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-29 X
-2 TS

93% | 1642 X | 1494 TS

-9 X
-2 TS

89% | 1556 X | 1501 TS

-43 X
-4 TS

54% | 1214 X | 1327 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

44% | 1078 X | 1321 TS

+11 X
-8 TS

2% | 828 X | 1061 TS

+38 X
+3 TS

93% | 1670 X | 1431 TS

+2 X
+3 TS

67% | 1339 X | 1321 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

56% | 1215 X | 1277 TS

-9 X
+14 TS

40% | 1148 X | 1309 TS

+58 X
+41 TS

NEW | 1152 X | 1128 TS

Chat log

00:00:19Swagga soo
00:00:19Jimpai alchemist
00:00:19Swagga whats the plan?
00:00:19Shiningstone I can play from available Tiny Ogre Aba Wl
00:00:19Jimpai i go carry
00:00:19Jimpai mid
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove dirge
00:00:19Jimpai and win for us
00:00:22Swagga ofc u do
00:00:24sebralane we won this game
00:00:43Swagga ill take ogre
00:00:47Jimpai venge:D?
00:00:49edgarass ee ogre pls
00:00:52Swagga kk venge
00:00:53edgarass me ogre pls
00:00:57Jimpai venge is imba-ganker
00:00:59Swagga fuck
00:00:59Shiningstone All of them kinda suportish
00:01:00Jimpai awh
00:01:06Jimpai lock
00:01:07Jimpai bat
00:01:08TakinBackMyLove aleks
00:01:10TakinBackMyLove you carryu
00:01:11sebralane yes u will be carry
00:01:13Aleks875 y
00:01:17sebralane my 2% friend
00:01:18Swagga i hate this hero
00:01:22Jimpai oh
00:01:23Swagga -clear
00:01:25TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:01:26TakinBackMyLove sebra
00:01:26TakinBackMyLove lne
00:01:27Aleks875 can i mid?
00:01:27TakinBackMyLove newb
00:01:27Norrebro shinning want venge?
00:01:30Doomy i love warlock
00:01:32TakinBackMyLove nah i go
00:01:32Shiningstone no
00:01:33TakinBackMyLove mid
00:01:34Doomy want a swap?
00:01:38TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:40TakinBackMyLove put
00:01:41Shiningstone I daid Tiny Ogre
00:01:43TakinBackMyLove pit
00:01:43TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:44TakinBackMyLove or
00:01:45TakinBackMyLove abba
00:01:46Swagga hmm
00:01:46Jimpai pit/aba or someone
00:01:46Shiningstone said
00:01:49Swagga aba
00:01:50Swagga gogo
00:01:53TakinBackMyLove pit
00:01:54sebralane void should solo bot
00:01:54TakinBackMyLove imo
00:01:56sebralane cuz i wood
00:01:59Swagga -swap 4
00:02:00Jimpai pretty good pick, not so good lanes thou
00:02:02edgarass lanes?
00:02:02Doomy -swap 2
00:02:03Aleks875 chicken!
00:02:04TakinBackMyLove nah
00:02:05TakinBackMyLove void
00:02:06TakinBackMyLove is
00:02:07TakinBackMyLove i mean
00:02:08TakinBackMyLove venge
00:02:08TakinBackMyLove is
00:02:09TakinBackMyLove solo
00:02:09Jimpai lock aba top
00:02:10Swagga -clear
00:02:14Jimpai morph ogre bot
00:02:18sebralane solo venge never works
00:02:23TakinBackMyLove its works
00:02:24TakinBackMyLove cuz his
00:02:26Swagga WL u pull for me? :D
00:02:27TakinBackMyLove much better
00:02:28sebralane bad
00:02:28Aleks875 y
00:02:29TakinBackMyLove player
00:02:35Aleks875 stupid idea solo venga
00:02:36Jimpai go tankcarry build abba
00:02:39Swagga yy
00:02:40mamba some1 up chick
00:02:40edgarass dont let aleks carry this
00:02:41Jimpai i will need somebody to help me on carry:D
00:02:44TakinBackMyLove no
00:02:44Swagga ofc
00:02:45TakinBackMyLove his
00:02:52Jimpai watch out for norrebro, really good player
00:02:52sebralane well i think we allready lost this
00:02:53TakinBackMyLove 2x good as the rest of the team
00:02:53TakinBackMyLove so
00:02:54mamba thats why i got morph
00:02:54edgarass say ss
00:02:56sebralane io'mo
