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+26 X
+3 TS

91% | 1543 X | 1518 TS

+13 X
+3 TS

73% | 1363 X | 1392 TS

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+7 TS

67% | 1261 X | 1404 TS

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+15 TS

59% | 1305 X | 1279 TS

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79% | 1372 X | 1450 TS

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-2 TS

78% | 1412 X | 1403 TS

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-5 TS

77% | 1398 X | 1405 TS

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66% | 1278 X | 1374 TS

-15 X
-8 TS
50% | 1150 X | 1342 TS

Chat log

00:00:03chodaboy -rd?
00:00:06que2stress y
00:00:06que2stress rd
00:00:06Vangelis -rd
00:00:17que2stress any plays omni? meh
00:00:20Tough get me nessaj!
00:00:20chodaboy ill go vneo
00:00:20que2stress k i ban weaver
00:00:20chodaboy i get veno
00:00:20que2stress -weaver
00:00:20Tough nessaj!
00:00:20Tough get him
00:00:20Tough just fucking op hero
00:00:20chodaboy ques
00:00:20Vangelis -omni
00:00:20chodaboy i can go void
00:00:20que2stress no need
00:00:20chodaboy or u
00:00:24que2stress get vnom is ok
00:00:24chodaboy ok
00:00:30Tough for me que?
00:00:31Vangelis so
00:00:32que2stress y
00:00:32Vangelis who
00:00:33Vangelis plays
00:00:34Vangelis carry
00:00:34Tough thx a lot
00:00:35Vangelis ?
00:00:36Tough u want?
00:00:39que2stress pit
00:00:40que2stress damnit
00:00:41Rotkiv you
00:00:41Tough haha
00:00:42que2stress :D
00:00:45chodaboy venge
00:00:47chodaboy and i go veno
00:00:49Rotkiv go naga
00:00:49Vangelis whatever
00:00:50chodaboy tought
00:00:56Tough what u wanna que?
00:00:59chodaboy venge
00:01:03chodaboy lock
00:01:04Tough i ask que
00:01:05que2stress give me wl
00:01:05Tough xD
00:01:05chodaboy warlock
00:01:07chodaboy nice
00:01:09que2stress -swap 3
00:01:10Tough -swap 1
00:01:10slc2 get stuns????
00:01:12chodaboy i can go mid
00:01:13slc2 lots of
00:01:13Vangelis sd
00:01:14chodaboy quess
00:01:15que2stress try get venge lion sd
00:01:18Tough get venge and cent
00:01:19slc2 and lion
00:01:20chodaboy u go support nessaj
00:01:21chodaboy -hhn
00:01:21chodaboy -di
00:01:22Vangelis sd lion
00:01:28Vangelis sd!
00:01:30ForbeateN bans are?
00:01:33chodaboy LION CENT
00:01:34que2stress omni and weaver
00:01:38que2stress get bane
00:01:40slc2 he was afj
00:01:41que2stress and cent
00:01:43Tough get cent!
00:01:44que2stress cent
00:01:45Tough CENT
00:01:47Tough CENT
00:01:52chodaboy -hhn
00:01:52chodaboy -di
00:01:52Vangelis i can naga also
00:01:53chodaboy nice
00:01:54Vangelis i you pick me
00:01:56que2stress cent sd bottom
00:01:58chodaboy can i mid?
00:01:58Vangelis -swap 5
00:01:58Tough well sd cent nice
00:01:59que2stress y
00:02:00slc2 -swap 1
00:02:03chodaboy nice
00:02:05chodaboy ill roam
00:02:06que2stress dont forget
00:02:09chodaboy like a god
00:02:15slc2 let me mid with dk???
00:02:24Rotkiv k
00:02:24Vangelis hmmm
00:02:28Vangelis ye mby wanna fb ?
00:02:30Vangelis you should be fine Roamer
00:02:34Vangelis skill that armor thing
00:02:36Vangelis and wl can't harass you
00:02:37Tough fuck
00:02:38chodaboy i block mid
00:02:41Tough they got naga u got ulti
