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Chat log

00:00:05mansikka mode?
00:00:05madmaker ap
00:00:05poskus rd
00:00:05mansikka -rd
00:00:05poskus RD
00:00:050Xxo0_o rd
00:00:05PriMo rd
00:00:12madmaker why no ap ?:(
00:00:170Xxo0_o ap sux
00:00:17Tough any1 of u can play lich?
00:00:17Tough and any1 want him?
00:00:17Tough guys?
00:00:17kuwabaru play
00:00:17kuwabaru pls
00:00:17poskus LAME POOL
00:00:17Tough ah suck my dick guys
00:00:17Tough pl
00:00:17svents im best lich in gc
00:00:17svents but no mood atm
00:00:17Tough Ban blue
00:00:17mansikka anyone lich
00:00:17mansikka or omni?
00:00:17mansikka y
00:00:17mansikka Y
00:00:17mansikka ??
00:00:17kuwabaru ban GC
00:00:17mansikka omni
00:00:170Xxo0_o lich or weawer
00:00:19svents pl omni banned
00:00:22svents pl omni banned
00:00:25mansikka get lich
00:00:32poskus 4 who
00:00:33poskus ?
00:00:330Xxo0_o u carry plz
00:00:36madmaker lancer and omni ye?>
00:00:39Tough y
00:00:39poskus ne1 lich?
00:00:410Xxo0_o blue
00:00:42madmaker god
00:00:43madmaker good
00:00:44svents pl omni banned
00:00:440Xxo0_o u carry plz
00:00:55Tough get tiny lich ds and magna
00:01:11Tough and lich and magna now pls
00:01:530Xxo0_o oh god
00:01:54madmaker chick! ;d
00:02:040Xxo0_o look your pick
00:02:07mansikka riki
00:02:08madmaker kuwababara chick
00:02:08mansikka ok
00:02:09madmaker gogog
00:02:130Xxo0_o lol
00:02:140Xxo0_o :D
00:02:18kuwabaru magnus chick
00:02:23kuwabaru omg
00:02:23Pieti lol
00:02:25madmaker you chick
00:02:27madmaker haha
00:02:28madmaker last
00:02:320Xxo0_o rexo ?
00:02:33Pieti last pick
00:02:35mansikka 3% riki
00:02:350Xxo0_o u pull ?
00:02:400Xxo0_o -music off
00:02:40poskus u pull
00:02:450Xxo0_o no me
00:02:460Xxo0_o u
00:02:49poskus nop bro
00:02:51poskus u pull
00:02:51poskus ffs
00:02:52madmaker fail rule, last pick chick
00:02:550Xxo0_o ...
00:02:59svents no its not
00:03:02svents ur faiö
00:03:03madmaker and what if carry last?
00:03:04svents fail
00:03:050Xxo0_o im batter with farm
00:03:06madmaker he need gold
00:03:11madmaker for better farm
00:03:12madmaker or smth
00:03:13poskus no u arent
00:03:14svents so no carry last
00:03:18mansikka aka pull
00:03:20madmaker support - chick
00:03:280Xxo0_o ?omh
00:03:29madmaker +wards
00:03:32svents yeah and lastpick support
00:04:03madmaker ward
00:04:56poskus retarded akasha
00:04:58poskus fuckin blinks
00:05:01poskus when i come
00:05:04poskus attacks cree[s
00:05:05poskus lol
00:06:500Xxo0_o so hard retard
00:07:32mansikka ss mid
00:07:380Xxo0_o ss2
00:08:41Tough SHARE
00:08:57Tough ABBA
00:09:03mansikka ss mid
00:09:15mansikka re
00:09:210Xxo0_o share
00:09:24madmaker noob lucifer :(
00:09:390Xxo0_o ss2
00:10:32mansikka ss mid
00:11:39Tough ss mid
00:11:40Tough care
00:11:51madmaker noob
00:11:52kuwabaru omg
00:12:08mansikka miss mid
00:12:09mansikka re
00:12:22kuwabaru noob
00:13:11Pieti ty
00:13:17Tough ss mid
00:13:18Tough care
00:13:40madmaker destroyer down
00:14:09poskus hide?