00:02:57edgarass for venge gangs
00:02:57Swagga i know him
00:03:00Doomy y he is
00:03:03Swagga he is sitting besides me
00:03:05Doomy he raped the other team
00:03:08Doomy last game
00:03:10Jimpai haha he is=
00:03:16Swagga yea with bala
00:03:18Swagga saw it
00:03:19Doomy y
00:03:23sebralane D:
00:03:24TakinBackMyLove you
00:03:25TakinBackMyLove can
00:03:26TakinBackMyLove pull
00:03:26TakinBackMyLove hta
00:03:28Swagga pull
00:03:31Doomy y
00:03:33Doomy be quiet
00:04:28Norrebro come pull sk
00:04:28Shiningstone afk 10 sec
00:05:26Jimpai runeward
00:05:27Jimpai someone?
00:05:54Jimpai ss mid
00:06:05sebralane they got me
00:06:13sebralane i will not come pull again
00:06:16TakinBackMyLove ss
00:06:36Norrebro up chicken plz
00:06:48Swagga chill :p
00:06:53Doomy close
00:06:54Norrebro or it may die trying
00:06:58Doomy ty for the save
00:07:03Swagga np vro
00:07:05Swagga bro
00:07:21Swagga ss top
00:07:22edgarass ss
00:07:45edgarass ss21
00:07:58Jimpai ss mid
00:08:17Norrebro ss 2
00:08:30edgarass let hoim push
00:09:30Jimpai need wards
00:09:35Swagga fuck
00:09:37Doomy god
00:09:37Aleks875 hahah
00:09:46edgarass rune bot
00:09:52Swagga 3 top
00:09:54Doomy 3 top
00:09:58Norrebro ss ogre
00:10:30Shiningstone shit
00:10:30Swagga AHAHAHAH
00:10:36Shiningstone big fun
00:10:46Norrebro sig lige miss mid
00:10:49TakinBackMyLove ¨kk
00:11:04Norrebro kommer mid
00:11:09sebralane they got me
00:11:16mamba ss venge
00:11:19Norrebro coming top
00:11:25Swagga b
00:11:27TakinBackMyLove we
00:11:28TakinBackMyLove need
00:11:29TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:11:38Jimpai ss
00:11:40Swagga b
00:11:41edgarass top care
00:11:41Swagga wl
00:11:41Jimpai care
00:11:42Swagga b
00:11:44Swagga to twr
00:11:45Swagga 3 top
00:11:49Swagga 4
00:11:51Aleks875 ahahah
00:11:52edgarass wl?>
00:11:52Doomy ...
00:11:55edgarass wtf?
00:11:58Doomy i was b
00:12:11Doomy more help top plz
00:12:57Shiningstone sorry
00:13:00TakinBackMyLove tc
00:13:01TakinBackMyLove get
00:13:02TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:13:09Shiningstone ok
00:13:26Aleks875 sc 4 lvl
00:13:27Aleks875 ))
00:13:44sebralane heal me tc pls
00:14:13sebralane why u take my farm
00:14:14Swagga b
00:14:15sebralane asshole
00:14:19Swagga wl b
00:14:20mamba turn on basi
00:14:21mamba ffs
00:14:38sebralane tc wanna get banned?
00:15:48sebralane fak u do
00:15:53sebralane it was a faking mprph
00:16:04TakinBackMyLove lol
00:16:05TakinBackMyLove stfu
00:16:06TakinBackMyLove newb
00:16:07TakinBackMyLove sebra
00:16:09TakinBackMyLove lane
00:16:11sebralane ahh fak this
00:16:12sebralane shit
00:16:15TakinBackMyLove you
00:16:16sebralane i farm tile end of time
00:16:16TakinBackMyLove have
00:16:18TakinBackMyLove 0-3
00:16:19sebralane figt 5v4
00:17:12TakinBackMyLove mvp
00:17:14TakinBackMyLove sebralne
00:17:20Jimpai no one can outcarry jimpai:D
00:17:23sebralane no u wp
00:17:25Swagga lol
00:17:28Aleks875 nice fail mid
00:17:29sebralane u faking killing a mproh
00:17:32Aleks875 pink overfeed
00:17:33TakinBackMyLove i failed mid ?
00:17:39edgarass thnx
00:17:53TakinBackMyLove you mean nice fail top ? look at your farm ?
00:18:14Swagga all miss
00:18:21Jimpai wards guys?:S
00:18:24Swagga think they are hidin in the forest
00:18:36edgarass wl wana buy boot maybe?
00:18:42Jimpai buy wards
00:18:43Jimpai srsly
00:18:54Doomy no gold sry
00:19:01Jimpai u have gold for wards
00:19:08Doomy no
00:19:15TakinBackMyLove ¨
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove FF
