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65% | 1269 X | 1392 TS

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63% | 1259 X | 1370 TS

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-3 TS

60% | 1252 X | 1357 TS

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-19 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00MadLion [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 49 seconds.
00:00:18edgarass shitty pool
00:00:18mamyka can u pick pudge for me?
00:00:18infect we banzzzzz first
00:00:18ForbeateN phoe
00:00:18Jimpai ofc i pick everything for yaöö
00:00:18Jimpai yall
00:00:18MadLion yes i can
00:00:25MadLion i trust your pudge
00:00:32Jimpai dont u want cent?
00:00:34magaso lol
00:00:41infect anyone want something?
00:00:43magaso great
00:00:46ForbeateN lol?
00:00:47JasonStatham slark(L)
00:00:58mamyka swap mad?
00:01:03MadLion nope
00:01:10mamyka hf with freelose
00:01:15Jimpai pick cm and lane with me:)
00:01:18MadLion mamyka not playing pudge
00:01:20MadLion thats a freelose
00:01:20ForbeateN U STUPID NOOOBS
00:01:21Jimpai its always "freelose" when ur on the team.
00:01:22MadLion i know :(
00:01:22ForbeateN 3 carrys
00:01:25Jimpai cm
00:01:26Jimpai come on.
00:01:27ForbeateN look @ my team
00:01:29JasonStatham -clear
00:01:29ForbeateN great
00:01:38ForbeateN f great
00:01:42ForbeateN shit
00:01:45Jimpai look at yourself to.
00:01:45MadLion have fun botlane pl
00:01:46infect u went fp void
00:01:47Jimpai pl bot.
00:01:52infect so dont really care
00:01:52mamyka np
00:01:54Jimpai whisp
00:01:56Jimpai pick whisp
00:01:57Jimpai jason
00:02:02edgarass \omg
00:02:03Jimpai krobelus top
00:02:03JasonStatham what
00:02:07mamyka i hope we lose it
00:02:28Mircea.N who mid ?
00:02:30ForbeateN riki top
00:02:31edgarass yeah we havea prettuy good chance to do that
00:02:38ForbeateN or better mid
00:02:42ForbeateN go mid
00:02:45ForbeateN and dont fail
00:02:46mamyka i rly dont wanna win this
00:02:51ForbeateN lvl 6 gank
00:02:53edgarass fucking try
00:02:55edgarass at least
00:02:56infect against pudger i willlzzzz
00:02:58mamyka coz imba friendly team
00:03:05infect and it doesnt matter where u send me
00:03:06Jimpai play as you usually do mamyka, then we have a 100% loose
00:03:08infect after first wave
00:03:12infect i go where i want
00:03:18mamyka oke sit
00:03:18Jimpai krob
00:03:21edgarass block?
00:03:23Jimpai we dont want to block long lane-.
00:03:24mamyka i do it for you
00:03:28mamyka and pudge
00:03:28edgarass why?
00:03:31Jimpai since then they push
00:03:33Jimpai to tower
00:03:37Jimpai tower kills every creep
00:03:42Jimpai and then we push back instans.
00:03:44Jimpai instant
00:03:58ForbeateN pull
00:04:20ForbeateN good
00:04:23JasonStatham gj
00:04:29infect dont care
00:04:38ForbeateN u care for ban?
00:04:44infect no reason
00:04:44infect nub
00:04:46MadLion ss mid
00:04:58ForbeateN we will see
00:05:16magaso fucktard
00:05:16magaso ffs
00:05:30ForbeateN leave pls
00:06:08infect p
00:06:33magaso u fucktard
00:06:33magaso ffs
00:06:57Jimpai ye, not random at all.