00:14:27madmaker come
00:14:29madmaker i toss you
00:14:39poskus thnx
00:14:40poskus for
00:14:40poskus smoke
00:14:41poskus riki
00:14:49poskus fuckin
00:14:53poskus hate when retards
00:14:58poskus pick heroes like this
00:14:59poskus fuckin
00:15:00poskus idiots
00:15:21poskus care
00:15:21poskus inc
00:15:34Tough wo
00:15:35Tough wp
00:15:56svents oom
00:17:050Xxo0_o farm him more plz all
00:17:130Xxo0_o 4
00:17:53madmaker :))
00:17:57Tough wp!
00:17:59mansikka damn im
00:18:03mansikka so sleepy
00:19:06madmaker come
00:19:13madmaker COME IDIOT
00:19:17svents fcking share courier abba
00:19:29poskus now
00:19:29poskus sm1
00:19:31poskus comes
00:19:32poskus :DDDDDDD
00:19:40poskus after two mins
00:19:42poskus when they are here
00:20:06madmaker :fuck
00:20:09madmaker ffs
00:20:10madmaker where you
00:20:11madmaker team
00:20:12madmaker ?
00:20:19kuwabaru muhahah
00:20:25madmaker stfu n o o b
00:20:27kuwabaru u go out solo
00:20:28kuwabaru idiot
00:20:32madmaker ye i can
00:20:34madmaker 1x1
00:20:36madmaker not 3x1
00:20:56madmaker come ffs
00:21:08madmaker Come down iDIots
00:21:260Xxo0_o this is gg
00:21:33madmaker idiot team ... :D
00:21:440Xxo0_o sentinels yea
00:22:29Tough luci
00:22:31Tough u dont go radi
00:22:35svents i go radu
00:22:37svents radi
00:22:39Tough i go..
00:22:49svents 2 radi then :)
00:23:09kuwabaru idiot
00:23:13madmaker i said
00:23:16svents moar pls
00:23:180Xxo0_o all
00:23:30PriMo ok cap
00:23:32poskus dont let nerub farm..
00:23:41mansikka get dusts
00:23:42madmaker leave
00:23:43madmaker dont def
00:24:06poskus yea
00:24:08poskus gj akasha
00:24:09poskus always use ult
00:24:11poskus for creeping
00:24:140Xxo0_o 500 gold
00:24:23poskus yy u carry it np
00:24:24madmaker go
00:24:33madmaker .........
00:24:38poskus fuckin
00:24:39poskus retarded
00:24:40poskus idiot
00:24:440Xxo0_o xD
00:24:47JasonStatham sneaky
00:24:51madmaker good dust
00:26:11svents lich u know that ur ulti has ministun?
00:26:43svents abba fcking share ffs
00:27:26poskus gj
00:27:27poskus lich
00:27:29poskus nicely played
00:27:30PriMo mp
00:27:32mansikka lich XD
00:27:420Xxo0_o hard pro lich
00:27:44poskus ff
00:27:45PriMo ????
00:27:46poskus this game
00:27:48PriMo ???? ??????
00:27:49PriMo ????
00:27:51PriMo ??????
00:27:54poskus what
00:27:55poskus retard
00:27:57poskus just fuckin quit
00:27:58poskus rather
00:28:38Pieti tower:)
00:28:48madmaker b
00:28:48madmaker b
00:28:48madmaker b
00:28:48madmaker b
00:28:49madmaker b
00:28:52mansikka w8
00:28:57Tough no panic
00:29:01madmaker ok
00:29:03madmaker :(
00:29:03Tough :D
00:29:270Xxo0_o go mid tower
00:29:42mansikka i farm hex first
00:30:26madmaker nice
00:30:26madmaker ye
00:30:27madmaker ?
00:30:32Tough was looking top <.<
00:30:39madmaker you got 3rd skill?
00:30:43Tough y
00:30:47Tough was watching top
00:30:47svents wtf
00:30:50svents hahahhaa
00:30:53mansikka got hex
00:30:54svents so long tping
00:30:56mansikka lets push now
00:30:59svents are u kidding me?
