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97% | 1709 X | 1585 TS

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44% | 1120 X | 1306 TS

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43% | 1064 X | 1356 TS

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38% | 1107 X | 1279 TS

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Chat log

00:00:11Timu mr fun[]7h
00:00:15KolleBolle lold pudge is rly ugly haha
00:00:19WANKmaster can any1 play ud ?
00:00:19WANKmaster niggas
00:00:19fUNCh need uued herod vms ?
00:00:19WANKmaster some1
00:00:19WANKmaster can
00:00:19Galgar hmm
00:00:19WANKmaster ?
00:00:19WANKmaster imba as
00:00:19WANKmaster shit
00:00:19WANKmaster ud
00:00:20Galgar not good enough i guess
00:00:21Smokeer urslef?
00:00:23Smokeer urself
00:00:23Timu asd
00:00:23fUNCh banni homo
00:00:23Timu ma tahaks toda uut mängida
00:00:23WANKmaster -ud
00:00:23fUNCh ma mängin
00:00:23fUNCh -tinker
00:00:23Returning_Ronin =[
00:00:23Astrocreep gl
00:00:23KolleBolle UD TINKER BANNED
00:00:23KolleBolle GOGO
00:00:23KolleBolle GOGO
00:00:49Smokeer i go pudge
00:00:55WANKmaster any1 wants alche ?
00:00:57JasonStatham swap capt
00:01:00JasonStatham some1
00:01:03Returning_Ronin care to sum up the hero a bit quick?
00:01:04Astrocreep n
00:01:06WANKmaster smokeer pudge
00:01:08WANKmaster imba!
00:01:12KolleBolle Get supports
00:01:12WANKmaster any1
00:01:13WANKmaster wants
00:01:16WANKmaster swap ?
00:01:17KolleBolle supports = Win
00:01:22Galgar if you want viper
00:01:24WANKmaster astro
00:01:36WANKmaster lets swap man
00:01:39fUNCh ma top
00:01:40fUNCh potm mid
00:01:42fUNCh axe forest
00:01:52WANKmaster ok
00:02:09Returning_Ronin gg gl hf
00:02:09Astrocreep u want my hero?
00:02:20WANKmaster naah
00:02:31Timu share
00:02:34Returning_Ronin = )
00:02:37WANKmaster gtfo
00:02:38WANKmaster mid
00:02:39WANKmaster nigger
00:02:57Smokeer nigger
00:03:05Returning_Ronin rune top
00:03:10KolleBolle if you fail mid let us know asap
00:03:17KolleBolle so we can gank as much as possible
00:03:30JasonStatham pls 15 sek
00:03:32fUNCh wtf
00:03:34Timu no pauses allowed
00:03:35Galgar wait
00:03:35Returning_Ronin show some manners
00:03:36Returning_Ronin x-x
00:03:39JasonStatham blue need pause
00:05:27Pufff-Reis you ok sky?
00:05:44Pufff-Reis ?
00:05:44fUNCh failing lasthits but
00:05:46fUNCh not so bad :D
00:05:55Pufff-Reis try
00:05:57Smokeer hotkey bug
00:05:57Smokeer gg
00:06:00Returning_Ronin gondar no more heal
00:06:08Smokeer god
00:06:24Timu flyinh
00:06:31fUNCh :D:D::D
00:06:35Pufff-Reis mega luckers
00:06:40Astrocreep fuck off noob
00:06:55Smokeer god
00:07:18Smokeer repel hotkey shit
00:07:19Returning_Ronin pudge miss
00:07:25Astrocreep y
00:07:26Returning_Ronin re
00:07:27Astrocreep repel is shite
00:07:36fUNCh top illu
00:07:54Smokeer godnart be rdy
00:07:56Smokeer ill hook
00:07:58JasonStatham sek
00:07:59JasonStatham il heal
00:08:06fUNCh oom
00:08:06WANKmaster ss
00:08:07WANKmaster mid
00:08:16Galgar ye
00:08:19Galgar no shit :D
00:08:30Returning_Ronin bountny missing
00:08:32Returning_Ronin re
00:08:58Returning_Ronin use mana when you can = )
00:09:02fUNCh lvl1 ult 350 mana :D
00:09:19Timu omw top
00:09:23fUNCh oom
00:09:27Returning_Ronin zzz
00:09:40Pufff-Reis omw
00:10:14fUNCh gogo
00:10:15Timu ss nud
00:10:17Timu mid
00:10:18Timu b bot
00:10:29Timu re
00:10:49Astrocreep mid ganked anyone yet?
