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95% | 1658 X | 1524 TS

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Chat log

00:00:16Strom atte may play invoker, hate that mana leak spell
00:00:16atte i think you are allowed to quit
00:00:16Vangelis what will you play
00:00:16Vangelis ?
00:00:16atte we got dota.gc only teamplayer in team
00:00:16Vangelis atte
00:00:16Strom also vangelis can play lyca
00:00:16Strom hate that too
00:00:16atte dunno
00:00:16Vangelis ?
00:00:16Milky mitä
00:00:16infect who?
00:00:16Strom atte
00:00:16Vangelis milky
00:00:16valiante lycan
00:00:16valiante anyone roof?
00:00:16atte sf veno invoker pugna rhasta storm are the options under pressure from team mb jugger and bm also
00:00:16Vangelis i go bm i think
00:00:16curdi axe!
00:00:16atte priit
00:00:16Vangelis go invo
00:00:16Vangelis ?
00:00:16atte i ban roof
00:00:16atte roof = )
00:00:38infect he will strom or invo
00:00:42Strom totally called that invoker
00:00:51curdi atte mid?
00:00:53slc2 get veno
00:00:53atte IF THEY PICK noob supportters i go firebuild of death
00:00:54atte y
00:00:55atte or
00:00:57atte depends
00:01:01slc2 get veno
00:01:01valiante yeah
00:01:02atte on our axe pick
00:01:03valiante get veno
00:01:04valiante for mid
00:01:06curdi can i axe w00ds :D
00:01:12atte axe got sickest buff eu
00:01:15Vangelis y
00:01:15curdi havent played new axe
00:01:15slc2 wtf pick
00:01:19Vangelis it got
00:01:21valiante milky mid
00:01:21Vangelis a lot of bufs
00:01:22Milky i picked these for invoker
00:01:23slc2 gg
00:01:24valiante juggernaut top
00:01:24atte bm mid
00:01:26Vangelis invo solo top and i go mi
00:01:26Daki.90.o what should i pick
00:01:27atte me top
00:01:33infect jugger pick is just lol :D
00:01:37Vangelis daki wait a bit
00:01:40Strom I took this, because I wanted a hero
00:01:43Daki.90.o k
00:01:43Strom that doesn't depend on mana
00:01:44Vangelis probably thd
00:01:48curdi or pugna
00:01:49valiante :D
00:01:51Strom atte will hit his leak all the time
00:01:53Strom I hate it so much
00:01:53Vangelis thd
00:01:54atte you should take pugna
00:01:55Vangelis safer pick
00:01:56atte bug
00:01:57valiante does he have a new spell?
00:01:57atte but
00:01:58valiante invoker?
00:01:59atte jakiro
00:02:00atte safer
00:02:00atte y
00:02:01Strom no
00:02:04valiante slardar juggernaut top
00:02:05Strom the mana leak shit
00:02:06Milky just get mass manaboots
00:02:07atte pugna all in choice
00:02:08Strom he will put that + tornado
00:02:08Milky and invoker np
00:02:12Vangelis yeah
00:02:18Vangelis but it is way too easy to fail pugna
00:02:21Vangelis especially lastpick
00:02:21curdi well we wont win lategame :D
00:02:30atte share
00:02:32atte veno bot
00:02:32Vangelis some don't even skill ward before lvl 10
00:02:39slc2 why so much carry?
00:02:40Daki.90.o me solo ?
00:02:43atte being too agressive with pugna
00:02:43Daki.90.o -hhn
00:02:44Daki.90.o -clear
00:02:46slc2 thd is not a bad hero???