00:02:54Tough y
00:02:55Tough :D
00:02:55slc2 that was also what i wanted:)
00:02:56que2stress i hope u farm well
00:02:57que2stress tough
00:02:58Tough but i need bf
00:02:58chodaboy vangelis is bad
00:03:00Tough y
00:03:01chodaboy i gank him
00:03:06que2stress vangelis is easy to gang
00:03:11slc2 pit would have get hes ass wupped in mid
00:03:11Vangelis i take
00:03:20que2stress who makes jagnooß
00:03:27que2stress cent u make jango
00:03:28ForbeateN me
00:03:30Vangelis damn
00:03:31Vangelis hard
00:03:32Vangelis to fb
00:03:33Vangelis vs
00:03:33Vangelis sd
00:03:34que2stress sd u make mekan
00:03:47que2stress i try fast aghaa
00:04:53ForbeateN haras
00:05:02Vangelis i go pull
00:05:04slc2 ssm id goin top
00:05:06Vangelis or
00:05:07Vangelis you go omg
00:06:30chodaboy omfg
00:06:47ForbeateN can u suck more?> me? are u an idiot use the spell so ucould stun for sure not for random
00:07:11ForbeateN nab wannabe
00:07:32Vangelis ss
00:07:35Vangelis re
00:07:39slc2 ss goin bot
00:07:44chodaboy coming bot
00:07:45chodaboy invis
00:08:14Vangelis wave
00:08:37Vangelis venge
00:08:38Vangelis ???
00:08:38slc2 we should get an upgrade on that chicks guys....
00:08:43Tough go lion?
00:08:45ForbeateN gj
00:08:48Vangelis venge
00:08:51Vangelis tell me why
00:08:53que2stress wait
00:08:53Vangelis you go
00:08:54Vangelis ....
00:08:55que2stress need mana
00:08:58Tough k
00:09:00Tough wait llv 5
00:09:05Pufff-Reis i am eating if u ask me whom i save veno or u
00:09:17que2stress k u know the answer
00:09:18Vangelis why add dick
00:09:19Vangelis then
00:09:22Vangelis if you are eating
00:09:23Vangelis ???
00:09:32Pufff-Reis got it just now
00:09:39Tough bka
00:09:42que2stress why
00:09:44que2stress u run back
00:09:45Rotkiv gj
00:09:48que2stress instead of attacking
00:09:49que2stress ...
00:09:54Tough i thought u go on lion
00:09:57Shinja gj
00:10:05slc2 ss m,id
00:10:24que2stress CKJ
00:10:35que2stress gw
00:10:38Tough sry
00:10:42Tough was looking for farm
00:10:49slc2 wl mid go naga
00:10:56ForbeateN y
00:11:13chodaboy BLINK STUN
00:11:15ForbeateN ss
00:11:32ForbeateN ss
00:11:42Vangelis care
00:11:55Vangelis puff
00:11:56Vangelis reis
00:11:57Vangelis :/
00:11:59ForbeateN kill
00:11:59slc2 miss on veno???
00:12:01chodaboy gj
00:12:07slc2 fuckers
00:12:09Shinja play pub
00:12:15chodaboy time for naga
00:12:18slc2 play pub?
00:12:25Shinja u said miss when i dead :D
00:12:26slc2 just say fucking miss veno idiot
00:12:27Shinja *died omfg
00:12:56Vangelis puff
00:12:58Vangelis reis
00:12:59Vangelis plz
00:13:01Vangelis just quit
00:13:05Pufff-Reis Cent needs to get banned for endless manapool
00:13:17ForbeateN loL?
00:13:22Vangelis puff reis needs to be banned for being a noob
00:13:50Vangelis go regen
00:13:56Vangelis dont
00:13:57Vangelis stay here
00:13:58slc2 cent mid
00:13:59Vangelis regen adn tp
00:14:08slc2 they wanna push tower
00:14:08Rotkiv nice save :P tnx
00:14:12slc2 need a stun mid now
00:14:20que2stress mid go
00:14:21que2stress cent
00:14:27chodaboy NO ULTI
00:14:31chodaboy KILL SLITIHCHE
00:14:47Vangelis you
00:14:48Vangelis didn't tp
00:14:49Vangelis because
00:14:50Vangelis ?
00:14:53Vangelis you
00:14:55Vangelis didn't tp because
