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Chat log

00:00:17GottHasstMich imba pool
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove dirge
00:00:17A-tzangol naix
00:00:26Vangelis pit
00:00:27Vangelis imba
00:00:27Vangelis ?
00:00:29A-tzangol anyone want pit?
00:00:30McNabb y
00:00:36A-tzangol or any wishes?
00:00:41TakinBackMyLove someone
00:00:42TakinBackMyLove venge
00:00:43TakinBackMyLove plx
00:00:46yeW- -clear
00:00:49Vangelis jugger
00:00:50Timu i can be
00:00:50Vangelis we lane
00:00:51Vangelis ok?
00:00:53Vangelis i take tusk
00:00:54A-tzangol k
00:00:54TakinBackMyLove plz
00:00:55TakinBackMyLove give
00:00:57TakinBackMyLove timy
00:00:58TakinBackMyLove timu
00:00:59TakinBackMyLove venge
00:01:03McNabb need range now
00:01:04TakinBackMyLove i rape
00:01:05TakinBackMyLove with
00:01:05TakinBackMyLove that
00:01:06TakinBackMyLove aura
00:01:08Vangelis get thd
00:01:08Vangelis bat
00:01:11yeW- -clear
00:01:29TakinBackMyLove we need
00:01:30TakinBackMyLove some
00:01:31TakinBackMyLove nukes
00:01:36TakinBackMyLove storn
00:01:37Vangelis nice
00:01:38TakinBackMyLove strong
00:01:38Vangelis random
00:01:38Laier oops
00:01:38Timu what u want
00:01:39TakinBackMyLove nukes
00:01:40A-tzangol can u pull?
00:01:40Laier afk :D
00:01:42Vangelis y
00:01:46Vangelis get range
00:01:47Vangelis last
00:01:47GottHasstMich 4 agis :D
00:01:48Laier well
00:01:49Laier ill go mid?
00:01:50Vangelis like bat
00:01:51yeW- should i bot with u
00:01:52yeW- slark
00:01:52Vangelis y
00:01:55Vangelis fast lvl 6
00:01:58yeW- n try last hittin ur kills?
00:01:58yeW- :d
00:01:58GottHasstMich i'd appreciate it
00:01:58TakinBackMyLove gj
00:01:59yeW- -clear
00:02:01A-tzangol can u mid?
00:02:02TakinBackMyLove timu
00:02:03TakinBackMyLove nice
00:02:04TakinBackMyLove pic
00:02:07yeW- get
00:02:08Laier ye
00:02:08yeW- wards
00:02:12yeW- timui
00:02:12Laier just gonna get lvl
00:02:13yeW- for top
00:02:13Vangelis plz get
00:02:14yeW- -clea
00:02:17Vangelis bugs
00:02:20A-tzangol y\
00:02:20Vangelis at runes
00:02:21Laier @ lvl 3
00:02:22TakinBackMyLove go
00:02:23NeverbACKdOwn wtf u l et na mid?
00:02:23A-tzangol take 2 bugs
00:02:24GottHasstMich were u ud last night?
00:02:24NeverbACKdOwn let me mid
00:02:25GottHasstMich ^^
00:02:25NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:02:25A-tzangol at lvl 2
00:02:28TakinBackMyLove veno
00:02:28A-tzangol no
00:02:29Laier shut up
00:02:29TakinBackMyLove with
00:02:30A-tzangol bat btm
00:02:30TakinBackMyLove slark
00:02:32TakinBackMyLove lesh
00:02:33TakinBackMyLove venge
00:02:34TakinBackMyLove top
00:02:34NeverbACKdOwn eat shit laier u suck
00:02:35yeW- im bot mate
00:02:36A-tzangol check rune
00:02:38Laier <3
00:02:38Vangelis :D
00:02:39infect captain
00:02:40Laier bite me
00:02:41A-tzangol block tusk
00:02:41infect dictates
00:02:42A-tzangol i go
00:02:42yeW- go top
00:02:43yeW- veno
00:02:44yeW- zz
00:02:44TakinBackMyLove better
00:02:45TakinBackMyLove if
00:02:46TakinBackMyLove other
00:02:47Vangelis i have
00:02:48Vangelis ice
00:02:50TakinBackMyLove veno
00:02:52TakinBackMyLove gr8
00:02:53TakinBackMyLove harras
00:02:55yeW- whats the point
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove venge
00:02:55yeW- tt
00:02:56TakinBackMyLove not
00:02:57TakinBackMyLove rly
00:03:00yeW- 2 carries same lane
00:03:02Laier newb skills fly first
00:03:03GottHasstMich but yew better player
00:03:05infect veno carry ?
