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-38 X
-2 TS

98% | 1722 X | 1624 TS

-14 X
-1 TS

86% | 1461 X | 1491 TS

-49 X
-2 TS

84% | 1401 X | 1515 TS

-32 X
-2 TS

71% | 1349 X | 1368 TS

-20 X
-2 TS

50% | 1129 X | 1353 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

94% | 1575 X | 1566 TS

+13 X
+4 TS

89% | 1549 X | 1444 TS

+28 X
+4 TS

86% | 1482 X | 1473 TS

+48 X
+3 TS

70% | 1307 X | 1395 TS

+44 X
+3 TS

65% | 1250 X | 1370 TS

Chat log

00:00:00yeW- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... fUNCh with 51 seconds.
00:00:10mrk i like how it feels
00:00:15fUNCh easywin if i jugger
00:00:20A-tzangol xD
00:00:20Smokeer i feel want pudge ...
00:00:20yeW- :D
00:00:20yeW- -clear
00:00:20yeW- ^^
00:00:20yeW- Gotta love these kind of comments.
00:00:20yeW- kinds*
00:00:20WantedZip Spectre
00:00:20mrk oh babe dont you see me
00:00:20atte roof
00:00:20WantedZip u want jugger ?
00:00:20McNabb few good supporters
00:00:21A-tzangol no
00:00:21fUNCh y
00:00:23A-tzangol he desont
00:00:24A-tzangol no
00:00:26A-tzangol he cant
00:00:27A-tzangol play
00:00:28fUNCh i can
00:00:30A-tzangol do u know him?
00:00:32Flex- i dont get what you wrote
00:00:33WantedZip omg
00:00:35Flex- but it sounded important
00:00:43atte want huskar?
00:00:48WantedZip yew u want storm mid ?
00:00:49yeW- It's funch mate.
00:00:49A-tzangol what omg?
00:00:50A-tzangol xD
00:00:51yeW- -clear
00:00:55Smokeer -swap 2
00:00:56Smokeer ...
00:00:58yeW- No I do not.
00:00:59WantedZip or ?
00:01:06Smokeer or i pick again eza
00:01:12A-tzangol i can storm
00:01:14Flex- :DDD
00:01:15A-tzangol but prefer lina
00:01:16A-tzangol tbh
00:01:18Flex- hmm
00:01:19Flex- everyone opk
00:01:20mrk go ahead
00:01:21Flex- with me ds?
00:01:22A-tzangol if u cant
00:01:23mrk eza would be nice
00:01:24mrk with pudge
00:01:25Smokeer no
00:01:26yeW- -clear
00:01:30mrk flex go eza
00:01:30Smokeer lastgame i shit with kotl
00:01:31mrk :D
00:01:31atte y go ds
00:01:38Flex- omg
00:01:39fUNCh gg
00:01:40A-tzangol cool
00:01:41WantedZip lol
00:01:41Flex- that was randomed
00:01:42Flex- ;D
00:01:44yeW- GG WE WIN NOW!
00:01:45WantedZip he picked him anyway :D
00:01:46yeW- -clear
00:01:49Flex- fine go eza
00:01:49yeW- Get Destro?
00:01:49Smokeer ok
00:01:51yeW- For Husk?
00:01:51McNabb -swap 4
00:01:52Smokeer carry
00:01:52Smokeer zzz
00:01:54mansikka NO
00:01:54A-tzangol lol
00:01:59Flex- -swap 3
00:02:01A-tzangol yurnero
00:02:02Flex- wait
00:02:02A-tzangol come btm
00:02:03Smokeer say
00:02:04Flex- why did we swap ?
00:02:06Smokeer what i pick
00:02:06A-tzangol we own them your style
00:02:07Smokeer sat
00:02:08mrk eza
00:02:08Smokeer say
00:02:08mrk :D
00:02:12mrk rex
00:02:12yeW- :D
00:02:13McNabb if u dident want it
00:02:16fUNCh bot lane sucks -.-
00:02:17Flex- i want it
00:02:17mrk oh
00:02:17mrk wow
00:02:18Flex- sort of
00:02:19Flex- LOOOL
00:02:20mrk cool
00:02:20A-tzangol y
00:02:20Flex- :DD
00:02:21mrk guys
00:02:22Flex- plz
00:02:23yeW- ye be top with me
