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Chat log

00:00:04Skinkemaden now pick
00:00:06Skinkemaden shredder pick goblin shredder or what ever it is Dodo
00:00:10Guf -ap
00:00:14xenix- DODO WAKE UP
00:00:31Skinkemaden dodo
00:00:35Dodo sry sry sry ... my bad ... really sory ... I'm ner here :(
00:00:40Skinkemaden dont feed
00:00:42Lafrenzz >_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>
00:00:45Dodo ok
00:00:49xenix- ner = nerd ?
00:00:51xenix- ^^
00:00:52Skinkemaden have you played shredder ? =p
00:00:55Dodo no
00:00:59Dodo i wanna try
00:01:00TrustNoGoblin omg
00:01:02TrustNoGoblin we lost
00:01:05Skinkemaden go vanguard
00:01:08TrustNoGoblin he suck and dont know hero
00:01:10TrustNoGoblin so double suck
00:01:11JasonStatham what i should do?
00:01:13Lafrenzz pure tank
00:01:28JasonStatham any1?
00:01:50JasonStatham :(
00:01:56TrustNoGoblin nala go vangard
00:01:57TrustNoGoblin agha
00:02:00TrustNoGoblin bala*
00:02:04JasonStatham ok
00:02:19JasonStatham haste lich
00:02:27TrustNoGoblin why u pick heros if u dont know paly
00:02:30Skinkemaden just try not to feed
00:02:35Skinkemaden bot
00:02:40Dodo ok i'll give my best
00:04:22Skinkemaden rune bot
00:05:10JasonStatham share
00:05:21Guf use niova
00:07:04TrustNoGoblin care bot
00:07:07TrustNoGoblin pugna incming
00:07:07JasonStatham b ss top care all lanes
00:08:49TrustNoGoblin he take runes
00:08:50TrustNoGoblin ...
00:08:53soya ss
00:10:05Banana gj
00:10:06TrustNoGoblin ss mid u2
00:10:12Guf use nove more often
00:10:22soya ss mid
00:10:31TrustNoGoblin stun>
00:10:34TrustNoGoblin u know
00:10:35TrustNoGoblin ur skill
00:10:38TrustNoGoblin stun>?
00:10:40Skinkemaden bla bla
00:10:43Skinkemaden look at your mid
00:10:44xenix- go ulti
00:10:47Skinkemaden then try to chat nomana
00:10:52Banana k
00:10:54TrustNoGoblin what about it? lich
00:11:00TrustNoGoblin i lsot tower wow cud u upg chiken?
00:11:02Guf USE THAT NOVA
00:11:07TrustNoGoblin agaisnt pugna
00:11:09TrustNoGoblin stfu noob
00:11:27Guf ukl
00:11:59Dodo are you alive ?
00:12:01Dodo ok ...
00:12:04Dodo :)
00:13:22TrustNoGoblin and he say dont feed bot
00:13:24TrustNoGoblin ...
00:14:01Skinkemaden u4
00:14:03Skinkemaden dont go aroun
00:14:04Skinkemaden wtf
00:14:34TrustNoGoblin ss mid
00:14:45JasonStatham stupid
00:14:56soya push
00:15:42xenix- b#
00:16:00Skinkemaden ss
00:16:00Skinkemaden 4
00:16:27xenix- 3 omw
00:16:39Banana i tele same
00:17:00Skinkemaden b
00:17:07Skinkemaden ff
00:17:37Skinkemaden obivous
00:17:40Skinkemaden is obvious
00:17:42Skinkemaden tards soz oom
00:18:22xenix- y
00:18:30xenix- all away -afk
00:20:06TrustNoGoblin 3 v1
00:20:07TrustNoGoblin u run
00:20:10TrustNoGoblin RLY?
00:20:11Skinkemaden u run
00:20:11Skinkemaden omg
00:20:12Skinkemaden STFU
00:20:15Skinkemaden you run
00:20:15TrustNoGoblin 3 v1
00:20:17TrustNoGoblin OMG
00:20:20TrustNoGoblin u fuckign naps
00:20:22Skinkemaden and let me the fuck alone
00:20:23Skinkemaden retard
00:20:25Skinkemaden serioult
00:20:27TrustNoGoblin sstfu u
00:20:29TrustNoGoblin FOCUS WARD VENGE
00:20:33TrustNoGoblin U RETARD
00:20:40Skinkemaden with what money ?
00:20:42Skinkemaden from what ganks ?