00:03:06infect :d
00:03:06A-tzangol rune btm
00:03:08A-tzangol y
00:03:09A-tzangol xD
00:03:10TakinBackMyLove nugger
00:03:10TakinBackMyLove top
00:03:10yeW- more than i am
00:03:11Laier wtf
00:03:14Laier and you want mid? :DDD
00:03:16Vangelis jugger
00:03:17Vangelis i make
00:03:18yeW- n now
00:03:19yeW- we got
00:03:20yeW- no wards
00:03:20Vangelis double
00:03:21GottHasstMich just harrase
00:03:21yeW- for bot
00:03:21Vangelis pukll
00:03:22yeW- zz
00:03:22GottHasstMich and lemme farm
00:03:24Vangelis after
00:03:25A-tzangol yep
00:03:26Vangelis that we kill
00:03:35A-tzangol ss
00:04:42A-tzangol venge
00:04:52Vangelis warded
00:04:53GottHasstMich i go pull
00:04:56infect k
00:05:01GottHasstMich harrase on
00:05:02Vangelis lvl 3
00:05:02A-tzangol lvl 3
00:05:03Vangelis when you
00:05:04Vangelis get
00:05:07infect y
00:05:23A-tzangol my bad
00:05:24yeW- zz
00:05:27Vangelis should
00:05:28Vangelis have
00:05:28A-tzangol was on the skill
00:05:29Vangelis told you
00:05:32yeW- rune
00:05:34Laier tusk
00:05:35Laier gang mid
00:05:37Vangelis no creeps
00:05:40Laier with bot rune
00:05:48Vangelis i am
00:05:49Vangelis top
00:06:09Vangelis 15
00:06:10Vangelis mana
00:06:21infect ss pit
00:06:27NeverbACKdOwn laier progamer
00:06:27Laier idiot...
00:06:31Laier hit him first mby?
00:06:32McNabb noob
00:06:39Laier he cant leap
00:06:43Laier and you start casting shit
00:06:53TakinBackMyLove ss
00:07:06GottHasstMich pull inc
00:07:09Laier ty
00:07:19Laier venge mid?
00:07:23yeW- potm
00:07:29TakinBackMyLove kk
00:07:52Vangelis a bit
00:07:53Vangelis mana
00:08:29Vangelis be
00:08:29Vangelis rdy
00:08:32infect gj
00:08:37GottHasstMich i failed sry
00:08:37yeW- omw mid
00:08:39Vangelis ss
00:08:40A-tzangol ss
00:08:41GottHasstMich should have focused bat
00:08:41A-tzangol 2
00:08:46infect y, pit str
00:08:57yeW- blah
00:09:23infect coming
00:09:27Timu gj
00:09:30GottHasstMich go
00:09:39Vangelis pit
00:09:39Vangelis are
00:09:41Vangelis you a noob
00:09:44Vangelis plz
00:09:45Laier he is
00:09:45Vangelis tell me
00:09:52GottHasstMich take my tangoss
00:09:59Vangelis wait
00:10:00Vangelis me
00:10:10Timu u were farmign good, a-tzangol
00:10:10yeW- ss
00:10:11yeW- 2
00:10:15A-tzangol nope
00:10:16A-tzangol i wasnt
00:10:18Timu but then u took an aroow to the knee
00:10:22A-tzangol i didnt
00:10:24A-tzangol either
00:10:31Vangelis PIT
00:10:32Vangelis tell me
00:10:32infect why is that reference btw?
00:10:34Vangelis are you a noob
00:10:34McNabb hard to stun na
00:10:37Vangelis skyrim
00:10:38yeW- up courier lesh
00:10:38infect cant get it where it comes
00:10:38McNabb fu
00:10:39yeW- i get ards
00:10:41yeW- wards
00:10:43A-tzangol bat
00:10:45A-tzangol what are u doing here?
