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Chat log

00:00:180Xxo0_o sec plz
00:00:220Xxo0_o sry
00:00:220Xxo0_o -music off
00:00:220Xxo0_o -ii
00:00:22Stonetorl meepo
00:00:22Jimpai thrall
00:00:31Stonetorl anybody wanna tide? sure
00:00:58Stonetorl get stuns and disables for storm i could play magnus also
00:01:11Stonetorl magnus yes pick it for me then guys
00:01:25kAlleMustDie and enigma?
00:01:30Stonetorl magnus and enigma well or sven`?
00:01:37Stonetorl we would have awesome aoe ultis good area stun?
00:01:49Stonetorl and, I'm gonna say it now I'm the worst captain on this site
00:01:490Xxo0_o bane ?
00:01:54MadLion yes
00:01:55MadLion sounds good
00:01:56Dotson that's fine
00:02:20Shinja blue pull?
00:02:21Stonetorl magnus got that tusk charge skill first?
00:02:22kAlleMustDie who mid+
00:02:29Stonetorl leshrac mid
00:02:37Mircea.N fb bot ?
00:02:40Shinja no
00:02:40Stonetorl lets try fb bot with 3
00:02:49Mircea.N i would come if u want
00:02:53Shinja i got invis first
00:02:55Stonetorl nah
00:02:56Mircea.N with malefice
00:03:07Stonetorl share chick Though i still think that sven wouldve been little smarter
00:03:23Shinja got no lance!
00:03:560Xxo0_o fu
00:03:59Stonetorl i go pull male wouldve done it. :D and phantom invi first idiotic.:D wt
00:06:24kAlleMustDie ss
00:06:26kAlleMustDie re
00:06:52kAlleMustDie ss
00:06:55kAlleMustDie re ss top 2
00:07:12kAlleMustDie gang mid asap re 1
00:07:23kAlleMustDie ss
00:07:33Jimpai ss mid
00:07:59Shinja go pull : /
00:09:23kAlleMustDie ffs
00:09:46Stonetorl b
00:09:49Stonetorl sotrm
00:10:04Shinja up chick plz
00:10:21Stonetorl storm lurks
00:11:34Shinja storm inc
00:11:51Stonetorl bait him with illu
00:12:08kAlleMustDie gand mid please
00:12:400Xxo0_o ulti ready
00:13:140Xxo0_o purple
00:13:31kAlleMustDie wait
00:13:510Xxo0_o ...
00:14:030Xxo0_o deff
00:14:07kAlleMustDie strom farming hard o'rly
00:14:19kAlleMustDie yes
00:14:200Xxo0_o tf
00:14:220Xxo0_o omg
00:14:240Xxo0_o pink
00:15:33Shinja guys
00:15:34Shinja buy tps
00:15:55Mircea.N yes
00:16:05MadLion just wait for us
00:16:06MadLion ok?
00:16:09MadLion dont try to be a hero
00:16:14MadLion let it die if you have to shit sorry guys my bad ty
00:17:030Xxo0_o no assist ?
00:17:050Xxo0_o nice
00:17:15Mircea.N -ms
00:17:56kAlleMustDie push mid?
00:18:03Stonetorl wait for ultis
00:18:12Stonetorl b
00:18:50Stonetorl now gather
00:18:56Stonetorl everybody got ulti?
00:19:07kAlleMustDie they come right
00:19:37kAlleMustDie mid?
00:20:13Stonetorl all mid
00:20:52Stonetorl b
00:20:590Xxo0_o pink teamplay ?
00:21:21Stonetorl don't push tower
00:21:21Shinja b
00:21:22Shinja mid
00:21:23Stonetorl all baxck pl Farm good?
00:21:53Stonetorl def mid an top
00:21:55kAlleMustDie care
00:21:56Shinja yy
00:21:58kAlleMustDie b
00:21:59kAlleMustDie b
00:22:02Stonetorl yes he farms and wins this for u
00:22:04Stonetorl us
00:22:070Xxo0_o wardet he better be omgh guys? wtf maybe ill just stand next to him, until he dies pfft.
00:23:21Stonetorl don't go 3v5
00:24:390Xxo0_o w8,
00:24:56Stonetorl and b
00:25:12Mircea.N gang them
00:25:20Stonetorl all got ulti?
