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78% | 1356 X | 1461 TS

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68% | 1277 X | 1406 TS

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55% | 1129 X | 1431 TS

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14% | 958 X | 1191 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Laier haha, and these teams are what? :
00:00:12Laier i can go mid against jimpai
00:00:14edgarass its good teams
00:00:15Jimpai well
00:00:18Jimpai i suck anyways so
00:00:22edgarass at least we donty have limoskodi
00:00:26Kastrup well if u go mid i go spec bot..
00:00:26lemi.livo.skodi he suck cocks
00:00:27Laier ill go mid
00:00:27Laier np
00:00:27Kastrup kk
00:00:27Jimpai exactly, according to lemi i am bad
00:00:27Jimpai :)
00:00:27Kastrup weaber ban?
00:00:27Laier no
00:00:27Laier ban lyca or phoenix
00:00:27Jimpai enigma
00:00:27lemi.livo.skodi acording to your dad you are shemale
00:00:27Laier ban lyca
00:00:27Laier get phoenix
00:00:27Kastrup am i think
00:00:27Kastrup am
00:00:31Laier there is no am?
00:00:35Laier wtf are these bans for real :DD
00:00:35Kastrup phonix
00:00:35Kastrup then
00:00:35Kastrup phonix is banned then
00:00:35Mircea.N ok
00:00:35Kastrup pghonix and enimga
00:00:36Laier you stupid mofo dont listen :(
00:00:37Mircea.N Phoenix
00:00:44Jimpai ill mid
00:00:47Mircea.N ok
00:00:59Laier get ogre
00:01:02Laier jakiro and lyca
00:01:20edgarass who will play lyca what u think?
00:01:21Mircea.N tauren ?
00:01:26edgarass palle u play ogre?
00:01:29Palle y
00:01:30Laier dont take lyca tbh
00:01:35Laier take umm
00:01:38Laier jakiro and
00:01:40Laier wlel, lyca
00:01:41Laier :D
00:01:41Kastrup jakiro
00:01:42Kastrup and
00:01:44Laier lyca is okey
00:01:45Laier tbh
00:01:47MadLion well
00:01:49MadLion brown
00:01:52MadLion dont pick a melee
00:01:55Kastrup ohhhh
00:01:56MadLion since u and tauren are bot
00:01:58lemi.livo.skodi i pick sniper
00:01:58Laier well that works too
00:02:02Mircea.N hmm
00:02:03sebralane wood
00:02:08Mircea.N go sniper .. but dont feed
00:02:17Kastrup u pull
00:02:17lemi.livo.skodi k
00:02:21sebralane yes sir
00:02:27Kastrup i gonna have a shitty lane i guess..
00:02:30Laier if you dont rape dwarf
00:02:31edgarass me and ogre imba lane
00:02:33Laier im gonna lauch
00:02:36Kastrup me?
00:02:37Laier laugh*
00:02:44Laier any1
00:02:45Laier :D
00:02:48edgarass lol
00:02:48Laier just kill him 12 times
00:02:49Kastrup ahh :D
00:02:52edgarass lemi always take caryy
00:02:54edgarass such an odiot
00:02:56Mircea.N cap, u want me to make vladimir ?
00:03:00Mircea.N for both of us /
00:03:01Mircea.N ?
00:03:03Kastrup niceee :P
00:03:05Jimpai nol.
00:03:05sebralane what items i need?
00:03:06Kastrup who was he last game?
00:03:06Laier edgarass you played jakiro earlier today?
00:03:06Jimpai no
00:03:18edgarass y
00:03:20edgarass once
00:03:23Kastrup tb pull
00:03:24Laier kk
00:03:24edgarass fast game
00:03:26Laier was wl in that game
00:03:30sebralane he was solo jakiro :d
00:03:34sebralane trololololo
00:05:05edgarass sry
00:05:25Kastrup pll
00:05:26Kastrup plz!
00:05:56sebralane still dontknow what items i need
00:06:01Kastrup threats
00:06:14Mircea.N put shrnapel
00:06:20lemi.livo.skodi ?
00:06:23Mircea.N 1st
00:07:19edgarass ss
00:07:26sebralane pull inc
00:07:34Jimpai ss mid
00:08:22Laier mid ss
00:08:51sebralane u has daggger?
00:08:53Kastrup y
00:08:57sebralane after pull
00:08:58sebralane ?
00:09:05Laier hahahahahah
00:09:06Laier so lucky
00:09:25Laier casted shittiest torrent ever and i run to it :D
00:09:40Jimpai ss
00:09:42edgarass ss 2
00:09:47edgarass re 1
00:09:53Laier mid ss 1
00:10:01Mircea.N ss spe
00:10:21Kastrup -1
00:10:39Palle thxc
00:11:02Mircea.N ss spec
00:11:07Mircea.N re
00:11:25edgarass need gang
00:12:21sebralane manta now?
