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Chat log

00:00:00Strom [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 52 seconds.
00:00:11atte want?
00:00:13Solisluu Infect im playing with a netbook
00:00:16Solisluu and i was faster
00:00:24EyeforanEye pink ur pick?
00:00:24mrk ban some random
00:00:24mrk he bans lyca
00:00:24FirstBlood now now
00:00:24mrk we get the bird
00:00:24atte WANT SOMETHING?
00:00:24FirstBlood not now
00:00:24infect as always atte, i can wl
00:00:24Solisluu bird is shallow as fuck
00:00:24Zajeb i go venge prob
00:00:24Solisluu nice
00:00:24Strom mrk is a lyca player
00:00:24infect ban aa ?
00:00:24infect or wl
00:00:24infect get lycan/pudge
00:00:24EyeforanEye did lycan get any buffs last map?
00:00:24EyeforanEye t
00:00:24atte aa ;)
00:00:24Strom don't think so
00:00:24infect his nice pudge
00:00:24FirstBlood lycan
00:00:24Strom not that he needed any
00:00:24EyeforanEye kk
00:00:29EyeforanEye hehe true
00:00:41EyeforanEye any1 want anything?
00:00:43infect :P
00:00:44Steuerfreak 7nope
00:00:53atte LOOLLL
00:00:55Zajeb get me venge if u can
00:00:56atte stole my hero
00:00:58atte fucking rat
00:01:05Zajeb swap?
00:01:08Solisluu y
00:01:09Zajeb ty
00:01:16atte tinker dem best carry around..
00:01:17EyeforanEye lesh?
00:01:18EyeforanEye bat?
00:01:22mrk kunagi peab esimene kord olema
00:01:27Solisluu atte pistä se korkki jo kiinni
00:01:29infect see hea hero
00:01:34atte `??
00:01:38infect ma tegin esimest korda wicked sicki sellega:D
00:01:39Solisluu take me
00:01:39infect atte
00:01:42EyeforanEye lesh join top?
00:01:42infect what u want
00:01:44atte gief
00:01:46Steuerfreak kk
00:01:47Solisluu take me sven
00:01:47atte something
00:01:51atte lina
00:01:54Solisluu -swap 4
00:01:55atte -swap 5
00:01:56Zajeb -swap 2
00:01:58infect -swap 1
00:01:59Strom I want to get on the board with this hero
00:02:02atte brb smoke fast
00:02:12Solisluu me lina bot
00:02:17Solisluu new rat hero mid
00:02:19Strom only visage left and I've played with every hero this year
00:02:22Solisluu imo
00:02:28EyeforanEye hehe
00:02:50EyeforanEye stun n diabolic lesh?
00:02:52atte me mid
00:02:56Solisluu playing with netbook and stupid stuff
00:02:57infect y
00:03:00infect new hero
00:03:00Solisluu so wont play that well
00:03:02infect with stun
00:03:02Solisluu : D
00:03:04infect is nice
00:03:15FirstBlood -ms
00:03:16Steuerfreak who puoll
00:03:16infect btw top
00:03:21infect stay b
00:03:21EyeforanEye lets see the lane
00:03:32atte herostealer
00:03:34infect fb likes to fv
00:03:54EyeforanEye ill pull
00:04:01mrk my bad lol
00:04:04mrk didnt know how it works
00:04:06EyeforanEye they warded
00:04:25Solisluu just get hp
00:05:08EyeforanEye rune bot
00:05:10atte y
00:05:11atte got bottle
00:05:18atte someone
00:05:24atte kill
00:05:28atte wtf
00:05:30atte what rune
00:05:31atte was it
00:05:40infect dont autoattack venge
00:06:43atte HAHA
00:07:18Solisluu omw
00:07:21atte OMG
00:07:24FirstBlood noob
00:07:27atte haha
00:07:27Strom :D
00:07:27atte :DD
00:07:29EyeforanEye lesh?
