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91% | 1603 X | 1436 TS

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-4 TS

71% | 1434 X | 1288 TS

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47% | 1110 X | 1348 TS

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9% | 958 X | 1105 TS

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75% | 1343 X | 1428 TS

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50% | 1184 X | 1318 TS

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40% | 1078 X | 1327 TS

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39% | 1071 X | 1323 TS

Chat log

00:00:090Xxo0_o mode ?:
00:00:101m4n5h0w rd?
00:00:10Platscher blue rd
00:00:10ForbeateN sd?
00:00:10ForbeateN sd is faster..
00:00:101m4n5h0w rd
00:00:101m4n5h0w is mode
00:00:10Platscher rd
00:00:10Platscher homo afkler
00:00:101m4n5h0w well
00:00:10ForbeateN .i.
00:00:101m4n5h0w xd
00:00:10ForbeateN HELLO
00:00:10ForbeateN BLUEEEEEEEEE
00:00:100Xxo0_o rmk :D
00:00:10Jimpai EH
00:00:10Platscher RD
00:00:10Jimpai -rd
00:00:16ForbeateN cmon fast
00:00:161m4n5h0w sd
00:00:19Jimpai SD AND ROOFT!
00:00:260Xxo0_o pick me pudge plz
00:00:27Aleks875 so write it
00:00:31Jimpai ok
00:00:320Xxo0_o u can _?
00:00:331m4n5h0w sd and roof
00:00:341m4n5h0w are banned
00:00:350Xxo0_o blue ?
00:00:39Jimpai ofc not
00:00:391m4n5h0w -swap 9
00:00:41Jimpai pudge is mine
00:00:460Xxo0_o :( pick me sk please
00:00:59sebralane wat banned
00:01:031m4n5h0w sd and roof
00:01:030Xxo0_o give me pudge plz :/
00:01:05ForbeateN SHADOW DEAMON
00:01:061m4n5h0w shadow demon and roof
00:01:07sebralane imba
00:01:08ForbeateN AND ROOF
00:01:09Aleks875 can i mid?
00:01:111m4n5h0w y
00:01:14Aleks875 ty
00:01:14sebralane dont
00:01:15sebralane no
00:01:151m4n5h0w if you dont fail
00:01:18sebralane dont
00:01:27Aleks875 i dont
00:01:28sebralane he carrys hes brain aroud in a paper bag
00:01:30sebralane dont let
00:01:371m4n5h0w lina for me
00:01:40sebralane he will just fed and let freefarm
00:01:44ForbeateN -ea
00:01:501m4n5h0w -swap 9
00:01:51Aleks875 sebralane stfu loser
00:01:52ForbeateN gj
00:01:521m4n5h0w -swap 4
00:01:53Platscher -swap 1
00:01:55Aleks875 and buy chicken noob
00:01:56MadLion nice
00:01:59MadLion slardar with quelling
00:02:01MadLion comes down
00:02:050Xxo0_o lol
00:02:051m4n5h0w me with ogre toop
00:02:060Xxo0_o and ?
00:02:10sebralane forgot
00:02:11sebralane jhehe ull take his farm thats what
00:02:19MadLion nah
00:02:21MadLion he will try to
00:02:211m4n5h0w chick
00:02:221m4n5h0w wtf
00:02:23Platscher chick -.-
00:02:25sebralane forgot
00:02:26MadLion and it ends up no1 of us gets the farm
00:02:27Jimpai pitlord bot
00:02:28Aleks875 chicken idiot
00:02:28Jimpai instead
00:02:291m4n5h0w ...
00:02:29Aleks875 !
00:02:29Jimpai ok?
00:02:30sebralane we dont need it anyway
00:02:31Jimpai yes
00:02:310Xxo0_o no
00:02:33Jimpai slardar top
00:02:33MadLion classic
00:02:331m4n5h0w buy when you got gold
