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+4 TS

75% | 1404 X | 1376 TS

+62 X
+2 TS

54% | 1182 X | 1359 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

54% | 1258 X | 1274 TS

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+6 TS

42% | 1065 X | 1360 TS

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NEW | 1063 X | 1047 TS

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-7 TS

75% | 1356 X | 1412 TS

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-11 TS

52% | 1266 X | 1242 TS

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-13 TS

48% | 1165 X | 1302 TS

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-4 TS

41% | 1139 X | 1268 TS

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-2 TS

23% | 987 X | 1274 TS

Chat log

00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci what are u going to play ?
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T ??????? ???????
00:00:20Doomy ,
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci get spectre if possible
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci hero
00:00:20mamyka ?? gbryb tt
00:00:20mamyka ?? ????? ??
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T ??? ?????
00:00:20mamyka ???? ????????
00:00:20Doomy ban bala
00:00:20mamyka ct,t&
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T bala
00:00:20Vaj.CO some1 es?
00:00:20edgarass no
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci mamyka ?
00:00:20mamyka -??
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci or what
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci speek
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci fuckin english
00:00:20mamyka -ns
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci bastard
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T su pls
00:00:20infect i can spec
00:00:20Vaj.CO spec
00:00:20infect or bs
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci go es
00:00:20NwC.CooL-T es pick?
00:00:20LetItBe ole vait pls
00:00:22LetItBe ära võta carryt
00:00:22TheyCallMeHaci who play ?
00:00:22LetItBe :D
00:00:23Doomy yy
00:00:26Doomy i can
00:00:26infect letit be
00:00:27TheyCallMeHaci k
00:00:28Doomy play es
00:00:28TheyCallMeHaci nice
00:00:29infect sa ole viat
00:00:33LetItBe :D
00:00:33infect sa mingi eriti random ju
00:00:37Doomy pink?
00:00:39LetItBe ok
00:00:47Doomy swap or u keep?
00:00:49NwC.CooL-T pick tb for me
00:00:52Doomy ok
00:00:52TheyCallMeHaci can i mid ?
00:00:57NwC.CooL-T i mid
00:00:59TheyCallMeHaci k
00:01:05NwC.CooL-T -swap 3
00:01:05Doomy -swap 1
00:01:13Vaj.CO pick venge
00:01:17edgarass too late
00:01:19edgarass i go thd
00:01:20infect who ever comes bot, needs to understand that i need to farm here
00:01:23Vaj.CO so enigma
00:01:23TheyCallMeHaci 2x last get enigma and pitlod
00:01:26LetItBe take enigma
00:01:28LetItBe i solo top
00:01:28infect enigma forest
00:01:28Vaj.CO veno jaki
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci banana remember chick
00:01:30infect would be nice
00:01:33Vaj.CO or tusk
00:01:34infect solo bot for me
00:01:40NwC.CooL-T veno
00:01:41NwC.CooL-T vm
00:01:43NwC.CooL-T mb
00:01:47TheyCallMeHaci nice pick
00:01:49TheyCallMeHaci es veno bot
00:01:49Doomy nice
00:01:58Vaj.CO mamba dont forget chick
00:02:04Vaj.CO jaki bot
00:02:12TheyCallMeHaci veno solo top
00:02:13TheyCallMeHaci can you ?
00:02:19mamyka u
00:02:21Doomy share
00:02:22mamyka yes
00:02:27TheyCallMeHaci i can gank asap
00:02:51TheyCallMeHaci enigma is not going to woods
00:02:52TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:02:57infect edgarass, so me farmzzzzz, you haras
00:02:58infect :)
00:03:02edgarass k
00:03:09LetItBe bs mid imo
00:03:10TheyCallMeHaci nvm then
00:03:11Doomy look his items
00:03:11LetItBe pudge bot
00:03:11TheyCallMeHaci he can lane
00:03:12LetItBe better
00:03:12infect tee fake mid gank
00:03:13TheyCallMeHaci its imba
00:03:14LetItBe if this noob can play
00:03:24infect võta üks illu
00:03:26infect ja fake
00:03:27LetItBe kle ole vait
00:03:54Vaj.CO btw jaki u can roam mid
00:04:25LetItBe max stun
00:05:32NwC.CooL-T ss