00:12:22Jimpai ss
00:12:55edgarass 0-3 omg
00:13:08lemi.livo.skodi ss bot
00:13:09lemi.livo.skodi -2
00:13:17Kastrup ?
00:13:20lemi.livo.skodi jakiro bot
00:13:53Mircea.N try a arrow
00:13:55Mircea.N ?
00:14:01MadLion if u stun
00:14:03MadLion first
00:14:04MadLion easier
00:14:08Kastrup got ulti wl`?
00:14:09Laier y
00:14:26Mircea.N i missde
00:14:34Mircea.N omw bot
00:14:37MadLion haahah
00:14:49MadLion chieftain?
00:14:52MadLion ah i see
00:14:52Laier lemme take those
00:14:52sebralane i get diffu
00:14:52Mircea.N ?
00:14:55Laier ....
00:14:56MadLion i aimed
00:14:58MadLion and hit arrow
00:15:00MadLion as you wanted me to
00:15:04Mircea.N lol
00:15:11Kastrup should i go radi?
00:15:15sebralane i get diffu then?
00:15:16Laier if you can
00:15:18sebralane or not needed
00:15:55edgarass pomg
00:15:56edgarass terror
00:16:20Jimpai you can suck ur dads cock
00:16:22Jimpai thats all i have to say
00:16:24Jimpai to you
00:17:19edgarass \okmg
00:17:20edgarass fuck
00:17:48edgarass dont go on that fucking splash
00:17:56Kastrup i tried to come away dude..
00:18:09edgarass its ff
00:18:12edgarass kunkka overfeded
00:18:18Kastrup tb me bot
00:18:27Mircea.N b
00:18:29Mircea.N oom
00:18:47Laier dno how hes overfed coz he lost mid
00:18:53Mircea.N ss 2 top
00:19:01Kastrup hes not fed?
00:19:30Kastrup wp kinka
00:19:37Jimpai ty, snipers kill thou
00:19:39Mircea.N oom
00:19:40Kastrup :)
00:19:40Jimpai i play bad-.
00:19:53sebralane da fak
00:19:55sebralane i swaped life
00:21:30edgarass mirana freefarm
00:21:55sebralane ok
00:22:31Mircea.N -ms
00:22:48Jimpai OMG lemi!!
00:22:50Jimpai close
00:22:56Laier can someone get wards?
00:23:26edgarass ff
00:23:50Laier spec stupid...
00:23:56Kastrup 2 mana
00:23:59Kastrup and i would have gottehm both
00:24:05Laier was it tactic to play shit @ start jimpai?
00:24:16edgarass kill top
00:24:19Jimpai Yes, standard
00:24:26edgarass ogre gang top
00:24:32Jimpai i wanted to show how lemi plays
00:24:36Kastrup :))9
00:24:38Jimpai good imitation right?
00:24:47lemi.livo.skodi i want to show how he suck my cock
00:25:15Laier :D::D:D:D:
00:25:17Laier ye sure
00:26:01Landbandii hahaha
00:26:08Laier well kinda gg
00:26:12Kastrup nah
00:26:14Laier won mid and the rest is shit
00:26:16Jimpai LEEEMIIII
00:26:17MadLion lemi is winniiiiiiiiing!!!!
00:26:42Kastrup hmm
00:26:49Kastrup i shouldn't go for radi in this game
00:26:56MadLion stun
00:27:03Mircea.N w8
00:27:16Kastrup 4 top
00:27:25Laier go with 5
00:27:27Laier 1 time
00:27:31Laier go
00:27:41sebralane omw
00:28:17Mircea.N :))
00:28:22Laier all sets to 1 guy not nice
00:28:22Laier .<
00:28:37Jimpai ahahaha
00:28:37Jimpai lemi
00:28:38Jimpai SO IMBA
00:28:41edgarass toweer top
00:28:43Laier spec go manta bkb?
00:28:45Laier or something
00:28:53Kastrup hmm thought abiout
00:28:55Kastrup sy
00:29:10Kastrup hmm
00:29:12edgarass b
00:29:42Kastrup can't really decide
00:29:43edgarass sniper lothar
00:30:25Landbandii haha
00:30:26MadLion ahahah
00:30:37Laier def mid
00:30:49Kastrup got ulti
00:31:12Kastrup go?
00:31:15Laier care
00:31:16Laier care
00:31:16Laier care
00:31:22Laier go now
00:32:01Laier push mid
00:32:04edgarass kjust in time
00:32:25Jimpai gj lemi
00:32:26Jimpai hahahahha
00:32:33lemi.livo.skodi you like it in the ass ?
