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Chat log

00:00:17XXL spec
00:00:17FaH.Q zip zippelip zippelonika
00:00:17zebbelito wolf
00:00:35zebbelito fucking
00:00:58zebbelito gj
00:01:03zebbelito ck is op
00:01:30XXL take doom
00:01:33XXL -.-
00:01:39XXL slardar
00:01:41XXL someone
00:01:49zonskass lesh
00:01:56zebbelito snoball?
00:02:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:03zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Venomancer [e,w,v,c]
00:02:06ForbeateN ahhahaahahhahahaha
00:02:09ninJah ??? ?? ??
00:02:12zebbelito -hhn
00:02:13NwC.CooL-T -clear
00:02:13ForbeateN what a pick
00:02:13ninJah bot or top
00:02:18zonskass yuo good with hooks?
00:02:31XXL lets see
00:02:36zebbelito cm :(
00:02:39zebbelito no wards
00:02:40zonskass i hope
00:02:43ForbeateN aplause for drow ranger pick
00:02:46ForbeateN ill buy
00:02:51zonskass what?
00:02:53XXL we need push
00:02:57lemi.livo.skodi aplause for his shemale midget father
00:02:59XXL so use pushing strategy
00:03:12zebbelito lets not whine
00:03:14zebbelito and we might win
00:03:18lemi.livo.skodi 1 more flame maiden and you are unshared
00:03:22zonskass rune
00:03:24zonskass care top
00:03:28ForbeateN lol
00:04:02zonskass go pull
00:04:47zonskass stun rylai
00:05:24XXL ss
00:05:37FaH.Q go lesh
00:06:41XXL hmm
00:06:42XXL -.-
00:06:45ForbeateN ss
00:07:01lemi.livo.skodi ss top
00:07:02zonskass stun
00:07:08ForbeateN b
00:07:20XXL ss
00:07:24FaH.Q top too imba combo
00:07:26FaH.Q no chance
00:07:32XXL re
00:07:34lemi.livo.skodi need gangs
00:07:54XXL ss
00:07:57NwC.CooL-T ss
00:08:30FaH.Q all lanes lost gg
00:08:31FaH.Q anyway
00:08:34FaH.Q why rhasta top
00:08:38FaH.Q äh
00:08:40FaH.Q drow mid
00:08:42FaH.Q rhasta top
00:08:45FaH.Q this combo we win it
00:08:47FaH.Q but like that
00:08:48FaH.Q fail...
00:09:05lemi.livo.skodi they are too proud to let mid to some1 else at start
00:09:12holostoi GO
00:09:12zonskass kill
00:09:12holostoi CM
00:09:12ForbeateN go
00:09:12FaH.Q haha
00:09:12zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Venomancer [e,w,v,c]
00:09:12FaH.Q such a tard
00:09:12XXL .,.
00:09:12FaH.Q lagging out
00:09:12lemi.livo.skodi can some1
00:09:18zonskass b
00:09:18zonskass no mana
00:09:18holostoi ??
00:09:18XXL zeb fix it
00:09:18holostoi GO
00:09:18zonskass ok
00:09:18lemi.livo.skodi can some1 ban
00:09:18lemi.livo.skodi ban unpluggers
00:09:18zonskass i go from woods
00:09:18zonskass woods
00:09:18XXL omfg
00:09:18zebbelito take pudger
00:09:18zebbelito i freeze
00:09:18zebbelito gg
00:09:31zonskass b
00:09:37FaH.Q TRAX SILENCE =?!?=!?!?1
00:09:42ForbeateN wp
00:09:43lemi.livo.skodi just level 1
00:10:04ForbeateN he had taken
00:10:05zebbelito ward
00:10:07ForbeateN my units
00:10:08ForbeateN cap
00:10:20ninJah ss bot
00:10:32lemi.livo.skodi nice miss pudge btw
00:10:38ForbeateN capitain
00:10:41ForbeateN i dont have share
00:10:54FaH.Q what are u doin
00:10:55holostoi ss doom 6
00:10:55XXL re
00:10:57FaH.Q while top gets rtaped
00:11:01lemi.livo.skodi i told him to stop flame
00:11:06lemi.livo.skodi so he didnt
00:11:10lemi.livo.skodi and so he is unshared
00:11:21holostoi ss2
00:11:22ForbeateN i didnt flame
00:11:23ForbeateN u moron
00:11:24XXL ss
00:11:25lemi.livo.skodi k
00:11:28zebbelito w8
00:11:58XXL deny
00:12:03XXL ty
00:12:15ForbeateN nice feed nesaj
00:12:20zonskass ciken
00:12:20XXL care mid
00:12:31FaH.Q nice lanes u tard
00:12:32holostoi ss2
00:12:35lemi.livo.skodi and he wants share ?