00:31:36mansikka push
00:31:37madmaker not good
00:31:40madmaker destroyer with hex
00:31:46mansikka omw
00:31:50svents fck this hex
00:32:090Xxo0_o go all
00:32:27Tough ABBA
00:32:30poskus mansikka wp
00:32:40madmaker fuknig noobs
00:32:40mansikka ty
00:32:41madmaker team
00:32:42madmaker abba
00:32:43madmaker lucifer..
00:32:44Tough u cant shield me?
00:32:50madmaker he is noob
00:32:51madmaker .....
00:33:00poskus good
00:33:02JasonStatham veery well
00:33:03kuwabaru u too
00:33:03madmaker idiot lucifert
00:33:05madmaker come with us
00:33:07Tough LUCI
00:33:09Tough fucking 30 min
00:33:10madmaker dont go
00:33:11Tough u got no radi?
00:33:11madmaker noob
00:33:13madmaker you die
00:33:14Tough are u kidding me?
00:33:45madmaker gj
00:33:47madmaker killed akasha
00:33:47kuwabaru muhahah
00:33:48madmaker pro
00:33:51mansikka omw
00:34:23svents tiny with s&yu rly?
00:34:24svents no dagger
00:34:250Xxo0_o Wtf :D
00:34:25svents cunt
00:34:310Xxo0_o luci on 4 hits :D
00:34:48madmaker i dont need dagger you noob
00:35:00svents yes u need :DDDD
00:35:05madmaker nope
00:35:07svents tiny doesnt need dagger :DDD
00:35:10svents hahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
00:35:11kuwabaru u dont need? muhahah . u are pro
00:35:13kuwabaru really
00:35:14poskus my mouse blows donkey nuts ;/
00:35:19madmaker stfu feeders
00:36:28mansikka xDDDD
00:36:300Xxo0_o omg
00:36:330Xxo0_o weawer ?
00:36:48Tough doom always doom lich or destro
00:36:51Tough better destro
00:36:54svents y
00:36:56madmaker only destro
00:36:58madmaker lich noob
00:37:26mansikka care
00:37:26mansikka b
00:37:38madmaker NOOOOOOOb
00:37:40madmaker ULTI ???????
00:38:00madmaker gogogo lucifer
00:38:01madmaker you can
00:38:03madmaker get lich
00:38:04madmaker GOGOgOgOgOgO
00:38:09madmaker FAILLLLLLLLLLL
00:38:12Pieti now your deaht
00:38:13madmaker now die
00:38:20madmaker PrOOOOOOOO
00:38:26madmaker wtf
00:38:29madmaker lucifer 32 min
00:38:30kuwabaru I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:30madmaker no radi?
00:38:35madmaker so hard to eat creeeps?>
00:38:47svents true :(
00:39:000Xxo0_o b ?
00:39:02mansikka y
00:39:04mansikka need hp
00:39:13madmaker buff
00:39:16madmaker magnus
00:39:37mansikka i farm 400
00:39:39mansikka for aga
00:39:50mansikka then push
00:40:51JasonStatham fffffffuuu
00:41:00Tough come
00:41:21Tough GUYS
00:41:42madmaker can you buff me?
00:41:45madmaker and weawer?
00:41:510Xxo0_o fifti fifti :D
00:42:05poskus ok lvl 3 necro book rdy
00:42:11mansikka ok agha rdy
00:42:30Tough doom
00:42:37madmaker ulti destro
00:42:38Tough can u always doom deesro?
00:42:38svents ?
00:42:40madmaker and gg
00:42:41svents y
00:42:48mansikka se
00:42:49mansikka c
00:42:52mansikka come riki
00:42:570Xxo0_o y
00:42:570Xxo0_o b
00:43:20PriMo lags
00:43:23svents hahahha
00:43:24Pieti 4
00:43:25Pieti D
00:43:26Pieti cXD
00:44:05madmaker ......................
00:44:08poskus where did u 2 fight?
00:44:19madmaker b
00:44:20madmaker b
00:44:20madmaker b
00:44:21madmaker b
00:45:09Pieti lol
00:45:24madmaker wtf
00:45:24madmaker b
00:45:24madmaker b
00:45:25madmaker b
00:45:25madmaker b
00:45:25madmaker b
00:45:26madmaker b
00:45:26madmaker b
00:45:26madmaker b
00:45:26madmaker b
00:45:27madmaker b
00:45:57poskus go mid
00:45:58poskus ?