00:07:21ForbeateN AHah
00:07:22JasonStatham miss bot
00:07:48magaso u so bad
00:07:49magaso ffs
00:08:05ForbeateN ss
00:08:06infect pudgfer bot rune
00:08:20MadLion nah
00:08:30MadLion WTF
00:08:32MadLion get out of mid
00:08:33infect 3 mid
00:08:38MadLion WTF
00:08:40MadLion dont leave a lane
00:08:50mamyka i ignore you
00:08:56MadLion sounds good
00:09:14infect ss mid
00:09:17infect re
00:09:22MadLion ss mid
00:09:37magaso stun
00:09:38magaso fucktard
00:09:38magaso arab
00:09:39magaso wtf
00:09:42magaso u shit
00:09:43magaso tard
00:09:44magaso fucking
00:09:45magaso moron
00:10:00magaso stun
00:10:01magaso fucktartd
00:10:02magaso wtf
00:10:07magaso omfg
00:10:08magaso u fucktard
00:10:09magaso shit
00:10:26ForbeateN STUN NOOOB
00:11:09infect pudger ss
00:11:09infect died
00:11:38edgarass ss2
00:11:39edgarass re
00:11:43mamyka noob
00:11:48mamyka abhah pudge
00:12:11JasonStatham miss
00:12:12MadLion ss mid
00:12:28ForbeateN give me tango
00:12:39infect ss pdger
00:12:51edgarass ss2
00:13:34magaso ward roshgan
00:13:36magaso so i take it
00:13:40MadLion bala
00:13:41MadLion go bot
00:13:42MadLion please
00:13:53infect ss pdger
00:14:28ForbeateN stun him
00:14:44infect cm, why no aura ?
00:14:46infect only lvl 1
00:15:17infect ss pudger
00:15:35edgarass tpower mid
00:15:51JasonStatham gank bot pls
00:15:58ForbeateN def
00:16:43mamyka yes
00:16:57ForbeateN b
00:17:02ForbeateN care
00:17:07mamyka next time mb u llbe friendly
00:17:12Jimpai ?
00:17:13Jimpai ahahaha
00:17:15Jimpai never ever
00:17:16Jimpai srsly
00:17:18Jimpai not to you
00:17:29JasonStatham whats good for blainar
00:18:06gangstar1990 go
00:18:07edgarass help top
00:18:48magaso all look at
00:18:51magaso solo riki tiems
00:18:53magaso fucktard
00:18:57magaso just quit dota
00:18:57magaso ffs
00:19:00Mircea.N top warder
00:19:29Mircea.N top warded
00:19:34infect why didnt u go solo mid then
00:19:36infect magaso ?
00:19:44ForbeateN u could survive
00:19:51magaso BECAUSE
00:19:53magaso FUCKTARD
00:19:54magaso CAPTAIN
00:19:56magaso SAYS LANES
00:20:01infect magaso
00:20:02infect again
00:20:04infect with fucktard
00:20:07ForbeateN smoke
00:20:25ForbeateN Wtf
00:20:27ForbeateN bug
00:20:43ForbeateN what a nice team
00:20:47ForbeateN left carry to die
00:20:47ForbeateN gj
00:21:09magaso WARD
00:21:10magaso ROSHAN
00:21:11magaso FCKING
00:21:12magaso FFS
00:21:14ForbeateN b
00:21:52edgarass ward near rosgh
00:21:57Mircea.N oom
00:22:12infect cm, lvl aura?
00:22:15ForbeateN because riki fed him nice
00:22:19ForbeateN i cant kill him now :D
00:22:26Mircea.N 1
00:22:26infect rosh hooks and rot doesnt affect me
00:22:32ForbeateN EPIC URSAS
00:22:32infect not my fault u get hooked so ofren
00:22:45ForbeateN i just dont know why u didnt left him to finish roshan
00:22:48ForbeateN then take aegis
00:22:56magaso ward
00:22:57magaso roshan
00:22:57Jimpai mastermind
00:22:58magaso u shit
00:23:01ForbeateN :)
00:23:02magaso useles
00:23:03magaso fucktards
00:23:04gangstar1990 to me
00:23:54ForbeateN omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
00:24:08gangstar1990 void why you didnt go mid ?