00:14:56Vangelis ?
00:14:59Shinja i tped mid
00:15:01Rotkiv money
00:15:21que2stress go b
00:15:24ForbeateN y
00:15:25Vangelis TP
00:16:14chodaboy good lord
00:16:20chodaboy u run around like a drunk pig no mana for anything else
00:16:26slc2 comon dude
00:16:26slc2 then i would have had vg
00:16:26Vangelis you
00:16:26Vangelis are
00:16:26Vangelis complaing
00:16:26Vangelis for
00:16:26Vangelis naga
00:16:26Vangelis stealing
00:16:26Vangelis ???
00:16:26slc2 nono
00:16:26Vangelis why
00:16:26Vangelis you
00:16:26Vangelis even
00:16:26Vangelis make
00:16:26Vangelis vg
00:16:26Vangelis :>
00:16:26ForbeateN lefttttttttt
00:16:26que2stress is he out?
00:16:26slc2 is was for venge with a creep
00:16:26slc2 i just go mega tank i will make damage anyways with frost dragon
00:16:26Vangelis tank =
00:16:26Vangelis bkb
00:16:26Vangelis not
00:16:26Vangelis vanguard
00:16:26Vangelis :>
00:16:26ForbeateN we need wards
00:16:26slc2 i can go rad if u want
00:16:26ForbeateN pls
00:16:26Vangelis nah, just vg
00:16:26Vangelis isn't
00:16:26Vangelis good
00:16:26Vangelis on dk
00:16:26Vangelis you are
00:16:26Rotkiv go bkb
00:16:26Vangelis ranged anyway
00:16:26Vangelis and
00:16:26Vangelis vg
00:16:26Vangelis got nerf
00:16:26Vangelis -50hp
00:16:26Rotkiv gobkb and ac
00:16:26slc2 my job in this game is just to take all the damage and lets go so much dps as possible
00:16:26que2stress i should have played ck
00:16:26Vangelis still
00:16:26Vangelis bkb
00:16:26Vangelis better
00:16:26Vangelis they got a lot of stun/disable He sucks so bad?
00:16:26Rotkiv i agree
00:16:26que2stress well
00:16:26que2stress cl
00:16:26que2stress ck
00:16:26que2stress u go roam now
00:16:26ForbeateN we lost it
00:16:26ForbeateN really..
00:16:26que2stress sd
00:16:26que2stress cent
00:16:26Vangelis puff reis
00:16:26que2stress and me
00:16:26Vangelis balance
00:16:26que2stress we roam
00:16:26que2stress lets
00:16:26que2stress try tis
00:16:26slc2 hehe
00:16:26ForbeateN yaa
00:16:26Vangelis sry, puff
00:16:26ForbeateN why not
00:16:26Vangelis but
00:16:26Vangelis i you
00:16:26Vangelis eat
00:16:26Vangelis you shouldn't
00:16:26Tough well
00:16:26Vangelis add
00:16:26Tough i think
00:16:26que2stress if there is pit
00:16:26Tough they kick
00:16:26que2stress focus him first
00:16:26que2stress always
00:16:26Pufff-Reis finished
00:16:26Tough venge
00:16:26ForbeateN they kick veng
00:16:26que2stress venge
00:16:26que2stress goes
00:16:26Pufff-Reis soon
00:16:26Vangelis too late
00:16:26Vangelis the
00:16:26Vangelis dmg
00:16:26que2stress what else
00:16:26Vangelis done
00:16:26Vangelis already its good though
00:16:26Tough venge that venge goes
00:16:26Vangelis "soon"
00:16:26Tough kicked
00:16:26ForbeateN how much time?
00:16:33que2stress ck take his items
00:16:34que2stress all
00:16:41Tough kay
00:16:41slc2 venge go out of game
00:16:49Tough Balance?
00:16:54Tough tgx
00:16:56Tough thx
00:17:01que2stress cent
00:17:03que2stress come with me
00:17:22que2stress wel cent need dagger
00:17:23que2stress first
00:17:25ForbeateN yes
00:17:40Vangelis go help
00:17:41Vangelis bot
00:17:43Vangelis get flying btw
00:18:39que2stress ck lol
00:18:44Tough tried y.<