00:02:35Jimpai i deecide lanes
00:02:361m4n5h0w we do
00:02:36Jimpai since im leader
00:02:360Xxo0_o me
00:02:37Aleks875 no
00:02:37sebralane chiken is overrated
00:02:371m4n5h0w i do
00:02:39Platscher get chick
00:02:391m4n5h0w no
00:02:390Xxo0_o down
00:02:41Platscher or ban
00:02:41Jimpai and if you dont go those lanes
00:02:42sebralane ill see about that...
00:02:430Xxo0_o omg
00:02:43Jimpai you will get banned
00:02:441m4n5h0w make chick
00:02:44Jimpai read rules
00:02:440Xxo0_o wtf ?
00:02:45Aleks875 he ,ust buy it before creeps mirana can go top also+
00:02:47Aleks875 !
00:02:481m4n5h0w when you got 200 gold
00:02:49Aleks875 sell
00:02:50Platscher make chick or ban
00:02:511m4n5h0w first one back to base
00:02:52Aleks875 noob
00:02:541m4n5h0w makes it
00:02:55sebralane sell ur mom?
00:02:59ForbeateN bann him
00:02:59sebralane wount get anything
00:03:02Aleks875 banned
00:03:03Aleks875 !
00:03:06Platscher banned than
00:03:06Aleks875 tide banned iih shiiiit
00:03:08sebralane yes u are guys
00:03:10Aleks875 no chicken i forgot chiken iill geit it
00:03:17sebralane bottle kunkka
00:03:19sebralane imbashit inc in a sec
00:03:26ForbeateN .i.
00:03:28MadLion we love you anyways
00:03:35sebralane bs mid soo mid will have freefarm just dont want ban. :D
00:03:36sebralane np solo some time ill go get chiken
00:04:08sebralane arrow me bitch
00:04:300Xxo0_o look leo omg
00:04:380Xxo0_o 2/3 hp mm? learn to read chat
00:04:53sebralane birch jimpai chiken is free
00:06:180Xxo0_o ss10
00:07:48ForbeateN gj
00:07:55Aleks875 mid ss
00:07:59sebralane pudge
00:08:020Xxo0_o help
00:08:390Xxo0_o help !!!
00:08:45ForbeateN what a luck
00:09:030Xxo0_o ss2
00:09:17sebralane opdge rune
00:09:181m4n5h0w chick is in
00:09:55ForbeateN ss
00:10:020Xxo0_o re
00:10:43sebralane bad idea...passive removes ulti :/
00:10:51Jimpai ehm
00:10:55Jimpai okey teacher;)
00:11:00sebralane yep son
00:11:04sebralane i am dissapoint
00:11:11Aleks875 u retard
00:11:15Aleks875 stfu tide
00:11:220Xxo0_o this is gg
00:11:26Jimpai i
00:11:28sebralane no uur mom is for not making abort
00:12:05ForbeateN ss
00:12:070Xxo0_o lol blue
00:12:18sebralane silence him i have ulti nuke
00:12:28Aleks875 lol
00:12:31Aleks875 i am scare ,,,,
00:12:510Xxo0_o ff
00:12:57ForbeateN ss
00:13:15sebralane iizy kill
00:14:18Jimpai no good idea sebra
00:14:191m4n5h0w haha
00:14:24sebralane it was
00:14:30sebralane part of my tactics
00:14:34Aleks875 hes our feeder
00:15:15Aleks875 care
00:15:460Xxo0_o lol
00:15:500Xxo0_o only pro hooks
00:16:46Aleks875 ok mirana
00:16:57Jimpai bad idea
00:17:03sebralane as i said
00:17:06sebralane part of plan
00:17:15ForbeateN rly
00:17:17ForbeateN f u
00:17:240Xxo0_o dd
00:19:14sebralane u will come just in time
00:19:18Aleks875 its part of plan
00:19:24Aleks875 die for feed seeker
00:19:37Platscher STOP CONTROLLING MEI was it so damn hard to gang top
00:20:53Jimpai ehm
00:20:57Jimpai since they had hardcarry mid mnjah