00:11:25WANKmaster dont
00:11:26WANKmaster come
00:11:27WANKmaster its pointless
00:11:30Timu ss mid
00:11:43Timu re
00:13:09Smokeer ill hook
00:13:41Timu alche going top has rune
00:13:48Timu my rune
00:13:55Returning_Ronin no he had
00:13:58Timu y
00:13:58Returning_Ronin kill him insdtead
00:13:59Returning_Ronin lol
00:14:06Returning_Ronin he saw
00:14:06Returning_Ronin cause
00:14:07Returning_Ronin ward top
00:14:49Returning_Ronin ?
00:14:54Returning_Ronin now you oom
00:15:02Timu need gank alche
00:15:08Astrocreep ss
00:15:09Astrocreep ss
00:15:09Returning_Ronin need 3 for gank
00:15:13Timu -ms
00:15:35Returning_Ronin BOUNTY GOES TOP
00:16:10fUNCh wait me too
00:16:11fUNCh or
00:16:18fUNCh rhaste
00:16:44Returning_Ronin gj on the bounty
00:17:24Timu aba
00:17:26Timu do smthing
00:17:27Galgar rhasta go for the tower1
00:17:32Returning_Ronin dude
00:17:33Returning_Ronin look
00:17:34Returning_Ronin map
00:17:38Timu no
00:17:40Timu u look map
00:17:42Timu and be in the game
00:17:44Timu could havek illed him
00:17:44Returning_Ronin I am
00:17:49WANKmaster let me
00:17:49Returning_Ronin BUT I WASNT THERE
00:17:50WANKmaster farm
00:17:50WANKmaster bot
00:17:54Returning_Ronin I waited for you
00:17:54Timu then be there
00:17:58Smokeer ill ulit
00:17:58Returning_Ronin but you too slow
00:18:00Returning_Ronin so I go do something
00:18:03Returning_Ronin else than just wait
00:18:08Smokeer omg
00:18:58Timu god damn it
00:18:59Smokeer gondar
00:19:00Smokeer noob?
00:19:00Astrocreep noob
00:19:01Timu lol
00:19:03JasonStatham y
00:19:03Timu gj
00:19:27Timu spännnu esimest skilli
00:19:30Timu spämmi
00:19:41fUNCh lulz
00:19:43fUNCh 2sec cd
00:19:44fUNCh ei näinudki
00:20:17Returning_Ronin goooo
00:20:18Returning_Ronin ???
00:20:22Returning_Ronin why b = (
00:20:23Timu cant they have wards
00:20:28Galgar hoOOK
00:20:28Returning_Ronin no
00:20:32Returning_Ronin not atm
00:20:46Returning_Ronin you blind?
00:20:48Returning_Ronin shit
00:21:29Returning_Ronin can tp
00:21:57Timu n1 axe
00:22:01Pufff-Reis ty
00:22:17Timu alche still farming
00:22:23Timu soon relic
00:22:30Timu if not already
00:22:50Returning_Ronin push it?-
00:23:20Pufff-Reis -ms
00:23:24Galgar nh use track
00:23:27Galgar bh*
00:23:43Pufff-Reis why i have i hut?
