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Chat log

00:00:13Soulyah they see atte feedin
00:00:14Soulyah they hatin
00:00:17Maier -ii
00:00:17Maier -water red
00:00:17Maier -weather rain
00:00:17Zajeb get me doc if u can
00:00:17Lafrenzz -water pink <3
00:00:17McNabb ban husk
00:00:17atte fug :DD
00:00:17Soulyah ban bs or ck
00:00:17Lafrenzz Mcnabb can u mid. and me skinke lane, we are lan ?
00:00:17Soulyah or urself
00:00:17McNabb k
00:00:17atte ck
00:00:25atte want something?
00:00:26Soulyah mitä pelat?
00:00:29atte want
00:00:32atte something ? ? ?
00:00:33atte dunno
00:00:40Skinkemaden i roam
00:00:47Zajeb doc pls
00:00:55Maier get qop
00:00:55McNabb pick him doc
00:00:57Maier to counter sf
00:01:07atte i know someone likes krobe
00:01:08Zajeb sd some1?
00:01:18atte lol their heros
00:01:21atte swant krobe?
00:01:24atte get lina lion
00:01:27atte i can do both
00:01:33atte -swap 3
00:01:34Mercury -swap 1
00:01:41-ToKe- ill get lina? :D
00:01:44Soulyah if we lose vs mcnabb
00:01:47atte get
00:01:49Soulyah i wana cry
00:01:49Lafrenzz weaver top
00:01:50atte rhasta or ds
00:01:51Maier can i bot ?
00:01:56McNabb weaver top
00:01:57Lafrenzz no
00:02:00Rotkiv ereder maybe
00:02:01Lafrenzz me and skinke lan
00:02:05Maier kk
00:02:07Soulyah lanes?
00:02:09atte skele goes with sf
00:02:10atte top
00:02:13atte and is foresting
00:02:14Maier i can farm anywhere luckily
00:02:27McNabb still shitty pick
00:02:30atte krobe goes with rhasta
00:02:31-ToKe- me bot?
00:02:32atte and is farming
00:02:35Maier perhaps
00:02:40Maier we will see
00:02:45atte 4 hero farm
00:02:45McNabb no not prerhaps
00:02:48Soulyah Y U NO TRUST IN ME
00:02:50Maier ah
00:02:50atte i mb gang
00:02:52atte around 30min
00:02:55Maier qop would have been way better
00:03:01-ToKe- xD
00:03:05McNabb \there was sd
00:03:28Soulyah pulli siis sa
00:03:34Soulyah ss2
00:03:37Soulyah ss1
00:03:42Soulyah re
00:05:06Skinkemaden omw
00:05:38McNabb lol
00:05:44Maier MISS
00:05:45Maier TOP
00:05:48atte how
00:05:54atte fuck
00:06:14atte go
00:06:15atte go
00:06:15atte go
00:06:18atte orb cd
00:06:20atte silence
00:06:23atte RHASTA
00:06:24atte BLIND
00:06:27atte FF
00:06:29Skinkemaden lion bot
00:06:29atte can i leave
00:06:35Lafrenzz no fucking way
00:06:51Zajeb gj
00:06:51atte 3v1
00:06:53atte gangbang
00:06:55Maier u2
00:06:56atte assrape
00:07:13Maier can u up chick ?
00:07:27Zajeb reuse
00:07:52Zajeb ss
00:08:02McNabb ss mid
00:08:03atte ss bs
00:08:13-ToKe- try kill up?
00:08:15Soulyah yy
00:08:17Maier come
00:08:23Skinkemaden hows mid now ?
00:08:43atte bs inc top
00:08:48atte b
00:09:07McNabb y
00:09:12atte re
00:09:29Maier kill
00:09:58-ToKe- ss
00:10:00-ToKe- mid
00:10:00atte bs
00:10:05atte i tp
00:10:06atte home
00:10:09Lafrenzz rhasta going mid / une
00:10:10atte fug
00:10:11atte no mana
00:10:37Rotkiv 4top
00:10:39Soulyah many at top
00:10:40atte i tp with ulti
00:10:50Soulyah ur ulti tps :O?
00:11:04-ToKe- inc
00:11:09McNabb ss mid
00:11:10atte weaver
00:11:23Maier 4 top
00:12:19Soulyah <3 atte
00:12:32atte oom
00:13:09-ToKe- some1 want to kill puck up?