00:02:49atte will
00:02:52atte get you 0 20
00:02:54Strom no
00:02:54atte sometimes
00:02:56atte been there
00:02:56Strom but it's boring
00:02:58atte give share
00:02:59infect cause strom wanted non-mana depended hero
00:03:03curdi gotta be careful that i wont get ganged too much :S
00:03:07atte -ma
00:03:23atte ne vaa tuhoo mua
00:03:28Milky hi
00:03:28curdi mby
00:03:28Milky =)
00:03:30Strom I won't farm much, I'll try to gang midgame
00:03:32atte hi
00:03:39atte SS
00:03:40atte SS
00:03:45atte jugg heree
00:03:50Vangelis slard
00:03:51Vangelis haste
00:03:52Vangelis top
00:05:03Milky ss mid
00:05:03Vangelis rune
00:05:04Vangelis bot
00:05:13Milky re mid
00:05:42Milky ss midd
00:05:45Milky inc bot
00:05:58Milky re
00:06:42atte vittu oon hyvä
00:06:46atte tuu tappaa
00:08:25Milky ss mid
00:08:26Milky care
00:08:35Milky er mid
00:08:55atte STUN
00:09:11Vangelis STORM RUNE TIOP
00:09:23Milky stun
00:09:44atte battlehunger
00:09:45atte antaa ms
00:09:49curdi vau
00:09:51atte aika op i heard
00:09:53Rotkiv naix needs to die
00:09:59infect k, I stun
00:10:03Milky :P
00:10:05atte battlehunger ja mun paska
00:10:06atte >DD
00:10:10atte vihu vaa stunnis
00:10:18Vangelis i come
00:10:20Vangelis gank naix
00:10:24curdi kelasin et otat meteorii
00:10:36curdi nii otin callii
00:10:43Milky ss mid
00:10:45atte jaa
00:10:50Milky jugger need the rune
00:10:50atte no ok
00:10:52Vangelis GO
00:10:57atte on meteor ja toi paska
00:10:58Strom I won't take it atm
00:11:02atte tapetaa
00:11:25atte oota
00:11:31atte omg
00:11:53atte oisit callannu
00:11:58atte oli rangel >E
00:11:59curdi paha stunneis
00:12:09atte veno
00:12:12atte just idle there
00:12:16Vangelis cd
00:12:35infect ss invo
00:12:37infect re
00:12:40Milky oh
00:12:42atte jugger 6
00:12:43atte b
00:12:43Milky he had ulti still
00:12:46atte omg
00:12:47Milky stupidddd
00:12:53atte mitä teet
00:12:55atte :DDDDDDDD
00:12:57curdi kiinnostus
00:13:00Milky ss mid still
00:13:02Milky in bottom
00:13:04curdi oon sit metäs
00:13:11atte öö
00:13:15atte en ymmärrä miks meet
00:13:15atte ku ei oo manaa
00:13:16atte oisit venannu'
00:13:26infect ma lähen healima
00:13:28Strom k
00:13:43Milky jug
00:14:07infect lähme otisme axe
00:14:13Milky selväd
00:14:21atte free jugger
00:14:22Milky b
00:14:36infect 4 top
00:14:37Milky cant hlp sry
00:14:40infect np
00:15:04infect ss top 4
00:15:07slc2 rune
00:15:09Milky got it
00:16:31atte ing
00:16:34atte NAIX
00:16:35atte IN PIG
00:16:42atte OMG
00:16:52atte OMG YOU WTF
00:16:56atte GO TO BASE
00:16:56valiante :D
00:16:58atte WITH PIG
00:17:01atte WTF HE DID*
00:17:02Vangelis i was
00:17:03Vangelis going
00:17:04valiante ^^
00:17:04atte DIDNT GO TO BASE
00:17:06Vangelis to anciencts
00:17:06atte WITH PIG
00:17:09atte yeah i see
00:17:10valiante :D:DD
00:17:34Milky omw top
00:18:00Daki.90.o invoker
00:18:03Daki.90.o what 2 build
00:18:08atte meka
00:18:11Daki.90.o k
00:18:12atte -ma
00:18:39atte no mana
00:19:05atte they taking top
00:19:08valiante gg
00:19:27atte naix can go in storm
00:19:57Milky rune
00:20:05Milky me pls
00:20:07infect if its reg
00:20:08infect nvm
00:20:09Milky y
00:20:11Milky =)
00:20:17valiante come
00:20:37infect deny
00:20:38infect me
00:21:01infect veno ulti was gay :(
00:21:03curdi tärkee axe
00:21:04Milky =/
00:21:07curdi saa mitää tehtyy
00:21:19atte battle hunger on niinku track
00:21:27curdi tiedän
00:21:28atte tjsp
00:21:36valiante ok
00:21:37slc2 def
00:21:37valiante all gather
00:21:37curdi mut otin callii ku kelasin et tarvitaa meteorin kaa
00:21:38valiante go mid
00:21:51atte b
00:21:51atte b
00:21:55Milky brb
00:21:56Milky oom
00:22:00Milky totally oom
00:22:15atte we dont want
00:22:18atte fight in there
00:22:20atte i am oom
00:22:38Milky y that veno ulti owns :P
00:23:25atte invis storm
00:23:29valiante omw
00:23:32Milky saw me
00:23:34atte hee
00:23:36Milky taking the rune
00:23:38Milky =(
00:23:41atte seurasiks ees
00:23:46valiante all gather guys
00:23:48slc2 lets go 5?