00:23:45Returning_Ronin now tower
00:24:41Galgar get wards too
00:25:01Returning_Ronin radi
00:25:30Smokeer no wards cool i knew
00:25:38Galgar track
00:25:39Galgar bh
00:25:40Galgar plz
00:25:42Galgar be useful
00:25:44Smokeer bh random traxk all time
00:25:45JasonStatham kk
00:25:51Smokeer ur ulit fast cd
00:25:58Timu ward there pl
00:26:00Timu s
00:26:15fUNCh lvl2 ult 675 mana
00:26:18fUNCh 575
00:26:20Timu idd
00:28:09Smokeer traxk spam
00:28:10fUNCh potm ult and go ?
00:28:11Smokeer pls
00:28:19Timu y wait
00:28:23Galgar why you in invis like 24 / 7
00:28:24Galgar spam track
00:28:27Timu s&y
00:29:02Smokeer -bountry
00:29:06Smokeer -bounty
00:29:08WANKmaster seriously
00:29:13WANKmaster fuck this abba
00:29:23fUNCh mul oli bh ulti peal :D
00:29:25WANKmaster veab teil et selline abba on
00:29:25fUNCh suht obv
00:29:27JasonStatham lol?:D
00:29:35Timu :D
00:29:42JasonStatham balance
00:29:42Pufff-Reis funch?
00:29:42fUNCh anyone wants to go himself ?
00:29:42Returning_Ronin well best is probably abbadon to leave
00:29:42KolleBolle Hmm Hmm abba imo! :/
00:29:42Returning_Ronin tho
00:29:42Timu y
00:29:42Returning_Ronin as long as
00:29:42Returning_Ronin someone
00:29:42Returning_Ronin can take
00:29:42Returning_Ronin on
00:29:42Returning_Ronin and do
00:29:42Returning_Ronin some freaking support
00:29:42JasonStatham ??
00:29:42Returning_Ronin then I can leave
00:29:42WANKmaster no?
00:29:42JasonStatham capt say who balance
00:29:42Returning_Ronin else its disaster
00:29:42Returning_Ronin if no one supports properly
00:29:42Timu krobe või abba dunno
00:29:42Timu ur call
00:29:42Returning_Ronin or mabye potm
00:29:42Returning_Ronin ~~
00:29:42Smokeer zzzz
00:29:42JasonStatham ..........
00:29:42Returning_Ronin proablty needed tho
00:29:42Returning_Ronin late
00:29:42WANKmaster timu
00:29:42fUNCh lähen ise parem minema :D
00:29:42WANKmaster mis teed nüüd?
00:29:42fUNCh gl
00:29:42Timu :D
00:29:42Returning_Ronin so kolle
00:29:42Returning_Ronin oke
00:29:43WANKmaster aa funch
00:29:49Timu ok
00:29:50Timu im cap nowe
00:29:55Smokeer alcj
00:29:55Timu ill take his items
00:29:57Smokeer give me vang
00:29:57Smokeer ?
00:30:01Returning_Ronin lol
00:30:04Timu ^^
00:30:09Returning_Ronin well guies you need items
00:30:11Returning_Ronin to do something
00:30:11WANKmaster well
00:30:12Returning_Ronin =)
00:30:15Smokeer wtf?
00:30:19Smokeer gondar take va ng
00:30:36Smokeer dont care
00:30:40Smokeer I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:30:50Smokeer no let me mid
00:30:51Returning_Ronin you'll need armor kolle
00:30:52Smokeer + emo
00:30:55WANKmaster ofc
00:30:56WANKmaster i wont
00:30:56WANKmaster let
00:30:57WANKmaster you mid
00:30:58WANKmaster lol
00:31:06Returning_Ronin slice slice and dice = )
00:31:13Timu come gang
00:31:23Returning_Ronin hes b
00:31:27Returning_Ronin prob
00:32:03Smokeer -st
00:32:06Smokeer ,3
00:32:18Astrocreep gg
00:32:31Returning_Ronin double yasha? =O
00:32:42KolleBolle for manta ;(
00:33:27Timu gather and go
00:33:29Timu rhasta no ulti
00:33:32Timu they are getting stronger
00:33:44Returning_Ronin mm
00:33:47Returning_Ronin only alchce strong atm
00:33:52Timu well they have late
00:33:55Returning_Ronin yeah
00:33:59Returning_Ronin so get some damage done
00:34:00Pufff-Reis fast
00:34:03JasonStatham gank?
