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84% | 1443 X | 1479 TS

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+2 TS

70% | 1314 X | 1404 TS

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67% | 1282 X | 1392 TS

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66% | 1299 X | 1367 TS

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50% | 1134 X | 1356 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Vangelis teeme
00:00:09Vangelis nii et keegi ei emotse
00:00:10Vangelis ok ?
00:00:16Smokeer good
00:00:23Smokeer i can aa/pitlord
00:00:25Smokeer chen also
00:00:25Vangelis i go aa
00:00:25Vangelis anyone wants ck
00:00:25Vangelis ?
00:00:25Smokeer u aa?
00:00:25Vangelis anyone ck
00:00:25Vangelis y
00:00:25infect sure
00:00:25Vangelis i want aa
00:00:25Laier pick pit or aa to smokeer then
00:00:25Vangelis ban huskar
00:00:25Laier chen is shit
00:00:25Vangelis hmm
00:00:25Vangelis ck or aa first pick
00:00:25Jimpai Shadow demon
00:00:25infect write sd
00:00:25infect i guess
00:00:25Jimpai SD
00:00:25Vangelis ck or aa first pick
00:00:25Vangelis ?
00:00:25Vangelis hmmm
00:00:25Smokeer hm
00:00:25Laier ck
00:00:25Smokeer hard
00:00:25Smokeer choose
00:00:25Vangelis i know
00:00:25Vangelis but ck
00:00:25Laier ck stronk
00:00:25Vangelis carry
00:00:25Vangelis so i get ck
00:00:33Vangelis laier pick me aa
00:00:34Vangelis if you can
00:00:36Vangelis and 3rd pick
00:00:39Vangelis get pit for smokeer
00:00:50Laier what you want if aa taken
00:00:57Vangelis get pitlord for last pick
00:00:57Smokeer no one taken
00:00:57Laier -swap 1
00:00:59MadLion Dotson will pick me a hero
00:01:01infect choda
00:01:01MadLion and i will go mid
00:01:01Vangelis choda
00:01:03Smokeer pit lord
00:01:03Vangelis pit for lastpick
00:01:04Smokeer pick
00:01:04Vangelis -swap 2
00:01:05infect get pit for smoker
00:01:07Smokeer dont afk
00:01:08Smokeer zzz
00:01:08MadLion so dont get any retard pick now
00:01:09Jimpai rylai is top with me
00:01:13infect laier, u gonna ck ?
00:01:16Laier y
00:01:17chodaboy ok
00:01:17Jimpai ok?
00:01:18Jimpai good.,
00:01:22infect oki
00:01:24Vangelis hmm
00:01:25Smokeer hjero?
00:01:25Jimpai and dont pick banned heroes
00:01:27chodaboy getm e gondar
00:01:29chodaboy =)
00:01:33Smokeer gondar? wtf
00:01:33Laier no gondar pls
00:01:35chodaboy so boring heros
00:01:38Laier take like tc
00:01:41Laier or venge
00:01:41Vangelis venge
00:01:43infect gondar
00:01:43chodaboy tc so boring
00:01:43Vangelis good hero
00:01:44infect against
00:01:45infect slar?
00:01:45chodaboy get gondar
00:01:49Laier no gondar
00:01:49Laier ffs
00:01:51infect AGAINST SLARDAR
00:01:51chodaboy get it
00:01:55chodaboy -swap 5
00:01:56Smokeer -swap 3
00:01:57Laier fucking idiot
00:02:01Smokeer choda why u say boring
00:02:05Smokeer i dont think
00:02:08Smokeer carry always fun
00:02:09infect really, one retard can ruin great pickings
00:02:12Smokeer support also fun min afk i go smoke
00:02:16Vangelis hmm
00:02:19MadLion -swap 2
00:02:20Vangelis i could mid or lane with ck
00:02:21Vangelis hmmm
00:02:21chodaboy -hhn
00:02:22chodaboy -i
00:02:24chodaboy aa venge top?
00:02:24Dotson -swap 2
00:02:25MadLion -swap 5
00:02:28chodaboy trilane top?
00:02:28Vangelis ck aa
00:02:30infect i go with ck
00:02:32Smokeer aa venge combo good
00:02:34infect to get kills perhaps?