00:23:49Milky vähä
00:23:51Milky joo
00:23:52atte osuks emp
00:23:56Milky e
00:24:01atte et sit tarpeeks
00:24:04Milky =)
00:24:22infect teed seda uut itemit jah ?
00:24:28Strom ye
00:24:31Milky saw u
00:24:32Milky b
00:24:32Milky b
00:24:32Milky b
00:24:33Milky b
00:24:49infect tegin ns selle
00:24:54infect pole seda raha küll väärt
00:25:00valiante STROM
00:25:03valiante wtf is ur problem
00:25:05Milky 1 hp
00:25:07Milky invoker
00:25:08valiante why cant u just help
00:25:14valiante instead of playing ur own game
00:25:17Milky 1 hp
00:25:19Milky invoker
00:25:19Milky !!
00:25:19Strom I just came from base dude
00:25:20Milky told u
00:25:29valiante i havnet seen u in one battle
00:25:38Strom cool
00:25:39Daki.90.o voker
00:25:42Milky ooh
00:25:42valiante else i will loose this shit on purpose like u
00:25:42Daki.90.o next item
00:25:45Milky u talked to strom
00:25:45Strom check my score, and you see I don't only farm
00:25:48Milky not storm
00:25:51atte -ma
00:25:55valiante thats from your own lane
00:25:56atte save 2k
00:26:06curdi ghost sceptre would be a decent item
00:26:49atte b
00:27:03Milky brb
00:27:04Milky rune
00:27:11atte let tower
00:27:12atte go
00:27:20Vangelis oh well
00:27:21Vangelis ....
00:27:23Milky b
00:27:25Milky all oom
00:27:30atte we fight uphill
00:27:37atte dont loose anymore towers
00:27:37Vangelis well we have no hope vs late
00:27:49atte we have
00:27:51valiante IM GONNA PULL EM
00:27:58valiante omg
00:28:03valiante cnat time it now
00:28:11atte ok
00:28:12atte :DD
00:28:13atte looks
00:28:17atte lost
00:28:21atte but it is not
00:28:21valiante let me
00:28:28valiante slow first -.-
00:28:39atte b
00:29:12atte mana
00:29:16valiante slardar go farm dagger
00:29:31Daki.90.o lag
00:29:32Daki.90.o sry
00:29:43atte pugna and veno i count 2x manaboots there
00:29:47atte dont see any tho
00:29:49atte veno
00:29:51atte those healboots
00:30:00atte absolute crap
00:30:11atte well pugna needs hp
00:30:55Milky bait?
00:31:04Vangelis jugger
00:31:06Vangelis abyssal
00:31:07Milky b
00:31:15Milky so many miss
00:31:21curdi storm linken
00:31:26atte axe
00:31:33Strom got no ward
00:31:55Milky BOOM
00:31:55Milky ..