00:18:44ForbeateN heal
00:18:46Vangelis dk
00:18:49Vangelis vg only is ok
00:18:52Vangelis but VG and hood
00:18:53Vangelis is not
00:19:00slc2 no hood dude
00:19:00Rotkiv help
00:19:12Tough b
00:19:15que2stress y
00:19:20que2stress farm it
00:19:34que2stress ck farm plz
00:19:36ForbeateN let me farm dager
00:19:38Tough yy
00:19:41que2stress sd
00:19:43que2stress come with me
00:19:49ForbeateN f off sd
00:19:50que2stress and buy wards
00:20:06Shinja invi dk
00:20:14Vangelis i bait
00:20:38que2stress sd
00:20:40que2stress come with me then
00:20:52ForbeateN def
00:20:58que2stress get dk ulti in your mirrors
00:21:10que2stress get him
00:21:17que2stress GOI
00:21:48que2stress u are a fucker :D
00:21:48ForbeateN tards
00:21:52slc2 gj pit hihi
00:21:55ForbeateN 2 towers lost
00:22:19slc2 vangelis i make rad or that bkb?
00:22:26Vangelis bkb
00:22:36que2stress cent
00:22:37que2stress go roam
00:22:38que2stress now
00:22:41que2stress with me and sd
00:22:53que2stress u understand?
00:23:03Tough just need 1k gold
00:23:11que2stress sd come
00:23:13slc2 tp
00:23:25Tough b
00:23:37que2stress b
00:23:41que2stress why
00:23:42que2stress cant u listen
00:23:44que2stress cent
00:23:44ForbeateN u could save me
00:23:45ForbeateN but
00:23:48que2stress U
00:23:48ForbeateN go fuck urself
00:23:48que2stress could
00:23:49ForbeateN noob
00:23:50que2stress listen
00:23:51que2stress when i say
00:23:54Vangelis still
00:23:54que2stress go roam with me
00:23:55ForbeateN u suck
00:23:56Vangelis 1k off
00:23:57Vangelis from difu
00:23:57ForbeateN do u know that Forbeaten
00:23:59ForbeateN i know u suck
00:24:01ForbeateN what is roam
00:24:04ForbeateN MORON
00:24:10ForbeateN BUT NEED TOWER 1st
00:24:10slc2 500 from bkb
00:24:12que2stress well its not farming bot
00:24:12ForbeateN CAN U GET IT?
00:24:22Vangelis ?
00:24:26que2stress and u think u get the tower alone?
00:24:31ForbeateN 0-5 noob stfu now u nagg on me?
00:24:38que2stress come to us now wannabe
00:24:49que2stress and ck
00:24:51que2stress stpo farm woods
00:24:51Tough y
00:24:52que2stress dmanit
00:24:55Tough got bf
00:25:02que2stress farm this
00:25:04Vangelis care
00:25:07Vangelis just play
00:25:08Vangelis defensive
00:25:09Vangelis we farm
00:25:10ForbeateN ilu
00:25:22Rotkiv dagger on jugger
00:25:26que2stress wait for ck
00:25:33slc2 jugger?
00:25:37Shinja cent mfg
00:25:42ForbeateN what a noobs
00:25:42slc2 ohh hehe
00:25:44que2stress ck
00:25:45que2stress u come?
00:25:50Tough y
00:25:54ForbeateN rosh
00:25:56que2stress y
00:26:09Tough they come
00:26:09Tough b
00:26:15Vangelis come
00:26:19ForbeateN why b?
00:26:23que2stress go fight
00:26:25slc2 w8 my bkb?
00:26:27Vangelis y
00:26:28Vangelis they
00:26:29Vangelis went b
00:27:16Vangelis pit
00:27:17Vangelis dont chase
00:27:18Vangelis like that
00:27:19Vangelis :D
00:27:25Rotkiv he was like 10hp :P
00:27:30Rotkiv soo sad :D
00:28:17Tough cent
00:28:19Tough give
00:28:20Tough i seel
00:28:30Tough thx
00:28:32que2stress new wards plz
00:28:39slc2 i go samge amd yasha i thimkl
00:28:40ForbeateN says warlock
00:28:42Vangelis nah
00:28:43Vangelis ac ive got the wards
00:28:50que2stress then plant
00:28:52slc2 after i think. need xp
00:28:55Vangelis well