00:02:37Vangelis pit gondar top then
00:02:38Vangelis i solo mid
00:02:41chodaboy venge
00:02:45chodaboy i bot if u not
00:02:48Laier choda stfu and listen
00:02:48chodaboy come on wtf
00:02:49Laier go top
00:02:51Vangelis nessaj is
00:02:51Vangelis bot
00:02:54MadLion -clear
00:02:55infect choda, u picked shit
00:02:55chodaboy then i go mid
00:02:58infect ur problem
00:02:58Laier and gondar you aint coming bot with me
00:03:00Vangelis choda
00:03:02Vangelis you are top
00:03:03Vangelis -hhn
00:03:04Vangelis -clear
00:03:07infect captain dictates lanes
00:03:10Vangelis CHODA
00:03:11Vangelis you are top
00:03:12Laier go top
00:03:12infect u will get banned
00:03:15Laier go topfucking retard
00:03:15chodaboy I HELPED HIM U FUCKING CUNT
00:03:15infect choda refuses to lane
00:03:15chodaboy PAUSE AGAIN AND ILL FIND U
00:03:15Laier come here kitty
00:03:16infect so request later on :)
00:03:58Laier bot ss1
00:04:33Laier harash him non stop
00:04:49chodaboy imba lanes cap
00:04:51Smokeer gondar u cant save me
00:04:52chodaboy well dione
00:04:53Smokeer 100%
00:04:58infect choda
00:05:00Smokeer pick gondar
00:05:00infect u pciked shit
00:05:01Smokeer imba
00:05:03infect so that's why
00:05:03Smokeer shit hero
00:05:21Smokeer his brother is funch
00:06:29Smokeer u know heal aoe??
00:07:45Smokeer ok
00:07:47Smokeer i give up
00:07:51Smokeer some go top
00:07:54Smokeer gondar go forest
00:07:54chodaboy why u go so far
00:07:56chodaboy when ur alone
00:07:59Smokeer i have hug tower?
00:08:02Smokeer where ur wards?
00:08:16Smokeer gondar let me farm
00:08:33Smokeer no wards
00:08:36Smokeer top ...
00:08:41Smokeer some1 buy wards
00:08:41infect hv 1 on me
00:08:41chodaboy then leave
00:08:42Smokeer for me
00:08:43Smokeer ?
00:08:52infect and u r pit
00:08:55chodaboy haha
00:08:55infect asking for wwards
00:08:56infect lol
00:08:56infect :_d
00:08:57chodaboy hes a fucking joke
00:09:05Vangelis ss mid
00:09:06Smokeer i wont buy wards
00:09:08Smokeer 100g
00:09:09Smokeer ofc
00:09:10chodaboy if u wanted to know
00:09:11Smokeer wait
00:09:12chodaboy noobcap
00:09:13Smokeer 70sec
00:09:14Smokeer then
00:09:15Smokeer can wards
00:09:16chodaboy slardar frreefarming
00:09:22Smokeer godnar u noob
00:09:50Vangelis cm
00:09:51Vangelis mid ss 2
00:10:00Stonetorl bot miss 2
00:10:00chodaboy leme go mid
00:10:02chodaboy freefarm
00:10:07infect las läheb jah
00:10:10infect top liiga hull
00:10:10Vangelis i go
00:10:11Vangelis gank
00:10:27Smokeer AA COME TOP
00:10:51Smokeer veng is supportt also
00:11:01infect no shit
00:11:08Smokeer im not support
00:11:09Smokeer i go tank
00:11:10Vangelis how
00:11:12Vangelis soon lvl 6 venge still mis
00:11:15infect u r suppot :D
00:11:22Smokeer ok
00:11:23Smokeer i emo
00:11:25Laier wondering why im alone bot
00:11:27Laier and panda freefarming
00:11:30Laier since i got no1 here
00:11:37Smokeer ah we got laier
00:11:38chodaboy venge aa should have been top
00:11:39chodaboy noobcap
00:11:40Smokeer why u gave him carry
00:11:44chodaboy maybe u learn to next time
00:11:47chodaboy if ur not braindead
00:12:10Vangelis ck
00:12:11Vangelis no stick
00:12:12Vangelis ?
00:12:13Smokeer idiot godnar
00:12:13Vangelis soulring
00:12:13Vangelis ?
00:12:18chodaboy what?