00:32:01Milky fucking fucking hell
00:32:02Milky shit
00:32:03Daki.90.o i have 2 k
00:32:05Daki.90.o what now
00:32:10atte CARE
00:32:10atte b
00:32:25infect dagger incoming from base
00:32:31Milky 20 sec dead
00:32:42infect who do I jump ?
00:32:49valiante pugna
00:33:23atte DIE
00:33:25atte :D
00:33:35infect so much fucking manaburn
00:33:37Daki.90.o what item invo
00:33:40Strom ye
00:33:43Milky thats why
00:33:44valiante :D
00:33:49Milky we need to go that me or u initiate
00:33:51atte -ma
00:33:52Vangelis hex
00:33:53Milky on invoker
00:33:55atte hmm
00:33:55Milky rest follow
00:33:56infect y
00:33:58atte y
00:34:00infect but was waiting dagger
00:34:01atte or bkb agha
00:34:01infect to come
00:34:04atte but so much needed
00:34:07Milky and now u fought without me
00:34:10Vangelis they got abyssal
00:34:11Vangelis vs bkb
00:34:13Vangelis stuff
00:34:16infect and strom go get that pugna ward
00:34:20infect he places it to shit places
00:34:22infect anyways
00:34:51atte i feel like ineed to make manaboots
00:35:17Milky got dd
00:35:26Strom don't get stuck in torando with it
00:35:38Milky i try to initiate on invoker
00:35:41Milky slardar follow
00:35:43infect mana
00:35:49infect hv none
00:35:49atte ¨turtle like we had lategame
00:35:50slc2 get ward out
00:36:31atte storm oom
00:36:33Milky zz
00:36:35valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:39atte hehe
00:36:40atte see?
00:36:41slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:46Milky why were not farming?
00:36:50Milky whats the rushing in pushing
00:36:52Strom yeah not sure
00:36:55Strom lets turtle
00:36:57Milky and whats the POINT in ffing?
00:36:57Vangelis you know you are ffing when you have jugger, storm, naix, slardar : D
00:37:06Milky so so stupid
00:37:07valiante its boring game
00:37:08Milky "ff"
00:37:09Strom not ffing
00:37:10Milky :D
00:37:13infect and we will win anyways?
00:37:15Daki.90.o ffing
00:37:21valiante we had momentum to win 20 min ago
00:37:28Milky so `?
00:37:29atte bullshit
00:37:31Milky no farm
00:37:33Milky and ward
00:37:38valiante all towers down in 16th min
00:37:49atte and uphill fight inc
00:37:51Vangelis DONT
00:37:51Vangelis make
00:37:57Vangelis pipe
00:37:57Vangelis omg
00:38:03slc2 come for mana
00:38:03Rotkiv k
00:38:12Vangelis they have only physical dmg
00:38:40atte ult
00:38:44valiante we go rosh?
00:38:47Milky cant
00:38:49infect tee vladi
00:38:50Milky need kills first
00:38:50valiante got lvl 1 ward?
00:38:50infect strom
00:38:51Milky and wards
00:38:54Strom no ward
00:38:54atte they all
00:38:55atte go base
00:39:00atte same
00:39:02atte turtle
00:39:03Milky farm
00:39:05Milky ffs
00:39:09Milky and rthasta
00:39:10Milky buy wards
00:39:13curdi try to insta rhasta
00:39:19atte now smokegamg mb
00:39:25Milky look they cant do shit
00:39:51atte -ms
00:40:06Vangelis pugna
00:40:08Vangelis veno
00:40:09Vangelis :D ???
00:40:09Milky smokel ? O.o
00:40:11Milky =(
00:40:19Vangelis take
00:40:20atte take it
00:40:20Vangelis it
00:40:24valiante PUSH
00:40:24atte i def
00:40:25curdi def top?
00:40:25atte top
00:40:45atte ;))))
00:40:53Vangelis axe
00:40:54Vangelis take
00:40:59atte y
00:41:09curdi should i do agha
00:41:11infect they smoked ?