00:10:48infect why would some1 play skyrim :D:D it's boring as fuck
00:10:53GottHasstMich ss bot
00:11:04Vangelis it is mainstream
00:11:07Timu y
00:11:17Timu lol
00:11:18Timu good one
00:11:23Laier you guys cant say misses for real
00:11:25GottHasstMich ty
00:11:51GottHasstMich oom
00:11:52GottHasstMich :<
00:12:01GottHasstMich get mana boots veno
00:12:20McNabb ss slark
00:12:50Vangelis pitlord
00:12:51Vangelis are
00:12:52Vangelis you a noob
00:12:54Vangelis tell me
00:12:55Vangelis yes or no
00:12:58McNabb stfu
00:12:59Laier he is
00:13:00GottHasstMich ss bot
00:13:00Vangelis why
00:13:01Laier told you from the min 3
00:13:01Vangelis why
00:13:02infect ss bop
00:13:03Vangelis do ytou not
00:13:04Vangelis skill
00:13:04Vangelis exp
00:13:05Vangelis :/
00:13:14infect re
00:13:44A-tzangol lol pit
00:13:55infect lolz
00:13:57infect 4 bot :d
00:14:00GottHasstMich hate
00:14:04Vangelis why
00:14:05infect idd
00:14:08Vangelis why do you skill firestorm
00:14:09Vangelis ?
00:14:15McNabb cause im way better than u
00:14:20Laier :D:D:D:D
00:14:28Laier only skill why you pick pitlord
00:14:30Laier and you dont skill it
00:14:35Vangelis yep
00:14:42Vangelis only skill
00:14:44Vangelis anyone ever
00:14:46Vangelis picks pit
00:14:47Vangelis is exp
00:15:36yeW- top gang
00:15:37infect na
00:15:50McNabb lol na
00:16:00McNabb >D>D>D>D>D
00:16:01McNabb na
00:16:03McNabb u suck
00:16:09Vangelis no
00:16:10Vangelis this
00:16:10infect ty timu :P
00:16:11Vangelis pit worst
00:16:12Vangelis ever
00:16:13Laier says pitlord without expulsion
00:16:16Laier you can just stfu for real
00:16:39Vangelis these max firestorm pitlords
00:16:42Vangelis are epic
00:16:45yeW- -ma
00:16:45McNabb the best
00:16:57infect :D:D
00:16:59A-tzangol :)
00:17:05infect hi there:P
00:17:09A-tzangol hello all
00:17:35A-tzangol potm goes top
00:17:35McNabb :D
00:17:37A-tzangol care arrow
00:17:52Vangelis using
00:17:53Vangelis na ult
00:17:55Vangelis for escape
00:17:57Vangelis = best
00:17:59A-tzangol slark has lothars
00:18:00A-tzangol ...
00:18:04Laier was writing msg with whone
00:18:06Laier phone
00:18:34McNabb care
00:18:47Vangelis def
00:18:48Vangelis top
00:18:50Vangelis na pit
00:18:50NeverbACKdOwn tp top
00:18:51Vangelis jugger
00:18:52Vangelis ?
