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Chat log

00:00:18nigulas meh woods
00:00:18Strom anyone willing to play omni?
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove Brb
00:00:18sandii mm
00:00:18Flex- xD
00:00:18sandii i dunno
00:00:18Smokeer no one :(
00:00:18Flex- mby sandii
00:00:18Flex- ?
00:00:18slc2 me dazzle
00:00:18sandii well i normally like to play it, but not today!
00:00:18Strom ok if not omni, then how about lyca
00:00:18Flex- give it a go
00:00:18Flex- i
00:00:18slc2 går du ikke pudge mid?
00:00:18Flex- can lyca
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove jo
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove im back
00:00:18Smokeer i can lyca too
00:00:18Strom ok I will take lyca for you, unless he bans
00:00:18Strom omni
00:00:18Flex- kk
00:00:18Flex- he will
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove Lycan
00:00:18Flex- ban it
00:00:18Flex- :))
00:00:20sandii go pa
00:00:21sandii :P
00:00:22slc2 måske skulle du ck istedet?
00:00:25Flex- nah
00:00:28Flex- ck in the pool
00:00:29TakinBackMyLove arh gider ikke ck
00:00:29sandii ck?
00:00:31sandii :)(
00:00:34sandii yeah
00:00:37TakinBackMyLove someone should
00:00:37TakinBackMyLove ck
00:00:39TakinBackMyLove thoe
00:00:42Smokeer bastard chen
00:00:52slc2 hmm må jeg solo top?
00:00:54Flex- wd counters chen
00:00:54Flex- tbh
00:01:05mrk want it
00:01:06slc2 kongkat
00:01:06mrk ?
00:01:08sandii i do!
00:01:09TakinBackMyLove ?=
00:01:09nigulas get sum stunner/slow top
00:01:12nigulas so i can do propa ganks
00:01:14slc2 må jeg solo top?
00:01:17TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:18TakinBackMyLove wl
00:01:21TakinBackMyLove and rhasata
00:01:25slc2 jeg havde tænk mig wl solo?
00:01:28Smokeer i go pudge? xD
00:01:29Aleks875 guys
00:01:30mrk get me ck
00:01:31Flex- smokeer
00:01:32Aleks875 no mags
00:01:32sandii kk
00:01:34Flex- nvm
00:01:36Smokeer ?
00:01:36Aleks875 tank
00:01:37Smokeer ..
00:01:38mrk -swap 4
00:01:39sandii -swap 2
00:01:40Aleks875 CK
00:01:41Aleks875 ..
00:01:45Strom thd
00:01:46sandii is ours!
00:01:46Strom enigma
00:01:47Flex- i baby sit
00:01:48Flex- ck
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove pugde
00:01:50slc2 thd
00:01:50TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:52slc2 thd
00:01:54nigulas go pudge /thd
00:01:56Smokeer -swapall
00:01:58TakinBackMyLove pugde
00:02:00sandii :D
00:02:02mrk zz
00:02:03Aleks875 take jakiro
00:02:08Smokeer -swapcanceled
00:02:09nigulas lock
00:02:11Smokeer -swapcancel
00:02:12nigulas keep harrassing em
00:02:12slc2 swap med ham?
00:02:15nigulas cuz we cant kill em full hp
00:02:15Flex- -music 1
00:02:16Aleks875 I go mid
00:02:16Strom enigma, do you know how to forest, yes?
00:02:20slc2 jep jep
00:02:24sandii lol, who doesnt?
00:02:25Smokeer omg
00:02:27Smokeer u think
00:02:30Flex- he doesnt need to forest mby?
00:02:32Smokeer i first time
00:02:32TakinBackMyLove i go
00:02:33Aleks875 warlock
00:02:33Flex- he can
00:02:33TakinBackMyLove mid..
00:02:34nigulas share
00:02:34Flex- push
00:02:35Flex- with
00:02:36Flex- wd
00:02:37Flex- and they
00:02:38Aleks875 take aghanim
00:02:39Flex- imba kill top
00:02:40Flex- -hhn
00:02:41TakinBackMyLove rhasta
00:02:42TakinBackMyLove i go
00:02:42nigulas share
00:02:43TakinBackMyLove mid.