00:02:23Flex- some one
00:02:24mrk that was awesome
00:02:24Flex- plug
00:02:24WantedZip make it own
00:02:25A-tzangol solo funch sux
00:02:27Flex- for the love of god
00:02:27Flex- plug
00:02:28Flex- :D
00:02:28Smokeer y pls lug
00:02:29yeW- and let's steal each other
00:02:31yeW- some cs
00:02:32yeW- -clear
00:02:32Smokeer plug
00:02:38atte why are you
00:02:40atte even playing
00:02:40mrk ck bot
00:02:40WantedZip omg
00:02:41WantedZip omg
00:02:42WantedZip omg
00:02:42atte you dipshit
00:02:46WantedZip have to shit :(
00:02:46yeW- ?
00:02:48yeW- :DDD
00:02:49atte when you go emomode before game starts
00:02:52atte fucking kid
00:02:57fUNCh -apm
00:02:57mansikka pause
00:02:58McNabb who u talking to?
00:03:00mansikka and go wc
00:03:00yeW- if u can maange
00:03:02yeW- in 3 minutes
00:03:03atte bone
00:03:04McNabb omg
00:03:07McNabb lastpick bone
00:03:11WantedZip nono ill say if important
00:03:12Smokeer randomed
00:03:12mrk share
00:03:13yeW- i pull?
00:03:15yeW- u pull*?
00:03:15Smokeer no one say
00:03:19mansikka think so
00:03:19A-tzangol rune top
00:03:21Flex- share
00:03:23mrk not hard to
00:03:24mrk choose any
00:03:25mrk non carry
00:03:26mrk :d
00:03:28yeW- check
00:03:30Smokeer full carries
00:03:30Smokeer there
00:03:31Smokeer xD
00:03:48Smokeer harras
00:04:13A-tzangol just farm
00:04:14A-tzangol i am not
00:04:18Flex- they didnt ward
00:04:43Smokeer more argessivne
00:05:23Flex- plan ?
00:05:23mansikka wanna pull?
00:05:23Flex- :D
00:05:26yeW- ye
00:05:26yeW- b
00:05:27Flex- not to die
00:05:27mrk get 5
00:05:30Smokeer plan some1 plug
00:05:32Smokeer just
00:05:37yeW- zz
00:05:40McNabb ss top
00:06:25yeW- gj
00:06:44Flex- take wards top
00:06:45Flex- accident
00:06:57yeW- ss
00:06:57yeW- 2
00:06:58yeW- 1
00:07:29WantedZip ss
00:07:29A-tzangol come
00:08:43yeW- ss
00:08:44yeW- re
00:08:56atte miss storm
00:09:12mrk ss2
00:09:25yeW- t
00:09:27yeW- ty
00:09:33Flex- wanna try lina?
00:09:39mrk ni
00:09:40fUNCh ss2bot
00:09:43mrk we cant
00:09:47Flex- shit storm
00:09:49mrk just be rdy for hook
00:10:18yeW- up courier pls
00:10:31mansikka ss
00:10:33A-tzangol i go mid
00:10:34A-tzangol care
00:10:35mansikka re
00:10:36A-tzangol wait me storm
00:10:45Flex- ss
00:10:52A-tzangol go puidge
00:11:03atte ss
00:11:12Flex- lina
00:11:13Flex- ss
00:11:32yeW- ty
00:11:40mansikka ss clinkx
00:11:40WantedZip ss
00:11:43A-tzangol my bad
00:11:50Flex- how was that :D
00:11:58mrk damn creep
00:11:59mrk blocked
00:12:01mrk coulda got him also
00:12:07mansikka er
00:12:20yeW- give me shield pls
00:12:22yeW- or not
00:12:23yeW- whatever
00:12:24Flex- we have wards in base
00:12:24Flex- :D
00:12:25atte s
00:12:26atte ss
00:12:39WantedZip DAED
00:12:41atte y
00:12:48McNabb u fail mid atte?
00:12:52WantedZip jugger bottle ?!"
00:12:53WantedZip wtf
00:12:53atte well
00:12:55atte :DDD
00:13:02atte actually yeah
00:13:13atte dont wanna tell you why
00:13:15atte since
00:13:25atte you couldnt get it and would think its just me whining