00:05:51NwC.CooL-T ss mid
00:05:52NwC.CooL-T care
00:06:17Vaj.CO share
00:06:23NwC.CooL-T re
00:06:32Vaj.CO chick
00:07:25NwC.CooL-T gank
00:07:34LetItBe kle kao siit
00:07:42Vaj.CO gang mid
00:07:43TheyCallMeHaci tb fuckin farm
00:07:46TheyCallMeHaci dont autoatack
00:07:54NwC.CooL-T suck my dick mitch
00:07:56LetItBe ban this pit lord
00:08:01NwC.CooL-T b*
00:08:01edgarass ss2
00:08:04mamba are u noob davion?
00:08:08LetItBe yes
00:08:11mamba yes
00:08:13mamba suicidal noob
00:08:14LetItBe im going bot
00:08:19infect NO
00:08:19LetItBe not laning with this retard
00:08:20infect FFS
00:08:23infect I AM FREEFAMRING HERE
00:08:32infect come on
00:08:34infect are you stupid ?
00:08:39LetItBe mine ise sinna retardiga
00:08:42TheyCallMeHaci b
00:08:50NwC.CooL-T ss
00:09:02mamyka 2late
00:09:05infect letitbe, you are so so nub
00:09:09LetItBe yes
00:09:11Vaj.CO omg
00:09:13Banana :D:D:
00:09:28infect captain dictates lanes btw
00:09:32infect and you sir will be banned
00:09:39Doomy rdy top?
00:09:42Banana ye
00:09:45TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:09:46TheyCallMeHaci engima
00:09:47LetItBe ok
00:09:50edgarass ss2
00:09:54Vaj.CO btw gang mid
00:09:56Vaj.CO or gg
00:10:25TheyCallMeHaci es come lets gank mid
00:10:32edgarass hook him
00:10:34edgarass !
00:10:37Vaj.CO how?
00:10:40Vaj.CO dont have mh
00:11:10edgarass rdy
00:11:25TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:11:35TheyCallMeHaci this tb so bad
00:11:41Doomy ?
00:11:44Doomy top?
00:11:47TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:11:48TheyCallMeHaci i wil tp
00:11:48TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:11:49Doomy ok
00:12:35Doomy ss
00:12:37Doomy pit
00:12:42edgarass tower
00:13:11LetItBe pudge
00:13:25LetItBe mine putsi ausalt
00:13:26Vaj.CO ?
00:13:29LetItBe retardid tiimis
00:13:31LetItBe keep farming mid
00:13:33LetItBe dont look game
00:13:34LetItBe retards
00:13:37Vaj.CO rofl
00:13:52TheyCallMeHaci stop feeding
00:13:52TheyCallMeHaci really
00:13:54TheyCallMeHaci go toghter
00:13:56TheyCallMeHaci and gank
00:13:59Vaj.CO wards
00:14:01Doomy i feed nothing
00:14:03LetItBe go buy
00:14:04Doomy ffs
00:14:06TheyCallMeHaci veno
00:14:07Vaj.CO omg
00:14:10Vaj.CO u r tard
00:14:13infect yeah he is
00:14:16infect dont mind him
00:14:19LetItBe vandenõu
00:14:29infect go top
00:14:57TheyCallMeHaci ff noobs
00:15:24edgarass nice ghhook :D
00:15:38Vaj.CO b
00:15:45infect ulti
00:15:47infect hv
00:16:00TheyCallMeHaci come
00:16:01TheyCallMeHaci eds
00:16:02TheyCallMeHaci es
00:16:03TheyCallMeHaci stop farming
00:16:03Doomy sec
00:16:06Vaj.CO me
00:16:07Vaj.CO rune
00:16:10infect go top
00:16:37TheyCallMeHaci ff
00:16:40TheyCallMeHaci noob tb
00:16:41TheyCallMeHaci really
00:16:46NwC.CooL-T fu bitch
00:16:54TheyCallMeHaci our carry got 0-5 good
00:16:56Doomy up the chik eni
00:16:56NwC.CooL-T good item lowbob
00:17:03TheyCallMeHaci iam supporter
00:17:05TheyCallMeHaci dont need item
00:17:12NwC.CooL-T where ward support?
00:17:15mamba b
00:17:15mamba b
00:17:20NwC.CooL-T you stuppid bitch
00:17:34Doomy wow ty for the swap
00:17:44Doomy wonderful
00:17:45TheyCallMeHaci so good
00:17:46TheyCallMeHaci tb
00:17:46TheyCallMeHaci haha
00:17:47TheyCallMeHaci really
00:17:48TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:17:51TheyCallMeHaci 75procent
00:17:52TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:17:56mamyka gg 2 many ffeed
00:18:17Doomy tb lost this game
00:18:22TheyCallMeHaci agreee
00:18:32Doomy SRTUN$
00:18:32mamba inv
00:18:33NwC.CooL-T es go more farm
00:18:35Doomy ffs
00:18:38edgarass b
00:18:40infect y
00:18:43TheyCallMeHaci rambo ?
00:18:43Doomy venge
00:18:44Doomy stun
00:18:45edgarass me invi
00:18:45Doomy mb
00:18:50edgarass pudge ho
00:18:52mamba dont control me
00:18:54mamba noob
00:19:02infect got ulti
00:19:03infect some1
00:19:04infect come?
00:19:06TheyCallMeHaci es
00:19:07TheyCallMeHaci not farm
00:19:09TheyCallMeHaci tb
00:19:10TheyCallMeHaci farm
00:19:11TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:19:14edgarass b
00:19:21TheyCallMeHaci go mid
00:19:22Doomy wards
00:19:22TheyCallMeHaci es