00:12:19chodaboy u noob
00:12:25chodaboy tell me
00:12:26chodaboy pls
00:12:31Smokeer u ahvent spell
00:12:31Smokeer i call idiot
00:12:31Smokeer only Im having really wierd lagg. :S
00:12:32Smokeer windwalk
00:12:32Vangelis gondar
00:12:32chodaboy haha
00:12:32Vangelis you
00:12:33Smokeer like noob
00:12:34chodaboy englisH
00:12:35Vangelis can be mid
00:12:35chodaboy ?
00:12:35Smokeer no english
00:12:35infect go
00:12:35infect panda
00:12:35Vangelis LAG
00:12:35infect mine
00:12:35Dotson fix please
00:12:35infect kohe
00:12:35Vangelis stop this cant fix it
00:12:57chodaboy haha
00:12:58chodaboy wp cap
00:13:00chodaboy u fucking noob
00:13:00Vangelis why
00:13:02Vangelis wp
00:13:03Vangelis because
00:13:05chodaboy u lost it
00:13:05Vangelis you pick melee carry
00:13:06Vangelis ?
00:13:06Laier choda why you talk? you fucked up with your pick
00:13:06chodaboy i play with this fucking noob
00:13:06chodaboy top
00:13:06Laier and you know it yourself aswell
00:13:06chodaboy i fucked up?
00:13:06chodaboy just let me farm
00:13:06Laier yes?
00:13:06chodaboy for fuck sake
00:13:06chodaboy and u
00:13:06Laier smart move to pick gondar when they got slard
00:13:06chodaboy put me top
00:13:06chodaboy with this fucking noob
00:13:06chodaboy smoooker
00:13:06Vangelis DONT
00:13:06Vangelis PICK
00:13:06chodaboy who never will understand
00:13:06chodaboy dota
00:13:06Vangelis GONDAR
00:13:06chodaboy STFU
00:13:06Vangelis DONT
00:13:06Vangelis PICK
00:13:06MadLion /kick dotson
00:13:06Vangelis GONDAR
00:13:06chodaboy i pick the hero i want
00:13:06chodaboy ret
00:13:06Smokeer gondar
00:13:06Smokeer u can play only
00:13:06Laier infect plug 3 sec too late
00:13:06Smokeer hero
00:13:06Smokeer 1
00:13:06Smokeer -
00:13:06Smokeer gondar
00:13:06Smokeer all
00:13:06Smokeer u said
00:13:06Smokeer boring
00:13:06Smokeer what
00:13:06Smokeer \i bet no boring
00:13:06Smokeer u dont knwo how to play
00:13:06Smokeer just
00:13:06Laier gondar is for pussys
00:13:06Smokeer i havent play gondar
00:13:06Smokeer 4 years
00:13:06chodaboy lol
00:13:06Smokeer ago
00:13:06chodaboy what?
00:13:06chodaboy ur english kid
00:13:06Smokeer gondar shit hero i know
00:13:06chodaboy go back to school?
00:13:06chodaboy second time
00:13:06Vangelis plz
00:13:06Smokeer i dont need
00:13:06Vangelis grammar
00:13:06Vangelis nazi
00:13:06Vangelis says
00:13:06Vangelis UR
00:13:06Laier this whine in our chat is awesome :D
00:13:06Laier much love for choda
00:13:06MadLion much love for cihna
00:13:06MadLion CHINA
00:13:06chodaboy he put 2 melees
00:13:06chodaboy top
00:13:06chodaboy imba shit
00:13:06Vangelis what can i do
00:13:06Laier ofc, when you pick shit
00:13:06Vangelis if you pick 3
00:13:06Laier you go top :D
00:13:06Vangelis melee
00:13:06chodaboy no laier
00:13:06chodaboy napcap and u
00:13:06chodaboy are so fucking retarded
00:13:06Laier so i should be @ top and you hiding @ bot?
00:13:06Vangelis plz
00:13:06chodaboy u and me
00:13:06Vangelis laier
00:13:06Vangelis get
00:13:06Vangelis magic stick
00:13:06chodaboy u overrated piece of shit
00:13:06Vangelis 2 carries
00:13:06Vangelis same lane
00:13:06Vangelis genius
00:13:06chodaboy ofc
00:13:06Laier and point with 2 guys @bot who both needs farm?
00:13:06chodaboy lol
00:13:06Laier sick tactics you have
00:13:06chodaboy u dont see the picuter
00:13:06chodaboy better than we get raped on both lanes?
