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Chat log

00:00:12LetItBe any1 wl?
00:00:18LetItBe anyone wl?
00:00:18LetItBe or phoenix?
00:00:18Dotson sure
00:00:18Dotson wl
00:00:18LetItBe k
00:00:18dmitriybog proenix
00:00:18IronHamer i must buy chick right?
00:00:18Oili yes
00:00:18LetItBe wolf
00:00:18sebralane i will shit in ur mouth
00:00:18ForbeateN yes
00:00:18RedDragon why game pasuset
00:00:18sebralane yes u haveto
00:00:18dmitriybog hoe
00:00:18RedDragon pauset
00:00:18LetItBe write
00:00:18LetItBe Now
00:00:18dmitriybog how to chose
00:00:18LetItBe just write phoenix
00:00:18ForbeateN type phoenix
00:00:18sebralane dont
00:00:18LetItBe lyca
00:00:18Romeo omg
00:00:18dmitriybog phoenix
00:00:18Romeo what a game
00:00:18dmitriybog k
00:00:18sebralane cmmon
00:00:23sebralane ur 1 pick
00:00:34ForbeateN i knew
00:00:34sebralane hehe
00:00:35ForbeateN noob
00:00:36sebralane rikiiiiiiiii
00:00:38sebralane dafak
00:00:40Dotson so i get wl
00:00:40Dotson ?
00:00:42LetItBe yea
00:00:42ForbeateN we lost it
00:00:45dmitriybog no
00:00:45ForbeateN cap noob
00:00:46LetItBe get ud necro
00:00:49Dotson need ud/ogre
00:00:50LetItBe ud necro aa ogre
00:00:50dmitriybog play
00:00:59dmitriybog on this
00:01:01dmitriybog league
00:01:08dmitriybog not so much game
00:01:12Romeo i take aa or und
00:01:12dmitriybog playing
00:01:15ForbeateN i see
00:01:16LetItBe get ogre ud
00:01:17LetItBe ogre ud
00:01:18Banana go ud
00:01:18Dotson please get ud
00:01:18LetItBe opgre ud
00:01:19Dotson someone
00:01:20sebralane lets lane atro
00:01:21sebralane muhaha
00:01:26LetItBe Ud
00:01:28LetItBe romeo
00:01:28sebralane y?
00:01:35Dotson i can play ud if u don't want it
00:01:36ForbeateN pick tuskar
00:01:43ForbeateN take tuskar
00:01:48Romeo its fine
00:01:52Romeo but if u good with it
00:01:53LetItBe lastone get necro
00:01:55Romeo we can swap
00:01:58sebralane picks are nice
00:01:59sebralane imo
00:02:01LetItBe aa good too
00:02:06Romeo cus me not good as you seen almoust last pick
00:02:07Dotson i'm not good with it
00:02:08LetItBe dont forget chicken
00:02:11LetItBe chicken
00:02:14ForbeateN nice combo
00:02:15Romeo ok no problem
00:02:16dmitriybog chick
00:02:16Romeo i paly
00:02:17ForbeateN kunka + me
00:02:18sebralane ur sleep+torrent
00:02:18Dotson i should be almost last pick
00:02:19sebralane uhh
00:02:20Dotson great ;D
00:02:20sebralane imbaaaaaa
00:02:21sebralane :d
00:02:23LetItBe AA
00:02:24LetItBe CHICKEN
00:02:25dmitriybog tusk
00:02:25sebralane 100% torrent inc
00:02:26LetItBe and share
00:02:27dmitriybog chick
00:02:28ForbeateN we must own the lane
00:02:28Banana aa chick
00:02:36dmitriybog omg
00:02:38dmitriybog chick
00:02:40dmitriybog tuskar
00:02:40LetItBe we r fucked
00:02:42Banana wtf
00:02:43LetItBe this guy is a joke
00:02:45IronHamer sry forgot
00:02:45ForbeateN chicken
00:02:48ForbeateN u mf
00:02:49Banana wtf
00:02:50dmitriybog did u read rules
00:02:51Banana u doing
00:02:56LetItBe gl we playing 4vs5
00:02:56IronHamer i rly forgot
00:02:57ForbeateN what a noob
00:02:58sebralane su and play
00:03:00Dotson rmk
00:03:00sebralane picks are imba
00:03:01IronHamer will buy ASAP
00:03:03ForbeateN u will teleport urself
00:03:03LetItBe gank riki
00:03:05ForbeateN and buy
00:03:06ForbeateN it
00:03:07sebralane regen
00:03:09Banana k
00:03:09ForbeateN we need chick
00:03:12sebralane bottom
00:03:14Romeo wl dont die :D
00:03:17IronHamer sry
00:03:19IronHamer again
00:03:20Dotson will try lol
00:03:31Romeo i see that you lie too as:D
00:03:32Dotson i couldn't get wards hanks for aa
00:03:36Dotson thanks
00:03:37Oili ss 2
00:03:44Oili re 1
00:04:38ForbeateN lvl 3
00:04:39sebralane go wl
00:04:39ForbeateN go
00:04:42sebralane k
00:05:50Romeo 1st gang top plz
00:05:55LetItBe ok
00:05:57ForbeateN need 3
00:06:08Oili i come bot
00:06:20Romeo ss 1
00:06:21ForbeateN why
00:06:22Dotson aa
00:06:23Dotson ?!