00:07:30EyeforanEye -.-
00:07:39atte lina almost owning the most op hero ingame
00:07:52atte now cant do anything btw
00:07:53atte 2nukes me dead
00:08:01FirstBlood ss mid
00:08:06atte nice stuns
00:08:15atte s
00:08:27EyeforanEye ss venge
00:08:38mrk venge sup
00:08:38Solisluu venge idling like a boss
00:08:49mrk ss2
00:09:01atte take
00:09:08atte ota
00:09:09atte tapetaa
00:09:14Solisluu take
00:09:14atte take
00:09:15atte stun
00:09:15atte take
00:09:20Strom mis 2 bot
00:09:45mrk oom
00:10:52atte my boots
00:11:05Solisluu batil ei fireflytä
00:11:06Solisluu : D
00:11:25EyeforanEye ss 2 top
00:11:30atte had no boots rofl
00:11:34atte someone fucked up chicken
00:11:46FirstBlood care top
00:11:47atte want
00:12:01atte i use all
00:12:03atte no
00:12:04atte you ult
00:12:10atte b
00:12:12EyeforanEye ss 2 top
00:13:10Steuerfreak wtf
00:13:12Steuerfreak lag sry
00:13:18atte stun
00:13:33atte venge stun
00:13:34atte :E
00:13:35atte from fog
00:13:36Zajeb \no mana
00:13:39atte when he turn back
00:13:43atte 11mana?
00:13:44atte 111
00:14:04atte as long as
00:14:05atte tinker
00:14:07atte dies
00:14:14atte and no bot for him
00:14:27infect he swapped
00:14:27infect atte
00:14:27infect so care
00:14:27Solisluu someone deny too
00:14:27mrk he could kill me
00:14:27atte fuck
00:14:27EyeforanEye Im i dead?
00:14:27mrk and take tower
00:14:27infect yes
00:14:27atte y you are
00:14:27mrk and then die
00:14:27infect :d
00:14:27EyeforanEye XD
00:14:27atte dont try anything stupid
00:14:27EyeforanEye ^^
00:14:27mrk hopefully he doesnt see
00:14:27Solisluu just idle pl0x
00:14:27atte OR ELSE U MORE DEAD
00:14:27atte i ult
00:14:27atte buffed
00:14:27atte you respawn 3x the time
00:14:27EyeforanEye haha
00:14:27infect we are fucked
00:14:27infect when we need to
00:14:27infect balance
00:14:27Solisluu ill go
00:14:27atte that is true but
00:14:27Solisluu !
00:14:27Solisluu : D
00:14:27Zajeb ill go
00:14:27atte we got noob sven we can balance him
00:14:27atte and loose lategame
00:14:27atte lol no
00:14:27atte win lategame
00:14:27atte wl sick ultimonsters
00:14:27infect pa diffu
00:14:27infect and not really
00:14:27atte he making?
00:14:27infect and strom
00:14:27infect i think
00:14:27infect he is teamplayer
00:14:27infect and wil lgo
00:14:27infect or firstblodo
00:14:27atte well gg lets push now then
00:14:27infect will farm it
00:14:27infect for him
00:14:27infect diffu is
00:14:27atte y tinker e-z farm it
00:14:27infect just 3 mins
00:14:27atte too bad for him
00:14:27infect :D
00:14:27atte he gets instakilled
00:14:27atte he just can push lanes soon
00:14:27infect well, we need
00:14:27infect smoke gank him
00:14:27infect a lot
00:14:27infect traps
00:14:27atte noni
00:14:27infect and stuff
00:14:27atte venge ja sven
00:14:27atte roll
00:14:27infect imo
00:14:27infect venge
00:14:27Solisluu -rollllllll
00:14:27atte nyt otetaan miehestä mittaa
00:14:27Solisluu venge aura
00:14:27Solisluu imba
00:14:27mrk sven gets blink bkb
00:14:27mrk kill tinker
00:14:27infect sven
00:14:27Solisluu sven iha useeeelessss
00:14:27infect for who ?
00:14:27infect we dont hv
00:14:27infect dps hero :D
00:14:27atte its
00:14:27atte no
00:14:27atte doesnt matter
00:14:27atte who to balance
00:14:27atte they roll
00:14:27atte highest goes
00:14:27infect highest or lowest?
00:14:27atte highest
00:14:28infect :D
00:14:33EyeforanEye :D
00:14:35atte TOLD YOU
00:14:38EyeforanEye :D:D:D:D:D
00:14:38Solisluu -roll
00:14:44atte stun was bugged due mass chat
00:14:44atte :DD
00:14:45Zajeb -roll
00:14:46Solisluu 69 is my lucky number
00:14:51EyeforanEye stop ur lies!