00:41:12Vangelis 6s
00:41:13Vangelis cd
00:41:13Vangelis :D
00:41:16curdi ye
00:41:16atte no
00:41:23atte -ma
00:41:24curdi or just heart
00:41:32atte ac
00:41:32Milky slc wards
00:41:38curdi hm
00:41:45atte smoke
00:41:48curdi got bmail so could use hot
00:41:55Vangelis all come
00:41:55atte mjollniri jollekki
00:41:55atte ja suhu charge
00:41:55atte = )
00:41:55curdi mm
00:42:00atte come
00:42:03atte pydgna
00:42:06curdi eio oikee ketää mjollnirii
00:42:13Milky zz
00:42:21Milky go smoke?
00:42:26Strom sure
00:42:27valiante ye
00:42:33atte ward
00:42:38atte try
00:42:52Milky zzz
00:42:55infect smoke first
00:42:56Milky ima support milky
00:42:57infect they got bird
00:43:03Vangelis they smoke
00:43:03Vangelis ?
00:43:15Milky invoker!!
00:43:16atte b
00:43:26atte omg
00:43:41Daki.90.o sorry
00:43:42Daki.90.o have
00:43:42atte 1 did already tp
00:43:47atte lost aegis
00:43:48infect mid?
00:43:50Daki.90.o imba lag
00:44:04Milky oom
00:44:05Milky totally
00:44:12Milky zzz
00:44:13Milky wtf
00:44:15Milky u guys doing
00:44:17valiante ok
00:44:21valiante no matter then
00:44:23infect valiante, wtf was that?
00:44:24Milky mikä mun jengil on :D
00:44:26valiante thought u could pull him
00:44:28Milky Hyvää divee
00:44:34Milky i didnt
00:44:35Milky so b?
00:44:37Milky why go
00:44:38Strom so stupid dive
00:44:56infect and milky, where's ur tp ?
00:45:02Strom please, lets not dive like that again
00:45:05Vangelis got
00:45:07Vangelis 1 more smoke
00:45:08Strom and just kill them outside of base
00:45:10curdi 2k for ac
00:45:25Strom especially good if we fight near river
00:45:28Strom because of my ulti
00:46:06slc2 how can u forcestaff when i shackle????
00:46:33atte :))
00:46:38atte big invoker
00:46:38Milky =(
00:46:46Milky oot aika hoikka viel tälle
00:46:50Vangelis wait
00:46:51Vangelis for my
00:46:52Vangelis cooldowns
00:46:53atte lead team to suicide
00:46:55atte wait me also
00:46:56Vangelis 15s
00:46:57Vangelis on necro
00:47:12Vangelis go
00:47:14Milky tower and b
00:47:15Milky pls
00:47:18Milky dont get greedy
00:47:25Milky 1 hit!!! :d
00:48:01atte AHAHA
00:48:07atte was in a skilling screen
00:48:08infect so much slow :S
00:48:12atte so couldng tornado
00:48:17valiante ^^
00:48:30atte rhasta coming rhasta coming
00:48:32atte :DDD
00:48:33atte no work
00:48:50curdi got ac
00:48:55Vangelis go smoke
00:48:57Vangelis pray
00:48:59Vangelis for entry
00:49:07curdi some1 buy me a tp
00:49:11curdi pls
00:49:21curdi tak
00:50:14valiante the timing
00:50:16valiante i just arrived
00:50:18valiante and boom 5
00:50:30Rotkiv invo?
00:50:34Strom no invoker mid
00:50:39atte was low hp oom
00:50:44Milky b
00:50:45Milky leave it
00:50:59atte -ms
00:51:17valiante no ulti?
00:51:25infect fucking valiante
00:51:26infect lost the game
00:51:31valiante oh no
00:51:33valiante we had the game
00:51:35valiante at 18
00:51:41Milky whatever
00:51:42Milky !!
00:51:45curdi 4 re
00:52:11curdi why dont u kill 400hp naix
00:52:18infect go mid
00:52:21infect we got 70 secs
00:52:21valiante EDGH
00:52:24atte sure boss
00:52:25valiante ^I JUST TOOK OFF ARMELE
00:52:27atte :DD
00:52:27valiante OMFG
00:52:28valiante THE TIMING
00:52:29atte sad thing
00:52:29valiante AGAIN
00:52:31Daki.90.o sunstrike ?