00:13:35yeW- gang!!
00:13:40Smokeer mass units
00:13:41Smokeer tere
00:13:52atte only 15min more
00:13:56atte so np
00:14:09atte nice
00:14:12atte phaseboots on bone
00:14:17atte wise choice
00:14:19Flex- :D
00:14:27Smokeer xD
00:14:27yeW- shield pls
00:14:43atte could the time pass for 14minutes pls
00:15:16McNabb :D
00:15:16yeW- storm xD
00:15:20WantedZip well
00:15:20fUNCh oom
00:15:30fUNCh getrs rune
00:15:36A-tzangol yurn
00:15:37A-tzangol come
00:15:41mansikka :D
00:15:48fUNCh invis
00:16:19WantedZip THIS GAME IS A MAZE !
00:18:06Flex- xDD
00:18:09atte BONE
00:18:09McNabb BONE
00:18:09A-tzangol lol
00:18:10McNabb FFS
00:18:11WantedZip ^^
00:18:12WantedZip JAJAJA
00:18:13Flex- wasnt bone there/
00:18:13A-tzangol LOOOOL
00:18:19atte is this
00:18:20mrk SILVEr
00:18:22atte wtf
00:18:26Flex- dude
00:18:29A-tzangol lool
00:18:29atte strom ingame?
00:18:30Flex- this is platinum baby
00:18:30A-tzangol smokeer
00:18:35A-tzangol how much u smoke?
00:18:38atte its on purpose
00:18:39Smokeer many
00:18:45A-tzangol happens to me
00:18:53Flex- 0-3 ck
00:18:53mrk go
00:18:55Flex- another -50 x
00:18:55Flex- for me
00:18:58mrk no fear'
00:19:11atte soon ulti
00:19:14atte over
00:19:15Flex- xD
00:19:18atte yeah
00:19:21Flex- bye mrk
00:19:30Flex- wohahaha
00:19:31Flex- :D
00:19:39Flex- so fucknig cool
00:19:40Flex- :D
00:19:48mrk -st
00:19:52mrk 5/8
00:19:56McNabb i wont ff when people lose on purpose
00:19:59McNabb now its said
00:20:04Flex- who said
00:20:06mrk i doubt clinkz
00:20:06Flex- we loose on purpose
00:20:09mrk was doing it on purpose
00:20:11mrk he's just that bad
00:20:12Flex- :D
00:20:18atte well anyhow
00:20:21atte needs to be removed
00:20:21McNabb get wards and shit
00:20:23atte hes account
00:20:27atte annoying kid
00:20:34atte just
00:20:35Smokeer huskar u suck
00:20:37Smokeer and whine
00:20:37Smokeer xD
00:20:40atte makes you not to even wanna try
00:22:03Flex- jugger lothat
00:22:50mrk whoa
00:22:51mrk that was nice
00:22:53mrk by them
00:22:58A-tzangol ffs at swa
00:22:58mrk even though it was nonintentional
00:22:59A-tzangol p
00:23:05yeW- ma
00:23:05yeW- -la
00:23:06yeW- -m
00:23:07yeW- -m
00:23:08yeW- -ma
00:23:08A-tzangol why u dodnt kill bone?
00:23:24atte jugger gem also
00:23:26Flex- :D
00:23:27Flex- xD
00:23:31Smokeer xD
00:23:36yeW- FLUNCH
00:23:37yeW- POWER
00:23:42fUNCh meh
00:23:53Flex- you know they going bot :D
00:24:03Flex- lol
00:24:06Flex- that happened
00:24:15mrk believe it or not
00:24:17mrk it was intentional
00:24:19mrk to find someone
00:24:23Smokeer hook
00:25:02mrk -st
00:25:07mrk 8/12
00:25:15Flex- tnx for sharing
00:25:17Flex- -hhn
00:25:20mrk ye i kinda felt the need
00:25:27yeW- -ma
00:26:39mrk so weird
00:26:43Flex- xDD
00:26:45mrk i mean
00:26:48Flex- CMON
00:26:49Flex- :D
00:26:49yeW- oO
00:26:54mrk i found it odd that atte lost mid
00:27:00mrk then i thought wanted is good with storm thats why
00:27:01mrk but seems not
00:27:04atte some games just
00:27:04mrk since he has 25min dagon
