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Chat log

00:00:18KolleBolle bra
00:00:18Bra~ spec
00:00:18KolleBolle ban that
00:00:18KolleBolle ficking
00:00:18Bra~ spec
00:00:18BeSt0ned furion
00:00:18KolleBolle panda shit
00:00:18Idx -am
00:00:18KolleBolle nononoonono
00:00:18Idx am
00:00:19KolleBolle jesus
00:00:21BeSt0ned take furion^^
00:00:25Multi_Ljep furion..
00:00:25BeSt0ned daaaaamn xD
00:00:32moods y pusher..
00:00:34KolleBolle atlest you took that retaded hero! :P
00:00:41BeSt0ned damn
00:00:44Bra~ played it once
00:00:45BeSt0ned daaaamn^^
00:00:49Bra~ dunno what happens
00:00:51KolleBolle spec and am banned right?
00:01:06Idx get ogre am jakiro
00:01:13Idx aa*
00:01:16Idx not am
00:01:20Idx stunners
00:01:24Idx ck is nice
00:01:29BeSt0ned pls up it^^
00:01:31BeSt0ned some one
00:01:31Bra~ 6range 4*grades
00:01:35Bra~ ORANGE
00:01:36Idx gj
00:01:40Bra~ lastpick upgrades
00:01:43Bra~ now
00:01:45Bra~ right away
00:01:50Idx aa or tuskar imo
00:01:53Idx or viper mby
00:01:55PinaryB get aa to support ck
00:01:58Idx if you can play any of them
00:02:03Multi_Ljep furion will u pull if i come up
00:02:07Idx dont forget chick
00:02:11Multi_Ljep need support
00:02:15KolleBolle me bot
00:02:15moods bs lol
00:02:18Bra~ y
00:02:20Multi_Ljep """"""""""""""""""""""""
00:02:24Multi_Ljep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:02:24Idx still get chick
00:02:33PinaryB ck top
00:02:35PinaryB come farm
00:02:42KolleBolle shuld be so fucking fun and pawn multi whore
00:02:44PinaryB bs can farm bot more easily
00:02:57Bra~ y do it plz
00:02:57Idx ogre let bs get lasthits
00:02:58KolleBolle BS T-T
00:03:03BeSt0ned furion
00:03:05moods sure
00:03:12Multi_Ljep dont
00:03:15Multi_Ljep he is 2 percent
00:03:16Multi_Ljep guy
00:03:22Multi_Ljep imo
00:03:32moods bs kinda useless hero
00:04:31Multi_Ljep pull
00:04:32Multi_Ljep pls
00:05:13BeSt0ned n1^^
00:05:54moods me meka?
00:06:09BeSt0ned n1 btw^^
00:06:46PinaryB kill
00:06:57Idx ogre can you buy wards
00:07:00Idx gj
00:07:02BACKENiZER- jakiro:D:D:D
00:07:22Bra~ re
00:07:27BeSt0ned get one?
00:07:33KolleBolle try
00:08:06KolleBolle ok
00:08:07KolleBolle bugg
00:08:23Multi_Ljep FFS
00:08:25Multi_Ljep SUPPORT
00:08:38PinaryB STUN PLS
00:08:41PinaryB oh syr
00:08:43moods tell me
00:08:47moods me meka or pheonix?
00:08:54Idx you
00:08:56moods k
00:08:56Multi_Ljep i cant
00:08:59Multi_Ljep like this
00:09:00Multi_Ljep anymore
00:09:05PinaryB kill bot
00:09:13Multi_Ljep UPGRADE CURIER
00:09:14Multi_Ljep FFS
00:09:20Multi_Ljep FUCKErS
00:09:21BACKENiZER- 'ss2
00:09:27Idx ss mid
00:09:32Idx re
00:09:59Idx ss
00:10:01Multi_Ljep MISS UP
00:10:06moods ss bot
00:10:14BeSt0ned ss
00:10:14BeSt0ned 2
00:10:19BACKENiZER- fucking jakiro really
00:10:54Bra~ lääääääääääg
00:10:55Bra~ :P
00:11:14PinaryB go
00:11:16Bra~ -ii
00:11:18Bra~ -don
00:11:19Bra~ -water 1
00:11:24KolleBolle almost there furi! :P
00:11:36PinaryB gg fucking idiot
00:11:42BeSt0ned furi ban man
00:11:42Multi_Ljep pinary u suck
00:11:43BeSt0ned spec...