00:21:08Jimpai and bot they also had carries
00:21:15ForbeateN me rune
00:21:27Platscher XD
00:21:28ForbeateN what a noob
00:21:34ForbeateN looser
00:21:37sebralane it will spawi ' at 20
00:21:39sebralane u can take it
00:22:08ForbeateN ulti care
00:22:35Jimpai slardar
00:22:36Jimpai so good
00:22:460Xxo0_o u2
00:23:12sebralane why u ulti me?
00:23:14sebralane its bad itea
00:23:17sebralane idea
00:23:58Platscher XD
00:24:230Xxo0_o -music off
00:24:28Platscher up chick
00:24:31Platscher lina
00:24:33Platscher support -.-
00:24:36Platscher upgrade allready
00:24:40Platscher got most money
00:25:23Platscher reuse
00:25:42ForbeateN f nabs
00:25:47ForbeateN i tokk the chicken
00:26:010Xxo0_o -ms
00:26:16Platscher -st
00:27:05sebralane i think i must farm
00:27:08sebralane til 50 minute
00:27:25sebralane pduge come kill me
00:27:32ForbeateN ahah
00:30:14Platscher omfg
00:30:171m4n5h0w there
00:30:18Platscher which noob was it
00:30:181m4n5h0w it died
00:30:21Platscher dumb idiots
00:30:23sebralane alex
00:30:27ForbeateN who died
00:30:28sebralane was the dumb guckl nicee
00:31:11sebralane nab
00:31:121m4n5h0w lucky mira ;)
00:31:15Platscher noob omfg
00:31:29Platscher who used chick ?
00:32:13sebralane get them son
00:32:21ForbeateN b
00:32:311m4n5h0w ultimateorb there
00:32:461m4n5h0w whose ultimate orb was it?
00:32:46ForbeateN go mid
00:32:51Platscher your moms
00:32:51Aleks875 mine
00:32:56Aleks875 ty
00:32:581m4n5h0w lies in base
00:33:53sebralane shit no rune
00:34:05Jimpai shit we just admitted we had ward
00:34:20Platscher XD
00:34:551m4n5h0w haha
00:34:571m4n5h0w ur so lucky
00:34:581m4n5h0w ffs
00:34:59Platscher tide fail ulti
00:35:00Platscher lol
00:35:031m4n5h0w really
00:35:041m4n5h0w tide
00:35:04ForbeateN epic tide
00:35:05ForbeateN looser
00:35:06ForbeateN xD
00:35:081m4n5h0w so bad
00:35:09Dotson hahaahahhhaa
00:35:091m4n5h0w ulti
00:35:11sebralane u lost it
00:35:15sebralane i did 5 in a ulti
00:35:211m4n5h0w you were allone
00:35:21sebralane ur the one who sucks
00:35:27Platscher and now you were allone idiot
00:35:271m4n5h0w U WERE FUCKING ALLONE
00:35:31Platscher no one was NEAR !?!
00:35:31sebralane no i wasent
00:35:36sebralane kunkka was
00:35:371m4n5h0w you were
00:35:39sebralane but he failboated
00:35:50Aleks875 go psuh
00:36:091m4n5h0w mirana is misses lucky ;)
00:36:38sebralane if we could moce with 5
00:36:42sebralane it would be sooooooo awseome
00:37:16Aleks875 we ened dust
00:37:23Aleks875 that invis
00:37:26Aleks875 boring
00:37:39sebralane nice
00:37:570Xxo0_o gang down
00:38:13ForbeateN b
00:38:31sebralane diffu on mirana
00:38:33Jimpai good idea sebra
00:38:41sebralane part of plan father
00:38:47Aleks875 idiot
00:39:00Aleks875 ur plan is suck dick if id ruin so many games as he does
00:39:031m4n5h0w care
00:39:051m4n5h0w they go woods .. :D
00:39:09sebralane no thats ur mom living
00:39:11Jimpai ehm, you do. u havent even seen me play
00:39:231m4n5h0w go 2 games together
00:39:26Jimpai ok