00:52:36atte y
00:52:39Strom I'll go rosh
00:52:39Daki.90.o sweet :D
00:52:40infect s
00:52:43infect tulen
00:52:44infect ultiga
00:52:49infect lase oma spell talle peale
00:52:51infect saan ultida
00:52:56atte rosh upå
00:52:59Vangelis y
00:53:00Vangelis take it
00:53:02infect pane spell
00:53:03Milky go mid
00:53:04Milky lsat chanse
00:53:07Strom panin
00:53:07atte yeah i go take it with veno
00:53:14slc2 we have lost dude
00:53:19curdi :D
00:53:37slc2 if all went together befor 25 we would have wo
00:53:41Vangelis go
00:53:43valiante why not spin tp
00:53:50atte ASDA
00:53:51valiante or that
00:53:56infect gg
00:53:56infect strom
00:53:56Vangelis DOEs
00:53:57infect :D:D
00:54:01infect storm *
00:54:17infect tp
00:54:24Milky boom
00:54:25Milky b
00:54:30Daki.90.o fuckin laggggggggggggggggggggggg
00:54:34Vangelis b
00:54:35atte b
00:54:37Milky go ?
00:54:38Milky 5v4
00:54:40Milky our chanse
00:54:44Milky focus invoker down
00:54:45Milky !!
00:54:53valiante slardar
00:54:55valiante stay background
00:54:56Milky we got aegis and 4v5
00:54:57valiante when u jump
00:54:57Strom slardar aka taxi
00:54:59valiante i come out
00:54:59Vangelis cant
00:55:00Vangelis afford
00:55:00curdi focus naix now
00:55:02Vangelis to lose this
00:55:04Milky y dont all get to axe
00:55:09Vangelis GO REGEN
00:55:09Vangelis invo
00:55:09curdi jugger got aegis
00:55:37atte good bait this noob invoker
00:55:43Milky VITTU PASKA PELI :D
00:55:45Milky Vituttaa
00:55:47atte :DDD
00:55:51valiante OPSL
00:55:52Milky en osaa carryy
00:55:57atte naix tulee delaa uusiks
00:56:00Milky ja sit nää itkee
00:56:01atte bad of me
00:56:05Milky meni toppii
00:56:17atte almost flawless of you too
00:56:21Milky sit sanoin et jos vaa turtlee ni tää peli on helposti takataskus
00:56:26Vangelis ?
00:56:30atte that fight
00:56:45Milky "OMG"
00:56:58Strom care bot
00:57:05Rotkiv go
00:57:20atte bad idea
00:57:41Milky MY TEAM
00:57:47Milky AAAAAAAAAAA
00:57:48Milky :DFDD
00:57:56Milky naix with gold medal
00:58:04Milky strom pls move valiante to gold only
00:58:09atte b
00:58:33Vangelis go smoke
00:58:45Vangelis plz no solo now
00:58:45atte omg
00:58:45infect really `?
00:58:55Vangelis all
00:58:55atte i think
00:58:56Vangelis gather
00:58:57atte 2 trees
00:58:57Vangelis for smoke
00:59:00atte fell into this house
00:59:02atte during this game
00:59:03atte :DD
00:59:11Strom 5 mis
00:59:12Strom smoke inc
00:59:13Milky storm?
00:59:13Vangelis invo
00:59:17atte yyyyyyy
00:59:21Strom 5 mis
00:59:23Strom smoke gang inc
00:59:32Vangelis omg
00:59:32Vangelis smoke
00:59:32Vangelis at base
00:59:32Vangelis epic
00:59:32Vangelis push bot
00:59:32Vangelis p
00:59:32Vangelis push bot
00:59:32Vangelis now
00:59:32atte rosh up?