00:28:59Vangelis why do you need
00:28:59Vangelis sny
00:29:00Vangelis ?
00:29:03ForbeateN go mid push
00:29:04ForbeateN 2 of us
00:29:08Vangelis you got mega
00:29:08slc2 damaga and att speed
00:29:09Vangelis slow at
00:29:10Vangelis lvl 16
00:29:12slc2 and slow
00:29:14ForbeateN u got bot
00:29:16ForbeateN then mid
00:29:19Vangelis you need
00:29:20que2stress ned 80 for agha
00:29:21Vangelis pure dmg
00:29:21slc2 i do ac boss
00:29:21que2stress but this sd
00:29:22Vangelis not
00:29:25Tough b
00:29:25Tough all
00:29:37Tough pus mid
00:29:53ForbeateN b
00:29:53Vangelis tp
00:29:54Vangelis us
00:29:54que2stress focus lion ck nice beaten
00:30:10que2stress what is this
00:30:12que2stress how can u go
00:30:27que2stress wtf are u bad
00:30:28Vangelis gj pit
00:30:29que2stress why go wp beaten nice stun mate
00:30:30Tough sorry
00:30:34que2stress this ck
00:30:35slc2 nice play
00:30:37que2stress is such a fag
00:30:37Tough forgott about port
00:30:37Rotkiv :P
00:30:38ForbeateN we can ff
00:30:39Tough of pit
00:30:56ForbeateN def
00:31:02slc2 got the hyper
00:31:03que2stress base we def
00:31:03Vangelis heal
00:31:04Vangelis lion
00:31:05Vangelis with exp
00:31:27que2stress damni you
00:31:34que2stress WHAT IS UR PROB
00:31:37ForbeateN im playing alone
00:31:38que2stress TO LISTEN 1 time
00:31:38ForbeateN this game
00:31:41que2stress YES
00:31:41ForbeateN u are noob
00:31:44Vangelis hug pit
00:31:45ForbeateN i cant listen u
00:31:46Vangelis he does exp
00:31:47que2stress CAUSE U DONT LISTEN
00:31:49Vangelis good heals
00:31:50que2stress u play solo
00:31:51que2stress idiot
00:31:52Vangelis not now
00:31:53Vangelis :D this is actually so funny
00:32:09que2stress what u want to fight without ck?
00:32:10ForbeateN this noobb sd feed slith
00:32:14ForbeateN and we lost in begining if beaten has to stun
00:32:18Vangelis b
00:32:19que2stress no
00:32:19Vangelis after
00:32:20Vangelis regen he misses with like i dont know
00:32:21que2stress u suck sd biiig range
00:32:23que2stress u shout up plz
00:32:25ForbeateN WHY U DONT DEFEND NOOB and he doesnt then he sucks at it
00:32:30ForbeateN U SUCKERS
00:32:32Vangelis ? ur noob
00:32:38ForbeateN 0-5 Cent has done everything wrong in this game
00:32:48slc2 29armor haha
00:32:49Vangelis we can go mid now
00:32:52que2stress shut up sd And tells us we do it wrong. ,)
00:32:56Vangelis well u stfu also
00:32:59slc2 i need that lvl 16
00:33:00Vangelis only thing he did right
00:33:00que2stress shut up sd
00:33:02Vangelis was feed
00:33:04ForbeateN :)
00:33:05Vangelis On venge if he cant protect me agasint slith
00:33:14que2stress go mid
00:33:15que2stress all
00:33:15que2stress ck
00:33:15ForbeateN and u on sd he does suck at start
00:33:23Vangelis y :D
00:33:25que2stress wait till we got meka
00:33:26que2stress then go
00:33:27Vangelis wait
00:33:28Vangelis b
00:33:29Vangelis wait dk
00:33:32ForbeateN banreqest sd
00:33:34ForbeateN flames
00:33:36slc2 ¨im lvl 16 no
00:33:36ForbeateN whole game U flame us nap
00:33:39Tough b
00:33:43que2stress sd wher you go
00:33:44Tough 4
00:33:48que2stress SD do get meka
00:34:24ForbeateN gj sd
00:34:27ForbeateN u looser
00:34:31que2stress GET PIT