00:13:06chodaboy u
00:13:06chodaboy f
00:13:06chodaboy u
00:13:06Vangelis if venge ck
00:13:06chodaboy c
00:13:06Vangelis gets owned
00:13:06chodaboy k
00:13:06chodaboy i
00:13:06Laier and you would help @ bot how?
00:13:06chodaboy n
00:13:06chodaboy g
00:13:06chodaboy morons
00:13:06Vangelis it is not
00:13:06Vangelis fault of lanes
00:13:08chodaboy i can pull
00:13:08Laier i bet choda is realeted to fUNCh and Aleks
00:13:09chodaboy ofc
00:13:14chodaboy and we got more levels
00:13:15Jimpai panda
00:13:15Jimpai balance;)
00:13:15MadLion haha
00:13:15Laier someone plug pls
00:13:19Vangelis no
00:13:21Vangelis score 1:3
00:13:23chodaboy i take boots?
00:13:35Laier dont care
00:13:40Laier i jsut want this shit to be over sell pandas items?
00:14:20Laier i give gondar boots or sell?
00:14:21Laier vangelis
00:14:27Vangelis let him take
00:14:28Vangelis only chance
00:14:35Vangelis if he doesn't emo
00:14:37Vangelis else it is lost
00:14:56Laier care mid
00:15:48Smokeer slardar follow gondar
00:15:48Laier see how stronk it is ?
00:15:48Smokeer xDD
00:15:52chodaboy see
00:15:55chodaboy how u fucked up
00:15:58chodaboy slardar freefarmed
00:16:00chodaboy u fucking noob
00:16:01chodaboy laier
00:16:03chodaboy use ur brain
00:16:04Laier he was @top
00:16:06Smokeer if slardar no9 farm
00:16:07Laier and you blame me? :DD
00:16:10Smokeer still slardar>gondar
00:16:13chodaboy lol
00:16:24Vangelis you is genius level!
00:16:32MadLion just be silencer didint get it want me to gang or ?
00:16:55MadLion nah
00:16:57MadLion just dont die slard if u want to go in i can silence
00:17:46Laier care top
00:17:50Laier lanaya coming
00:17:56Laier just b imo
00:18:19Vangelis btw
00:18:21Vangelis if 1 more plugs while ur in team battle
00:18:24Vangelis it is cancel my screen is litarally stopping
00:18:32Dotson np
00:18:33Laier just go for it share for silencing sorry waisted my silence be4
00:19:34MadLion waisted
00:19:34MadLion ^^ well not waisted but used . :D
00:20:10Smokeer phase boots aa?
00:20:55Laier fuck i got this 1 gloves of haste
00:21:03Vangelis make
00:21:10Vangelis armlet
00:21:11Vangelis ?
00:21:15Smokeer y
00:21:25Smokeer but laier cant play with amelrt
00:21:38Laier shit
00:22:04chodaboy need nessaj
00:22:58chodaboy hahahaha
00:23:20Laier close1
00:23:20Laier huh
00:23:21Laier :DD
00:23:33chodaboy no wards
00:23:36chodaboy and 20 min that guy literally hates u jimpai lol
00:23:42Jimpai ty
00:23:43chodaboy gotta be a good dotaplayer
00:23:44Jimpai u love me? yeah for winning
00:23:54Laier pit aa
00:23:56Laier can you get wards?
00:24:24Laier pit
00:24:25Laier wards pl
00:24:28Smokeer nah
00:24:36Laier wtf is your problem really
00:24:41Smokeer y i have problem
00:24:49Smokeer aa better
00:24:51Smokeer not me
00:25:13Laier stupid
00:25:24chodaboy who?
00:25:30Laier you
00:25:31Laier ...
00:25:32chodaboy lo
00:25:37chodaboy tell me what to do
00:25:37chodaboy pls
00:25:40chodaboy u fucking moron
00:25:42Vangelis not pick
00:25:43Vangelis gondar
00:25:44Vangelis :D
00:25:45Vangelis vs slardar
00:25:46Vangelis :D
00:25:51chodaboy says phaseboots aa
00:25:51chodaboy wp
00:25:53chodaboy stfu pls
00:26:07Smokeer come
00:26:08Smokeer ffs
00:26:15Laier why would we dive to fucking tower
00:26:17Laier are you idiot
00:26:20Smokeer i heal aoe
00:26:24Smokeer zzzz
00:26:26Vangelis vs = 25 armor
00:26:32Vangelis vs - 25 armor
00:26:33Smokeer laier
00:26:34Vangelis no you do not
00:26:34Vangelis :D
00:26:35Smokeer suck
00:26:36Smokeer always
00:26:44Smokeer ok
00:26:45Smokeer next
00:26:46Smokeer game
00:26:48Smokeer i play carry
00:26:51chodaboy stfu smooker
00:26:52Vangelis smokeer
00:26:53Vangelis miks
00:26:54Smokeer laier cant play carry
00:26:55Vangelis sa emotsed
00:26:56Vangelis ?