00:12:49ForbeateN go kill venos
00:12:57FaH.Q nessaw drow vs lesh wd what u expect maiden ?
00:12:59ForbeateN ulti
00:13:00ForbeateN ?
00:13:04ninJah cd
00:13:12ninJah ss bot
00:13:44lemi.livo.skodi care nessaj
00:13:47lemi.livo.skodi 3 top
00:14:52XXL push mid
00:14:54XXL come all
00:14:59XXL or not
00:15:01XXL lets go bot
00:15:15zonskass care
00:15:28ForbeateN go farm noob
00:16:14zonskass ';
00:16:15zonskass ;]
00:16:17ForbeateN un necessary ultimate
00:16:24ForbeateN u moron doom
00:16:31holostoi i was under sprint 4 vl
00:16:53XXL wd
00:17:27XXL stun
00:17:28XXL omfg
00:17:40XXL ok
00:17:42XXL .,.
00:17:53FaH.Q wp doom :D
00:18:00lemi.livo.skodi must be joke
00:19:12XXL ouych
00:19:15XXL ok
00:19:16zebbelito omfg :D
00:19:16XXL all mid
00:19:17XXL next
00:19:23XXL lest try push it
00:19:50ForbeateN wd scepter on 16th min
00:19:55ForbeateN xD
00:20:11XXL come
00:20:38ForbeateN b
00:20:40zonskass go
00:20:58FaH.Q doom are u srs =
00:21:19FaH.Q doom u fucking tard ?
00:21:24FaH.Q you follow me over the hole map
00:21:25FaH.Q to farm
00:21:28FaH.Q you cant be srs
00:21:30FaH.Q can you ?
00:21:34FaH.Q you have a brain
00:21:34FaH.Q ?
00:21:37FaH.Q this is your first dota ?
00:21:39FaH.Q answer me
00:21:40XXL tower
00:21:42FaH.Q fucktard
00:21:48ninJah su bob
00:22:07FaH.Q thats ur answer ?
00:22:15ninJah what u want
00:22:16XXL i hook
00:22:26ninJah look yourself
00:22:33ninJah and stop cry
00:22:50zebbelito =)
00:22:58ForbeateN :)
00:23:05FaH.Q lanes lineup failed
00:23:07FaH.Q doom failed
00:23:09FaH.Q hardcore
00:23:10FaH.Q this guy
00:23:38ForbeateN wait min 25 and ff
00:24:07XXL we need mid tower
00:24:08XXL next
00:24:09XXL w8 me
00:24:10XXL still
00:24:39XXL i said
00:24:41XXL w8 me
00:25:11zebbelito bash t.t
00:25:41ForbeateN creeps blocked me
00:25:49lemi.livo.skodi ff
00:25:51ForbeateN yes
00:26:48XXL XD
00:27:02FaH.Q so epic what u did there
00:27:04FaH.Q guys
00:27:05zebbelito damn miss click
00:27:07zebbelito 24/7
00:27:13XXL yeye
00:27:14XXL same
00:27:15XXL :D
00:27:42XXL get it
00:27:47FaH.Q #cm dont take bot farm
00:28:00FaH.Q lemme take it
00:28:14ninJah )
00:29:35zebbelito gg
00:29:36zebbelito wp
00:29:44XXL same
00:29:55ninJah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:36zebbelito cd vguard :D?
00:30:40zebbelito ck*
00:30:57XXL now
00:30:59XXL lets rax
00:31:04ForbeateN def
00:31:06XXL mid
00:31:08XXL then bot
00:31:13XXL come
00:31:29zebbelito leemme
00:31:30zebbelito hex
00:31:48XXL go kill them
00:32:21zebbelito I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:25ForbeateN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:29FaH.Q I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:30FaH.Q !ff
00:32:31FaH.Q I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:32lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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