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97% | 1698 X | 1618 TS

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89% | 1587 X | 1407 TS

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74% | 1366 X | 1395 TS

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63% | 1269 X | 1367 TS

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79% | 1358 X | 1455 TS

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56% | 1165 X | 1396 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Strom vangelis just said "pick me phoenix"
00:00:18infect :D
00:00:18c-yanker bs
00:00:18Vangelis get us roof or phoenix
00:00:18infect sa näed neid ?
00:00:18Vangelis ?
00:00:18c-yanker pheonix
00:00:18Strom ei, mul on 3. silm
00:00:18Vangelis they ban it
00:00:18c-yanker any1 wanna roof
00:00:18c-yanker if pheonix banned?
00:00:18Vangelis who can roof
00:00:18Zagor i can roof
00:00:18c-yanker kk
00:00:18infect spec phoenix
00:00:18Smokeer better
00:00:18Smokeer no ban both
00:00:18Smokeer just roof
00:00:18Smokeer and
00:00:18Smokeer pick spec/phoenix
00:00:18Smokeer or
00:00:18Smokeer ban spec
00:00:18Strom well lots of imba stuff in pool
00:00:18infect who wants phoenix?
00:00:18infect i guess noone
00:00:18Smokeer me
00:00:18Vangelis !banrequest atte smoke
00:00:18infect atte
00:00:18Smokeer me?
00:00:18infect leave spec phoenix in pool and ban tree imo
00:00:18Zagor cmon............
00:00:18infect so we get either one
00:00:18atte need afk 1min before pi
00:00:18atte :DD
00:00:18atte ok
00:00:18infect atte
00:00:18infect dont ban yet
00:00:18atte ok smoke ->
00:00:18infect there's phoenix and spec and tree
00:00:18infect :D
00:00:18Smokeer dont care
00:00:18Strom atte, are you seriously going afk atm?
00:00:18Vangelis atte
00:00:18Vangelis -ban atte
00:00:18infect you will get banned atte
00:00:18Vangelis !ban atte
00:00:18Strom he JUST NOW went to smoke
00:00:18Strom unbelivable
00:00:18Vangelis ??????????????
00:00:18infect strm, you aint gonna ban him now ?
00:00:18Strom thinking about it
00:00:18Strom we don't have a rep tho
00:00:18Strom :D
00:00:18infect after game
00:00:18Strom well no, I'm not gonna do that
00:00:18atte ok
00:00:18Strom atte, do NOT do shit like this
00:00:18atte i just
00:00:18Strom it's rude
00:00:18atte thoght this infect was afk?
00:00:18atte what i ban
00:00:18infect lol
00:00:18Smokeer y argeed, strom
00:00:18infect i told you
00:00:18infect phoenix tree spec
00:00:18creeeeeee phoenix ban i'd say
00:00:18Smokeer rude :(
00:00:18infect there
00:00:18atte was thinking of banning abba
00:00:18infect that dont ban spec
00:00:18Strom well roof & phoe are both strong
00:00:18atte spec not there bro
00:00:18infect between abba vvenge?
00:00:18Strom vangelis will play phoenix
00:00:18Strom but, roof is also strong
00:00:18atte abba x ; )
00:00:18Vangelis pick
00:00:18Vangelis phoenix
00:00:22infect oh
00:00:22infect it's sf
00:00:26atte oh its
00:00:26atte roof
00:00:28atte someone?
00:00:29Vangelis who plays
00:00:30Zagor whos phoenix?
00:00:31Vangelis phoenix
00:00:32c-yanker i am
00:00:33Strom I can go roof
00:00:35Strom if you carry
00:00:36Strom will you carry?
00:00:40atte want venge?
00:00:40atte y
00:00:44Strom you carry?
00:00:44Vangelis kongkat
00:00:45atte first pick good heros
00:00:47Vangelis you go carry
00:00:47TakinBackMyLove ?