00:32:33Jimpai hahahaha
00:32:34Laier take rax
00:32:34lemi.livo.skodi ok gj
00:32:36Laier i def
00:32:36Jimpai u so terribad
00:32:37Laier rax
00:32:37Laier rax
00:33:01sebralane rax
00:33:02sebralane cmmon
00:33:22sebralane hehe
00:33:25Kastrup ;:D:D:D
00:33:37MadLion lemiiiiiiiii
00:33:37MadLion :D
00:33:43edgarass not bad
00:33:58Laier care bot
00:34:33Kastrup lothars on kunkka
00:34:41Laier have been for like 10mins
00:34:50Kastrup ye :)
00:35:01edgarass care a;ll
00:35:10Laier b
00:35:20Laier gg
00:35:29Laier bot and mid rax gone :D
00:35:32edgarass they have good combo and they do it good
00:35:32Laier top + miod*
00:35:37Kastrup not mid
00:35:43Kastrup and not top
00:35:44Laier def it
00:35:45Laier dont go in
00:35:47Kastrup any1 flying?
00:36:07Laier they will rosh
00:36:07Laier gather
00:36:08Mircea.N b
00:36:09Laier and smoke
00:36:11Mircea.N oom
00:36:27Laier come here
00:36:41Laier b
00:36:42Laier b
00:36:43Laier b
00:36:44Laier b
00:36:44Laier b
00:36:45Laier b
00:36:51Laier go now
00:36:51Kastrup mirana not there
00:37:04Laier not mid
00:37:06Laier ....
00:37:11Laier that was stupid
00:37:32Laier go
00:38:26Mircea.N b leave this tower
00:38:32Kastrup ros?
00:38:32Laier go rax
00:38:33MadLion skipa-a
00:38:35Laier rax
00:38:35edgarass rosh
00:38:36MadLion they will destroy this palce
00:38:37MadLion place
00:38:55edgarass omg
00:39:05Kastrup b
00:39:06Laier b then..
00:39:14lemi.livo.skodi \oom
00:39:26Laier gj
00:39:27edgarass b
00:39:27edgarass b
00:39:27edgarass b
00:39:27edgarass bb
00:39:28edgarass b
00:39:28edgarass b
00:39:28edgarass b
00:39:29edgarass b
00:39:29edgarass b
00:39:29edgarass b
00:39:30edgarass b
00:39:30edgarass b
00:39:31edgarass b
00:39:36Laier hes doing what he should
00:39:37sebralane lol
00:39:41Kastrup gj tb
00:39:42Laier gj
00:39:42Kastrup gj
00:39:45sebralane got both
00:40:01Laier 36min agha
00:40:03edgarass we need gem i think
00:40:03Laier for real :DDD
00:40:07Laier y
00:40:09Laier spec get gem
00:40:12Laier or tb
00:40:16sebralane wat?
00:40:19Laier gem
00:40:22Kastrup i finish radi i guess.
00:40:22sebralane i dont wnan
00:40:25sebralane i die iizy
00:40:30sebralane what item i get now?
00:40:33sebralane mana?
00:40:34sebralane manta
00:40:35Kastrup manta
00:40:35sebralane ?
00:40:40sebralane y thout soo
00:41:05Laier go
00:42:26sebralane srry for dieing
00:42:30sebralane it lagged like hell for me
00:42:44Mircea.N what now capitain ?
00:42:53Laier go push
00:42:56Laier i g2g soon :D
00:43:01Jimpai just
00:43:02Kastrup 2 min
00:43:04Jimpai go refreshers
00:43:07lemi.livo.skodi he actually showed how good he is
00:43:07Jimpai and refresh my cock
00:43:16Jimpai eh?
00:43:18Laier they rosh
00:43:23Kastrup flying any1?
00:43:29lemi.livo.skodi kunkka jokes become true ?
00:43:39Jimpai What?
00:43:44Laier go bot
00:43:46Laier now
00:43:47Laier with 5
00:43:53Mircea.N check
00:44:34Laier jesus fucking crist
00:44:37Laier b
00:44:37Laier b
00:44:37edgarass v
00:44:38Laier b
00:44:38Laier b
00:44:43edgarass '
00:44:46Kastrup my mistake
00:44:47Kastrup sorry
00:44:48Laier here
00:44:59Laier b
00:45:10Laier come bot now
00:45:11Laier pls
00:45:12Kastrup they need to tp back mid
00:45:13Laier and end it with 5
00:45:31edgarass b
00:45:36edgarass bot b
00:45:37Kastrup tb u need TP
00:45:44Laier get here
00:45:46Laier dont go mid
00:45:55MadLion ok banned
00:45:57Laier fucking get bot now
00:45:59lemi.livo.skodi ok gay
00:46:03MadLion cause u actually can get banned for that
00:46:03Jimpai you get banned for that lemi
00:46:04MadLion hf ^^
00:46:04Laier jesus
00:46:12lemi.livo.skodi ok suck my cock ?