00:19:23Doomy mb
00:19:29TheyCallMeHaci mb stfu
00:19:50TheyCallMeHaci go fee
00:19:51TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:19:52TheyCallMeHaci go feed
00:19:53TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:19:54TheyCallMeHaci fuckin
00:19:55TheyCallMeHaci tb
00:19:57TheyCallMeHaci you are so bad
00:20:01TheyCallMeHaci FUCKIN BAD CAPTAIN
00:20:03mamyka bnice feed pudge 16 min godlike
00:20:03TheyCallMeHaci never seen
00:20:09TheyCallMeHaci SO BAD A PLAYER REALLY
00:20:18TheyCallMeHaci go fuckin out of GC
00:20:33TheyCallMeHaci dk free farm
00:20:39infect dk sucks hard
00:20:42infect so dont worry about him
00:20:42LetItBe yes
00:20:42mamba dk is bad
00:21:35edgarass me b
00:21:40TheyCallMeHaci tb go feed
00:21:40TheyCallMeHaci more
00:21:46NwC.CooL-T where ward bitch
00:21:52NwC.CooL-T good support
00:21:53TheyCallMeHaci gank top
00:22:13TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:22:24Vaj.CO come all
00:22:25infect too many
00:22:31TheyCallMeHaci go farm
00:22:32TheyCallMeHaci your boots
00:22:52mamba wait
00:23:14Doomy we cant play without wards
00:23:44Doomy ff
00:25:09mamyka ff it at 25
00:25:19TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:25:33edgarass thd!
00:25:40TheyCallMeHaci noob tb
00:25:50Vaj.CO reuse
00:26:33mamba imba dk
00:26:33infect y
00:26:39edgarass dk sucks ass
00:26:47LetItBe go dive vs 5
00:26:52mamyka noob
00:26:53mamba lol
00:26:53LetItBe retards
00:26:55mamyka whata noob
00:27:01mamyka thx for swap
00:27:03TheyCallMeHaci its you ?
00:27:15TheyCallMeHaci you was dead anyway
00:27:16TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:27:17TheyCallMeHaci nab
00:27:26mamyka coz of you
00:27:28mamyka nab
00:27:34TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:27:38TheyCallMeHaci stop flaming noob
00:28:57TheyCallMeHaci go end
00:28:58TheyCallMeHaci OMG
00:29:02TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:05mamyka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:06Doomy I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:40infect lol
00:29:43infect idioot oled ikka jah
00:29:45infect teed radi
00:29:46mamyka come
00:29:50LetItBe nope
00:29:53LetItBe RAPIER
00:29:54mamba ?)))))))))))))
00:29:54LetItBe :DDD
00:29:55infect sa tead, et kaks radi ei staki ?
00:29:56mamba ?))))))
00:29:57TheyCallMeHaci go
00:30:01LetItBe kle ole vait ma tean jah
00:30:41infect ulti some1
00:30:47TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:30:48TheyCallMeHaci how
00:30:48TheyCallMeHaci Can
00:30:49TheyCallMeHaci WE
00:30:50TheyCallMeHaci ra
00:30:53TheyCallMeHaci RAPE U
00:30:58infect cause we were with 3 ?
00:31:00NwC.CooL-T su bitch
00:31:14LetItBe hahahahah
00:31:14mamba some1 ban him
00:31:14Vaj.CO omg
00:31:16Vaj.CO noob
00:31:18infect idiot, what can u say
00:31:23edgarass lati pls
00:31:27infect ja tore, et funch oma fake nickiga pelad
00:31:28edgarass dont go alone
00:31:29infect homo raisk
00:31:31edgarass just farm
00:31:57TheyCallMeHaci gank
00:32:04TheyCallMeHaci come gank
00:32:05TheyCallMeHaci mid
00:32:12Vaj.CO go mid
00:32:15mamba this is fucking gameruining
00:32:17infect funch tyule
00:32:21LetItBe regen
00:32:21Banana b
00:32:22Banana b
00:32:22Banana b
00:32:22Banana b
00:32:25infect haha :D
00:32:28infect hea bust
00:32:28infect :D:D
00:32:29edgarass indeed
00:32:39TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:32:39TheyCallMeHaci here
00:32:40TheyCallMeHaci es
00:32:48TheyCallMeHaci go him
00:32:51TheyCallMeHaci dont
00:32:55mamba we cant push against enigmna and es
00:33:18TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:33:18TheyCallMeHaci es
00:33:24Vaj.CO omg
00:33:25Vaj.CO :D
00:33:28TheyCallMeHaci es lost this last fight
00:33:31Doomy i was silenced
00:33:37TheyCallMeHaci nothing about that
00:33:40Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:42TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:33:42edgarass bot after'
00:33:42NwC.CooL-T I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:33:44TheyCallMeHaci tb
00:33:45TheyCallMeHaci go ff
00:33:45Doomy rofl
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