00:02:43Flex- my 2 cents
00:02:44nigulas chick
00:02:49nigulas pudger
00:02:50nigulas chick
00:02:57mrk go there
00:03:01Flex- mrk
00:03:03Flex- weird item no ?
00:03:05Strom enigma go top
00:03:06mrk enigma
00:03:06mrk go
00:03:09Smokeer forest
00:03:11mrk steal chen
00:03:11mrk top
00:03:12mrk forest
00:03:13mrk push tower
00:03:17Flex- yup
00:03:23Flex- what he takes
00:03:26Flex- you take away
00:03:29nigulas care
00:03:41nigulas ss1
00:03:55Platscher lol
00:04:19nigulas THE FUCK WAS THAT
00:04:21nigulas u go
00:04:25nigulas from here?
00:04:32slc2 wtf are udoin?
00:04:37nigulas wtf are u doing
00:04:38slc2 just run dude
00:04:39nigulas enigma
00:04:41nigulas was free kill
00:04:42nigulas and
00:04:43nigulas u cant
00:04:46nigulas come straight
00:04:47nigulas need to
00:04:49nigulas fucking
00:05:15Smokeer ROFL
00:05:18sandii :O
00:05:21Smokeer i cant steal creep
00:05:23Smokeer powerful
00:05:34sandii :D
00:05:41Strom ck gang mid
00:05:48Flex- lol?
00:05:51Flex- \he will farm
00:05:53Flex- and carry
00:06:51TakinBackMyLove ss
00:07:06nigulas come
00:07:12nigulas engima
00:07:16sandii care
00:07:17Strom wr bot
00:07:22Aleks875 bot farming hard
00:07:22sandii ss top
00:07:23sandii 2
00:07:27TakinBackMyLove omw
00:07:28TakinBackMyLove bot
00:08:27mrk up bird please
00:08:49mrk wd?
00:08:50mrk bird please
00:08:58mrk ty
00:09:06TakinBackMyLove wt
00:09:08TakinBackMyLove chen
00:09:16sandii vittu
00:09:25Smokeer chen>engima
00:09:26Smokeer really
00:09:27Smokeer xDDD
00:09:42Smokeer 7lvl maybe >chen
00:09:55mrk ow
00:09:56Platscher fu homo
00:09:57Strom mis wr
00:10:02TakinBackMyLove to
00:10:03TakinBackMyLove sec
00:10:03sandii ss top
00:10:14Aleks875 homo
00:10:18Flex- reuse
00:10:18Aleks875 buy wardss
00:10:36sandii :DDD
00:10:40Smokeer i was shop
00:10:40sandii ohmygod
00:10:41Smokeer and i die
00:10:42Smokeer zzz
00:10:48sandii btw chen
00:10:51sandii how did u not die?
00:10:52sandii to male?
00:10:59nigulas cuz ur male is lvl1?
00:11:05sandii 2
00:11:22Strom wr top
00:11:24Smokeer who send me to top forest?
00:11:27Smokeer really bad idea
00:11:31Strom not me
00:11:41mrk in theory it was an awesome idea
00:11:52Smokeer chen got cent
00:11:54TakinBackMyLove enigam
00:11:54slc2 oom
00:11:54Smokeer i gave up always
00:11:57mrk u converse it
00:12:00sandii he cant
00:12:03sandii too powerfull
00:12:03mrk he cant?
00:12:04sandii :D
00:12:06mrk ah
00:12:07sandii at start
00:12:13Smokeer y
00:12:24Aleks875 5 sec stun
00:12:28slc2 k
00:12:32Smokeer i would 8min dagger rdy
00:12:33Platscher ss
00:12:33Smokeer zzzz
00:12:35Platscher mid
00:12:59Smokeer 0-4
00:13:04slc2 hehehehehhe
00:13:07sandii idd
00:13:10sandii like 2hp?