00:20:46Skinkemaden i cant gank
00:20:53Skinkemaden when i got retards all over the place guf has good farm thats good
00:23:29Lafrenzz just try
00:23:33Lafrenzz might be a chance
00:23:35Skinkemaden afk ?
00:23:36JasonStatham y
00:23:37Skinkemaden -afk
00:23:38Banana i need to farm
00:23:40Banana for dagger
00:24:33Guf what a fail ult, coulndt hit him
00:24:34JasonStatham AAAAHH yeh lol np man
00:24:41TrustNoGoblin kill ward then him
00:24:42TrustNoGoblin with void
00:24:43TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:24:44TrustNoGoblin ...
00:25:02JasonStatham il try nextime i was kinda stupid to rush in also shouldve tried with ship or anything on other guys
00:25:24Guf :P lich wards
00:26:10xenix- need fast agha pfft
00:26:25TrustNoGoblin vodi free farm its gg 2 GUF ULTI`? cap wtf?
00:27:20Guf wait for?
00:27:24Guf u couldnt escape couldve watered em
00:28:21xenix- omg ok
00:28:31xenix- all away and farming
00:29:08Lafrenzz omfg
00:29:14Lafrenzz MH lol
00:29:16Lafrenzz fucking MH Sure
00:29:24TrustNoGoblin balanar take booster
00:29:29TrustNoGoblin y got gold
00:29:47JasonStatham why
00:29:53TrustNoGoblin for agha
00:29:58TrustNoGoblin mana and hp like all last times i killed u was mh?
00:30:26Lafrenzz trololol
00:32:26Skinkemaden run
00:32:54Skinkemaden b
00:33:23TrustNoGoblin balanar take items
00:33:24TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:33:25Skinkemaden why fight ? push
00:33:26Skinkemaden serioly
00:33:56TrustNoGoblin void no ulty lafrennzz will solo us soon im afraid lol
00:34:57JasonStatham gh
00:34:59JasonStatham g
00:35:01JasonStatham gj bro
00:35:09TrustNoGoblin gj all
00:35:09Dodo me ? :D
00:35:09soya relic
00:35:13Dodo HEHEHE ty
00:35:27Guf i can take pl on my ult
00:35:30Guf if we spot him venge swaps him out and we still dont have wards õpfft
00:36:39TrustNoGoblin dont die
00:36:49Dodo ok :)
00:36:49TrustNoGoblin ig they push
00:36:51TrustNoGoblin kill ward let skill him?
00:36:53Lafrenzz radi rdy
00:36:55TrustNoGoblin dont fight at ward probabl
00:37:03Guf -cs
00:37:06Lafrenzz -cs
00:37:06JasonStatham what item next? i water u go in if needed
00:37:16Skinkemaden care
00:37:18TrustNoGoblin basher
00:37:22Guf they have wards i guess
00:37:23Lafrenzz joining u know
00:37:24Lafrenzz radi rdy
00:37:29Dodo vanguard bala ?
00:37:30xenix- they have mnja probably
00:37:34Lafrenzz let me farm
00:37:35Lafrenzz !!!
00:37:37Lafrenzz dont take it
00:37:48TrustNoGoblin go all
00:37:50TrustNoGoblin PLS
00:37:53TrustNoGoblin BAL AGOT AGHA
00:37:57TrustNoGoblin WE SEE GOOD MAP
00:38:03TrustNoGoblin we can gank easy
00:38:06TrustNoGoblin he is like moving ward
00:38:08TrustNoGoblin go all well
00:39:09Guf I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] Guf farmed whole game And now surrenders Sick Shit
00:39:41Lafrenzz leave bot farm
00:39:42Lafrenzz i need it
00:39:44Lafrenzz leave it
00:39:58Lafrenzz play save now
00:40:03Lafrenzz dont make mistakes and banana dont wait forever until u call pl
00:40:20Dodo what's my next item ... heatrh ?
00:40:23Lafrenzz y
00:40:23Skinkemaden yy
00:40:24Dodo heatrh
00:40:27Dodo ok
00:40:30Dodo otw
00:41:23Lafrenzz DONT
00:41:25Lafrenzz need xp
00:41:25Lafrenzz move
00:41:27Lafrenzz ty
00:41:42Skinkemaden free kill
00:41:52TrustNoGoblin can we go all 5
00:41:52Lafrenzz <
00:41:52TrustNoGoblin pls
00:41:53Lafrenzz let me rosh?
