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Chat log

00:00:14Doomy orange dont forget u have to buy the chicken
00:00:19Jerkku ban phoenix
00:00:19sebralane and wards
00:00:19Zagor some1 go lycan?
00:00:19verinenvako i can weaver
00:00:19Smokeer wards 3-4th pick
00:00:19Jerkku or ban lyca
00:00:19Smokeer lastpick get spport
00:00:19verinenvako or phoenix
00:00:19sebralane thisgame its 2nd pick
00:00:19Smokeer support
00:00:19verinenvako im master phoenix
00:00:19Pojetz look her ban
00:00:19Doomy husk
00:00:19Smokeer u ask blue
00:00:19Pojetz ban lyca ofc
00:00:19Smokeer catpian
00:00:19Zagor -lycan
00:00:19Smokeer pick phoenix
00:00:19verinenvako take me phoenix
00:00:21Doomy someone want phoenix?
00:00:24verinenvako yes
00:00:27Smokeer orange wants
00:00:28Pojetz take qop for mid
00:00:35Smokeer dont forget buy chick
00:00:41Pojetz go qop some1
00:00:43PriMo viver
00:00:52Jerkku can i
00:00:53Jerkku solo
00:00:54Jerkku ?
00:00:55verinenvako why its me=
00:00:57Zagor y
00:00:58Smokeer rules
00:00:58Doomy rules
00:01:00verinenvako cause i join lasT?
00:01:02sebralane smooker v6ta carry
00:01:03Zagor u are solo mid weaver
00:01:06Doomy read the rules man
00:01:09Jerkku orrait
00:01:09Pojetz take some tanks too
00:01:11sebralane sven
00:01:12sebralane gogog
00:01:14sebralane meepo
00:01:15sebralane tra
00:01:16sebralane loll lits
00:01:21Zagor get sven
00:01:25Doomy yellow pick a support
00:01:30Pojetz RAZOR
00:01:31Pojetz ffs
00:01:32Doomy thrall
00:01:32verinenvako take pitlord
00:01:33Jerkku that phoenix
00:01:34Pojetz idiot
00:01:36Smokeer ah
00:01:36Jerkku will fuck me mid
00:01:39Smokeer some take pit lord
00:01:40Zagor sven come top
00:01:41Doomy pick me pit
00:01:44Pojetz y
00:01:44Doomy orange
00:01:48verinenvako -swap 1
00:01:51Jerkku razor would be better mid
00:01:51Doomy -swap 5
00:01:52Jerkku mby
00:01:52verinenvako can i mid
00:01:53Zagor i will gang alot
00:01:57Pojetz nononono
00:01:57PriMo no
00:01:58Zagor hes noob
00:01:58Doomy y
00:02:01Pojetz primo will fuck it
00:02:03Zagor u are mid weaver
00:02:04Pojetz FUCKING RAZOR
00:02:09PriMo ????? ??????
00:02:12Zagor razor shit pick
00:02:12Doomy chik orange
00:02:13Pojetz worst hero ever
00:02:14PriMo ???
00:02:20Pojetz razor buy chick
00:02:22Pojetz -.-
00:02:22Jerkku they got imba heroes
00:02:28Pojetz we too
00:02:35Pojetz but
00:02:35Pojetz r
00:02:36Zagor tc u buy chick
00:02:38Pojetz razor
00:02:39Jerkku hope that meepo fails
00:02:39Doomy venge top plz
00:02:40Zagor shar
00:02:41CasSi0 did
00:02:44Pojetz fail our team heroes
00:02:49sebralane im gankgankgank man
00:02:52sebralane i ward this bitch
00:02:54Doomy ok
00:02:59Doomy share the chick
00:03:07sebralane fb
00:03:11Jerkku rune bot
00:03:12Pojetz OMFG
00:03:12Doomy dont be afraid we will not use ur hero
00:03:12Zagor u pull sven
00:03:12Pojetz i cant use spells :D:D:D
00:03:12Doomy why pause?
00:03:12Pojetz hmm no spells
00:03:12Pojetz :D:D
00:03:12Pojetz wtf
00:03:12Doomy ?