00:11:44Multi_Ljep rly
00:11:47Idx multi
00:11:51Idx tower attacked doom
00:11:56Idx why the fuck do you stun jakiro
00:12:01Multi_Ljep ffs
00:12:04Multi_Ljep cant farm up
00:12:07Dodo sry
00:12:07Multi_Ljep he does nothing
00:12:16Multi_Ljep take creeps no pull
00:12:21PinaryB I HAVE 2 kills and 2 assists you idiot
00:12:36moods ss bot 2
00:12:40Multi_Ljep we would have have more then that if u let me farm
00:12:43Multi_Ljep furion...
00:12:49Bra~ zzz
00:12:52Bra~ go???
00:13:11Multi_Ljep LOOK ME NOW
00:13:16PinaryB YOU SUCK
00:13:18Multi_Ljep :D
00:14:22Bra~ tra need bronze mängud
00:14:29PinaryB ogre start ganking
00:14:29Bra~ bronze games
00:14:30Bra~ xD
00:14:46Multi_Ljep that joke is old
00:14:46Bra~ solo pela every time
00:14:55Idx ofc
00:15:03Bra~ g
00:15:03Idx stun?
00:15:18Idx nope ck
00:15:19Idx its you
00:15:24Multi_Ljep dive in
00:15:26Multi_Ljep next time
00:15:31Idx didnt have mana
00:15:37BeSt0ned mid
00:15:38BeSt0ned pls
00:15:39Multi_Ljep say it
00:15:56Idx stun
00:15:57Idx idiot
00:16:08Idx retard?
00:16:42BeSt0ned get him
00:16:43BeSt0ned ffs
00:16:50Idx goddamn ur bad ck
00:16:51Bra~ u get him lol
00:16:54Multi_Ljep .i.
00:16:54Multi_Ljep pls
00:16:58Idx 3 chances to kill mid
00:16:59Multi_Ljep and pinary
00:16:59Idx just sayin
00:16:59Bra~ i blink and u all go b
00:16:59Multi_Ljep pls
00:17:00Bra~ ffs
00:17:01Multi_Ljep stfu
00:17:01Multi_Ljep :D
00:17:04Bra~ suck less mby?
00:17:06BeSt0ned phoenix
00:17:07BeSt0ned ffs
00:17:10Bra~ so?
00:17:13Multi_Ljep if u screw start
00:17:14Bra~ we can kill them bro
00:17:18Bra~ dont be a pussy
00:17:21Multi_Ljep pinary
00:17:30BeSt0ned ban furion
00:17:32BeSt0ned ...
00:17:33Multi_Ljep u have furion
00:17:34Multi_Ljep man
00:17:38Bra~ stfu already
00:17:41Multi_Ljep telling
00:17:41Bra~ this furi sucks
00:17:42Bra~ balls
00:17:44Bra~ rly
00:17:45Idx stun him asap
00:17:52Bra~ just support mort
00:18:03KolleBolle sad sad 3 bott
00:18:03Idx thats how we roll
00:18:04Idx kepp it up
00:18:16BeSt0ned wards?
00:18:17BeSt0ned jako
00:18:24KolleBolle ill tp and kill bott
00:19:06Multi_Ljep heal alie and dmg foe,and u chose to heal yourself
00:19:16Dodo furi
00:19:17BeSt0ned try 2 get a twrß
00:19:17Multi_Ljep we all do misstakes
00:19:20Dodo ulti if you have ?
00:19:25Dodo nwm
00:19:32Idx tp
00:19:45PinaryB go
00:20:07KolleBolle hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
00:20:20Idx wp guys
00:20:23BeSt0ned dont know why furions ulti so strong
00:20:25Bra~ ye this is lost
00:20:32KolleBolle all those napps
00:20:32BeSt0ned but we all know, spec is harder...