00:26:57chodaboy ur one of the worst players in gc
00:26:59chodaboy u fucking noob
00:27:10Smokeer yes im worst
00:27:13Smokeer gondar pick gondar
00:27:14Smokeer ofc
00:28:03Laier gondar doing what?
00:28:27Laier b mid
00:28:28Smokeer oom
00:29:44Smokeer wards mass i bet
00:29:46chodaboy dont buy wards and loose
00:29:47Smokeer nice cm
00:29:53Smokeer gondar u buy only
00:30:14chodaboy leave gc and never come back
00:30:18chodaboy go bnet for 10 years
00:30:20chodaboy or play hon
00:30:21Smokeer pick gondar
00:30:28Smokeer saying
00:30:32Smokeer who cant play tc etc
00:30:32chodaboy dont push lanes
00:30:34chodaboy noobfuck
00:30:37chodaboy this fucking napcap
00:30:38Vangelis they
00:30:39Vangelis here
00:31:22chodaboy OMFg
00:31:24Smokeer CK
00:31:24Smokeer CK
00:31:25Smokeer CK
00:31:27Smokeer REAL?
00:31:29Smokeer COEWARD
00:31:34Smokeer I HAVE MEKA AND HEAL AOE
00:31:43chodaboy hahahah
00:31:52chodaboy ur still useless pit
00:31:56Laier dont give a fuck about you 2
00:32:07chodaboy ill make bkb and vlad
00:32:12Smokeer vlad
00:32:12chodaboy and we can enter fights
00:32:14Smokeer history
00:32:26chodaboy what?
00:32:26Dotson -ii
00:33:28Smokeer gondart cant save any1
00:33:29chodaboy dont stun pit nap
00:33:32Laier team greatness went top to die
00:33:34chodaboy cause ur retarded
00:33:39Smokeer pick gondar
00:33:41Smokeer saying
00:33:44Vangelis pff
00:33:45Smokeer more
00:33:45chodaboy pls
00:33:46Laier guys
00:33:47chodaboy u fucking cunt
00:33:48chodaboy stfu
00:33:49Laier read chat after game
00:33:51chodaboy noone understands u
00:33:54Laier for laugh of the year
00:33:56chodaboy fucking fagot
00:34:06Smokeer better watch replay
00:34:10chodaboy slardar dies easy if we nuke him
00:34:13Laier there is 2 gossipgirls screaming to each other :)
00:34:15Jimpai i already see u suck pit
00:34:15chodaboy paper
00:34:45Smokeer y i suck
00:35:50Laier hes bad
00:35:51Laier really...
00:36:00chodaboy y
00:36:16chodaboy me nessaj famr
00:36:57Laier care
00:37:00Laier slard inc
00:37:08Laier dont care then
00:37:20Laier go mid
00:37:59Laier gondar bot
00:38:01Laier care
00:38:30chodaboy butter?
00:38:32chodaboy basher?
00:38:38Vangelis butter
00:38:39chodaboy or bkb
00:38:39Vangelis ofc
00:38:41Laier bkb
00:38:42Vangelis y
00:38:43Vangelis bkb
00:38:47Vangelis so slard cant own you
00:38:48chodaboy yeah
00:38:56Laier need mana
00:39:02Laier and we got no mana boots
00:39:21Vangelis hmm
00:39:22Vangelis i could
00:39:23MadLion duljevic
00:39:25Vangelis make vlad
00:39:52Vangelis track
00:39:52Vangelis :d
00:40:00chodaboy wanted to see
00:40:10chodaboy where he went
00:40:11chodaboy got bkb
00:40:15Vangelis want me
00:40:17Vangelis to make vlad
00:40:19Vangelis we have 2 melee
00:40:20Vangelis carry
00:40:23chodaboy no
00:40:24Laier got domi
00:40:26chodaboy try to get hex
00:40:32Laier will make sata
00:40:37Laier after bkb
00:40:38Smokeer aa - carry
00:40:40Smokeer phase boots
00:40:42chodaboy or u get mkb
00:40:54Laier aa could sell boots and make mana
00:42:06Laier gg
00:42:09chodaboy track won the game?
