Game #3036912

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-31 X
-1 TS

97% | 1703 X | 1617 TS

-45 X
-1 TS

89% | 1579 X | 1406 TS

-28 X
-2 TS

74% | 1336 X | 1394 TS

+9 X
-2 TS

63% | 1248 X | 1366 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

58% | 1208 X | 1367 TS

+29 X
+2 TS

88% | 1555 X | 1497 TS

+23 X
+3 TS

91% | 1581 X | 1449 TS

+1 X
+2 TS

84% | 1422 X | 1481 TS

+48 X
+7 TS

76% | 1428 X | 1354 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

54% | 1228 X | 1308 TS

Chat log

00:00:04pWny- silver or bronze ?
00:00:08c-yanker silv
00:00:10pWny- k
00:00:11slc2 me aa
00:00:14Vangelis no
00:00:15Vangelis i want
00:00:15Strom kind of shit pool
00:00:15Vangelis aa
00:00:16Smokeer same team
00:00:17Smokeer huh
00:00:19Vangelis plz i want aa
00:00:19infect same yeah :d
00:00:19slc2 i want aa
00:00:19slc2 berner i want aa
00:00:19Vangelis i want aa most
00:00:19infect pwny exchagnged que2stress
00:00:19pWny- xD
00:00:19Smokeer slc2
00:00:19pWny- AA will be banned anyway
00:00:19atte lol
00:00:19Strom pit lord is a good pick here
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove i ban void
00:00:19Strom if someone is willing to play him
00:00:19Smokeer y aa+pit
00:00:19Smokeer just
00:00:19Strom not me, I hate pit
00:00:19Smokeer pick
00:00:19pWny- he bans AA or wisp u will see
00:00:19Vangelis i want
00:00:19Vangelis aa
00:00:19infect i ahet pit
00:00:19creeeeeee same here
00:00:19atte want it ?
00:00:19Smokeer i can pit
00:00:19creeeeeee hate it :D
00:00:19infect i ahte
00:00:19slc2 i want aa
00:00:19infect hate**
00:00:19slc2 vangelis u should play pit
00:00:19atte ok brother
00:00:19atte aa
00:00:19Vangelis ATTE
00:00:20pWny- see ^^
00:00:20Vangelis WHY
00:00:21Vangelis why
00:00:23Vangelis whyyy
00:00:26Smokeer sorry u
00:00:30atte i knew i couldnt get it
00:00:32atte MB ?
00:00:36Smokeer pit
00:00:37Smokeer me
00:00:42pWny- they got pit
00:00:44slc2 me lion
00:00:44pWny- lets go for lategame
00:00:45creeeeeee i think morph would work in this game as carry
00:00:58atte i think morph sucks everygame as carry
00:01:01Strom :d
00:01:09atte unless it is played by burning
00:01:12TakinBackMyLove -swap 2
00:01:13pWny- they go PL now
00:01:14pWny- ;(
00:01:14c-yanker -swap 1
00:01:18creeeeeee range
00:01:20atte with 500cs and 100neutrals 45min
00:01:21Vangelis slardar
00:01:21Smokeer say
00:01:21Strom I have 100% win ratio with morph .. but it's weak hero imo
00:01:22Vangelis get slard
00:01:23Smokeer atte
00:01:24Smokeer atte
00:01:25atte bone
00:01:25atte bone
00:01:26creeeeeee bone
00:01:27creeeeeee yea
00:01:29atte -swap 4
00:01:30Smokeer -swap 1
00:01:33Smokeer ok
00:01:34Vangelis y slard
00:01:34Smokeer we lost
00:01:35Vangelis vs clinkz
00:01:36Smokeer for sure
00:01:38Strom no we didn't
00:01:40Vangelis slardar
00:01:44infect bone is nice
00:01:46infect with bara
00:01:47Smokeer i go max firerain
00:01:49slc2 -swap 2
00:01:50TakinBackMyLove -swap 5
00:01:53slc2 -swap 1
00:01:54infect what to pick
00:01:56c-yanker dwarfen mid
00:01:58atte well lion was taken
00:01:58creeeeeee there was slard? lul
00:02:00c-yanker or viper
00:02:00Strom zeus
00:02:00TakinBackMyLove viper
00:02:01TakinBackMyLove mid
00:02:01Strom clock
00:02:05Strom nothing much other left
00:02:08Smokeer range just
00:02:10TakinBackMyLove sniper
00:02:11TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:13Vangelis no