00:24:23ForbeateN because this noob riki
00:24:25ForbeateN fed them all
00:24:28ForbeateN thats why
00:24:29infect ? :D:D
00:24:33infect you going mid
00:24:35infect me feeding
00:24:37JasonStatham -ms
00:24:40infect makes sense
00:24:40Jimpai -ms
00:24:46ForbeateN i feed too now
00:25:42edgarass pl wana be in teamfigts sometime?
00:25:51mamyka after divine
00:25:52Mircea.N dd top
00:25:54edgarass idiot
00:25:58Mircea.N take they have ward
00:26:01edgarass u will die and liose the gme for us
00:26:39ForbeateN b
00:26:42ForbeateN b
00:26:45edgarass pls fucking pls be in fights
00:26:48gangstar1990 ulti rdy?
00:26:55ForbeateN no
00:26:56Mircea.N crix take some wards plz..
00:27:02edgarass pudge care
00:27:03mamyka need 2200
00:27:07edgarass b
00:27:33gangstar1990 goog
00:27:36ForbeateN b
00:27:48Jimpai srsly balanar
00:27:49Jimpai ur wards
00:27:51Jimpai worst ive seen
00:27:52Jimpai EVER
00:27:57ForbeateN goo
00:28:01JasonStatham sad story bro
00:28:28Mircea.N gg ursa
00:29:47edgarass mamke radi instead of divine
00:29:51MadLion no
00:29:54MadLion make divine
00:30:00Jimpai ye, divine:D
00:30:28MadLion not even a silence krob?
00:30:34edgarass got stuned
00:30:38MadLion haha
00:30:41MadLion you werent stunned the whole time
00:30:41ForbeateN pl farming alone
00:30:42ForbeateN xD
00:30:43MadLion i was stunned to
00:30:45MadLion too*
00:30:51MadLion still managed to use all my spells
00:31:11ForbeateN ursa no dager
00:31:12edgarass who put wards?
00:31:18edgarass liek that?
00:31:34gangstar1990 cpem osme
00:31:54ForbeateN b
00:32:40JasonStatham -ms
00:33:05gangstar1990 guys where are you
00:33:11gangstar1990 coem
00:34:04Mircea.N pl relic
00:34:07edgarass vb
00:34:08edgarass b
00:34:08edgarass bb
00:34:09edgarass b
00:34:11gangstar1990 mid twr
00:34:45edgarass our farmers team sucks
00:34:57ForbeateN b
00:35:07edgarass anyone gem?
00:35:13MadLion i can after agha
00:35:40edgarass how much left?
00:36:08Mircea.N haste top
00:36:33edgarass all pusjh top
00:36:57mamyka -cs
00:36:57Mircea.N I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:02gangstar1990 coem guys
00:37:07ForbeateN k
00:37:37infect haha
00:37:37ForbeateN stun man
00:37:38ForbeateN stujn
00:37:42ForbeateN st
00:37:43infect pl got aegis :D
00:38:18JasonStatham 1min stun
00:38:26ForbeateN riki
00:38:33MadLion -ha
00:39:17ForbeateN gj
00:39:37Mircea.N reg top
00:39:39Mircea.N go go
00:39:50ForbeateN pause 1 min
00:39:51ForbeateN pls
00:39:53edgarass for waht?
00:39:53MadLion like you really care for whatever reason he has
00:39:53edgarass well if its go to the fridge and take a snack i dont care then
00:40:38infect cm
00:40:42infect no point in your aura anymore
00:40:49infect take stats
00:41:11infect b
00:41:20ForbeateN b
00:41:24ForbeateN dead
00:41:26ForbeateN sry
00:41:45ForbeateN go
00:41:47infect pl no radi
00:41:48infect imba
00:42:01Mircea.N deny
00:42:15Mircea.N sry for spam
00:42:21ForbeateN come all
00:42:57infect next time come sooner
00:43:04Mircea.N u mad at me if i spell nova so he cannot kill himself>
00:43:07Mircea.N ?