00:00:48Smokeer pick ffs
00:00:48TakinBackMyLove kk
00:00:49creeeeeee give venge
00:00:49Smokeer time
00:00:50atte want venge?
00:00:53Vangelis i go clock
00:00:56Smokeer i go chen
00:00:57atte first pick good heroes
00:01:03c-yanker take mid
00:01:04c-yanker clock
00:01:06Zagor i go thd
00:01:07creeeeeee so what for u atte
00:01:08c-yanker i go top with kongkat
00:01:10Vangelis yy
00:01:10atte then the better ones to counter them
00:01:13creeeeeee troll/slark as carry?
00:01:19atte storm spiritus
00:01:25atte -swap 3
00:01:26creeeeeee -swap 1
00:01:36Vangelis thd?
00:01:43Vangelis hmmm cent
00:01:43Vangelis ?
00:01:52atte last mb cent
00:01:54infect so
00:02:03Strom I'll solo bot mby?
00:02:03Vangelis clock
00:02:07Vangelis and phoenix
00:02:08Vangelis ult
00:02:08atte cent venge top
00:02:09c-yanker can u decry eg?
00:02:10Vangelis good stuff
00:02:17atte well was thinking you mid
00:02:23atte but if it is easier to solo vs 2
00:02:26Smokeer strom mid better
00:02:27Smokeer with bottle
00:02:29atte instead of phonix
00:02:33Smokeer k
00:02:43infect imo tree mid,
00:02:45Strom I can solo vs. whoever
00:02:46infect cause alche
00:02:47atte choose your destiny
00:02:47infect will be there
00:02:51Strom prefer bot
00:02:56atte ok
00:02:57infect alche will prolly mid
00:03:03Vangelis me
00:03:07Smokeer rune top
00:03:07TakinBackMyLove no
00:03:07c-yanker fb top
00:03:11TakinBackMyLove phoenix
00:03:14atte go shitloads of manaboots
00:03:15Smokeer care
00:03:16c-yanker u got ministun?
00:03:19Vangelis me
00:03:20Vangelis yes
00:03:22creeeeeee b top
00:03:27creeeeeee hasteee clock
00:03:31creeeeeee pwns
00:03:33atte jakiro mid
00:03:45c-yanker thd
00:03:46c-yanker go bot
00:03:51Zagor ofc
00:03:57atte jakiro inc bot
00:04:53infect warde ei ostnudki :O ?
00:05:12atte ss
00:05:15atte need wards
00:05:25atte re
00:05:36que2stress save mana
00:06:06creeeeeee go bot
00:06:07creeeeeee chen
00:06:15Smokeer u coming?
00:06:18creeeeeee y
00:06:22Smokeer good
00:06:42c-yanker ss veng
00:06:45que2stress yep
00:06:50c-yanker sry was woods
00:06:50atte wards
00:06:54atte ss
00:07:01que2stress gang top
00:07:08Strom oh well
00:07:21c-yanker why u come pugna+
00:07:25que2stress gang?
00:07:45infect pugna top
00:07:52c-yanker go bot
00:07:53c-yanker again
00:07:55Strom ye sorry, he died
00:08:00que2stress need 50 gold
00:08:01c-yanker idiot
00:08:41atte ss
00:08:44Strom 2 mis
00:09:05infect ss phoenix
00:09:42creeeeeee ah
00:09:43creeeeeee 2 sek
00:09:45creeeeeee stick
00:10:03que2stress ss mid
00:10:05Strom sorry, can't without boots
00:10:08Smokeer y
00:10:11Zagor help bot
00:10:35infect freefarm alche
00:10:38infect phoenix still sss
00:10:39Strom me too
00:10:55atte ss 2 mid
00:11:15Strom lol
00:11:16Strom thx
00:11:27Zagor haste
00:12:03c-yanker LUCKER :D
00:12:11Strom mis 2 bot
00:12:16infect coudlnt find tp @ first :D:D
00:13:07Vangelis ss
00:13:08Vangelis mid
00:13:15Smokeer cent??