00:20:36Bra~ furis ulti does 150 dmg on u bro
00:20:40Bra~ u just suck
00:20:41KolleBolle we will own them soon
00:20:44BeSt0ned only on me?
00:20:44KolleBolle get fucking wards
00:20:46KolleBolle plz
00:21:15KolleBolle WRDSSSS
00:21:17KolleBolle WARDS
00:22:27Multi_Ljep BAD!
00:22:57BACKENiZER- jakiro xDXDDXD
00:23:04Idx should kill mort again soon
00:23:06Idx asap
00:23:41Bra~ nojah ei mängi pikka aega enam silverit
00:23:44Bra~ jälle
00:23:45BeSt0ned wards are better if they got planted
00:23:46Bra~ xD
00:23:48PinaryB silverit?
00:23:51Bra~ br6nxe
00:23:52Bra~ xD
00:24:00Dodo ty
00:24:06PinaryB suht mõtetu jah, kahju et ma ävlja ei saa kunagi :D
00:24:27Bra~ meganoobid kõik ikka
00:24:34PinaryB multiljep kurdab miks ma lanelt ära läksin
00:24:47Idx ult
00:24:49Dodo cd
00:24:50Idx bs..
00:24:52Dodo now's ready
00:25:09KolleBolle fast
00:25:22KolleBolle b
00:25:43Idx can some1 buy wards again?0
00:25:54moods soon
00:26:47KolleBolle b
00:26:48KolleBolle b
00:26:48KolleBolle b
00:26:49KolleBolle b
00:26:49KolleBolle b
00:26:50KolleBolle b
00:26:50KolleBolle b
00:26:51KolleBolle b
00:26:51KolleBolle b
00:26:52KolleBolle b
00:26:57BeSt0ned --.-
00:26:58Bra~ xD
00:27:06Bra~ what???
00:27:12Bra~ guys really
00:27:16BeSt0ned against a bs
00:27:17Bra~ my last bronze game
00:27:19BeSt0ned you farm low life
00:27:25BeSt0ned hope so
00:27:26Bra~ just isnt worth swetting
00:27:28BeSt0ned geed a wood game
00:27:33Bra~ so pointles with u
00:27:33BeSt0ned first learn 2 ban -.-
00:27:43Bra~ just scared of furi and suck because of that
00:27:44Bra~ gg
00:28:00BeSt0ned dont attack
00:28:05BACKENiZER- attack the freaking ball idiots
00:28:11BeSt0ned you didnt attack
00:28:12BeSt0ned both of you
00:28:14BACKENiZER- i did
00:28:16Shiningstone 100% disabled
00:28:24BACKENiZER- jakiro your brain is disabled 100%
00:28:25Bra~ xD
00:28:26BeSt0ned 100% disable? so walk and die?
00:28:30Idx gg
00:28:35BeSt0ned 3/8 master <3
00:28:37Bra~ jep
00:28:38Bra~ suht gg
00:28:39Bra~ xD
00:28:42BACKENiZER- you have missed all your frekaing spells jakiro
00:28:45BACKENiZER- sir disabled
00:29:39Idx b
00:29:46Bra~ I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:47Idx regen and get ur items up
00:30:27BeSt0ned wp mort bot ^-^
00:30:40Bra~ not wp rubic
00:30:41Bra~ xD
00:30:45BeSt0ned 3/8 <3
00:30:48Bra~ like saying that helps
00:30:48Bra~ xD
00:30:49Idx gather mid now
00:30:56BeSt0ned y
00:30:58BeSt0ned so?
00:31:02Bra~ so
00:31:03Bra~ ?
00:31:06BeSt0ned my enter
00:31:06Bra~ play with bots?
00:31:07BeSt0ned my chat
00:31:11BeSt0ned first
00:31:12Bra~ or are u scared of them too?
00:31:13BeSt0ned learn your hero
00:31:15BeSt0ned then learn 2 ban
00:31:21BeSt0ned then stop crying
00:31:26Bra~ learn to play bro
00:31:28Bra~ u suck
00:31:33BeSt0ned i did my job well
00:31:33Bra~ dont wanna win anymore
00:31:34BeSt0ned you fed 2
00:31:38BeSt0ned your cs?