00:43:19infect i said, come sooner
00:43:21ForbeateN b
00:43:22ForbeateN b
00:43:23ForbeateN b
00:43:54gangstar1990 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:15edgarass ok now all regen go andf push one lane
00:44:17edgarass dont die pls
00:44:37edgarass if pls lose divine we are fucked
00:44:52ForbeateN gj
00:44:55edgarass buy gem
00:45:09gangstar1990 guys go
00:45:17edgarass go all?
00:45:35ForbeateN buy dust
00:45:57ForbeateN b
00:46:04infect sk
00:46:05infect b
00:46:16ForbeateN b
00:46:16ForbeateN b
00:46:27infect really :D?
00:46:29gangstar1990 omg i hate thi sgame
00:46:33ForbeateN ursa def
00:46:35gangstar1990 wed o nothing
00:46:40gangstar1990 and no teamplay
00:46:44gangstar1990 ursa never in teamplay
00:46:44edgarass go good entry
00:46:48ForbeateN def
00:47:39ForbeateN go now
00:47:53infect rapier pl
00:48:15ForbeateN b
00:48:15ForbeateN b
00:48:16infect pl gem too
00:48:26gangstar1990 lol
00:48:36gangstar1990 gg
00:48:42MadLion pl played too good
00:48:44ForbeateN gem 9 + divine
00:48:47infect sure :D
00:48:49MadLion you had no chance
00:48:50ForbeateN lol
00:48:53infect farming 40 mins alone D:
00:48:56ForbeateN he farmed whole game
00:48:56ForbeateN xD
00:48:57MadLion hahaha
00:49:00MadLion he's such a retard
00:49:01MadLion :p
00:49:03ForbeateN yes
00:49:08gangstar1990 end it plz
00:49:09infect you could have won 15 mins ago
00:49:10MadLion and when he stops farm
00:49:11infect with pl
00:49:11MadLion he comes
00:49:13MadLion and gets 2-2
00:49:15ForbeateN we wil actually win
00:49:38ForbeateN go mid
00:50:00infect why not tele :( ?
00:50:14ForbeateN go rosh
00:50:18edgarass gem now
00:50:21gangstar1990 coem all
00:50:23gangstar1990 togzhzer
00:51:23infect gem works on every pl illu, right?
00:51:23ForbeateN that he hadnt have aegis
00:51:27ForbeateN :D
00:51:29gangstar1990 void why w ecant ff?
00:51:29ForbeateN y
00:51:33infect :(
00:51:33edgarass gj
00:51:36edgarass teram
00:51:50ForbeateN maiden
00:51:56Mircea.N ..
00:52:39MadLion really krob :D:D:D
00:52:47MadLion you use a low dmg spell
00:52:49MadLion instead of silence
00:53:06edgarass lol i died nooo
00:53:10Jimpai -ms
00:53:29gangstar1990 gigi voif
00:53:37ForbeateN ursa owned
00:53:40ForbeateN i can just say that
00:54:39edgarass I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:44JasonStatham -ms
00:54:45ForbeateN can we win
00:54:45gangstar1990 xD
00:54:47ForbeateN xD
00:54:59ForbeateN 2 def
00:55:08JasonStatham lool
00:55:12ForbeateN ursa fed
00:55:12ForbeateN def
00:55:15gangstar1990 go mid
00:55:18ForbeateN and
00:55:19ForbeateN maiden def
00:55:25MadLion im so proud of mamyka
00:55:27MadLion he proved to me
00:55:31MadLion That his cent was good
00:55:32MadLion and now his pl
00:55:35MadLion :)
00:55:39ForbeateN def
00:55:46ForbeateN ursa
00:55:48mamyka yes my cant was bad
00:55:51MadLion cant
00:55:53MadLion ;)
00:55:57mamyka cent*
00:55:59MadLion it was worthless
00:56:05MadLion you were the lowest lvl of our team
00:56:55infect gg
00:56:59gangstar1990 I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:02infect I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:07ForbeateN I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:09edgarass krobe is best
00:57:11ForbeateN :)
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