00:14:56atte paljo venge sai
00:14:57Solisluu it was 37=
00:14:57atte :DD
00:14:58EyeforanEye Cap items?
00:14:59Solisluu ?
00:14:59EyeforanEye for ?
00:15:05Zajeb who goes?
00:15:05Solisluu hf gl
00:15:06atte noni suksi vittuu
00:15:10EyeforanEye can i get mana?
00:15:18EyeforanEye Firstblood
00:15:21EyeforanEye can i get manaboots?
00:15:24FirstBlood yes
00:15:29EyeforanEye ty
00:15:40infect tinker bot now
00:15:46atte let him
00:15:49atte we all rotate to mid
00:16:05mrk i took sobi
00:16:15atte ehm
00:16:16FirstBlood :D
00:16:20infect warded...
00:16:21EyeforanEye :D
00:16:30mrk gogogo
00:16:40infect smoke on tinker
00:17:01mrk ward
00:17:09EyeforanEye ward
00:17:29atte what
00:17:31atte lol
00:17:52Zajeb pa had 2 hp
00:17:55Zajeb fuck
00:17:56EyeforanEye atleast mort didnt die n we got 2 kills
00:17:58EyeforanEye good result
00:18:11atte follow me!
00:18:17atte come
00:18:19atte we go for camp
00:18:33atte let him tp
00:18:36atte we kill
00:18:37atte with venge
00:18:38mrk we can insta
00:18:39atte when he comes
00:18:40atte go b
00:18:40mrk with my ulti
00:18:46atte they all there
00:19:51EyeforanEye they got ward there
00:20:00Strom and we no longer don't
00:20:28EyeforanEye real mature guys.. real mature.
00:20:41infect pa
00:20:47atte wait
00:20:49atte me first
00:20:57atte swap tink
00:21:38FirstBlood b
00:21:39FirstBlood mid
00:21:40FirstBlood care
00:21:41FirstBlood b
00:21:42FirstBlood now
00:22:01mrk 500 for wl agha
00:22:03mrk gotta push then
00:22:05mrk before difu
00:22:32atte tink
00:22:42atte got it
00:22:48atte y
00:22:54mrk omw
00:23:01Zajeb oom
00:23:06infect getting agha
00:23:11atte give urn
00:23:15atte venge
00:23:16atte give
00:23:17atte me
00:23:17atte last
00:23:18atte charge
00:23:22Strom shinja, some pro tips for ya
00:23:28Strom skill 1st and 3rd skill not 2nd
00:23:33Strom and buy strength treads not mana boots
00:23:40Strom tanky flying bat much stronger
00:23:40FirstBlood go all together
00:23:46infect 20 min agha like always
00:23:55atte no swap
00:23:55EyeforanEye bat leave wards in chick
00:23:55infect fast
00:23:56infect swap
00:23:57EyeforanEye ill place
00:24:14Shinja k
00:24:17EyeforanEye ty
00:24:17FirstBlood care
00:24:29atte pudge
00:24:29FirstBlood we need wards
00:24:30infect ulti cd
00:24:39atte only 20sec
00:24:40atte untill tinker
00:24:44atte still b after
00:24:55atte smart pudge
00:24:56atte :DD
00:24:58FirstBlood we need be all together
00:25:01EyeforanEye y
00:25:02Zajeb what to build?
00:25:02atte b
00:25:03FirstBlood mort you need bkb wtf
00:25:10Zajeb manta?
00:25:16atte ult
00:25:34atte hi
00:25:40atte pro
00:25:49mrk got ulti
00:26:00FirstBlood morf get bkb
00:26:04mrk :D
00:26:05atte what is this new item
00:26:07atte from ghost scep
00:26:08FirstBlood mort*
00:26:14mrk lolll
00:26:14Strom right
00:26:18mrk just insta 1200hp pa
00:26:44atte goes
00:26:49Strom I feel like butcher is farming more than me
00:27:10atte need heal
00:27:11infect b
00:27:13atte y
00:27:19atte i needed to go first
00:27:21infect need smoke
00:27:23atte forcestaff was on chick tho
00:28:02mrk lothar?