00:03:19verinenvako you have to skill first
00:03:19Pojetz AAA FUCK I USED yellow plus :S
00:03:29PriMo omg
00:03:31Pojetz :D:D
00:03:32Zagor go pull sven
00:03:37sebralane razor
00:03:59Doomy stun?
00:04:03Pojetz RAZOOOOR
00:04:05Pojetz WIN
00:04:11Smokeer he wasted stun
00:04:14PriMo off fuckin rot
00:04:19Smokeer i pull
00:04:21PriMo and play
00:04:21sebralane well pit
00:04:22sebralane skills
00:04:26sebralane a faking firestrom
00:04:33sebralane instead of 1,5sek stun
00:04:34sebralane wadap
00:05:25sebralane reg btw
00:05:30verinenvako k
00:05:43PriMo b
00:05:52sebralane use ur manapot
00:05:54sebralane kill them
00:05:59Isawthat sec
00:06:42Smokeer pull then again gang
00:06:50Doomy ss tc
00:07:12verinenvako bot rune
00:07:13Doomy re
00:07:13CasSi0 ss
00:07:33sebralane razor
00:07:54PriMo ss noob?
00:08:03PriMo top
00:08:57Jerkku SS ID
00:08:59Jerkku mid
00:09:14Smokeer care
00:09:21Doomy i saw
00:10:17Zagor dont block me!!!!
00:10:21PriMo lol
00:10:32sebralane i need 1 cs
00:10:34sebralane for wards
00:10:36verinenvako imo weaver need gangs
00:10:58sebralane wats dat?
00:11:02Doomy dunno
00:11:03Doomy bug
00:11:36Jerkku ck is mid
00:11:39sebralane srry
00:11:40verinenvako pit no malice?
00:11:43Zagor PHOENIX MISS?
00:11:44Doomy cd
00:11:50Jerkku i said it long a go
00:12:21CasSi0 joke?
00:13:12sebralane iixykill
00:13:12verinenvako ck scaring?
00:15:05verinenvako lol razor has vang akready
00:15:58sebralane fak this shit
00:16:07verinenvako cd
00:16:08PriMo b
00:16:09PriMo b
00:16:12Doomy ck...
00:16:17Doomy zzz
00:16:30verinenvako to mne
00:16:40Doomy go tw
00:16:43Smokeer nessaj rofl items
00:16:53verinenvako ahh fuck
00:16:55Smokeer i go vladi
00:16:56verinenvako tried to lure
00:16:56Smokeer not you
00:17:08Pojetz kill
00:17:09Isawthat k
00:17:32Pojetz twr
00:17:48Doomy bot help
00:17:50Smokeer 5 bot
00:17:53Smokeer 4
00:18:12Doomy NO HELP
00:18:17Doomy ck fucking noob
00:18:36Jerkku phoenix has gem
00:18:37Jerkku :D
00:18:40Doomy help geo
00:18:44Doomy for god sake
00:18:46Pojetz twr
00:18:54Doomy gogog
00:19:22verinenvako your web accuracy sucks
00:19:25Smokeer \1lvl
00:19:27verinenvako we could do triple
00:19:27Smokeer 300 range
00:19:28verinenvako ah
00:19:59verinenvako pit has no third skill?
00:20:04verinenvako ex pulsion
00:20:06Smokeer aoe heal best
00:20:09verinenvako yea
00:20:11verinenvako pits best skill
00:20:14verinenvako is expulsion
00:20:16verinenvako need to be maxed at lvl 7
00:20:26Smokeer he maxed firerain
00:20:31verinenvako ahh sven
00:20:31verinenvako xD
00:20:33Zagor gem
00:20:34verinenvako im blind
00:20:40verinenvako why you max fire rain?
00:20:41Doomy its a good pushing skill
00:20:41verinenvako retard?
00:20:43Pojetz y
00:20:47CasSi0 deny?