00:13:27atte pugna mid
00:13:37Smokeer go mid
00:14:01TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:14:03TakinBackMyLove thf
00:14:03atte strange
00:14:06TakinBackMyLove ¨gi
00:14:06TakinBackMyLove go
00:14:07TakinBackMyLove away
00:14:10atte dd went off
00:14:31atte tower
00:14:49creeeeeee oom
00:15:11Strom pugna inc mid
00:15:19c-yanker i join u now
00:15:27atte kinda waiting for venge stun
00:15:30creeeeeee mana
00:15:31creeeeeee :S
00:15:37creeeeeee alce freefarmin
00:15:38creeeeeee :/
00:15:41Strom me too
00:15:47atte and alche aint
00:16:49Smokeer i cant alone def ^^
00:16:54Vangelis roof
00:16:56Vangelis has radi
00:16:57Vangelis soon
00:16:58Vangelis ?
00:17:01atte go
00:17:01que2stress possible
00:17:21Smokeer argh
00:17:35infect dot dagger
00:17:36Vangelis y
00:17:38Vangelis he has relic
00:17:47Smokeer 3 unit then go gang some1
00:17:47Strom I'll get radi in 800g
00:17:53que2stress we must go gang
00:17:59que2stress or push`?
00:18:03Strom then we could gang/push all towers
00:18:06atte tp
00:18:07infect top
00:18:08atte we kill
00:18:09atte got invis
00:18:13c-yanker push
00:18:13atte he ulti over
00:18:13infect need venge
00:18:20atte ahaa
00:18:21infect some1 come
00:18:22atte phonix
00:18:31atte tp
00:18:32atte for bait
00:18:33atte aha
00:18:36creeeeeee cd
00:18:37creeeeeee 3 sek
00:18:39atte 4
00:18:39infect 4
00:18:40infect top
00:18:43atte 5
00:18:44atte 5 top
00:18:47atte b
00:19:01atte sad
00:19:01c-yanker get tps
00:19:23c-yanker come up
00:19:29Smokeer top tower
00:19:35infect i go reg
00:19:50infect and tele bot after
00:19:56atte no flying no wards
00:20:04infect venge
00:20:12Vangelis need
00:20:14Vangelis phoenix
00:20:15Vangelis here
00:20:33Strom that went well
00:20:34creeeeeee pffff
00:20:36creeeeeee all bot
00:20:45infect venge, u r our support
00:20:49infect why no wards and stuff?
00:21:07infect even in the beginnin aclhe got farm cause you didnt buy pull ward
00:21:08TakinBackMyLove i go
00:21:09TakinBackMyLove mdi
00:21:16creeeeeee he got farm
00:21:19creeeeeee cuz i roamed
00:21:27Smokeer all 5 go top?
00:21:32infect and 1 ward would have prevented that
00:21:33Strom need to get mt 300g again, died
00:21:33c-yanker we could rosh
00:21:35Strom then we can push
00:21:45TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:21:46TakinBackMyLove clock
00:21:47TakinBackMyLove let
00:21:47TakinBackMyLove me
00:21:48TakinBackMyLove get
00:21:49TakinBackMyLove radi ?
00:22:28infect alche radi too son
00:23:22Vangelis b
00:23:23atte b
00:23:23Vangelis ?
00:23:44infect ikka veel ei osta warde vä :D?
00:23:55creeeeeee ostetud tükka aega tagasi juba
00:24:00Vangelis CARE TOP
00:24:00Vangelis ?