00:39:29ForbeateN eye of skadi b oom
00:40:42ForbeateN ogre u could kill them
00:41:02ForbeateN tide missing of course
00:41:15sebralane my fault u go?
00:41:23sebralane eat shit dipshit
00:41:25sebralane for real
00:41:411m4n5h0w do fast rosh
00:41:49ForbeateN y
00:42:02ForbeateN lust me
00:42:15Aleks875 ogre take
00:42:21ForbeateN no u take
00:42:240Xxo0_o ...
00:42:38ForbeateN b
00:42:54Aleks875 b
00:43:07Aleks875 b
00:43:08Aleks875 all
00:43:09Aleks875 back
00:43:111m4n5h0w b
00:43:30Platscher noob bronw
00:43:31ForbeateN b
00:44:10ForbeateN b
00:44:15Platscher THIS SHIT NAP OF BROWN
00:44:17ForbeateN nice waste
00:44:20Platscher never again i help him
00:44:241m4n5h0w come
00:44:24ForbeateN def
00:44:26Platscher DUMB HUSO GO DEF
00:44:29Dotson ZORBA
00:44:31Platscher THIS IDIOT
00:44:32Platscher OMFG
00:44:33Platscher FUCKING NAP
00:44:35Platscher ZEBRA
00:44:411m4n5h0w so bad
00:44:42Platscher WORTS SHIT EVER SEEN
00:44:45sebralane I DONT GIVE A FUCK
00:44:47Platscher go leave dumb bastard
00:44:55Aleks875 b
00:45:01ForbeateN gj
00:45:02ForbeateN man
00:45:11Platscher gg noob last person again
00:45:37ForbeateN gg
00:45:40sebralane u do realize more u flame more i will fail?
00:45:461m4n5h0w cause ur freaking bad
00:45:531m4n5h0w dont play gc plz
00:46:010Xxo0_o why still me ?
00:46:09Platscher noob bwobn#
00:46:12Platscher brown
00:46:23Platscher worst shit ever seen
00:46:24sebralane i dont give a fuck
00:46:37sebralane still this is the ammount of fuck given
00:46:39ForbeateN go mid all
00:46:39Jimpai blademail first item = pwnage
00:46:43Platscher your mom said the same when she saw your fucking ugly face
00:46:52Aleks875 u fail
00:46:53Aleks875 mid
00:46:59Aleks875 brown lose it
00:47:12Platscher WOW TY STRYG
00:47:16Platscher fast reaction there
00:47:18Jimpai gj stryg
00:47:19Platscher farm on -----
00:47:29sebralane yep all game farm
00:47:29Platscher he has a reaction like a dead horse
00:47:31sebralane and we win
00:47:35sebralane oo wait,....
00:47:43Platscher y all feed and we lose
00:47:46Platscher because of noob bronw
00:47:49sebralane yy
00:47:56Platscher and now stfu useless piece of dipshit
00:47:56sebralane and pro ogreinda hause
00:48:20Platscher he is so sad
00:48:28Platscher stop dota nap
00:48:30sebralane as sad as u in bed :/
00:48:33sebralane oo wait u virgin
00:48:33sebralane shit
00:48:34Dotson zorba
00:48:36Dotson so bad
00:49:33ForbeateN I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:49:43sebralane boom 200cs
00:49:441m4n5h0w now he farms with ulti
00:49:53sebralane missclick
00:49:56Platscher never seen such a lowbob
00:49:571m4n5h0w ofc
00:49:59Platscher first no chick
00:50:01Dotson yekonim
00:50:01sebralane + u spell farm why cant i?
00:50:03Platscher than fucking up game
00:50:39Aleks875 why u pay attention for this idiot?
00:50:49Aleks875 tide erally low brain guy
00:51:07Aleks875 hes iq like 80
00:51:10Aleks875 1-10
00:51:17sebralane more than ur 9
