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Chat log

00:00:12101010 i wanna goblin shredder
00:00:23EyeforanEye Dude?
00:00:23Pufff-Reis couldnt see pool xD
00:00:23EyeforanEye ^^
00:00:23EyeforanEye Ur ban?
00:00:23Pufff-Reis yy
00:00:23EyeforanEye xD
00:00:23Pufff-Reis weaver
00:00:23EyeforanEye shadow
00:00:23EyeforanEye sd
00:00:34KolleBolle what is banned
00:00:35KolleBolle was tabbed
00:00:39EyeforanEye read
00:00:46KolleBolle tell me insted
00:00:51KolleBolle canr se the banns
00:00:53Pufff-Reis get useful picks
00:00:56KolleBolle FAIL system
00:00:58BACKENiZER- for example
00:00:58veuncent hehe
00:00:59EyeforanEye weaver shadow demon
00:01:06KolleBolle thx alot m8
00:01:12BACKENiZER- is nerubian assassin ok?
00:01:14EyeforanEye nemas
00:01:18Pufff-Reis y
00:01:18KolleBolle hmm
00:01:22KolleBolle cm!?
00:01:26EyeforanEye mb wisp
00:01:26KolleBolle would be good!?
00:01:29EyeforanEye Wisp
00:01:35Doomy cm can be good y
00:01:48Pufff-Reis get scarabs on runespots pls fast
00:01:48KolleBolle sry sry havent played wips! :/
00:01:49EyeforanEye mb get ck?
00:01:51KolleBolle wisp**
00:01:51EyeforanEye kk
00:01:52EyeforanEye np
00:02:02Pufff-Reis hope yopu guys can play the new heroes
00:02:03KolleBolle me and axe shuld be
00:02:05EyeforanEye wisp/nessaj
00:02:05KolleBolle on same lane
00:02:07Pufff-Reis wont losse coz this shit
00:02:11Lobsterlover or me woods ?
00:02:14KolleBolle me and axe top!?
00:02:18Pufff-Reis wr bot
00:02:20Pufff-Reis rest top
00:02:21KolleBolle y lane/woods
00:02:25BACKENiZER- what should i do?
00:02:28BACKENiZER- dagon?:D
00:02:28KolleBolle me and axe top
00:02:33Pufff-Reis scarabs on runespots
00:02:36Lobsterlover i come gan
00:02:40veuncent a nice hat
00:02:43Pufff-Reis hex if possible
00:02:47KolleBolle go down
00:02:48EyeforanEye aa go bot
00:02:50101010 captain you really want trilane top?
00:02:53Pufff-Reis no
00:02:58Pufff-Reis so its ok
00:03:00EyeforanEye nvm
00:03:01EyeforanEye go
00:03:03Doomy sry was afk
00:03:18KolleBolle axe pull and pawn em
00:03:23KolleBolle ill skill 1 slow
00:03:25KolleBolle bait
00:03:26KolleBolle and mana
00:03:28BACKENiZER- -ma
00:03:40101010 ss bot
00:03:52101010 re
00:04:03Lobsterlover why no chick ?
00:04:05BACKENiZER- ss1
00:04:24Doomy brown
00:04:28Doomy did u read rules?
00:04:36associated i buy now
00:05:24KolleBolle fuck
00:05:25KolleBolle so fast
00:05:32Lobsterlover you 2 slow ^^
00:06:02EyeforanEye rune mb bot
00:06:07BACKENiZER- :(
00:06:09Pufff-Reis ss
00:06:24Doomy ss
00:06:52Pufff-Reis rune spot pls
00:06:55EyeforanEye ss mid
00:07:01Lobsterlover i go woods till you get boots
00:07:16Doomy ss
00:07:39101010 ss bot1
00:08:03veuncent -ms
00:08:36Lobsterlover go
00:08:47veuncent nvm,
00:09:04veuncent care
00:09:05veuncent axe
00:09:20Doomy ss
00:09:34veuncent b
00:09:34veuncent b
00:09:38101010 ss bot
00:09:52veuncent need a scarab there as well imo
00:09:53buia_k ss 2
00:10:04Lobsterlover vp
00:10:08Lobsterlover void
00:10:26Doomy gank top
00:10:26EyeforanEye ss mid
00:10:52EyeforanEye re mid
00:11:11EyeforanEye gj top
00:11:13veuncent curses
00:11:24veuncent move that one
00:11:26veuncent a little
00:11:29veuncent to the right please
00:11:33veuncent ty
00:11:39veuncent ss axe
00:11:42associated ss 2
00:11:45buia_k rune taken doan
00:11:55EyeforanEye ss mid
00:12:06KolleBolle jesus
00:12:07KolleBolle :(
00:12:42Pufff-Reis again aa mid
00:12:46Doomy top
00:12:48Doomy go
00:12:52Doomy axe
00:12:58Lobsterlover its warded
00:13:10veuncent take
00:13:16Lobsterlover ss top
00:13:31Lobsterlover man
00:13:31Lobsterlover shitty map
00:13:31Doomy if the cap disco
00:13:31Doomy what happen?