00:02:15c-yanker come boty
00:02:15creeeeeee :D
00:02:15Vangelis sniper can mid
00:02:16c-yanker dwarfen
00:02:20Vangelis no let him mid
00:02:21Smokeer lane
00:02:22Smokeer say
00:02:22pWny- k
00:02:23Smokeer fast
00:02:30creeeeeee our only range top
00:02:30pWny- -ma
00:02:31pWny- -ii
00:02:32pWny- -don
00:02:32atte top
00:02:32pWny- -di
00:02:34pWny- -hhn
00:02:35pWny- -ma
00:02:40creeeeeee :D
00:02:46pWny- plz say miss
00:02:46atte fuck this
00:02:50Vangelis miss 2
00:02:57pWny- "miss"
00:02:59pWny- not miss 2 ^^
00:03:02Vangelis miss
00:03:03pWny- k
00:03:07Strom so I go top?
00:03:09Strom ok
00:03:10Vangelis CARE STILL MISS
00:03:10infect sniper mid
00:03:10atte share
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:13pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:14pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:15pWny- MISS MID
00:03:17c-yanker fuck off
00:03:17pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:17pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:18pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:18pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:18pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:18slc2 stop
00:03:18pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:18pWny- RE
00:03:19pWny- RE
00:03:19pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:19pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:19pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:19pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:19pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:19pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:19pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:19pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:19pWny- RE
00:03:20pWny- MISS MID
00:03:20pWny- MISS MID
00:03:20pWny- MISS BOT
00:03:20pWny- MISS MID
00:03:20Vangelis OMG ALL BACK
00:03:20pWny- MISS MID
00:03:20pWny- MISS MID
00:03:21pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:21pWny- RE
00:03:21pWny- MISS TOP
00:03:23Vangelis MISS ALL
00:03:24Vangelis OMG
00:03:25pWny- ^^
00:03:26Vangelis CARE THEY GNAK
00:03:28Strom I'm gonna try to start ganging early
00:03:30Vangelis re mid
00:03:31creeeeeee what spell u got pit
00:03:33pWny- RE
00:03:33pWny- RE
00:03:33pWny- RE
00:03:33pWny- RE
00:03:33pWny- RE
00:03:35Vangelis re bot
00:03:39Smokeer what u want?
00:03:42Smokeer i didnt choose yuet
00:03:43creeeeeee nvm
00:03:57infect quelling bara
00:03:59infect looolz
00:04:08Strom it is destined
00:04:33infect lion slar
00:04:34infect ololol
00:04:51Strom yeah but they'll probably pull
00:04:52Strom not attack
00:04:53c-yanker lemme farm
00:04:53Vangelis FIRESTOR M PIT CARE
00:04:54c-yanker for boots
00:05:24Smokeer no pull why
00:05:43Strom rofl
00:05:46pWny- bone = noob
00:05:49pWny- -.-
00:05:50Strom I watched that action :d
00:05:54atte 10lasthits goes to
00:05:57atte uphill misses
00:05:57pWny- use teamsay noob please
00:06:02atte jhahhahahah
00:06:46infect ss lion slar
00:06:54Strom ok I'm charging sniper
00:07:01Strom or not
00:07:25Smokeer no upg?
00:07:26Smokeer zzz
00:07:29infect ?
00:07:32infect u r pit lord
00:07:33infect :D:D
00:07:34Smokeer i need 1 cs
00:07:36Vangelis you skil
00:07:37Vangelis crit
00:07:41c-yanker onces
00:07:48pWny- fuck
00:07:49atte die noob?
00:07:50Strom hello
00:08:03pWny- u died nearly again ^^
00:08:05pWny- so su please