00:34:37ForbeateN I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:34:37Tough WTF
00:34:45ForbeateN davion is alrdy fed
00:34:46Vangelis b
00:34:46Vangelis ck
00:34:47Vangelis rebuy
00:34:48ForbeateN go forfeit
00:34:55Shinja b
00:34:59Vangelis pit
00:35:00Vangelis :D
00:35:06Shinja man
00:35:08Rotkiv fuck :D finally a crit lol
00:35:14que2stress get gp
00:35:15que2stress hp
00:35:16que2stress ck
00:35:17Tough y
00:35:18Tough hot
00:35:21Rotkiv didnt notice that ck buyd out i dont understand u guys at all u say
00:35:32slc2 vangelis said it noob hehe "get meka" then go wtf
00:35:36que2stress y
00:35:37que2stress but
00:35:38que2stress when
00:35:40que2stress they attack us HOLD B THEN
00:35:43que2stress u cant leave like that
00:35:56slc2 got ax
00:35:58slc2 ac
00:36:00Vangelis gj
00:36:08que2stress we can turtle
00:36:12que2stress and we will plz
00:36:16que2stress dont spread
00:36:20Vangelis let's
00:36:21Vangelis go with
00:36:21que2stress there is pit ulti
00:36:22Vangelis pit ult
00:36:22que2stress dont
00:36:23Vangelis :D
00:36:23que2stress spread
00:36:24que2stress pl?
00:36:25Rotkiv top
00:36:27que2stress do u understad?
00:36:36Vangelis ahha
00:36:37que2stress go here
00:36:37Vangelis he went b
00:36:42que2stress get pit first and lion
00:36:48slc2 mana reg and ax
00:37:23que2stress u guys :D+
00:37:30que2stress I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:32ForbeateN can u ff
00:37:33Shinja :>
00:37:33ForbeateN I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:35que2stress impossible with these guys :D I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:37:44ForbeateN warlock owned whole game
00:37:52ForbeateN he should play golden league
00:38:04ForbeateN nesajj ff please
00:38:07que2stress gold league would be preserve from you guys
00:38:09que2stress thats true
00:38:11Tough ast try
00:38:25slc2 mid after
00:38:29slc2 soon dragon agaon rofllmao this cent
00:39:23ForbeateN 1-8 u noob i died early
00:39:30ForbeateN 1-8 u got 5 kills i got 5 deaths
00:39:33ForbeateN 1-8
00:39:36ForbeateN 1-8
00:39:39ForbeateN 1-8 after that it aint really hard to get 3 deaths u cant even blink and stun
00:39:47ForbeateN 1-8 those stuns u make ive died cause of u atleast 3-5 times so its actually
00:40:01ForbeateN I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge] 1-3 or 5
00:40:12ForbeateN 1-8
00:40:21slc2 does maelstrom work for me+
00:40:30Vangelis why shouldn't it guess this game in here is all about soloing
00:40:32Shinja rosh^^
00:40:33Vangelis your ulti isn't orb
00:40:37ForbeateN 1-8
00:40:38Vangelis lifesteal works with it
00:40:49que2stress let him atack me
00:41:08slc2 not again
00:41:10que2stress dont
00:41:12que2stress we need my ulti
00:41:15Vangelis go mid
00:41:17Vangelis get mid rax
00:41:23Vangelis go
00:41:24Vangelis with pit ult
00:41:25Vangelis wait all
00:41:30Vangelis wait dk
00:41:32Vangelis and we go top
00:41:32Rotkiv i tele top
00:41:35que2stress just defmid
00:41:40que2stress and stick together
00:41:42slc2 omg
00:41:47Vangelis WAIT
00:41:52slc2 ill be there next year guys
00:42:53Tough I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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