00:46:15MadLion sure
00:46:15Jimpai :)
00:46:16sebralane they rosh
00:46:17MadLion bring it here
00:46:19lemi.livo.skodi ok enjoy sucking
00:46:21MadLion big guy
00:46:21Jimpai all u can say?
00:46:23Kastrup go
00:46:33Jimpai u must have been in an terrible accident as a child
00:46:44Laier mid
00:46:44Laier go
00:46:48lemi.livo.skodi gj
00:46:51lemi.livo.skodi pros
00:47:02Laier jakiro
00:47:03Laier wake up
00:47:07Kastrup let him
00:47:11lemi.livo.skodi thinnk you lost game now
00:47:16lemi.livo.skodi gj
00:47:30Laier bot
00:48:00sebralane why cant u use any heals
00:48:01sebralane ffs
00:48:37edgarass ogre b
00:48:41Kastrup well got their chick :D
00:48:44Kastrup and a crystlus
00:48:45Kastrup ;:)
00:48:45edgarass now we go another suicide rax
00:48:46Jimpai lemi
00:48:48Jimpai want to join me
00:48:50lemi.livo.skodi eat my shit
00:48:52Jimpai and adventure on gc?
00:49:36edgarass sspec farm biot
00:49:48Laier we need to end it
00:49:48Kastrup sec
00:49:51Palle go bot all
00:49:53Laier go bot
00:49:53Laier all
00:49:54Laier now
00:50:07Laier spec can ulti
00:50:08Laier others bot
00:50:13sebralane how i see my attack speed?
00:50:17edgarass got meka
00:50:21Kastrup -howiseemyattackspeed
00:50:25edgarass lol
00:50:36Laier care for potm ulti
00:50:40Laier spread abit
00:50:50lemi.livo.skodi enojy
00:50:52lemi.livo.skodi wnjoy
00:50:58Jimpai WNJOY!
00:50:59Jimpai ENOJY!
00:51:03lemi.livo.skodi yes suck my balls
00:51:06Laier go
00:51:06Jimpai yes
00:51:23sebralane gg
00:51:25sebralane how da fak
00:51:28sebralane they kill me
00:51:33Laier rax
00:51:33Laier rax
00:52:07edgarass holy shit
00:52:11edgarass how we duiie so fasT?
00:52:19Kastrup we run into them with no fear :)
00:52:21sebralane i have no faking idea
00:52:23Kastrup we should let me start the battle
00:52:31Kastrup with my ulti
00:52:35edgarass and fucking put sentries there
00:53:07Kastrup they properly take roshan now
00:53:13Kastrup kunka is doing it now
00:53:19Laier go then
00:53:22Kastrup well
00:53:26Kastrup care
00:53:27Kastrup big time
00:53:30Kastrup i got ulti in 30 sec
00:53:33Kastrup 33
00:53:42Laier dont go? :D
00:53:43Laier lol
00:53:45Laier b
00:53:46Kastrup wait
00:53:50Laier b
00:53:50Laier b
00:53:54Kastrup i got ulti soon
00:53:58Kastrup 10 sec
00:54:03Laier b
00:54:05Laier b
00:54:05Laier b
00:54:05Laier b
00:54:12Laier b?
00:54:15Kastrup i got gem
00:54:17Laier go now
00:54:17Laier go
00:54:56Jimpai good lemi-bot
00:54:58Jimpai boy*
00:55:02Laier ff it pls
00:55:03Laier g2g :D
00:55:05lemi.livo.skodi your mom is midget ?
00:55:08Mircea.N I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:55:09Jimpai we will win bro
00:55:13Kastrup :)
00:55:14Kastrup doubt it
00:55:19Jimpai we got jimpai!:D
00:55:21Jimpai and lemi
00:55:25lemi.livo.skodi jimpai ... he just admited his mom is shemale midget
00:55:34Laier throne
00:55:35Jimpai and then he said lemi was his mom
00:55:43Laier throne
00:55:44Laier throne
00:55:45Laier idiots
00:55:53lemi.livo.skodi and i givng you birth through my ass
00:56:02Jimpai yes, thats random
00:56:04MadLion gg
00:56:07Laier Gg wp kunkka
00:56:08Kastrup gg
00:56:10Laier Bye
00:56:14lemi.livo.skodi he is good joker actually
00:56:28edgarass gg
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