00:25:26MadLion -cs
00:26:02Stonetorl b
00:26:05Stonetorl b
00:26:36Shinja deny
00:27:36Mircea.N diffusal anti-leoric and storm
00:27:41Stonetorl crap
00:27:42Dotson damador
00:27:47Shinja yy
00:27:47Shinja now
00:28:400Xxo0_o thx
00:29:05Shinja -afk
00:29:05Stonetorl we need to be with 5
00:29:08Shinja magnus afk
00:29:08Shinja :8
00:29:13Mircea.N -afk
00:29:13kAlleMustDie y
00:29:16Stonetorl -afk
00:29:170Xxo0_o dont use meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pee
00:29:30Mircea.N ok let's gang all 5 well storm will win this
00:31:15kAlleMustDie most likely
00:31:28Mircea.N we have lancer
00:31:37Stonetorl almost got my blink same
00:31:50Mircea.N lancer..go diffusal and we win
00:31:57Shinja yy
00:31:58Shinja now
00:32:03Shinja they gang me
00:32:05Shinja so wtf
00:32:08Mircea.N omw mid
00:32:12Mircea.N go
00:32:51Stonetorl lets go with pl
00:32:54kAlleMustDie care
00:33:08kAlleMustDie wait us
00:33:08Stonetorl got blink
00:33:18Stonetorl now we can initiate
00:33:29Stonetorl storm dd
00:33:34Stonetorl twr
00:33:53Stonetorl wait
00:33:55Stonetorl get all here
00:34:33kAlleMustDie gj
00:34:360Xxo0_o lol
00:34:44MadLion atropos?
00:35:24Stonetorl pl how long till diffu?
00:35:31Shinja 1k
00:35:35kAlleMustDie reg
00:35:38kAlleMustDie magnus
00:36:17Stonetorl b mid
00:36:20Mircea.N y
00:36:32Stonetorl wait for pl fiddu then win
00:36:450Xxo0_o go plz
00:38:11Stonetorl goddamn panda was so close
00:38:18kAlleMustDie now just push with 5
00:38:36kAlleMustDie b mid jeah must they as 5
00:38:47Stonetorl yep
00:39:130Xxo0_o ros h?
00:39:23kAlleMustDie come ward with me
00:39:38Stonetorl lets go together now
00:39:57Stonetorl push bot
00:40:30kAlleMustDie b
00:41:51Mircea.N leo becomes stronger :(
00:41:54Stonetorl wait for ultis and push again
00:42:10Mircea.N -ms
00:42:29kAlleMustDie go mid?
00:42:34Stonetorl 1/4
00:42:41kAlleMustDie when ulties ofcourse..
00:42:56Stonetorl almost
00:42:59Stonetorl lets gaher
00:43:10Mircea.N b
00:43:41kAlleMustDie b
00:43:58Dotson FINT
00:44:29Dotson omg
00:44:31Dotson afk in head
00:44:33Dotson telefon lol
00:44:42Shinja fucking sil
00:45:02Shinja we have to gang with smoke
00:45:02Dotson -ii
00:45:12Shinja get smoke iun chick
00:45:120Xxo0_o so rosh ?
00:45:28Dotson jim
00:45:29Dotson ta dust
00:45:49Shinja b
00:45:50Shinja all
00:45:50Stonetorl b
00:46:01Stonetorl you can't be alone
00:46:03Stonetorl ever
00:46:07Shinja wards plz
00:46:07kAlleMustDie they do rosh
00:46:13Shinja cant do anything
00:46:16Shinja i farm top
00:46:18Stonetorl wait for PL
00:46:45Stonetorl in fights just hit panda with all
00:46:55Dotson jim
00:46:56Dotson ta dust
00:46:59Jimpai no space
00:47:00kAlleMustDie come pl and leoric kicks us with everything
00:47:18Shinja just def
00:47:20Stonetorl b
00:48:02Jimpai enda
00:48:12Jimpai fountain
00:48:31Mircea.N looks like i ruined all game
00:48:40Stonetorl you were too careless true
00:48:45kAlleMustDie naah.. it was gg anyway if u ask me
00:48:47Stonetorl panda can kill you easy with his blink then leshrac
00:48:59Shinja go
00:49:17Dotson lol
00:49:44Stonetorl go mid
00:49:46Stonetorl its not over
00:49:52Dotson ring på skype igen ty, hörde ingenting
00:50:09Dotson kör dom all in mid?
00:50:28Stonetorl throne or bust
00:51:07Shinja bust
00:51:07Shinja ^^
00:51:09Stonetorl yep y
00:51:13Mircea.N :)) i had like 5 sec
00:51:19Stonetorl skeleton and storm too far for ulti needed.
00:51:21Mircea.N funny game anyway
00:51:22Stonetorl fat
00:51:31Mircea.N unbalanced i guess because of storm.. u can still buy out guys? :D
00:51:44Stonetorl nah you just feeded him too much i got ulti
00:51:48Stonetorl he almost died now too
00:51:51kAlleMustDie i dies twice in the begining and he saved with very low hp
00:51:58kAlleMustDie it was kind of game breaker
00:51:59Shinja buy out
00:52:08Shinja def with all
00:52:09Shinja :d
00:52:33kAlleMustDie gg
00:52:37MadLion Gg wp
00:52:39Jimpai gg.
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