00:08:11pWny- btw
00:08:12pWny- bara mid
00:08:14pWny- ....
00:08:24pWny- bara miss mid
00:08:25pWny- MISS MID
00:08:25pWny- MISS MID
00:08:25Strom tule clock
00:08:25pWny- MISS MID
00:08:26pWny- MISS MID
00:08:26Strom top
00:08:29pWny- BARA MISS MID
00:08:30c-yanker i gotta go move my car
00:08:31c-yanker use my hero
00:08:32atte yeah was a total shock for me to survive with invis
00:08:46pWny- go lothars please
00:08:58Strom jeesus kui kiire ta on
00:09:09Smokeer ss
00:09:10Smokeer care
00:09:13atte go die pls
00:09:15pWny- CAN U TELL me 1 TIME MISS ???
00:09:18pWny- PLEASE ???????????????????????????
00:09:20pWny- TINY MID
00:09:21pWny- BARA MID
00:09:21Vangelis panda
00:09:21pWny- FFS
00:09:22Vangelis goes
00:09:23Vangelis afk
00:09:28pWny- well gg for me now
00:09:29pWny- really
00:09:31pWny- 2 times gang
00:09:45Strom tal pole stuniks mana
00:09:48Vangelis -afk
00:09:57atte ss
00:09:57pWny- miss mid
00:10:06Vangelis :/
00:10:07pWny- xD stun
00:10:08Vangelis panda afk
00:10:10Vangelis ....
00:10:11pWny- MISS MID
00:10:35atte ok
00:10:44TakinBackMyLove ss
00:10:50atte wp you could do that 30sec ago
00:10:50pWny- tiny is the whole time mid
00:11:20creeeeeee top rune
00:11:26pWny- miss mid
00:11:31TakinBackMyLove ¨ss
00:11:31Vangelis -afk
00:11:32atte wait
00:11:35pWny- -ma
00:12:00Vangelis PANDA
00:12:01Vangelis :/
00:12:02pWny- im getting ganged all the time ffs
00:12:05pWny- lion wards please
00:12:06Vangelis we are playin
00:12:07Vangelis 4v5
00:12:13pWny- i need wards
00:12:27pWny- they pwn me all thet ime
00:12:30pWny- tiny, bara
00:12:31pWny- ffs
00:12:35pWny- bone is noob
00:12:40Vangelis -afk
00:13:15c-yanker why dint u use me?
00:13:21Vangelis how
00:13:23Vangelis can i use
00:13:23Vangelis you
00:13:24Vangelis tel
00:13:25c-yanker i shared u
00:13:25Vangelis tell me
00:13:26Vangelis ?
00:13:34Vangelis you want me to micro
00:13:35c-yanker go gank now
00:13:36Vangelis 2 heroes
00:13:37Vangelis because
00:13:39Vangelis you ruin game
00:13:39Vangelis ?
00:13:46Vangelis well
00:13:49Vangelis if we lose
00:13:50Vangelis i blame you
00:13:54creeeeeee nice clock
00:14:01creeeeeee just looking there
00:14:15pWny- 4 mid
00:14:16infect topis mängisin illuga
00:14:21pWny- WHAT THE FUCK ARE U DOING????
00:14:22pWny- SHIT TEAM
00:14:27pWny- got here 4 mid
00:14:27pWny- ffs
00:14:31Vangelis clap
00:14:39pWny- lion LET U KILL By cereps
00:14:43pWny- let cereps kill you
00:14:45pWny- bone comes
00:14:49pWny- omfg
00:14:49Smokeer bara
00:14:50Smokeer change
00:14:51Smokeer ???
00:14:53atte no can do
00:15:01Strom does it look like I have mana or cd
00:15:02Smokeer well
00:15:02pWny- 4 MID
00:15:03Smokeer nice
00:15:03pWny- FFS
00:15:04pWny- 4 MID
00:15:06pWny- NO ONE
00:15:08pWny- SAYS MISS
00:15:10pWny- NO ONE COME GANG
00:15:12Vangelis PWNY
00:15:14Vangelis what do you want
00:15:16Vangelis panda went afk
00:15:17pWny- I NEED WARDA
00:15:19Vangelis we had to play 4v5
00:15:21pWny- WARDAS
00:15:23pWny- I NEED MISS
00:15:23Vangelis 5 min
00:15:25infect ma b
00:15:26pWny- FFS
00:15:26atte no
00:15:28pWny- its jsut a joke
00:15:31pWny- i play here imba mid
00:15:33pWny- and get ganged all the time
00:15:34Strom pit, please don't take clinkz farm
00:15:36Smokeer bone farm bot/top
00:15:36Strom or push his lane
00:15:37pWny- cause no one says a FUCKIGN MISS
00:15:38creeeeeee care mid
00:15:38Smokeer just mid useless
00:15:38creeeeeee dd