00:13:31KolleBolle nothing
00:13:31KolleBolle over 10 mins its balance
00:13:31Pufff-Reis some1
00:13:31Pufff-Reis wants
00:13:31Pufff-Reis to
00:13:31Pufff-Reis go?
00:13:31KolleBolle and its 10 min 28 sec
00:13:31KolleBolle :&
00:13:31buia_k not me:D
00:13:31Doomy they have to balance
00:13:31BACKENiZER- i go then
00:13:31Doomy i suppose
00:13:31KolleBolle y! :/
00:13:31KolleBolle sad to play 4/v
00:13:31associated he can come back
00:13:31Doomy but it will be lost
00:13:31Lobsterlover our carry ;(
00:13:31Doomy we all have support heroes
00:13:31buia_k drop him>
00:13:31Doomy axe cant carry this
00:13:37KolleBolle thx good
00:13:38KolleBolle god
00:13:49veuncent curses
00:14:01EyeforanEye that was wierd :(
00:15:28buia_k fuck
00:15:37KolleBolle get tower
00:15:50Pufff-Reis gogo
00:16:17KolleBolle your ilus pawned me! ;/
00:16:45buia_k lol
00:16:48101010 drop items before useing courier next time
00:16:59buia_k need to kill void
00:17:19KolleBolle rly axe
00:17:28EyeforanEye ehrbqao z
00:17:31buia_k gj
00:17:32Lobsterlover can we all ff ?
00:17:38EyeforanEye ¨lol dont ff-.-
00:17:43associated what f aa*
00:17:44buia_k :D
00:17:47BACKENiZER- xD
00:17:51Doomy what?
00:17:52Lobsterlover oh void still here
00:17:58EyeforanEye ^^
00:17:59Lobsterlover thought he drop
00:18:15BACKENiZER- yurnero
00:18:17BACKENiZER- regen at river
00:18:20Pufff-Reis ty
00:18:32Pufff-Reis y
00:18:46101010 b
00:19:10buia_k axe dager
00:19:12101010 wtf you stau there?
00:19:21101010 u see 4 coming and you stay
00:19:39Doomy dd
00:19:40Doomy void
00:19:46EyeforanEye y
00:20:49KolleBolle who is this possible!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
00:20:57KolleBolle play normaly now!!
00:21:26KolleBolle b
00:23:06EyeforanEye b
00:23:16EyeforanEye rylai need u more in teamfights.
00:23:26buia_k what rod of atos make?
00:23:28buia_k does
00:23:29buia_k ?
00:23:39EyeforanEye b
00:23:55EyeforanEye come top
00:24:27buia_k what?
00:24:29101010 do shomething
00:24:34buia_k u died before i could hlp u
00:24:49Pufff-Reis -weather snow
00:24:57101010 why poershot befoer you could stun them
00:25:12buia_k su u are anoing
00:25:26buia_k i tp to hlp u but u died beefore i can do any thing
00:25:42Lobsterlover lets dance
00:26:18EyeforanEye ill farm some minutes
00:26:43Lobsterlover care
00:27:00EyeforanEye b
00:27:23EyeforanEye gjj
00:27:40associated b
00:27:44KolleBolle axe
00:27:45KolleBolle ffs
00:27:48KolleBolle kill them all
00:28:03BACKENiZER- dd
00:28:05EyeforanEye try get mid twr
00:28:31EyeforanEye need wards
00:29:12KolleBolle all now
00:29:19veuncent haste
00:29:24buia_k take it
00:29:44EyeforanEye gj
00:31:23KolleBolle axe
00:31:24EyeforanEye axe-.-
00:31:25KolleBolle hahahhah
00:31:25Lobsterlover sorry
00:31:26KolleBolle hahahha
00:31:47BACKENiZER- ul
00:32:01KolleBolle use you dagger all the fucking time!!! if you get hitting by smth!! go B and then jump in again for a better call!!
00:32:04KolleBolle easy as dell
00:32:07EyeforanEye wisp try n overcharge me when in chrono
00:32:25Lobsterlover shall iu shiva ?
