaPleX nema veze
00:44:57SuPaPleX dermo ih
00:45:03slc2 die for raz
00:45:07slc2 die for rax
00:45:09GuiTaR ma dajj
00:45:11GuiTaR jesi lud
00:45:16GuiTaR mogu da pebede
00:45:21slc2 rax
00:45:23slc2 rax
00:45:31slc2 do not hunt go rax
00:45:31SuPaPleX sta hoces i ti si mrtav
00:46:07vaityl d gbple
00:46:14Netukka :DD
00:46:16GuiTaR haahahahah
00:46:17GuiTaR lol
00:46:19GuiTaR tnx
00:46:34Netukka rosh
00:46:34Netukka now
00:46:35Netukka fast
00:46:36Netukka go
00:46:44PriMo me top
00:46:49vaityl ??
00:46:50vaityl go
00:46:52vaityl PUSH
00:46:53Pojetz ILLUS
00:46:54Pojetz naga
00:47:05vaityl ??? ?? ????? ????? ? ?? ???)
00:47:09vaityl ??????
00:47:10vaityl ????
00:47:16PriMo ??????)
00:47:21GottHasstMich :D
00:47:22vaityl yyy
00:47:22Netukka go
00:47:23Netukka fast
00:47:35PriMo ???
00:47:37vaityl loin fuckin WARD
00:47:37PriMo omg
00:48:05Isawthat im8not8playing8alone
00:48:16PriMo tile
00:48:26SuPaPleX b
00:48:27SuPaPleX b
00:48:36GuiTaR b
00:48:57GuiTaR jbg
00:49:02slc2 go mid
00:49:08slc2 gogo
00:49:10Doomy i need reg
00:49:12slc2 wtf
00:49:13Netukka they all buyouted
00:49:29Pojetz -cs
00:49:33Netukka go
00:49:38PriMo b
00:49:45vaityl wait me and go
00:49:46vaityl mid
00:50:05GuiTaR im b
00:50:11GuiTaR need mana
00:50:19GuiTaR i cant beleve we win
00:50:21Isawthat have8gme
00:50:38GuiTaR due to pojetz
00:50:54Netukka wtf
00:50:54Netukka really
00:51:01Netukka u guys
00:51:04Netukka farm all day long
00:51:14slc2 comon fuckers
00:51:25Doomy fucking focus
00:51:27Isawthat why8u8dont
00:51:29Isawthat use
00:51:30Isawthat that
00:51:32Isawthat fucking
00:51:34Isawthat kadgars
00:51:35Isawthat pipe
00:51:38Isawthat pro8centa
00:51:43Doomy su idiot lion
00:51:44PriMo ?????
00:51:47Pojetz sec
00:51:53Isawthat ?8:D
00:51:58Isawthat and8the8another8pro
00:52:04Netukka too late
00:52:04Netukka already
00:53:09GuiTaR b
00:53:20GuiTaR what nexst to buy?
00:53:24slc2 push now
00:53:35Netukka keep
00:53:36Netukka buy out
00:53:37Doomy push
00:53:39slc2 push
00:54:22PriMo ???
00:54:24PriMo gem
00:54:49vaityl ne mogy na noyte
00:54:51Doomy no gold for bb
00:54:56vaityl kantrolit norm
00:55:13Netukka top also
00:55:31slc2 gg
00:55:32Netukka melee first
00:55:35Netukka b after
00:55:37Netukka we dont have time
00:55:44Netukka rosh now
00:55:50GuiTaR b
00:55:50GuiTaR b
00:55:51Netukka b'
00:55:52Netukka b
00:55:56Netukka ggg
00:55:59vaityl gooo
00:56:01vaityl mid
00:56:10GuiTaR reg
00:56:14Netukka its not
00:56:15Netukka yet
00:56:18GottHasstMich gem
00:56:23Netukka ill take it
00:56:28Pojetz share bird
00:56:34Pojetz need it
00:56:42Pojetz NAGA
00:56:51vaityl ALLL
00:56:54Netukka gather
00:56:54Netukka all
00:56:59Netukka keep tele
00:57:00Netukka with u
00:57:08Netukka use
00:57:09Netukka scarab
00:57:10Pojetz need bird
00:57:11Netukka na
00:57:12Pojetz ffs
00:57:13slc2 focus puck please
00:57:16Netukka use ur
00:57:31Netukka not like that
00:57:36Netukka just to reveal
00:57:52PriMo b
00:57:52PriMo b
00:58:11PriMo yf[eq
00:58:12PriMo ?????
00:58:15PriMo ??? ???????
00:58:17vaityl ai
00:58:21slc2 I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:27vaityl prikrivali vas
00:58:29vaityl :D
00:58:32PriMo )
00:58:38PriMo I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:41PriMo yt[eq
00:58:42PriMo ?????
00:58:45PriMo ????
00:58:54vaityl 4 igry podr9t slivau
00:59:22PriMo I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:26Doomy I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:45PriMo ????
00:59:46PriMo I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:58Doomy puck 90hp
01:00:16SuPaPleX rekoh ti da ih odvaljujemo
01:00:25PriMo lbvf
01:00:26Netukka dont
01:00:26Netukka go
01:00:28Netukka solo
01:00:28GuiTaR da ali nemoj da gines za dzave
01:00:28PriMo ??? ???? ??
01:00:30GuiTaR dzabe
01:00:31vaityl I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:00:33Netukka gg
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