00:27:08atte you are not in a mood
00:27:10mrk so just unlucky
00:27:11atte to fight for win
00:27:12mrk or moodless
00:27:23atte cos some idiot shitpicks and goes emo
00:27:31Smokeer emo?
00:27:32Smokeer xD
00:27:35Smokeer mid fail hard
00:27:36Flex- k
00:27:37Smokeer and whine
00:27:45fUNCh b
00:27:47atte np only 20sec left
00:27:51A-tzangol why b
00:27:51Smokeer np
00:27:51A-tzangol lol
00:27:59yeW- z
00:28:00Flex- im ok with that
00:28:06McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:06Flex- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:09atte I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:11Flex- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:14mrk dd
00:28:14mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:22Flex- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:25McNabb so bone!
00:28:26Flex- who didnt ?
00:28:30Smokeer me
00:28:31McNabb u goiung for total game ruin?
00:28:37Smokeer no
00:29:57yeW- -ms
00:30:06atte hook
00:31:01Flex- what a jew
00:31:16McNabb worth it:D
00:31:23yeW- It's yew, not jew :D.
00:31:52Flex- tomato
00:31:53Flex- tomato
00:32:52atte go push
00:33:11A-tzangol ..
00:33:16Flex- Woha
00:33:18Flex- 2 good bro
00:33:25yeW- xd
00:34:11Flex- :DD
00:34:36Flex- clinkz
00:34:37Flex- buriza
00:34:38Flex- Oo
00:34:59mrk -st
00:35:15WantedZip haha
00:35:16WantedZip omg
00:35:16Flex- he has farm and stats
00:35:17WantedZip i suck
00:35:20Flex- hes not loosign x guyz !
00:35:21Flex- ;D
00:35:21yeW- :D
00:35:32WantedZip dagon lvl 5 :(
00:35:32mrk lolds
00:35:35WantedZip hex been better
00:35:44Smokeer xD
00:36:15McNabb i bate
00:36:19atte let me tank
00:36:20atte want hp
00:36:33yeW- DEAD
00:37:15Smokeer wtf
00:37:16mrk ye
00:37:19Smokeer who contro.l
00:37:21Smokeer fire
00:37:24Smokeer canceled
00:37:30Flex- dont look at me
00:37:35mrk im innocent
00:37:42Smokeer i bet some1 emo here
00:37:48Flex- im emo
00:37:49Flex- !
00:37:54mansikka -st
00:37:54Smokeer im kid
00:37:55Smokeer !
00:38:07Smokeer im skilld drift
00:38:31A-tzangol can we go end?
00:38:32yeW- roshh
00:38:46mrk go clinkz
00:38:51Smokeer alone no ty
00:39:11mrk and ure afraid of
00:39:12mrk what
00:39:13yeW- ol
00:39:14mrk exactly?:D
00:39:17atte can you ff
00:39:19atte bone
00:39:35Flex- smokeer
00:39:35Flex- plz ff
00:39:37yeW- srsly
00:39:39Flex- in 14 min
00:39:40yeW- lemme have some frags here
00:39:42atte go finish
00:39:42Flex- it will end auto
00:39:43Smokeer soon
00:39:45McNabb yeah stop game ruin
00:39:54Smokeer i dindt rui n game
00:39:56Smokeer its was huskar
00:40:00atte :DDD
00:40:00McNabb u did too
00:40:05Flex- heh
00:40:06Flex- jugger
00:40:08Smokeer I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:09Flex- no healing ward even >?
00:40:09atte look at you
00:40:10atte rly
00:40:10yeW- p^^
00:40:13atte phaseboots
00:40:15atte 900hp
00:40:16atte :DD
00:40:20atte "i didnt ruin game"
00:40:21Smokeer treads for idiot
00:40:25Smokeer huskar
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