00:42:17Smokeer no
00:42:17Laier shit game anyway
00:42:19Smokeer trap won
00:42:20Laier you guys emo too much
00:42:20Vangelis their noobiness
00:42:21Vangelis tbh
00:42:21Laier for real
00:42:26chodaboy yeah
00:42:29chodaboy this nap pit
00:42:31Vangelis slard and lanaya started soloing
00:42:33chodaboy never add when hes in game
00:42:43Smokeer rax
00:42:45Smokeer laier
00:42:47Laier choda your emo mode is same
00:43:02chodaboy no
00:43:02Laier b after
00:43:04chodaboy i knew we win
00:43:14Smokeer i knew u emo still
00:43:28chodaboy leme pls
00:43:34Laier take other :D
00:43:41Laier no then
00:43:49chodaboy ^^
00:44:11Laier go mid
00:44:26Smokeer ah mass wards
00:44:34Smokeer i ahvent time put
00:44:36Smokeer but i have wards
00:45:09Laier pure shitness
00:45:16chodaboy playe venge
00:45:17chodaboy i buy out we b? k
00:45:50Dotson ye man
00:46:00Laier wait for gondar
00:46:01Laier and go
00:46:06chodaboy deaD? slard got room for gem?
00:46:16Jimpai nah
00:46:21Laier wtf
00:46:25chodaboy wait
00:46:27chodaboy i push here
00:46:40Vangelis b
00:46:40Vangelis b
00:46:40Vangelis b
00:46:43Vangelis 3v4
00:47:12Smokeer b
00:47:16Smokeer b
00:47:19Laier fucking gondar
00:47:20Smokeer zzz
00:47:24Smokeer laier
00:47:29Smokeer u cant beat layana
00:47:33Laier i dont care
00:47:35Laier this gondar farms
00:47:38Smokeer "i dont care"
00:47:42Smokeer u add and wait play
00:47:47Smokeer and "i dont care"
00:47:53Smokeer xD
00:47:55Laier would won that fight but this guy goes top to farm
00:48:18Smokeer u both
00:48:20Smokeer gfollow me
00:48:22Smokeer ill ulit
00:48:22Smokeer some1
00:48:25Laier and just for gondar to know
00:48:27Laier silencer got gem
00:48:38Smokeer follow me
00:48:39Smokeer close me
00:48:42Vangelis y
00:48:43Vangelis go with
00:48:44Vangelis pit ult
00:48:49Laier needgondar
00:48:56Jimpai oh, sry
00:48:57chodaboy just come lol
00:49:02chodaboy u go in first i take gem
00:49:06Laier gondar comeffs
00:49:07chodaboy from that napsilencer
00:49:14MadLion come here
00:49:17MadLion check for ward
00:49:32chodaboy go ck
00:51:26Laier every1 focuses different target :/
00:51:31Vangelis well
00:51:32Vangelis gondar 2 bkb's allowed, right?
00:51:43MadLion no item restrictions oo
00:51:47Laier slarda is kinda weak
00:51:51Vangelis ye
00:51:54Vangelis only 5 s
00:51:55Vangelis bkb too
00:52:39Laier go with smoke?
00:52:43Laier tp mid
00:52:46Smokeer focus silencer pls
00:52:48Smokeer he paper just
00:52:58Laier aa ulti rosh
00:52:59Vangelis silencer slarda focus
00:53:01Smokeer i got ulit
00:53:10Vangelis go pit
00:53:20Vangelis cast ulti
00:53:21Vangelis go top
00:53:30Vangelis pit
00:53:31Laier pit top
00:53:33Laier ulti
00:53:56Vangelis care
00:53:57Vangelis spread
00:54:01Vangelis so slard
00:54:03Vangelis can stun only 1
00:55:20Smokeer gewm
00:55:25Smokeer gewm
00:55:26Smokeer xD
00:55:33Laier gj
00:55:37Laier take throne towers
00:55:39Laier gogo
00:55:45Laier or rax
00:55:46Laier :D
00:56:03Dotson I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:56:07Smokeer suck team pwn u ....
00:56:11Laier gg
00:56:12Laier wp vangelis
00:56:14Jimpai :)
00:56:26Smokeer wp gondar
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