00:24:14Strom imo chen get some creeps
00:24:16Strom and lets push all towers
00:24:36c-yanker i got jango
00:24:37c-yanker dont makeit
00:24:41que2stress i got it
00:24:43que2stress since 15 min
00:24:50Vangelis epic
00:24:53Zagor mana pls
00:25:15Vangelis :D
00:25:17que2stress i make meka after
00:25:53Smokeer veng
00:25:53Smokeer go
00:25:54Smokeer top
00:25:55Smokeer ffs
00:25:57atte gone
00:26:05Strom no ulti
00:26:07Zagor inv\
00:26:10Vangelis i take
00:26:17atte hex rly soon
00:26:29que2stress k meka
00:26:52Strom they going bot tower
00:26:53Strom do we def?
00:26:57Smokeer t
00:26:58Smokeer y
00:27:02Smokeer 4sec
00:27:03creeeeeee got 2 wards down and died 2 times cuz of that also
00:27:06creeeeeee so cool
00:27:20Strom atte is oom
00:27:22Strom we can't def
00:27:23infect mine invi kõrvale?
00:27:25Smokeer wtf
00:27:29atte 700mana now
00:27:29Smokeer ate
00:27:30Smokeer go
00:27:31Smokeer rege
00:27:34c-yanker pugna
00:27:34infect no dust
00:27:35c-yanker give tp
00:27:36c-yanker to alche
00:27:38c-yanker so he can farm top
00:27:46Vangelis so
00:27:47Vangelis Lame
00:27:48atte b
00:27:51atte oom now
00:27:58atte NICE
00:28:09atte ok
00:28:13atte why didnt i just go regen
00:28:18c-yanker more stuns on me=
00:28:19c-yanker :)
00:28:26atte since we didnt need to fight there
00:28:29Smokeer more?
00:28:30atte but gj with phonix
00:28:32Smokeer 1 stun and u die
00:28:51atte kill alch
00:28:58atte alch
00:29:04atte alch no ulti
00:29:05atte :e
00:29:30atte buy smoke do something smart and i try top tower
00:29:49Strom ok people
00:29:51que2stress push top?
00:29:53Strom lets do something smart with smoke
00:29:54c-yanker y
00:30:10atte go
00:30:26atte swap
00:30:49atte ffs tp cd
00:31:16que2stress gather for mid?
00:31:18c-yanker y
00:31:30Smokeer i can heal every 30sdec
00:32:57c-yanker tsk
00:33:16c-yanker b
00:33:34que2stress well rego after
00:33:52Zagor \go rosh?
00:33:56c-yanker y
00:34:20Strom i still have that smoke
00:34:22Strom lets gang someone
00:34:34atte someone push bot first
00:34:51creeeeeee dd
00:34:56Smokeer take
00:34:56Smokeer ffs
00:35:07atte care now
00:35:09Vangelis who
00:35:09Vangelis takes
00:35:10Vangelis ?
00:35:11TakinBackMyLove i
00:35:16que2stress or me?
00:35:16creeeeeee rosh
00:35:19atte b
00:35:22TakinBackMyLove go
00:35:22TakinBackMyLove mid
00:35:23TakinBackMyLove end
00:35:25Strom b
00:35:28atte i take
00:35:33c-yanker we kinda need u pugna
00:35:39que2stress coming
00:35:41que2stress but wait plz
00:35:42Strom target alche last
00:35:44que2stress arf
00:35:45Strom eh's too tanky & aegis
00:35:47que2stress chat
00:36:40Vangelis :D
00:36:43que2stress nice swap :;D
00:36:51creeeeeee :D
00:36:55infect i come
00:37:04Strom lol
00:37:09Strom dude is fat
00:37:10Zagor rax
00:37:23infect noone wanted to gank
00:37:31Zagor gj
00:37:49Smokeer \ok
00:37:50Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:04Smokeer alch already fat
00:38:26Smokeer they full hood
00:38:27atte well once fight
00:38:50c-yanker dont dive
00:39:05atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:07creeeeeee I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:08Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:13que2stress gg
00:39:13c-yanker Gg
00:39:18infect I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:26Smokeer real joke
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