00:41:56JasonStatham il get basher i think they're
00:42:06xenix- nah they farm like hell and we lose cause we dont push well i mean we already lost im afraid
00:42:25Lafrenzz get mkb
00:42:27Guf y
00:42:29Guf lets go mid
00:42:29Lafrenzz incase void go butter
00:42:29Guf tr
00:42:31Guf try
00:42:39JasonStatham ok
00:42:42Banana need entries first
00:42:47xenix- guf just make ur ulti
00:42:54xenix- and i spam my ulti in
00:42:55xenix- gg mnjah
00:43:04Lafrenzz gj tried to get that fucker
00:43:06JasonStatham gjh got owned Atleast im trying Captain already gave up
00:43:28xenix- go ? LICH GO ULTI IN THERE WTFFF theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucj
00:44:16Lafrenzz hm
00:44:19Lafrenzz i need aegis now i need farm badly
00:44:26Lafrenzz if we go for push wtf wheres the difference for it?
00:44:38TrustNoGoblin we need gank
00:44:41TrustNoGoblin adn then push
00:44:43TrustNoGoblin and we gank easy
00:44:44Lafrenzz y dont push yet
00:44:45TrustNoGoblin at night
00:44:47TrustNoGoblin with bala i guess we should hunt or try mid
00:44:48Lafrenzz we cant when kunka is alive
00:45:03TrustNoGoblin leave me top
00:45:04TrustNoGoblin for bkb
00:45:11TrustNoGoblin leave me pls
00:45:12Banana lets go that way
00:45:21TrustNoGoblin ty
00:45:35Lafrenzz omw
00:45:54soya gogo puish
00:46:00TrustNoGoblin we lost
00:46:03Guf mid
00:46:03Guf fast
00:46:06Guf MID
00:46:11TrustNoGoblin dont use glyph
00:46:11Guf ALL MID NOW ur dps im dps go from mid i get top
00:46:49Lafrenzz nc HELP ME WITH RAX PUGNA WTF
00:47:06soya other NICE
00:48:03JasonStatham gg VERY NICE
00:48:06JasonStatham nice job they cant push now. :D should i buy out and push? or both of us blue?
00:48:30xenix- no need anymore its not over before it over
00:48:43JasonStatham there is still a chance i sad thing ive learnt in dota 1
00:48:50Banana -cs and btw guf try to ulti the way i get free shots to hit
00:49:15Guf kinda hard indeed
00:49:21Guf gotta get venge and bat too
00:49:27Guf cuz otherwise they force me
00:49:27Lafrenzz we fucking need it mhm k i agree lets keep it this way
00:49:50Lafrenzz go
00:49:51Lafrenzz all go
00:49:54Lafrenzz last chance all go down Dont get ganged bottom stay back until guf is here
00:50:44Guf not good
00:51:26TrustNoGoblin ur band in base pl why lich is top? axe, pugna and void stay together lich is moron
00:52:40xenix- lol sec getin gem
00:53:18Dodo can i take him ? axe b
00:53:47Guf kk
00:53:49Guf lets go end void goes in everybody just try to do so also
00:54:04Guf gotta get pl
00:54:06Guf and bat guf wait until lich we need him
00:54:08Guf and venge :P
00:54:08soya ward
00:54:21TrustNoGoblin in bASE
00:54:28soya wad
00:54:30soya ward
00:54:32Lafrenzz ALL BACK
00:54:32Guf ALL BOT
00:54:32TrustNoGoblin NOOB
00:54:33TrustNoGoblin b
00:54:33soya come
00:54:35Lafrenzz b
00:54:35Lafrenzz b
00:54:35Lafrenzz b fuck that lich
00:54:47Guf -.-
00:54:50TrustNoGoblin balanar come
00:54:51soya lets go
00:54:53xenix- coming
00:54:54TrustNoGoblin u alway waste all night
00:54:57TrustNoGoblin WHY U MAKE AGHA
00:54:59Lafrenzz full focus void axe
00:55:01TrustNoGoblin WE DIDNT GANK AT ALL try to lure
00:55:04TrustNoGoblin and we got vision
00:55:05TrustNoGoblin ,,,
00:55:08TrustNoGoblin NOOBAS
00:55:10TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:55:11TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge] guf dont u dare to get caught up axe go look who finally showed up. :) lichj armor void
00:56:15Dodo I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:35Skinkemaden I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:56:37JasonStatham I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:56:38TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge] we won lol
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