00:13:22Maier -ms
00:13:25atte come
00:14:13atte ffs
00:14:26Skinkemaden took you a while ...
00:14:38atte fucking weaver
00:14:46Soulyah noob hero y
00:14:56atte tp someone
00:15:14atte wtf
00:15:16atte targeted
00:15:16atte ok
00:15:18McNabb >D
00:15:19atte ffffffffffffffffffffffffasdsaldasdklasdasl
00:15:20atte D:SDADSAsad asd
00:15:21atte SA
00:15:26-ToKe- low mana
00:15:36atte i b
00:15:40atte rexx inc
00:15:43-ToKe- comiong bot
00:15:44Soulyah man
00:15:45Soulyah :D:D:D:d
00:16:41Skinkemaden close
00:17:13Zajeb come weaver
00:17:13Soulyah bs needs to die
00:17:15Zajeb i heal
00:17:15Soulyah he rushes relic
00:18:11-ToKe- silenc?
00:18:18Lafrenzz ulti
00:18:27atte go
00:19:04McNabb that was fail guys
00:19:10atte rofl
00:19:23Lafrenzz sf go
00:19:28atte b
00:19:34atte go weaver
00:19:37-ToKe- y
00:19:38atte got 4 sentry
00:20:02atte rofl
00:20:07atte rhasta
00:20:12atte ehm
00:20:15-ToKe- my w3 did tab me
00:20:23atte well
00:20:25atte we could ff
00:21:01McNabb b
00:21:18atte all
00:21:19Skinkemaden invis lion
00:21:23atte keep own towers
00:21:29atte so keep tp's
00:21:38Maier can we def ?
00:21:50Maier b
00:21:51Maier no point
00:21:55atte next
00:21:55Soulyah more
00:22:04Skinkemaden i go
00:22:04McNabb i come
00:22:08-ToKe- got ulty up to
00:22:59atte FUCKING SILENCE
00:23:00atte ROFL
00:23:05Soulyah no way
00:23:21atte that fucking silence
00:23:32Soulyah yer
00:23:38Soulyah yea well
00:23:40Soulyah good push
00:23:42Soulyah 2 towers
00:23:47Soulyah go imd now?
00:23:58atte get rosh
00:24:14atte no rosh
00:24:44Mercury def it
00:25:04atte y
00:25:08Soulyah got the mass targeting
00:25:18-ToKe- fuck that silenc
00:25:19atte instakill bs
00:25:27-ToKe- y
00:25:39Soulyah maybei farm 700 for bkb
00:25:47Maier TOP
00:25:52McNabb b
00:26:06-ToKe- top def
00:26:20McNabb b
00:26:30Soulyah 150 for bkb..
00:27:00Soulyah k
00:27:01Soulyah i brb
00:27:02Soulyah getting bkb
00:27:13Maier puck
00:27:14Maier u want ?
00:27:17-ToKe- wait leiric 1 to then
00:27:24atte b
00:27:27atte weaver dd
00:28:07Maier sec
00:28:08Maier item
00:28:10Soulyah sk starts then
00:28:12Soulyah if we fight
00:28:21atte they rosh
00:28:25-ToKe- y
00:28:29McNabb b
00:28:31McNabb b
00:28:31McNabb b
00:28:31McNabb b
00:28:40atte go
00:29:05Maier bot
00:29:12McNabb why me:-/
00:29:22atte bad
00:29:22McNabb gj puck btw
00:29:23atte i die
00:29:27McNabb u won that fight
00:29:27atte bad position
00:29:37Maier agreed, wp
00:29:37Skinkemaden my job
00:29:49Soulyah :Dd
00:29:53Lafrenzz srlsy
00:30:09Lafrenzz dont get it
00:30:11Skinkemaden gj taking lion
00:30:16Rotkiv rosh?
00:30:18Lafrenzz why the fuck u dont push with me
00:30:23Lafrenzz tower could be dead now
00:30:30atte y
00:30:33McNabb was dead
00:30:54atte take
00:30:57Maier they rosh
00:31:05Soulyah bad idea
00:31:37Soulyah fight
00:31:54McNabb nice block
00:31:57Maier those wards
00:32:00Maier those fucking wards
00:32:09McNabb well puck u lost that fight:D
00:32:25Skinkemaden you were kinda slow
00:32:27Soulyah that went well
00:32:31Skinkemaden but nvm y
00:33:56McNabb ?!?!?!?