00:15:39pWny- 4 heros mid
00:15:39creeeeeee slard
00:15:41pWny- and the best thing
00:16:03pWny- what are u doing mid now?
00:16:09pWny- gang or leave please
00:16:13Smokeer tiny
00:16:16Smokeer ulit to some1?
00:16:19slc2 we can insta clikz
00:16:28infect tiny ulti sto some1 :O ?
00:16:31atte care
00:16:45Smokeer my ulit
00:16:47Smokeer i farm forever
00:16:57atte clock
00:17:06pWny- b
00:17:07pWny- viper
00:17:07pWny- b
00:17:15atte tower
00:17:17pWny- we need you mid
00:17:47pWny- lol
00:18:01c-yanker -.-
00:18:05Vangelis why
00:18:08Vangelis you tornado
00:18:08c-yanker y
00:18:08Vangelis him
00:18:10c-yanker was stupid
00:18:14c-yanker b
00:18:39c-yanker b
00:18:39pWny- gj
00:18:40c-yanker care rocket
00:18:41c-yanker now
00:18:41atte good usage of blademail
00:18:42Strom atte btw, come on
00:18:45Strom you saw lion
00:18:46Vangelis no
00:18:47Vangelis he is dead
00:18:48Strom and still you stayed there
00:18:48Vangelis 10 s
00:18:52atte first dont go tank let clock die
00:18:55atte yeah thought
00:18:57atte lion went b
00:19:07Smokeer again freefarm
00:19:10Smokeer 4 idiots let him
00:19:12Smokeer only me
00:19:13Smokeer ...
00:19:22atte who freefarm
00:19:26Smokeer U SHITHEAD
00:19:28slc2 mid tårn
00:19:29atte ??
00:19:32infect slardar
00:20:04pWny- ..
00:20:07TakinBackMyLove fy'
00:20:09TakinBackMyLove fu
00:20:38atte ward there
00:20:55c-yanker b
00:20:56c-yanker viper
00:20:59c-yanker charhged
00:20:59c-yanker B
00:21:00c-yanker VIPER
00:21:55Smokeer WHY B
00:21:56Smokeer we CAN
00:21:59atte kill sniper
00:22:04Smokeer oik
00:22:08Smokeer i see why u hate pit
00:22:13Smokeer u ahvent play before
00:22:33Smokeer i ahv eulit
00:22:35Smokeer with me mororns
00:22:38Smokeer i go tp bot
00:22:43Smokeer bara
00:22:56Smokeer be rdy
00:23:19pWny- fuck
00:23:30Vangelis slardar
00:23:31Vangelis panda
00:23:33Vangelis lion
00:23:36Vangelis anyone wants to defednd
00:23:37Vangelis our rax
00:23:38Vangelis ?
00:23:38atte HAHAHHAHA
00:23:40slc2 on my way
00:23:44atte you let your team die for this i get it
00:23:53pWny- bone cmon
00:23:58pWny- we know you suck dont try to talk shit ok?
00:24:05pWny- you fail mid
00:24:07atte obv
00:24:12pWny- you fail farming now
00:24:17pWny- and still trashtalk in allchat
00:24:20pWny- just SU please
00:24:22atte :DDDDDDDDD
00:24:31atte best sniper eu talking
00:24:37atte so mb i should just listen to him
00:24:55atte y
00:25:09pWny- ...
00:25:10Smokeer ah
00:25:12Smokeer im alone?
00:25:22pWny- let me some kils please -.-
00:25:28Smokeer 2 full hp stay hug tower
00:25:31Smokeer ok
00:25:33atte rocket rosh
00:25:47atte best sniper eu
00:26:10atte let me
00:26:12Smokeer nah
00:26:13atte for orchid
00:26:15Smokeer u suck
00:26:20pWny- well your team gangs me 4 times @ mid
00:26:23atte why do you play dota if you have
00:26:25Smokeer well
00:26:25pWny- im sure u cryed loud
00:26:27atte ego like that
00:26:35atte and no idea of the game
00:26:35infect cause atte
00:26:36Smokeer i let u i play pit
00:26:37slc2 pls be guiet now. u talk all the time
00:26:39infect u r just like that
00:26:41Smokeer if i would pick bone
00:27:06Smokeer WTF CLOCK
00:27:07Smokeer REALLY WTF
00:27:12Smokeer ok
00:27:14Smokeer i farm
00:27:14infect ?
00:27:17Smokeer let me bone
00:27:19infect mis sul nüüd hakkas
00:27:20Smokeer clock stole my farm
00:27:23infect clock ja pit on sama
00:27:26infect farmi poolest