00:32:28Lobsterlover I
00:32:31EyeforanEye y
00:32:32KolleBolle blade mual
00:32:33KolleBolle ofc
00:32:36101010 b
00:32:39Lobsterlover got it ofc
00:32:40KolleBolle and then
00:32:59buia_k we need a tank
00:33:01KolleBolle pipe
00:33:06KolleBolle is nice
00:33:19EyeforanEye omw bot
00:33:26Lobsterlover pipe or shiva team ?
00:33:33buia_k axe haste care
00:33:33veuncent hasted axe
00:33:35EyeforanEye shiva
00:33:48Doomy rosh?
00:34:01KolleBolle not worth it
00:34:03KolleBolle if they came
00:34:35EyeforanEye epicfail ulti
00:34:42associated nice
00:34:44KolleBolle if you
00:34:49KolleBolle get one good ulti
00:34:52KolleBolle all is dead
00:34:52associated void sleep more
00:34:54KolleBolle in some sec
00:35:08Lobsterlover I like new goblin
00:35:15KolleBolle cant be more PRO with with your ulti
00:35:21KolleBolle my ulti and AA
00:35:25KolleBolle insane dmg
00:35:34Pufff-Reis b
00:35:35EyeforanEye let me farm bot
00:35:49KolleBolle come with me
00:35:51KolleBolle so we can
00:35:55KolleBolle fuck those this
00:35:56KolleBolle wards
00:36:23Pufff-Reis b
00:36:27Pufff-Reis sentries
00:36:55EyeforanEye b
00:37:03buia_k ty
00:37:25veuncent yay
00:37:25buia_k wtf?
00:37:25EyeforanEye :/
00:37:25EyeforanEye 5 min right?
00:37:25KolleBolle go B all
00:37:25KolleBolle im alredy dead
00:37:25buia_k ?
00:37:25101010 4min
00:37:25veuncent 4
00:37:25Lobsterlover kk
00:37:25KolleBolle just B all =)
00:37:25101010 buia_k reconnection time is 4min
00:37:25Doomy i ultied wrong btw
00:37:25EyeforanEye i got ulti
00:37:25EyeforanEye omw
00:37:25associated b?
00:37:25buia_k i am out?
00:37:25KolleBolle alredy dead
00:37:25buia_k wtf?
00:37:25buia_k ?
00:37:25101010 no
00:37:25buia_k ok
00:37:25BACKENiZER- r0fl
00:37:25buia_k :D
00:37:25Lobsterlover fight ?
00:37:25KolleBolle will die when he hitt me now!
00:37:25KolleBolle so
00:37:25Doomy ur not out wr
00:37:25buia_k I saw buia rec time:d
00:37:25KolleBolle will be 5v4
00:37:25Lobsterlover bad
00:37:25associated i can save you if do not die from that spell
00:37:25KolleBolle try but i think im dead 185 hp left :P
00:37:25Lobsterlover yournero here ?
00:37:25101010 if he drop DO NOT TOUCH hes ITEMS
00:37:25buia_k what rules say?>
00:37:25associated he may reconnect
00:37:25buia_k sell or what?
00:37:25101010 im new captain
00:37:25Doomy like void earlier
00:37:25101010 so i can decide
00:37:25associated if he fix connection
00:37:25Doomy i hope
00:37:25101010 what to do
00:37:25buia_k ok
00:37:25buia_k and what u decide?
00:37:25101010 dont know yet
00:37:25EyeforanEye any1 keeping time?
00:37:26KolleBolle he will be dissmissed veary soon
00:37:33KolleBolle b
00:37:34KolleBolle b
00:37:34KolleBolle b
00:37:35KolleBolle bb
00:38:17Lobsterlover younero 2 strong
00:38:18Doomy ty
00:38:18BACKENiZER- lol fuck adi2i3123912391
00:38:31101010 leave
00:38:31101010 one
00:38:31veuncent balance
00:38:31Doomy captain?
00:38:31EyeforanEye rylai or wisp
00:38:31buia_k i bet cm leave
00:38:31KolleBolle decide! =)
00:38:31associated i will not leave
00:38:31veuncent i bet wisp
00:38:31KolleBolle yuor choise! no1 of us
00:38:31EyeforanEye lol
00:38:31KolleBolle will leave
00:38:31veuncent 5 bucks
00:38:31KolleBolle =)
00:38:31Doomy choose one
00:38:31EyeforanEye rylai
00:38:31101010 cm, is useless
00:38:31EyeforanEye gg wp
00:38:31101010 they have aura
00:38:31KolleBolle ok! =) win for me now
00:38:31buia_k I take ur bet
00:38:31KolleBolle or ill shoot ya
00:38:31EyeforanEye gg
00:38:31buia_k my points
00:38:31EyeforanEye ^^
00:38:31buia_k point
00:38:31KolleBolle cu
00:38:31EyeforanEye cya
00:38:31veuncent aww
00:38:32buia_k I win1
00:38:37veuncent yay
00:38:55Lobsterlover void take items ?