00:34:07Smokeer nah
00:34:09Smokeer its lacgh
00:35:33WANKmaster no okei
00:35:33Smokeer n1 alch
00:35:40WANKmaster y
00:35:42WANKmaster nice smokeer
00:35:43WANKmaster u are
00:35:44WANKmaster so
00:35:45Smokeer i bet he thinks he only hs than others
00:35:45WANKmaster good player
00:35:51Pufff-Reis axe > alch
00:35:53Smokeer but u are unmanners
00:35:58WANKmaster no
00:36:06WANKmaster you > our team
00:36:10WANKmaster and specially pudge
00:36:13WANKmaster da progaming
00:36:23Timu progame 4l
00:36:25Smokeer i waiting
00:36:29Smokeer me pudge vs u alch
00:36:31Smokeer mid
00:36:33Smokeer someday
00:36:34Smokeer i hope
00:36:36Smokeer we will
00:36:36WANKmaster HAHAHAHA :D:D:D:D:
00:36:40KolleBolle got heart
00:36:42KolleBolle push
00:36:42WANKmaster there is no way
00:36:43KolleBolle again?
00:36:43WANKmaster u will win
00:36:44WANKmaster me
00:36:45WANKmaster mid
00:36:45Timu y
00:36:50Smokeer u will see
00:36:50WANKmaster sry bro
00:36:53WANKmaster ur just too noob
00:36:55WANKmaster for that
00:37:05Smokeer ^^
00:37:07Timu all
00:37:13Timu wait axe
00:37:31Smokeer u seen many i played shit support ofc
00:37:32Smokeer ^^
00:37:38Smokeer i never seen u play urself support
00:37:45WANKmaster cuz u play
00:37:47WANKmaster bronze
00:37:49WANKmaster thats why
00:37:51Smokeer support hard than carry
00:38:01WANKmaster no
00:38:02WANKmaster its not
00:38:05WANKmaster i u know
00:38:07WANKmaster how to play
00:38:08WANKmaster dota
00:38:11Timu ulti
00:39:21WANKmaster nice
00:39:22WANKmaster pudge
00:39:24Smokeer nice
00:39:25WANKmaster i got there ! :D
00:39:26Smokeer yesh
00:39:28Smokeer hotkey
00:39:32Smokeer blame
00:39:35Timu rax
00:39:37Timu ok
00:39:38Timu b
00:39:39WANKmaster y
00:39:40WANKmaster hotkey
00:39:41WANKmaster blame
00:39:41WANKmaster sure
00:39:46Smokeer im not joke
00:40:20Smokeer -st
00:40:29Pufff-Reis krobe perma afk=?
00:40:41Smokeer #track potm
00:41:05Timu care
00:41:10Timu go again
00:41:12Timu we can't wait around
00:41:37Timu gather mid then
00:41:39Returning_Ronin some of the craziest builds ive seen in a long time
00:41:41Returning_Ronin ~~ = )
00:41:49Pufff-Reis ?
00:41:57Returning_Ronin with like bf mom axe
00:42:01Returning_Ronin and double yasha =)
00:42:04Timu lol
00:43:07Timu no rhasta ulti
00:43:27WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:44:05JasonStatham i surrender!
00:44:05Smokeer nice
00:44:21Timu botm after these rax
00:44:22WANKmaster u cant get it
00:44:26Returning_Ronin then bot
00:44:27Smokeer i use mouse
00:44:31Smokeer hotkey deosnt work
00:44:34WANKmaster that there is now way we can win if u play pudge?
00:44:54Timu mana
00:45:12Smokeer I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:15Astrocreep I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:17Astrocreep I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:19JasonStatham i surrender
00:45:21JasonStatham I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:23Returning_Ronin g
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