00:33:59Skinkemaden so lucky
00:34:01Skinkemaden that stun
00:34:01McNabb why u go
00:34:04-ToKe- thats so unfair that he can windwalk thro the wards
00:34:05Lafrenzz urn
00:34:06Skinkemaden safe weaver ..
00:34:06Skinkemaden np
00:34:07McNabb b
00:34:13Maier yea i was safe
00:34:14atte well i was stunned
00:34:17atte couldnt ulti
00:34:19atte rexx ulti me
00:34:20Maier bs u make radi ?
00:34:20McNabb wards
00:34:26Zajeb in bird
00:34:35Maier use bird more please
00:34:39atte someone take
00:34:41Maier blood
00:34:42Maier will u make
00:34:44Maier radi ?
00:34:56atte someone gem
00:35:01-ToKe- leoric take
00:35:07Skinkemaden we should smoke gank
00:35:10Skinkemaden and get mdi
00:35:13Soulyah smokegang?
00:35:23atte all here
00:35:31Skinkemaden smok
00:35:32Mercury bird
00:35:33Skinkemaden cmon
00:35:51Soulyah bird saw us
00:35:56atte hi
00:36:19McNabb hmmm
00:36:35McNabb weaver can u plz go with us?
00:36:36Lafrenzz weaver
00:36:36atte fuckl that silence
00:36:37Lafrenzz thank u
00:36:39-ToKe- yes
00:36:49Maier my death was my own mistake
00:36:52Maier so was your own
00:36:53McNabb they got 10k wards
00:36:55atte and i didnt rush on eul lol
00:37:04Maier let's get smoke then
00:37:05-ToKe- ill go rush it now :D
00:37:09Skinkemaden we did ...
00:37:09McNabb we were!!!
00:37:11Soulyah gather
00:37:13Soulyah i got DD
00:37:17Maier =/ sorry then
00:37:29McNabb come
00:37:38-ToKe- 300 to eul :D
00:37:50Lafrenzz weaver
00:37:54Lafrenzz stay lion 34/7
00:37:57Lafrenzz 24 *
00:37:57Soulyah sk still has ulti
00:37:58Maier k
00:37:59Soulyah try rax?
00:38:07-ToKe- got ulty
00:38:09atte haha
00:38:09Soulyah i thi
00:38:12-ToKe- 'dead
00:38:22atte good idea
00:38:25atte to hang there
00:38:28atte them seeing us
00:38:33atte gotta hate that bird
00:38:35McNabb owned
00:38:42Maier that wd ulti was epic
00:38:46Soulyah yes
00:38:48atte yeah, you did it bro
00:38:48Soulyah "owned"
00:39:06-ToKe- mid gone
00:39:08Lafrenzz gogo re Que silver after
00:39:29Maier wait
00:39:30McNabb go
00:39:31Maier for krobe ulti
00:39:31Lafrenzz b
00:39:32Maier to end
00:39:37McNabb b
00:39:37McNabb b
00:39:38McNabb b
00:39:40atte i quess
00:39:43McNabb why rex
00:39:44Maier ah dd troo
00:39:49atte wait all ultis
00:39:50Lafrenzz cuz all 50 % hp
00:39:52atte go push
00:39:54atte me rhasta smoked
00:39:58atte way behind
00:40:01Maier lol, no
00:40:03Skinkemaden guinso up
00:40:04Maier we have wd
00:40:06Soulyah ill get sum souls
00:40:08atte 1min
00:40:09Lafrenzz just gank again
00:40:09atte y
00:40:12Lafrenzz and then we take rax
00:40:18Lafrenzz no stress
00:40:18Maier let's smoke ?
00:40:24McNabb 37 min radi is good
00:40:29McNabb come
00:40:31Lafrenzz / care
00:40:39atte couldnt agree more
00:40:45atte go
00:40:50atte krobe sk
00:40:52atte push
00:40:54-ToKe- smoke?
00:40:55atte sf also
00:41:01atte 2late
00:41:12atte AGAIN
00:41:14atte FUCK THIS
00:41:16Maier :D
00:41:18Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:23atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:26-ToKe- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:41:27Lafrenzz see
00:41:27Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:41:28atte no can do
00:41:29Mercury I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:41:30Soulyah wp puck
00:41:35Zajeb wp
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