00:19:30Swagga kk
00:19:34sebralane i bet solo vs good idea
00:19:37Swagga get him
00:19:51sebralane jep
00:21:03Swagga da fuck we doin :p
00:21:17Doomy we need a pipe
00:21:32Norrebro stop waste mana on creeps
00:21:45Swagga care top mby?
00:21:46Norrebro tc
00:22:23Doomy ogre help me with warding
00:22:26Swagga illu
00:22:37TakinBackMyLove tv
00:22:37TakinBackMyLove get
00:22:39TakinBackMyLove boots
00:22:48sebralane def this shit pls
00:22:53Swagga sec
00:22:58Aleks875 where is my boots?
00:23:08edgarass wl u idiot
00:23:26Aleks875 who took my boots
00:23:36Shiningstone courier sorry
00:23:45TakinBackMyLove ultui
00:23:46TakinBackMyLove mnud
00:23:46TakinBackMyLove void
00:23:59Swagga b
00:24:06mamba b
00:24:06mamba b
00:24:09Swagga shhh
00:24:11TakinBackMyLove gg
00:24:13TakinBackMyLove wp
00:24:16TakinBackMyLove tard
00:24:16Aleks875 wp
00:24:19TakinBackMyLove jump
00:24:19TakinBackMyLove the
00:24:22Aleks875 someone stole my boots
00:24:26TakinBackMyLove jump
00:24:27TakinBackMyLove the
00:24:27TakinBackMyLove other
00:24:29TakinBackMyLove way
00:24:30TakinBackMyLove newbv
00:24:53Norrebro get strom
00:24:59Swagga bugged ulti?
00:25:15Norrebro sk get boots
00:25:16Norrebro idiot
00:25:30edgarass all top
00:25:56Aleks875 SK get my boots!!!!!!!
00:26:04sebralane ? :D
00:27:02sebralane i will faking die
00:27:06sebralane and soo it is
00:27:31Aleks875 nice solo
00:27:32Aleks875 venga
00:27:36Norrebro suck my dick
00:27:51Norrebro nice damage void
00:27:55Norrebro nice farm void
00:28:07Norrebro nice death void
00:28:09Shiningstone sadfsdfasdf
00:28:10Norrebro and so on
00:28:20mamba ty
00:28:21Shiningstone dont go the fuck
00:28:23Aleks875 our captain noob
00:28:28Jimpai you noob.
00:28:29Aleks875 let solo venga
00:29:08Shiningstone ofcourse Im the boob of the noobs but it was noobish too to go top
00:29:31Shiningstone lets go together 5 pls!
00:29:33Jimpai norre, you should have picked a good carry;)
00:29:47Norrebro well i randomed
00:29:58Swagga well u suck
00:30:08Norrebro well yeah tt
00:30:11sebralane and abba rocks!
00:30:21TakinBackMyLove ulti
00:30:22TakinBackMyLove tc
00:30:23TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:30:28TakinBackMyLove and
00:30:29TakinBackMyLove wop
00:30:30TakinBackMyLove wp
00:30:31TakinBackMyLove void
00:30:55Shiningstone I need market now
00:31:13sebralane i allmost got him
00:31:17sebralane its soo iizy
00:31:20TakinBackMyLove you were right sebralane autoloose
00:31:25sebralane if we would have wards
00:31:32sebralane and kongat is autowin
00:32:39edgarass wl idiot
00:32:48TakinBackMyLove this void and tc :D
00:33:25Jimpai this leoric:S
00:33:28TakinBackMyLove so newbish
00:33:36sebralane and not a singel fuck was given that game
00:33:37Jimpai i said it, shiningstone and sebra gameruiners
00:33:47sebralane we will sololane vs and win teh gam
00:33:48sebralane e
00:33:50TakinBackMyLove sebralane plz you just suck
00:34:01sebralane i know and ur mom sucks too
00:34:06sebralane for 5 bucks
00:34:07sebralane soo np
00:34:25Aleks875 venga
00:34:26Aleks875 pro
00:34:26TakinBackMyLove wow nice comeback sebralane
00:34:32Aleks875 captain said he solo
00:34:38Jimpai void, venge is playing good if you look at the circumstances
00:34:42Swagga he is better than u
00:34:47Aleks875 np
00:34:53Aleks875 he good cose solo
00:34:57Aleks875 got lvl
00:35:00Norrebro stun!
00:35:04TakinBackMyLove OMFG HIS SO BAD
00:35:24Norrebro he dont stun
00:35:35Swagga omw
00:35:51Aleks875 leo suck
00:35:54Aleks875 really