00:28:05atte invi
00:28:19mrk i missed ulti z
00:28:33atte tp
00:28:35atte me cd
00:28:40atte need all to push
00:28:45atte venge
00:28:49atte why you run
00:28:57FirstBlood all together
00:29:16infect diffu opa
00:29:18EyeforanEye lol even i need bkb-.-
00:29:21atte dont die
00:29:22atte with inf
00:29:27atte sick gold
00:29:53atte fuck
00:29:56Strom bat go back
00:30:01EyeforanEye pink we need u in team battle
00:30:02EyeforanEye s
00:30:25atte b
00:30:32mrk cd
00:30:54Strom :D
00:31:02atte b
00:31:09mrk got ulti
00:31:24atte ¨
00:31:25atte me2
00:31:46atte lol i go lothar
00:31:47Zajeb go with smoke?
00:31:50atte wanna try
00:31:53EyeforanEye pink hex next?
00:31:55infect they antiwarded
00:32:15FirstBlood pipe
00:32:22FirstBlood ¨make pipe pudge
00:32:26atte check rosh
00:32:28EyeforanEye before secpter?-.-
00:32:30atte or
00:32:36FirstBlood no scepter first
00:32:45infect silence?
00:32:49atte he oom
00:32:51atte got tp
00:33:00atte AHAHAHHA
00:33:02FirstBlood :D
00:33:09atte pleasure
00:33:37mrk well
00:33:41mrk dont really know how we can win
00:33:58infect we really cant :D
00:34:13FirstBlood b
00:34:31atte rofl
00:34:34atte hat gave me up
00:34:34infect mid
00:34:35infect go
00:34:47atte did you see my fake with illus toprune
00:34:50infect pa down fast
00:34:53mrk oom
00:34:58mrk they all alive soon
00:34:59atte i go
00:35:00Strom lets wait 4
00:35:02atte b
00:35:06atte b
00:35:08atte 1 oom
00:35:20infect stay
00:35:20infect top
00:35:22infect for tinker
00:35:28infect nvm
00:35:29infect no sky
00:35:38atte look tinker
00:35:39atte :DD
00:35:41atte i show you
00:35:42Zajeb u
00:35:50Zajeb go
00:36:02atte CARE
00:36:04mrk why u there
00:36:05mrk with 2
00:36:16infect i was invi
00:37:04infect hv refu in 50
00:37:38atte they warded
00:37:39EyeforanEye mort come
00:37:41infect they hv wards
00:37:43FirstBlood care
00:37:46Strom come where?
00:37:49EyeforanEye nvm
00:37:50mrk b
00:37:51mrk come 4
00:37:51FirstBlood we need dsut
00:37:52Strom I'd rather farm my bkb
00:37:53FirstBlood dust
00:37:54FirstBlood buy
00:37:56FirstBlood one on lina
00:38:00atte tinker will push
00:38:13EyeforanEye -.-
00:38:39infect got refu ulti
00:38:56mrk zajeb
00:39:02mrk what the hell are you building
00:39:02mrk :d
00:39:12Zajeb manta :D
00:39:23atte omg..
00:39:30infect smoke mid?
00:39:32mrk get
00:39:33atte y
00:39:33mrk guinsoo
00:39:34infect got refu
00:39:35mrk from that orb
00:39:36mrk venge
00:39:50mrk -afk
00:39:59atte he hex now
00:40:00atte go mid
00:40:14atte swap
00:40:14atte swap
00:40:33atte venge for tinker
00:40:38FirstBlood b
00:40:39atte we push now
00:40:48FirstBlood we need pipe pudge
00:41:02EyeforanEye its rdy
00:41:06FirstBlood b
00:41:08FirstBlood all to base
00:41:10FirstBlood fast
00:42:02EyeforanEye gj
00:42:09EyeforanEye finally some mort pwnage.
00:42:11mrk zz
00:42:13mrk coulda win fights
00:42:14infect soz for getting hooked :(
00:42:16mrk if we wont get hooked
00:42:16mrk :D
00:42:21atte well
00:42:26atte venge could insta swap
00:42:27atte pudge
00:42:28atte there
00:42:32Zajeb i wasnt there
00:42:33atte and pudge dead wl in a great position
00:42:34Zajeb was dead
00:42:42infect next time take sven with us
00:42:42atte ok
00:42:44infect for aoe stun
00:42:50infect u can use him
00:42:53infect if you allow
00:43:01infect bkk on pa
00:43:04EyeforanEye mort lets get rosh
00:43:05atte y
00:43:12atte was waiting for it to end lastfight
00:43:18atte tinker hex
00:43:20atte me no buytoiuyt
00:43:28mrk push a lane
00:43:31mrk smoke and wait tinker
00:43:34atte just go
00:43:38atte they rosh
00:43:38Zajeb come smoke
00:44:06Strom so bad
00:44:09EyeforanEye yes.