00:38:59Doomy no teamsell :(
00:39:00EyeforanEye y
00:39:06EyeforanEye no better this way
00:39:08Lobsterlover better void do
00:39:16Doomy idc im support :)
00:39:27101010 gather and go mid team
00:39:29buia_k what u do u keep juger folow?
00:39:36101010 ill play with it too
00:39:52veuncent that's what she said
00:39:52101010 come na
00:39:58buia_k :D
00:40:05BACKENiZER- 500$ for hex: (
00:40:13EyeforanEye nice they use him
00:40:30Lobsterlover dont use leaver
00:40:35EyeforanEye allowed
00:40:37101010 lol
00:40:38veuncent allowed
00:40:39BACKENiZER- dont use your mouth
00:40:39associated it is 5v4
00:40:39buia_k not alowed?
00:40:40101010 read rules
00:40:46Lobsterlover 4v4
00:40:52EyeforanEye b
00:40:58associated well u using 5 heros
00:41:05EyeforanEye Its allowed.
00:41:35EyeforanEye -ms
00:41:45Lobsterlover i jump
00:41:57Lobsterlover focus journero
00:42:25buia_k we cant enter
00:42:30buia_k roshan or what?
00:42:35101010 y
00:42:36EyeforanEye =)
00:42:42Lobsterlover nice items aa
00:42:42101010 need scout somenone
00:42:52Lobsterlover rosh
00:42:53buia_k scout 1
00:43:25101010 fail
00:43:50buia_k u did fail u did bad control of juger
00:44:05buia_k u try control both and u cant control 1 of them
00:44:22EyeforanEye y
00:44:32EyeforanEye b after
00:45:31buia_k gj
00:45:32EyeforanEye lol fkn windows :D
00:45:41BACKENiZER- "ok2
00:45:44EyeforanEye haha
00:45:52Lobsterlover got gem
00:46:06EyeforanEye wisp take wards
00:46:12buia_k omg
00:46:12EyeforanEye or aa
00:46:21Lobsterlover def mid
00:46:22Doomy no slot
00:46:22101010 take
00:46:27Doomy wisp got
00:46:40EyeforanEye 15 sec cd
00:46:41veuncent void alive
00:46:45buia_k we gone die again
00:46:49veuncent b
00:46:50veuncent b
00:46:58veuncent b
00:47:12veuncent dd
00:47:19101010 gang
00:48:07Lobsterlover try go mid ?
00:48:10EyeforanEye nah
00:48:15EyeforanEye lets w8 for them to show themselfs
00:48:41buia_k go now
00:48:41Lobsterlover gg
00:48:41Doomy wtf
00:48:45buia_k he got aegis go
00:48:50Lobsterlover cant def now
00:48:55Doomy why alone?
00:48:58Lobsterlover try go mid you go alone
00:49:23EyeforanEye just dont let them touch throne
00:49:51Lobsterlover void...
00:49:55Lobsterlover you lost game
00:49:56Doomy u won it void
00:49:57Doomy gg
00:50:27veuncent gem
00:50:37Lobsterlover gg void ^^
00:50:38Doomy nice ulti again
00:51:03Doomy gg void
00:52:05Lobsterlover go all mid
00:52:09101010 go top and gg
00:52:09Lobsterlover last chance
00:52:16Doomy go alone void gogo
00:52:20EyeforanEye ok
00:52:21Lobsterlover ^^
00:52:32buia_k pff
00:52:37Lobsterlover mid
00:52:37buia_k belived I press w
00:52:38Lobsterlover void
00:52:48buia_k let me use juger I am dead
00:52:52101010 k
00:52:58Doomy noone with tp?
00:53:03Lobsterlover no end
00:53:05101010 dont care just go top
00:53:07101010 and end
00:53:08buia_k fast
00:53:09buia_k trone
00:53:11buia_k no top
00:53:25EyeforanEye go throne
00:54:00101010 gg
00:54:03Lobsterlover bg
00:54:07associated our carry sucks
00:54:08veuncent gg
00:54:10Doomy say ty to void
00:54:10buia_k i am alive now
00:54:15buia_k ty void
00:54:16EyeforanEye :D
00:54:22buia_k :D
00:54:24EyeforanEye Your much welcome my kind sir
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