00:27:28infect lol
00:27:33pWny- i go farm
00:27:36Strom 3+ mid
00:27:37Strom 4
00:27:41TakinBackMyLove go
00:27:41Strom possibly 5
00:27:41TakinBackMyLove mid
00:27:42Smokeer i tp
00:27:43Smokeer ulit
00:27:48Strom 4 mid
00:27:48Strom 4 mid
00:28:00Smokeer k bone not yet
00:28:01Strom we could fight 5v4
00:28:11Smokeer 2v5 we can
00:28:22creeeeeee MIKS see ei blingi
00:28:45Vangelis nice
00:28:46Vangelis focus
00:29:14Vangelis PANDA
00:29:15Vangelis panda
00:29:15Vangelis panda
00:29:16Vangelis ???
00:29:37atte thats not even funny anymore
00:29:55atte wait for them to respawn and go fight
00:29:58Smokeer clock full mana dunno why
00:30:01infect ?
00:30:12Vangelis slard
00:30:13Vangelis buy bkb
00:30:16c-yanker go roshan
00:30:18infect and what i do when viper attack me under the twr and ran towards sniper
00:30:20infect idiot smoker
00:30:20Vangelis no dust
00:30:22Vangelis no rosh
00:30:26Vangelis clinkz steals
00:30:27Smokeer cog and tp
00:30:30Smokeer there fog
00:30:38infect hv shitloads of tp-s
00:30:41pWny- clinkz = idiot
00:30:43pWny- he cant do it
00:30:44c-yanker sladar
00:30:47Strom well that's your first problem
00:30:50Strom always carry tp
00:30:50TakinBackMyLove need
00:30:51TakinBackMyLove tp
00:30:58pWny- coming
00:31:03Vangelis lion
00:31:04Vangelis i need
00:31:05Vangelis aman
00:31:13slc2 hihihihiih
00:31:13Vangelis lion
00:31:15Vangelis mana for me
00:31:17atte haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:31:22Vangelis lion
00:31:26Strom wanna go rosh?
00:31:31infect sure
00:31:35infect :D
00:31:51pWny- -.-
00:31:52c-yanker no way
00:32:10atte lion warding
00:32:48Smokeer pkl
00:32:49Smokeer ok
00:32:55infect pit no wards
00:32:58Smokeer u
00:32:59infect ofc u'll get ganked
00:33:00Smokeer me not
00:33:01Smokeer i go hex
00:33:14pWny- huuiiii
00:33:33Smokeer we havent once wards right?
00:33:42infect u ahvent bought , no
00:33:52atte unreal
00:33:52Smokeer clock u emo and farm no gang
00:33:52creeeeeee ei saa
00:33:54Smokeer asks wards
00:33:55Smokeer wtf
00:33:56atte we always
00:33:58pWny- let me top
00:33:59atte are there with 3
00:33:59pWny- please
00:34:02infect u asked wards
00:34:03atte or 4 sometimes
00:34:05infect and i did gank
00:34:06infect idiot
00:34:08atte but pit never
00:34:10atte :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:34:21pWny- who got aegis btw??
00:34:22Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:25pWny- aeh here slard
00:34:26TakinBackMyLove i
00:34:28pWny- kk
00:34:31Strom stop emo smokeer
00:34:34Strom and focus on winning
00:34:36infect pit mad, cause he udnerstood that he's support hero
00:34:42Strom we still have the heroes to make it happen
00:34:46Strom just need to pull it together
00:34:49Smokeer im support?
00:34:52Smokeer hehe
00:34:54infect haha
00:34:55infect :D:D
00:35:04infect when pit isnt support then i am motherfucking hardcore carry
00:35:08creeeeeee so u say ur carry? :D
00:35:11slc2 run tio me
00:35:13pWny- jo
00:35:15pWny- gogo
00:35:16slc2 we kill
00:35:22Strom fight sniper
00:35:33atte he is tank and a healer
00:35:44pWny- gj
00:35:46Strom damn that panda
00:35:49infect no, he's carry. smoker knows
00:35:58Smokeer clock no gang
00:36:00Smokeer 32min
00:36:03Smokeer ur rocket SHIT
00:36:10infect 8 assits is enough
00:36:17Smokeer enough?
00:36:18infect and i did gank
00:36:21Smokeer 20+ assist is
00:36:22Vangelis clinkz here