00:13:15Aleks875 lol
00:13:20Aleks875 stupid wards
00:13:22sandii u so lucky @ top :(
00:13:37TakinBackMyLove b
00:13:38TakinBackMyLove b
00:13:38TakinBackMyLove b
00:13:38TakinBackMyLove b
00:13:42Platscher who used me
00:13:44Platscher fucktards
00:13:46TakinBackMyLove newb
00:13:47TakinBackMyLove gho
00:13:47TakinBackMyLove bk
00:13:54slc2 i got ulti
00:13:55Platscher someone send me for him
00:13:58mrk wards pehaps
00:13:59mrk very useful
00:14:01Platscher fucking asshole pink
00:14:05Smokeer later
00:14:05TakinBackMyLove chen
00:14:06TakinBackMyLove come
00:14:06TakinBackMyLove mid
00:14:08Smokeer u can buy
00:14:13Platscher too short omfg
00:14:24TakinBackMyLove chen
00:14:25Aleks875 short penis
00:14:25TakinBackMyLove we
00:14:27TakinBackMyLove need you to
00:14:28TakinBackMyLove push
00:14:35Platscher oom
00:14:36TakinBackMyLove gogog
00:14:47TakinBackMyLove wl
00:14:47TakinBackMyLove dotn
00:14:48TakinBackMyLove get
00:14:49Aleks875 pudge have short penis
00:14:49TakinBackMyLove lothars!
00:14:53slc2 im not
00:14:53Flex- :D
00:15:41Strom this enigma
00:15:42Flex- wd
00:15:43Flex- wtf
00:15:43Strom is kind of bad
00:15:47Flex- smokeer
00:15:49Flex- is kinda bad
00:15:51Flex- period
00:15:52sandii oh yeh
00:15:54sandii pudge is not ours
00:15:55nigulas got ulti
00:15:55nigulas push
00:15:57sandii :DD
00:16:01Flex- sandii
00:16:02mrk wasnt everyone alive for a long time
00:16:04Flex- got fuck your self
00:16:04mrk enough time to come mid
00:16:05Platscher ?
00:16:10Strom enigma, you need to teleport into action
00:16:17sandii well i was watching that i wasnt alone
00:16:21Aleks875 b
00:16:23sandii i thought we had pudge for example :D
00:16:26TakinBackMyLove get
00:16:27TakinBackMyLove bot
00:16:29TakinBackMyLove tower
00:16:30TakinBackMyLove now
00:16:37Aleks875 go push again
00:16:41Strom we just lost 2 towers
00:16:42Aleks875 we must push
00:16:42Smokeer tc u kinda bad
00:16:42Flex- we lost 2 towers
00:16:43slc2 m8
00:16:48Platscher someone up chick ?
00:16:49Flex- cause wd cant move properly and enigma no tp
00:16:52Flex- rediculos silver
00:16:57Aleks875 i will
00:17:12Aleks875 go push
00:17:14Aleks875 again
00:17:19Platscher ?=
00:17:24TakinBackMyLove def
00:17:25TakinBackMyLove it
00:17:28Flex- sandii
00:17:29Flex- use the stuns
00:18:00nigulas ffs
00:18:02TakinBackMyLove why
00:18:03TakinBackMyLove isist
00:18:05TakinBackMyLove insit
00:18:06TakinBackMyLove wl
00:18:07TakinBackMyLove there ?
00:18:07Platscher why you go in ?
00:18:13TakinBackMyLove wll
00:18:15TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:18:15TakinBackMyLove din
00:18:16TakinBackMyLove newb
00:18:17TakinBackMyLove def
00:18:20slc2 jeg tog tårn
00:18:23TakinBackMyLove fuck
00:18:23TakinBackMyLove det
00:18:24TakinBackMyLove vi
00:18:24TakinBackMyLove sakl
00:18:26Strom enigma
00:18:26TakinBackMyLove ikke midste
00:18:28TakinBackMyLove tårne
00:18:28Strom playing singleplayer?
00:18:31TakinBackMyLove vi
00:18:31Smokeer yes
00:18:32slc2 hvordan kan i tabe?