00:46:00mansikka bot
00:46:190Xxo0_o b
00:46:24madmaker dont die
00:46:24madmaker plz
00:46:25madmaker ffs
00:46:31poskus :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:46:32poskus wjere
00:46:33poskus were
00:46:33poskus u
00:46:34poskus idiots?
00:46:40madmaker ...
00:46:46poskus ffs
00:46:48poskus ???????? :DDDDDDDDd
00:46:48Tough full of game
00:46:50Tough without wards
00:46:55mansikka b
00:47:00poskus wow
00:47:02PriMo omg
00:47:02poskus what an ulti
00:47:030Xxo0_o wp xD
00:47:03poskus fuckin
00:47:04svents hahahha
00:47:04madmaker sherlock
00:47:04poskus reyqatds
00:47:07PriMo mickclick
00:47:07mansikka go
00:47:07mansikka b
00:47:13mansikka BACK ffs
00:47:240Xxo0_o why
00:47:25madmaker buff
00:47:25madmaker .
00:47:29mansikka we need rex
00:47:380Xxo0_o ok i make
00:47:55Tough dont
00:48:17mansikka b
00:48:20mansikka omg
00:48:21JasonStatham fffs
00:48:23mansikka lets push no
00:48:23JasonStatham didnt see
00:48:24mansikka w
00:48:26JasonStatham ffs
00:48:27JasonStatham :D
00:48:27madmaker luc
00:48:28mansikka doom no ulti
00:48:29madmaker go home
00:48:29madmaker heal
00:48:30madmaker ..
00:48:33svents noneed
00:48:36madmaker ye ye
00:48:38madmaker better die
00:48:530Xxo0_o go all down
00:48:58mansikka b
00:49:29svents finish it püls
00:49:31svents i gtg
00:49:35svents go mid
00:49:35madmaker noob
00:49:43madmaker magnus
00:49:440Xxo0_o go all
00:49:450Xxo0_o plz
00:49:46madmaker buff plz
00:49:47madmaker in pvp
00:49:57madmaker b
00:49:57madmaker b
00:49:57madmaker b
00:49:58madmaker b
00:49:58madmaker b
00:49:58madmaker b
00:50:00madmaker dont die
00:50:03madmaker gho
00:50:04madmaker go
00:50:05madmaker go
00:50:460Xxo0_o wp
00:50:48poskus wp
00:50:49poskus riki
00:50:50poskus sucks
00:50:50poskus dick
00:50:51poskus bad
00:51:11madmaker b
00:51:16madmaker need to kil ldestro
00:51:17madmaker and push
00:51:290Xxo0_o on how % we win this ?
00:51:42mansikka 0
00:51:43poskus on 0
00:51:450Xxo0_o xD
00:52:00poskus so
00:52:01poskus akasha
00:52:03poskus u carried
00:52:04poskus fuckin
00:52:07poskus creeper
00:52:130Xxo0_o and
00:52:13Tough wp tiny magnus
00:52:24Tough well and the others^^
00:52:32madmaker wp?
00:52:35svents well played
00:52:38poskus yea ofcx
00:52:40madmaker oh
00:52:41poskus dont steal aeigis
00:52:42Tough ;D
00:52:43poskus u dont have to
00:53:06madmaker b
00:53:06svents go end
00:53:08madmaker for heal
00:53:08svents go bto
00:53:10madmaker and go end
00:53:11svents i gtg guys
00:53:12svents rly
00:53:20madmaker dont push
00:53:23madmaker now
00:53:23svents piush
00:53:24svents go go
00:53:28poskus go mid
00:53:29madmaker wait ffs
00:53:30poskus end it
00:53:31madmaker gogogo
00:53:31poskus :DDD
00:53:33madmaker they mid
00:53:35madmaker go
00:53:37madmaker tree
00:54:51poskus I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:23svents :DDD
00:55:26madmaker :D
00:55:27svents :DDDDDDDDDDDDd
00:55:270Xxo0_o xD
00:55:35svents overplayed u :)
00:56:21madmaker i said
00:56:22mansikka I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:24madmaker tiny good without dagger
00:56:25madmaker :D
00:56:25PriMo I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:26svents gg wp
00:56:43JasonStatham FFUCK
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