00:51:31Aleks875 mine 140
00:52:08Aleks875 ahah
00:52:141m4n5h0w gogo mid
00:52:14ForbeateN mid gogo
00:52:35ForbeateN u go mid
00:54:18ForbeateN gogogo
00:54:40sebralane they get u
00:55:05Platscher lina
00:55:06ForbeateN give me
00:55:08Platscher lina
00:55:14ForbeateN ahahahahahah
00:55:17Platscher biggest nap steals
00:55:18ForbeateN AHHAHHAHA
00:55:35ForbeateN lets ban
00:55:38ForbeateN him
00:55:44Aleks875 b
00:55:45ForbeateN b
00:55:451m4n5h0w b
00:55:45ForbeateN b
00:55:45ForbeateN b
00:56:11ForbeateN def
00:56:170Xxo0_o go all
00:56:31sebralane i could bait
00:56:34sebralane if team follows
00:56:38ForbeateN y
00:56:441m4n5h0w ofc
00:56:49ForbeateN go def top
00:56:521m4n5h0w they do tower
00:56:58Platscher i get port
00:57:411m4n5h0w someone def
00:57:43ForbeateN def someone
00:58:27Aleks875 b
00:58:43Platscher TIDE
00:58:47Platscher OMFG THIS TIDE
00:58:52ForbeateN f nab
00:59:00Platscher worst HUSO EVER SEEN
00:59:01ForbeateN bs too u noob
00:59:17ForbeateN u left u u tardface
00:59:20Platscher aleks you rly stay a nap
00:59:261m4n5h0w y
00:59:29ForbeateN y
00:59:33Aleks875 y
00:59:35Platscher from first game i play with you till now
00:59:53Platscher omw
01:00:04ForbeateN bb
01:00:05ForbeateN b
01:00:40ForbeateN def
01:01:391m4n5h0w omw boot
01:01:46Platscher i got port
01:02:311m4n5h0w some of you def now
01:02:33ForbeateN gogo
01:02:35Platscher i def
01:02:36Platscher you go
01:03:04ForbeateN fastt
01:03:061m4n5h0w carry lina
01:03:071m4n5h0w imba
01:03:47ForbeateN fast
01:04:261m4n5h0w ^^
01:04:39Platscher got hex
01:04:44Jimpai we will tp their base
01:04:48Jimpai with pitlord ulti
01:05:02Dotson wait
01:05:14Platscher omw
01:05:17Aleks875 last rax
01:05:28Aleks875 all
01:05:30Aleks875 last rax
01:05:31sebralane wait for me?
01:05:31ForbeateN b
01:05:34sebralane or go suiside again
01:05:35Aleks875 and supercereps
01:05:36sebralane and whine?
01:05:47Aleks875 b
01:05:471m4n5h0w b
01:05:47Aleks875 b
01:05:47Aleks875 b
01:05:47Aleks875 b
01:05:48Aleks875 b
01:05:48Aleks875 b
01:05:48Aleks875 b
01:05:48Aleks875 b
01:05:49Aleks875 b
01:05:49Aleks875 b
01:05:49Aleks875 b
01:05:49Platscher b
01:05:501m4n5h0w b
01:05:50Aleks875 b
01:05:50Platscher b
01:05:50Aleks875 b
01:05:581m4n5h0w they push now
01:06:00Platscher y
01:06:05sebralane go
01:06:06sebralane gogog
01:06:09Aleks875 tide
01:06:11ForbeateN lust me
01:06:11Aleks875 ur ult
01:07:020Xxo0_o oh
01:07:051m4n5h0w rosh
01:07:11Platscher def
01:07:11ForbeateN te
01:07:131m4n5h0w kunkka can have
01:07:29Platscher -st
01:07:44ForbeateN go mid
01:08:081m4n5h0w ups cree ulti
01:08:24Aleks875 gg
01:08:25ForbeateN gg
01:08:26Aleks875 pudge
01:08:28Jimpai gg
01:08:30Aleks875 u lose
01:08:32MadLion ggg
01:08:33sebralane plan worked pudge?
01:08:38Jimpai tide, u play good as hell:D
01:08:44Jimpai and stryg, u go good itembuild
01:09:02Jimpai its lina and kunkka who's winning
01:09:45Platscher -st
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