00:35:57Jimpai why dont ya ff guys?
00:35:57sebralane alex pro
00:35:59edgarass push and end this?
00:36:03Shiningstone I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:04sebralane i dont give a fuck about this game
00:36:07sebralane I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:10Jimpai as every other game then?
00:36:13Jimpai cause u play like shit
00:36:22TakinBackMyLove sebralane plz just shut it you suck in every single game
00:36:50edgarass all pls push and end this
00:36:54Jimpai mid
00:37:00mamba have to regen
00:37:11Swagga w8 items
00:37:41edgarass heal smth?
00:37:43edgarass abba come on!
00:37:46Jimpai now we have morph also
00:37:49Jimpai this is won:)
00:37:57edgarass wl go idiot
00:38:01edgarass fucking noob coward
00:38:07edgarass pls lets go all and end this
00:38:13edgarass u all just suck
00:38:15mamba i was in base regening
00:38:26edgarass all mid now and then raxes
00:38:29Swagga yea we do
00:38:46Swagga looooool
00:38:54TakinBackMyLove b
00:38:55edgarass a;ll mid now
00:39:00edgarass take tps
00:39:12Norrebro all down
00:39:15sebralane let me dd
00:39:20Norrebro omg void
00:39:22Swagga lets rol
00:39:26edgarass all mid
00:39:30Aleks875 b
00:39:35edgarass or bot?
00:39:40Swagga just mid
00:39:52mamba ffs
00:39:55Swagga we all have tp
00:40:00Swagga just go
00:40:04TakinBackMyLove tpå
00:40:05TakinBackMyLove back
00:40:15mamba lol
00:40:18Aleks875 w8 me tiny
00:40:18mamba golem
00:40:20Swagga wl wtf
00:40:23Norrebro gpg void
00:41:00TakinBackMyLove epci
00:41:01TakinBackMyLove uilti
00:41:02TakinBackMyLove void
00:41:03TakinBackMyLove rly
00:41:04sebralane are u fakign kidding me
00:41:08sebralane 4cast
00:41:08Jimpai gg
00:41:12Norrebro void pro ulti
00:41:13sebralane and then a 3x cast
00:41:16sebralane da fak is this shit
00:41:19Jimpai hahahaha
00:41:23Jimpai so random
00:41:32edgarass was that so hard?
00:41:32Aleks875 venga pro solo
00:41:39edgarass we could do that 15 min ago
00:41:40TakinBackMyLove void plz
00:41:42TakinBackMyLove you suck
00:41:44TakinBackMyLove you have
00:41:48Aleks875 u suck mid
00:41:51TakinBackMyLove Mom treads after 38 min ?
00:41:51Aleks875 so stfu
00:41:51Swagga ey
00:42:05TakinBackMyLove i didint loose the mid ?
00:43:14mamba u realize how lucky u are
00:43:31Norrebro storm invis
00:44:00Aleks875 tiny no mana
00:44:03Aleks875 pro
00:44:08mamba stfu
00:44:12Jimpai void, seriously
00:44:17Jimpai your going to whine on me to?
00:44:21Jimpai 2-8
00:44:24Jimpai your pathetic
00:44:30Jimpai and the thing is
00:44:34Jimpai every game i play with you
00:44:38Jimpai you play the smae
00:44:39Jimpai same*
00:44:41Jimpai you suck so bad
00:44:48Jimpai i dont get why players like you play gc
00:44:48Aleks875 u suck vs me
00:44:55Aleks875 and win \with me
00:44:59Aleks875 so stfy
00:44:59Jimpai i just killed you, how the fuck can u say that?
00:45:02Jimpai i have 21/5
00:45:11Jimpai i win against you
00:45:16edgarass all boit
00:45:18Jimpai and when ur in my team, you just make it worse
00:45:19edgarass second rax
00:45:20Swagga can u solo?
00:45:23Swagga morph?
00:45:24Jimpai and thats the truth
00:45:37Jimpai and you know that.
00:45:49Aleks875 if u win mid vs noob tiny
00:45:55Aleks875 its dont mean u pro
00:45:56Jimpai i could outlane u anyday
00:46:14Swagga we go throne gogo
00:46:45Aleks875 tiny won it
00:46:49Jimpai you lost it
00:46:52mamba he was better that u
00:46:59Aleks875 cose tiny
00:47:01Aleks875 ?
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