00:44:14atte sick dmg
00:44:34infect cds
00:44:38infect 1 sec
00:44:39infect nii vinge
00:44:48atte i go skadi :D
00:44:49FirstBlood dont die like that pls
00:44:54Strom I agree
00:44:57atte or could hex
00:45:00infect hex
00:45:01atte but sick dps lina has
00:45:02atte with passive
00:45:12atte can kill pa
00:45:13atte with skadi
00:45:18mrk smoke
00:45:18atte or not
00:45:19atte :D
00:45:20mrk tinker will come
00:45:27Zajeb come smoke
00:45:38atte omw
00:45:43atte my tp still there
00:45:44atte take someone
00:45:49atte i take
00:45:52infect :D:D
00:45:55atte smoke and go top
00:45:58atte smoke already
00:46:07mrk tinker will go bot
00:46:08atte mid
00:46:08atte mid
00:46:23mrk then top again
00:47:20Zajeb push?
00:47:24atte y
00:47:33infect need u too
00:47:34infect atte
00:47:36atte ohh wtf
00:47:39atte me aegis
00:47:40FirstBlood def mid
00:47:41FirstBlood all
00:47:42EyeforanEye y
00:47:49mrk 50s
00:47:50FirstBlood i will play lesh now
00:47:50atte well got hex in 200 or something
00:47:51mrk rax time
00:47:55atte y
00:48:03atte dont get hooked
00:48:11atte mana
00:48:13Strom dont go
00:48:13Strom wait
00:48:14atte i bait
00:48:16Strom we can wait for tinker
00:48:18mrk fast
00:48:19mrk tower
00:48:19mrk b
00:48:20Strom let them push in if they want
00:48:51atte go
00:49:13atte ropfl
00:49:17atte b
00:49:24mrk that was nice
00:49:24infect got 6k
00:49:25mrk venge
00:49:26atte was 2hit
00:49:26mrk with mort
00:49:27atte :E
00:49:34mrk aegis served us well
00:49:35atte buy ac
00:49:35atte :D
00:49:37atte we pound pa
00:49:38Strom need vision badly for that lina
00:49:41Strom but I don't have slots
00:49:43atte all just autoattack
00:50:01mrk tinker should go bkb
00:50:03mrk not another orb
00:50:06atte got hex
00:50:13atte linkens he should
00:50:15mrk tinker top
00:50:22infect use
00:50:46mrk lold.
00:51:20mrk just keep them away from base
00:51:22mrk no
00:51:23mrk done leave
00:51:41atte forgot hex
00:51:41atte >D
00:51:44infect lol :D
00:51:59infect need side twrs
00:52:03atte y
00:52:03atte take
00:52:04atte bot
00:52:15atte look at
00:52:16mrk tee deso
00:52:18atte :DD
00:52:43Strom so bad
00:52:53infect ma hoian buyouti
00:52:54atte omg
00:53:13atte tinker re
00:53:17infect go
00:53:18infect no pa
00:53:20infect infs
00:53:20mrk wl ulti
00:53:21Strom I'll play lesh
00:53:21mrk ez
00:53:24atte y
00:53:33atte heal me
00:54:03atte i run top already
00:54:06atte pwn tinker
00:54:16Strom oh boy
00:54:19atte eul
00:54:21EyeforanEye so much dmg
00:54:22atte omw
00:54:33Strom well I failed majorly
00:54:36Strom sorry
00:54:38FirstBlood I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:41EyeforanEye I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:54:41atte noob
00:54:44infect ty :D
00:54:44Strom I guess that's what a year of no mort does to me
00:54:57mrk gg
00:55:02mrk they fucked up pretty bad imo
00:55:05atte getting owned by feederlina and boots manta venge
00:55:10FirstBlood thats interesting i win 3/4 game against you
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