00:36:23Smokeer yes
00:36:30creeeeeee ou cmoon
00:36:31Strom stfu with the whine already
00:36:33Strom we need to win
00:36:36Strom not find out who's at fault
00:36:40creeeeeee been reading this whine for 30 min already
00:36:54c-yanker lets push
00:36:54pWny- -ii
00:37:12Strom pit come
00:38:00atte well
00:38:07atte the fact that we cant fight 5v5
00:38:15Strom pit always late to the party somehow
00:38:15Smokeer y becasue clock emo
00:38:16atte and we should focused panda
00:38:17Smokeer u suck
00:38:19Smokeer made me angry
00:38:23infect what emo clock :d
00:38:25atte :DD
00:38:28infect i am happy as fuck
00:38:30infect :D
00:38:34creeeeeee that pit heal would win us the fights
00:38:36infect i really dont care about you smoker
00:38:37creeeeeee but we never there all
00:38:39infect u think pit is carry
00:38:42Vangelis b
00:38:43Vangelis we are low
00:38:44infect cant do much with you
00:38:46slc2 go
00:38:47Smokeer pit is PUSHER
00:38:48Smokeer FUCKING
00:38:53Smokeer SUPPORT WHAT HELL
00:39:08atte you are a healer and a tank
00:39:10Smokeer ok i lost much moeny
00:39:12Smokeer like 3k
00:39:13atte and aoe dmg dealer and a stunner
00:39:27infect so is cm
00:39:31infect but he's support as well
00:39:34Strom smokeer, whatever you think you are ... just be next to us
00:39:35Strom ok?
00:39:36atte eul
00:39:39atte he got
00:40:31atte he eul
00:40:34Smokeer clock wants get kill
00:40:40atte ahahahaha
00:40:52atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:55infect I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:37Strom smokeer, what's your cs?
00:41:44Vangelis rosh
00:41:46Vangelis get rosh
00:41:57Vangelis slard
00:41:58Vangelis ??
00:42:05Strom pit
00:42:07Strom what's your cs
00:42:11Smokeer 125
00:42:11atte wont talk anymore
00:42:15atte i will just calmly
00:42:17Strom where do you put that money
00:42:21Strom you have 3x of my farm
00:42:22Smokeer clock rjuin
00:42:23Strom and no items
00:42:24atte 125 CS 40MIN FARM PITLORD
00:42:24Smokeer my life
00:42:34atte ok
00:42:35atte now
00:42:37atte i wish all of you
00:42:39atte to ff
00:43:00infect now smoker will say that he bought wards, cause of that no wards
00:43:38Smokeer noobs deosnt know what is my 3rd spell
00:43:39Smokeer i bet
00:43:55Strom oh well
00:43:56Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:57atte it seemed like you didnt know it
00:44:01infect :D
00:44:10Smokeer atte pick bone forever
00:44:12atte but nvm i didnt play my best either
00:44:13pWny- im b
00:44:17Smokeer u suck
00:44:22Smokeer srsly
00:44:24Smokeer not joke
00:44:26atte yeah and you did so damn good
00:44:31Strom smokeer feeds in like 80% of the games
00:44:35Strom I have no clue how he got to silver
00:44:37Smokeer 80%?
00:44:42Strom the new dota-league guys must be super noob
00:44:44Strom inflation
00:44:46creeeeeee pole hullu
00:44:47infect he farms that x
00:44:52creeeeeee zonskass on ka silveris
00:44:54creeeeeee 61%
00:44:54Smokeer u wrong
00:44:58Smokeer carry to silver
00:45:04Smokeer support = random lose/win
00:45:05slc2 clinkz
00:45:25Strom who hasn't surrendered?
00:45:30infect pit
00:45:43pWny- this blademail sucks -.-
00:45:43creeeeeee mina ei ole
00:45:44creeeeeee I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:52pWny- ß
00:45:53pWny- GG
00:46:00pWny- gg?
00:46:01pWny- wtf
00:46:06pWny- everyone FF ?
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