00:20:49Zagor y
00:20:50verinenvako expulsion is better for pushing
00:20:51verinenvako + fightting
00:20:55PriMo deny
00:21:01verinenvako you heal your own creeps so they takes towers down
00:21:03verinenvako and you can dive
00:21:07Doomy well lot of way to play pit
00:21:09Jerkku 700 to relic
00:21:14verinenvako wrong way is to skill fire
00:21:25verinenvako there is no point in it
00:21:30verinenvako unless youre a retard
00:21:35Doomy idc about ur opinion
00:21:53verinenvako expulsion is best for pushing + farming
00:21:55verinenvako and killing
00:22:01Doomy let me play my hero
00:22:13PriMo lol
00:22:13Jerkku all top
00:22:16verinenvako did they destroy gem
00:22:16sebralane need mana pls
00:22:37Jerkku wait me
00:23:06Smokeer come
00:23:06Smokeer top
00:23:07sebralane take sd insta
00:23:08Smokeer pit pho
00:23:18verinenvako i check did they notice my gem
00:23:20Jerkku wards?
00:24:23PriMo omg viver
00:24:32Doomy go push
00:24:38verinenvako stupid pit loses this to us no heal
00:24:39verinenvako :S
00:24:52verinenvako we cant team fight properly
00:24:55PriMo why no attack nessai?
00:24:55Doomy it was a win
00:24:59Pojetz WEACER
00:24:59Doomy me just die idiot
00:25:00Pojetz idiot
00:25:03Pojetz FUCKING GAY
00:25:08Pojetz wtfu wait?=
00:25:23Pojetz sesly
00:25:25PriMo omg
00:25:32Pojetz ur fail weav
00:25:41Jerkku this is just outpicked
00:25:47Pojetz no its just ur fail
00:25:49Jerkku we have no chance against those
00:25:55sebralane b
00:25:57Pojetz 22 min no items
00:26:26Pojetz just wait my bkb
00:26:31Jerkku we need
00:26:34Jerkku those wrads
00:26:35Jerkku wards
00:26:41verinenvako 5 mid?
00:26:47Smokeer who control chick??
00:26:49verinenvako for tower
00:26:51Smokeer ruin
00:26:52Smokeer gj
00:27:07Smokeer i go base
00:27:09Smokeer waste time
00:27:10Smokeer dont care
00:27:13verinenvako you dont even use your soulring pit?
00:27:43Pojetz HAHA
00:27:44PriMo omg
00:27:48sebralane u ded m8
00:27:58Pojetz tc u FUCKING nuub
00:28:05CasSi0 lol
00:28:19CasSi0 just because of stun?
00:28:23Pojetz y
00:28:27Pojetz c
00:28:54Jerkku go
00:28:59Doomy meepo farm bot
00:29:03verinenvako meepo needs 1 more lvl
00:29:12Smokeer go rosh just
00:29:14verinenvako so we can end
00:29:20Pojetz b
00:29:20Pojetz b
00:29:20Pojetz b
00:29:21Pojetz b
00:29:21Pojetz b
00:29:21Pojetz b
00:29:22Pojetz b
00:29:22Pojetz b
00:29:22Pojetz b
00:29:22Pojetz b
00:29:23Pojetz b
00:29:23Pojetz b
00:29:32verinenvako take it
00:29:41Smokeer go
00:29:43verinenvako some1 else turn buy gem
00:30:12Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:14Doomy mid
00:30:22sebralane dust cd
00:30:29Pojetz buy 1 tp
00:30:30Pojetz fast
00:30:33Pojetz i have bkb then
00:30:41Pojetz HELLO
00:30:43Pojetz BUY 1 salv
00:30:45Pojetz or p
00:30:47Pojetz tp
00:30:55Pojetz FUCK TEAM
00:30:59Pojetz i wait then
00:31:00PriMo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:47PriMo ff fast
00:31:50Jerkku just ff
00:31:51PriMo no idea
00:31:52Pojetz stfu u noob
00:31:54CasSi0 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:54Jerkku we cant win those
00:32:03Jerkku phoenix and ck wins always
00:32:06Pojetz hahaha
00:32:08Pojetz no
00:32:11Pojetz our team suck
00:33:12PriMo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:24sebralane im too imba vs
00:34:27Smokeer 9k
00:34:29sebralane the best out there
00:34:35sebralane divine inc?
00:34:51Smokeer \10k
00:34:52Smokeer xD
00:35:22Pojetz I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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