00:18:34TakinBackMyLove midstet lige
00:18:34TakinBackMyLove to
00:18:36TakinBackMyLove pga
00:18:36Aleks875 - 2 tpwers
00:18:37TakinBackMyLove digg newb
00:18:38Aleks875 iditods
00:18:39Smokeer soon dagger
00:18:40Strom well don't
00:18:41TakinBackMyLove tard
00:18:44Flex- let him dagger
00:18:52Aleks875 MORE FEED CK
00:18:53slc2 pikfjæs
00:18:53Smokeer strom
00:18:57Smokeer 10min i havent farm
00:19:02Aleks875 WE HAVE MASS CARRY
00:19:02nigulas wl is too cheap
00:19:04Smokeer top epic fail
00:19:04nigulas to buy a fucking tp
00:19:15slc2 just used
00:19:17Smokeer coming top
00:19:21Aleks875 PUSH MID
00:19:21nigulas ff
00:19:22TakinBackMyLove no
00:19:24TakinBackMyLove tps
00:19:24TakinBackMyLove its
00:19:26TakinBackMyLove perfect
00:19:34TakinBackMyLove rhatas
00:19:35TakinBackMyLove hjave
00:19:35TakinBackMyLove a
00:19:36TakinBackMyLove fucking tp
00:19:37TakinBackMyLove on youy
00:19:39mrk coming isnt enough
00:19:40Flex- get a tp
00:19:54TakinBackMyLove this
00:19:55Platscher pfff
00:19:55TakinBackMyLove rhsat
00:19:56Aleks875 haha
00:19:58Aleks875 retards
00:19:58TakinBackMyLove gety
00:20:00TakinBackMyLove a fucking
00:20:01TakinBackMyLove tp
00:20:03TakinBackMyLove you dumbass
00:20:09Flex- got mecha
00:20:12Aleks875 u must push MID
00:20:13slc2 jeg havde jo lige brugt tp så der ville være cd på om jeg købte en eller ej
00:20:14Aleks875 reatrds
00:20:23Aleks875 feed ck
00:20:31slc2 ck has just died
00:20:31TakinBackMyLove allways
00:20:32TakinBackMyLove have
00:20:32TakinBackMyLove tp
00:20:33TakinBackMyLove on you
00:20:34TakinBackMyLove no
00:20:35TakinBackMyLove matter
00:20:36TakinBackMyLove waht
00:20:39TakinBackMyLove if you dont have a tp
00:20:40TakinBackMyLove your newb!
00:20:44TakinBackMyLove understand
00:21:02Flex- get mana
00:21:03Flex- and go
00:21:08Strom lets push top towers
00:21:13Flex- yes
00:21:14Flex- i have
00:21:16Flex- mecha even
00:21:21TakinBackMyLove gather
00:21:22TakinBackMyLove and
00:21:23TakinBackMyLove gang
00:21:25TakinBackMyLove all
00:21:26TakinBackMyLove coem
00:21:32TakinBackMyLove tp
00:21:33TakinBackMyLove all
00:21:34TakinBackMyLove tp
00:21:37TakinBackMyLove use your tps
00:21:50TakinBackMyLove get
00:21:51TakinBackMyLove him
00:22:01TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:22:03TakinBackMyLove pugde
00:22:05sandii niceone
00:22:06Platscher stfu noob
00:22:08Platscher just stfu
00:22:10Platscher pink
00:22:14Platscher annoying lowbird
00:22:15Flex- fuck sakes
00:22:17Flex- STUN YOU IDIOTs
00:22:24Flex- ppl
00:22:25Flex- just look
00:22:28Flex- how i get killed
00:22:29Flex- and do nothing
00:22:35Smokeer well
00:22:38TakinBackMyLove see thats
00:22:38Strom we need more than 3
00:22:39TakinBackMyLove how
00:22:39Strom for push
00:22:43TakinBackMyLove you paly
00:22:43TakinBackMyLove newb
00:22:45Flex- wasnt
00:22:45Flex- wd
00:22:46TakinBackMyLove you w8
00:22:46Flex- behind us
00:22:47TakinBackMyLove to
00:22:47Flex- ?