00:19:10yeW- ll
00:19:13Timu vittu :D
00:19:19A-tzangol help him
00:19:24NeverbACKdOwn jesus
00:19:28NeverbACKdOwn fucking christ
00:19:48infect almost
00:19:54Laier .D::DD:D:
00:19:57infect bottle
00:19:58infect mirana
00:19:59McNabb god
00:20:01infect kill nubs
00:20:04Vangelis wraithband na, no expulsion pit
00:20:05McNabb how many failers can we have
00:20:06Vangelis this is epic
00:20:10Vangelis you are
00:20:13Vangelis the biggest fail
00:20:14Vangelis this game
00:20:15A-tzangol :)
00:20:15McNabb nope
00:20:15Vangelis so shut up
00:20:16Laier you are the worst :D
00:20:23infect i think we won this
00:20:28A-tzangol y me 2
00:20:34A-tzangol i think we lost it
00:20:35Vangelis you didn't win
00:20:35A-tzangol Tbh
00:20:37Vangelis we lost
00:20:38Vangelis y
00:20:38Vangelis :D
00:20:51yeW- assface
00:20:57infect well bot won :)
00:21:02A-tzangol not
00:21:08infect we won our lane
00:21:09infect :d
00:21:10A-tzangol vs this bat
00:21:13A-tzangol its no wo
00:21:14A-tzangol n
00:21:23Vangelis bat pitlord lane
00:21:30Vangelis oh wait, if you skill firestrom
00:21:30Vangelis :D
00:21:38McNabb na stfu u afk pick na
00:21:39TakinBackMyLove na played him rong mid
00:21:50Vangelis no wonder
00:21:52Vangelis he makes
00:21:54Vangelis wraiths on na
00:21:55Vangelis :DD
00:21:58TakinBackMyLove not that
00:21:58Laier i still do better than you with my afk pick :DD
00:22:02TakinBackMyLove skill build
00:22:30infect ty
00:22:34Laier dont care :D
00:22:40TakinBackMyLove if he had played him right he might had pwned me
00:22:58Laier well actually i did untill top didnt say miss and venge ganged twice
00:23:00infect teed vg ts vä
00:23:04Timu ja
00:23:06Laier or atleast didnt lost mid untill that :/
00:23:08infect :D:D
00:23:09Laier but what the hell
00:23:39A-tzangol go ulti
00:23:49A-tzangol not a chance
00:23:58TakinBackMyLove i pwned you hardly mid
00:24:05TakinBackMyLove 50 creeps in 8 min..
00:24:11Laier you would be dead if pit would know how to play
00:24:17TakinBackMyLove yup
00:24:20yeW- hardly means barely ^^
00:24:23Laier so.. not my fault
00:24:33yeW- got lots of -armor
00:24:33yeW- go
00:24:35TakinBackMyLove if you played him right with bugs i would be pwned
00:24:35Vangelis still no exuse
00:24:37Vangelis fopr wraiths
00:24:53Laier why would i need to silence you when you had 0 mana all the time?
00:25:24A-tzangol b
00:25:25A-tzangol bat
00:25:28A-tzangol XD
00:25:32A-tzangol ff
00:25:44TakinBackMyLove max beatles one mana drain one stun and you had won mid
00:25:51A-tzangol ....
00:25:56TakinBackMyLove like artstyle do
00:26:01A-tzangol he cant even controll that shit
00:26:02TakinBackMyLove or puppy
00:26:42McNabb na?
00:26:46Laier :D:D:D
00:26:50A-tzangol NA WTF U WAIT DUDE
00:26:51A-tzangol RLY
00:26:53Laier got what i wanted
00:26:58TakinBackMyLove wp
00:26:58infect :d
00:26:59TakinBackMyLove guys
00:26:59A-tzangol what are this naps...
00:26:59TakinBackMyLove rly
00:27:06Laier gg finish it :D
00:27:07McNabb well jugg
00:27:07A-tzangol na was waiting
00:27:09McNabb your fould
00:27:11Laier retard pitlord
00:27:12McNabb u let noob mid
00:27:13TakinBackMyLove all
00:27:16Vangelis mcnabb
00:27:16A-tzangol i asked him
00:27:17TakinBackMyLove of you played well
00:27:18Vangelis you have
00:27:18A-tzangol can u mid
00:27:19Vangelis no exuse
00:27:20A-tzangol and he said
00:27:23A-tzangol ofcourse
00:27:23Vangelis excuse
00:27:24Laier i won mid but you fucking cant hit from invis :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:27:29Vangelis for failing pitlord like that
00:27:33Laier not my fault you cant hit before you use skills
00:27:39Laier and not my fault top cant say fucking misses :D
00:27:42McNabb i will go firestorm 100 out of 100 times.. way better than explosions
00:27:45yeW- ah fuck
00:27:47yeW- failed my swap on veno
00:27:55infect :D
00:27:57GottHasstMich skadiii
00:28:05McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:07NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:08A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:10Laier how fucking retard are you to even skill firestorm before lvl 10
00:28:11Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:28:13Laier I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:28:15yeW- wp ^^
00:28:17GottHasstMich :<
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