00:59:32Vangelis i bring
00:59:34atte famr that lan
00:59:35Vangelis smoek with cick
00:59:41atte and bring smoke
00:59:50atte come
00:59:54infect :D
00:59:54atte pugna ffs
00:59:54Rotkiv you lag
00:59:57Strom Daki, you're lagging
01:00:00slc2 fuck this game is borign
01:00:00Daki.90.o sorry
01:00:01infect :D
01:00:03Daki.90.o i know sorry
01:00:06atte NAIX
01:00:07atte NAIX
01:00:08atte NAIX
01:00:10atte kill
01:00:10Milky ward
01:00:11Vangelis i jump naix
01:00:13Milky woul be more fun
01:00:16atte he there
01:00:16Milky zz
01:00:16slc2 zz
01:00:16atte they all go mid
01:00:16infect i go search one nub
01:00:17atte naix farm there
01:00:18atte go naix
01:00:22infect :DD:
01:00:30atte HI
01:00:34Strom we can fight
01:00:34curdi FU
01:00:36valiante BACK
01:00:36Strom come
01:00:37valiante i can rebuy
01:00:38curdi fucking retard lagger
01:00:43atte i dead
01:01:02Milky well its our own fault
01:01:03Milky no pipe
01:01:05atte PUGNA
01:01:07atte YOU GOT HEX
01:01:11Milky i guess no janggo
01:01:13atte i try to hex for you but
01:01:17Daki.90.o and 10 sec delay y
01:01:19Milky no wards
01:01:21Milky shitty support
01:01:23Milky =)
01:01:34Milky if i support i go full all wards upg janggo anything
01:01:49atte ultaa se
01:01:50atte axe
01:01:55curdi ei oo manaa
01:01:56curdi saatana
01:01:57Milky then i get slc2 making meka and complaining that its boring game after warding one time
01:02:08Strom kill meat wagons
01:02:09atte so you did
01:02:16Vangelis pugna
01:02:17Vangelis this
01:02:24atte WHY OH WHY I SHOOT HIM
01:02:28atte and not naix
01:02:51infect -rickroll
01:02:52atte instataa
01:02:53Vangelis hmmm
01:02:54infect -rickroll
01:02:55Vangelis do i get
01:02:56Vangelis agha
01:02:57Vangelis ?
01:02:57infect -rickroll
01:02:58Rotkiv we need to get rosh now .. with cheese
01:02:59infect -rickroll
01:03:00Vangelis i have
01:03:00Vangelis 4k
01:03:05infect that's the stuff
01:03:23Milky i hope my ff is the missing on
01:03:25Milky one
01:03:26Milky I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:06Vangelis go
01:04:06Vangelis all
01:04:06atte annoying
01:04:06curdi sec
01:04:07curdi dagger
01:04:07infect i ru
01:04:09valiante omw
01:04:09valiante we go them
01:04:09infect y
01:04:11valiante and
01:04:18Daki.90.o i am sorry
01:04:27Milky good plan
01:04:43Milky (y)
01:04:46slc2 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:48Strom not good
01:04:52infect -rickroll
01:04:59Vangelis pugna
01:05:00Vangelis go def top
01:05:04Daki.90.o k
01:05:22atte take my tp bro = )
01:05:27curdi oom and low hp
01:05:42Milky cant even get out
01:05:47infect i can
01:05:48infect :D
01:05:50Milky xD
01:05:52valiante I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:52atte gg
01:05:52Rotkiv GG
01:05:52Milky just gg
01:05:52curdi nice
01:05:52Milky I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:52Vangelis wp sent
01:05:52Vangelis you lost this
01:05:52Vangelis game
01:05:54curdi 62 mins with thse heroes
01:05:58curdi top
01:05:58Vangelis 62 min
01:05:58curdi 4 dead
01:05:59Daki.90.o sorry
01:06:00Vangelis loss 4 carry
01:06:01Daki.90.o cant do shit
01:06:02Vangelis vs 1 carry
01:06:07valiante HR
01:06:07valiante RFyh
01:06:11valiante I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:16Vangelis tp away
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