00:06:24ForbeateN ok
00:06:24ForbeateN go
00:06:26Banana 'wtf is this aa
00:06:27LetItBe riki inc rune
00:06:58Banana gg
00:06:59Banana ff
00:07:00Dotson aa fucked up whole game
00:07:04LetItBe quit
00:07:04LetItBe :D
00:07:14Banana aa quit plz
00:07:22dmitriybog up chick
00:07:22Oili ups :D
00:07:24ForbeateN xD
00:07:28Oili ¨'i will
00:07:46sebralane sleep 1
00:07:50Romeo ss
00:07:51Banana omg
00:07:52ForbeateN xD
00:08:03ForbeateN k
00:08:10LetItBe n1 luck
00:08:29ForbeateN w8
00:08:30LetItBe ss riki
00:08:48dmitriybog gang
00:08:48LetItBe omw bot
00:08:49LetItBe kill
00:08:49dmitriybog him
00:09:14RedDragon gffff
00:09:19ForbeateN b
00:09:53IronHamer ss top
00:10:18LetItBe kill
00:10:20Banana reddragon u here?
00:10:34Banana plz quit.. u should not play this game
00:11:20sebralane sleep omg
00:11:21Romeo aa b
00:11:25ForbeateN cd
00:11:49sebralane letme
00:11:52sebralane aag
00:11:53Oili sry
00:12:10dmitriybog failed
00:12:10IronHamer ss top
00:12:22sebralane 4
00:12:25LetItBe how do these g uys get acc here?=
00:12:28LetItBe sad
00:12:39ForbeateN y
00:12:44LetItBe game ruiners
00:13:12Romeo wow
00:13:43Romeo dragon
00:13:45Romeo :D
00:14:00LetItBe no point
00:14:05Banana yep
00:14:06LetItBe fucking aa nerd
00:14:19LetItBe is someone at irc?
00:14:23LetItBe go tell admins
00:14:28Banana nope
00:14:29LetItBe about this retard
00:15:40ForbeateN wtf brain slap 200 mana
00:15:41ForbeateN HAHAHAHHA
00:15:55sebralane btw
00:15:59Romeo it was too easy for u :D
00:16:00sebralane we haveto balance 1
00:16:09ForbeateN tuskar
00:16:10ForbeateN leave
00:16:12sebralane tuskar balance
00:16:12IronHamer why?
00:16:12Romeo balance ? :D
00:16:12dmitriybog tuskar
00:16:12Dotson this isn't happening..
00:16:12dmitriybog its
00:16:12ForbeateN balance
00:16:12dmitriybog rule
00:16:12ForbeateN u wont
00:16:12IronHamer joke?
00:16:12ForbeateN be banned
00:16:12sebralane cuz 1 left
00:16:12Oili you need to balance
00:16:12ForbeateN no
00:16:12RedDragon wtffffffff
00:16:12Romeo its looks like not :D
00:16:12dmitriybog tuskar
00:16:12dmitriybog leave
00:16:12ForbeateN SO LEAVE
00:16:12IronHamer ik i read the rules
00:16:12dmitriybog leave
00:16:12ForbeateN cy
00:16:12IronHamer but im against that rule
00:16:12dmitriybog tiskar
00:16:12RedDragon whos shqiptar
00:16:12IronHamer but will leave
00:16:12IronHamer gl hf
00:16:12IronHamer cu
00:16:12ForbeateN cu
00:16:12Oili cu
00:16:15dmitriybog we dont care that u are agaunst
00:16:34ForbeateN haahah
00:16:49Romeo go mid
00:16:59sebralane b
00:17:28Romeo w8 wars comig
00:17:28sebralane sleep 1
00:17:33dmitriybog 4
00:17:59Romeo mouse going caput :D
00:18:24Romeo wl stun ? earler ? :D
00:18:55Romeo dragon if posible go to garena for play dota =]
00:19:01Romeo its little bit harder here =]
00:19:24Oili oom
00:19:38ForbeateN AHHA
00:20:22Romeo no its usles
00:20:24Romeo FF
00:20:28Dotson yes
00:20:29Dotson it is
00:20:44Romeo write ff with big capitals and rmk this game
00:20:48Banana FF
00:20:50Banana :D
00:20:52Romeo :D
00:20:56Romeo ff
00:21:10Dotson just ff
00:21:10Banana we will stay at well
00:21:12Romeo it changed again ?
00:21:13Dotson we got this
00:21:15Banana plz end this
00:21:25Romeo push mid fast
00:21:27Romeo plz
00:22:14ForbeateN u cant stay near fountain
00:22:18ForbeateN forbiden
00:22:29Romeo some people dont know where it is :)
00:22:50Dotson oh gosh
00:23:25Romeo just few skils :D
00:23:57Banana come on
00:24:03Banana end this
00:24:15Oili brb
00:24:18Dotson worst peice of shit ever
00:25:17ForbeateN go
00:26:27Dotson gg
00:26:29Dotson i guess
00:26:38Banana gg
00:26:48Oili gg
00:26:53Dotson how can we get him banned
00:26:54Romeo DO IT
00:26:55Dotson on irc?
00:27:02Romeo ho ?
00:27:03Banana i reported him
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