00:22:47Strom nope
00:22:48TakinBackMyLove he
00:22:48TakinBackMyLove has
00:22:50TakinBackMyLove used
00:22:50Smokeer no
00:22:51TakinBackMyLove him
00:22:52TakinBackMyLove his
00:22:52sandii i was coming, but pudge ultied me
00:22:53TakinBackMyLove ulti
00:22:55TakinBackMyLove then you hook
00:22:57TakinBackMyLove dumbass
00:22:57sandii he was invis
00:23:01sandii but i killed him
00:23:02sandii :D
00:23:05TakinBackMyLove its called use your brai
00:23:07TakinBackMyLove brain
00:23:07Platscher your mom fat piece of shit
00:23:11Platscher get some rl
00:23:14Smokeer got ulit
00:23:16nigulas b
00:23:33slc2 hårdt
00:23:47nigulas i dont get it
00:23:50nigulas why in gods name
00:23:51nigulas u stay
00:23:59Flex- chen no creeps
00:24:00Flex- so just push
00:24:00Flex- top
00:24:13Platscher b
00:24:29Flex- now
00:24:33Flex- no wards even :D
00:24:53sandii just haven placed these <.<
00:25:23Smokeer gj
00:25:24Smokeer push
00:25:30Smokeer 5 dead
00:25:30Smokeer xD
00:25:30TakinBackMyLove its lost
00:25:31TakinBackMyLove to
00:25:34TakinBackMyLove bad ppl to win it
00:25:40Aleks875 look CK
00:25:41TakinBackMyLove rhsata and
00:25:41Aleks875 ahahah
00:25:45TakinBackMyLove pugde are a joke
00:25:52Aleks875 u joke here
00:25:55Aleks875 useles
00:25:57Platscher your a fucking joke
00:25:59TakinBackMyLove look at how much you guysd feed ?
00:26:02Platscher dumb useless piece of a bastard
00:26:06TakinBackMyLove i dont know how you can feed so much
00:26:16Platscher look how dumb you are
00:26:18Flex- back
00:26:21TakinBackMyLove you orbvious dont know how to play your hero
00:26:31Platscher you obviously got no life
00:26:32Platscher kid
00:26:37nigulas kasulik cheni pick oli
00:26:39TakinBackMyLove no i dont
00:26:39Platscher get some friends
00:26:43Flex- often is
00:26:47Platscher your just sad
00:26:48Platscher nothing else
00:26:49Flex- but wd and enigma should counter easy
00:26:52Platscher and now stfu
00:26:54TakinBackMyLove lol have 750 freinds on fb i think i have enuf
00:26:56nigulas its not that
00:26:57nigulas jsut rhasta
00:26:57Platscher no one wants to listen to your shit
00:26:58nigulas and pudge
00:27:00Flex- Yea
00:27:01nigulas are too awesome
00:27:04Flex- rhasta and pudge
00:27:09Flex- they are addorable
00:27:09Flex- :DD
00:27:13sandii :)
00:27:15Strom lets push the tempo
00:27:17Strom and get mid
00:27:17Flex- Well
00:27:22Platscher i like my team
00:27:25Platscher full of pros
00:27:31sandii well ur pro urself
00:27:32Platscher one better than the other
00:27:35sandii tried to kill me
00:27:38sandii and died
00:27:39sandii x)
00:27:40Smokeer rege
00:27:48Platscher now your great =?
00:27:48Flex- ck
00:27:49mrk ill rege too
00:27:49Flex- take rege
00:27:49TakinBackMyLove he could easy have killed you
00:27:50Flex- and we go
00:27:53sandii im not
00:27:53mrk ah
00:27:53mrk oik
00:27:54Strom guys, lets get an entry maybe ... or even if not
00:27:56Strom lets push mid
00:27:59mrk no need
00:28:00Platscher gonna go tell your daddy and mommy you killed pudge ? XD
00:28:00mrk i can insta
00:28:01mrk anyone
00:28:04TakinBackMyLove if he just had w8ted with the hook to after you ultis
00:28:05sandii kongkat, he ultied me first :D
00:28:07slc2 faz
00:28:11sandii ye
00:28:35nigulas I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:37nigulas go ff it
00:28:47nigulas write ff pls
00:28:56nigulas I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:58Smokeer ulti was cd wait a sec
00:28:59Smokeer zzz
00:29:12nigulas why waste time?
00:29:16slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:24Aleks875 no carry in team and so feed carry CK
00:29:33Aleks875 .ff
00:29:38Smokeer 0-8
00:29:39slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:40Smokeer xD
00:29:42slc2 ff it please
00:29:42Smokeer -xx x
00:30:16Strom damn fatal
00:30:16sandii :(
00:30:17TakinBackMyLove we had a fine
00:30:17Strom bonds
00:30:17Flex- b
00:30:23TakinBackMyLove lineup you just cant play it
00:31:32sandii omg
00:31:33sandii !
00:31:43mrk coming
00:31:46mrk for the kills
00:31:57sandii :D
00:32:06slc2 killl
00:32:14sandii this hero so fun
00:32:16sandii 8)
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