00:31:50Bra~ 2 creeps 5 neutrals
00:31:58Bra~ -cs
00:32:05BeSt0ned think 50...xD
00:32:16Bra~ idc
00:32:18Bra~ saw u
00:32:18BeSt0ned check your items man
00:32:21Bra~ = lost
00:32:25Idx together
00:32:37PinaryB b ogre
00:32:39Idx strike em
00:32:41Multi_Ljep GO
00:32:44Idx ffs
00:34:26BeSt0ned yea
00:34:31BeSt0ned a wraithband
00:34:37BeSt0ned how long you saved your money?
00:34:37Idx bs?
00:34:40Dodo sry
00:34:44Bra~ i ganked
00:34:44PinaryB COME NOW
00:34:48Bra~ cuz u didnt
00:34:48Bra~ xD
00:34:49Dodo just wanted to try
00:35:10Idx ill go
00:35:12Idx lvl 3 ult
00:35:24KolleBolle turle
00:35:25KolleBolle jsut
00:35:48Bra~ gg wp go throne
00:36:00KolleBolle wtf you all do
00:36:02BeSt0ned 10 deahts -_-
00:36:02Shiningstone I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:03KolleBolle rly
00:36:12Bra~ i just went in and died
00:36:13Bra~ xD
00:36:18Bra~ OMG NOW WE LOSE
00:36:18BeSt0ned coz you got no farm
00:36:18KolleBolle thd
00:36:20Bra~ what a news
00:36:21KolleBolle rly useless
00:36:21Bra~ xD
00:36:21BeSt0ned and cant play this hero
00:36:23KolleBolle and doom
00:36:26KolleBolle cant find woords
00:36:28BeSt0ned thx for a lost 2 blie <3
00:36:42Multi_Ljep blood
00:36:43Multi_Ljep lust
00:36:49Multi_Ljep ty
00:37:09Idx top
00:37:12Bra~ I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:12Bra~ I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:13Bra~ I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:15BACKENiZER- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:17BACKENiZER- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:28Idx cant go with 2
00:38:13KolleBolle b
00:38:15KolleBolle all
00:38:48Bra~ at2
00:38:56Bra~ atk when he gives u dmg
00:38:57Bra~ lol
00:39:05Bra~ oh well
00:39:08Bra~ nvm
00:39:15Bra~ who am i to say anything
00:39:23Bra~ ill just keep on playing in silver i guess
00:40:12Idx just need to go with 5
00:40:15Bra~ lol
00:40:21Bra~ nad hakkasid kartma sind
00:40:22Bra~ xD
00:40:26PinaryB ei taha tappa vist
00:40:28Bra~ xD
00:40:36BeSt0ned able 2 /w?
00:40:42BeSt0ned dont like annyoung speak
00:40:44Bra~ mort tapab ka creepe pigem
00:40:58Idx all mid
00:40:59Idx now
00:41:23Idx ill start with ult
00:42:03Multi_Ljep GO
00:42:15BeSt0ned kiddy
00:42:17KolleBolle gogogo
00:42:55KolleBolle banned
00:42:57KolleBolle Bra
00:42:59Bra~ ?
00:43:02KolleBolle sad for you
00:43:07Bra~ i was silenced
00:43:07Bra~ :S
00:43:12KolleBolle lose feed on purpose
00:43:31Bra~ sorry gc dont give skillbans
00:43:35BeSt0ned hm
00:43:36Bra~ im just too noob
00:43:37Bra~ :S
00:43:41BACKENiZER- noshit
00:43:42KolleBolle skill ban!!?!?!
00:43:42BeSt0ned furion is beyoned
00:43:46BeSt0ned dont now why 2 ban
00:43:49KolleBolle thats was smth other you did =)
00:43:53BACKENiZER- wondering how guy like you can handle silver
00:43:59BeSt0ned 15 deaths
00:44:00BeSt0ned maaan
00:44:04BeSt0ned -.-
00:44:09Bra~ help me
00:44:09Bra~ xD
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